On Earth As In Heaven- a Vision


I just had the most beautiful vision.. I was there! I saw a small group of little children. I saw us grateful the way Jesus & Father sees us. We bum rushed Jesus in this beautiful field- it was amazing and very wide;  there was so much space and room. The children ran up to Jesus and He fell in the grass and we kissed HIM, hugged HIM and He played with us, poking us and laughing.  We were all laughing and playing, having so much fun, full of joy😂😂😂.We were full of joy skipping and hopping and He sat with us, looking at us eye to eye as we were communicating without words to each other our feelings.

There were butterflies and just beauty of the field all around us. And I saw Father’s Light in back of us because He was beholding the scene and He was pleased with Jesus and the children, His ❤ was joyful! And I saw Jesus give the children 🍬. huge 🍭’s and cotton candy!  Jesus has so much sweet things to give us for coming back to praise & thanking Him as a child. Wow!! what time is it? It whatever time you want it to be! IT’S TIME TO PRAISE THE LORD!

Vision Shared by Vivian Murray

Joel 3- Extreme Darkness



on TUESDAY(7/26/2016) I FELT REALLY WORN OUT ,later on about 8 pm FRUSTRATED with a little plumbing issue, when that was taken care of I went outside looked up in the SKY and said ,HOW LONG MY GOD MUST I CONTINUE TO ENDURE. I was so RESTLESS PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY I thought I would never fall asleep. Woke up at 2AM and decide to spend time with JESUS. I was laying down on my back and just as I closed MY eyes to MEDITATE ON THE LORD JESUS, the PRESENCE OF the LORD JESUS came upon me VERY STRONG ,I STARTED to WORSHIP the LORD JESUS ,THANKING HIM ,IMPLORING the LORD TO HAVE MERCY on the WORLD. With my EYES still CLOSED a SUDDEN DARKNESS MANIFESTED (it got pitch BLACK) I became FRIGHTENED (thinking demons was trying to INTERRUPT this PRECIOUS TIME with JESUS). With my EYES still CLOSED I said to myself inwardly, I AM IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD ,WHOM SHALL I FEAR, Then my PEACE RETURNED. Later on Today (7/27/2016) I thought about the WHOLE EXPERIENCE and the SUDDEN EXTREME DARKNESS I saw when my EYES was STILL CLOSED, I said HOLY SPIRIT PLEASE give me a SCRIPTURE PERTAINING to this EXTREME DARKNESS that I saw . I HEARD A STILL SMALL VOICE said JOEL 3 .

I looked it up IMMEDIATELY , it talks about (THE DAY OF THE LORD) with a PHYSICAL DARKNESS that will come upon the WORLD”

Shared by Patrick Anderson in video comments

The Earth’s Future Restoration in Christ


Sister Clare, I hope this message finds you. I know you’re very busy these dayI must share this dream w/you i just had 3 night ago.

In my dream I saw Jesus walking the earth overseeing the rebuilding of the world. It seemed that the scene depicted was that of the beginning of the 1,000 year reign & much rebuilding & planting was taken place. I saw happy children dressed in white running around throwing seeds onto the ground. The seeds sank into the soil & immediately golden stalks 6 feet shot up! Then I saw millions of children in heaven all dressed in white. They were sitting in school desks, millions of them stretching far off into the distance. And above me was a 2nd tier also filled w/children in desks. I saw golden pillars in the distance that must have been a mile high. And on the horizon a huge planet w/rings around it like Saturn. Then the scene changed & I was driving a car down a city street & on the other side of the road I saw a white message board. You know, the kind w/the stick-on black letters. And on the message board was the word MAY 1–but a fence post for a power pole obscured what was after the “1”. But I distinctly saw the word MAY and what looked like a “1” and something after it. The Lord has blessed me w/very vivid dreams lately. Not all happy visions, I have seen burning cities but the hopeful dreams are very vivid. For what it’s worth I’m sharing this dream w/as many people who will hear. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you & shine His face upon you. i plead the blood of Jesus upon your channel. God be with you. A brother in Christ,

John in Arizona.

Jesus- Our Rock


I had a dream when I was 12 years old. I was an eagle flying in the sky near a coast and the waves were so high they were getting my wings wet though I was flying as high as I could, yet I looked out to sea and I saw this wave that was so much higher then the waves that were wetting me that I knew I could not fly over it. So i turned into a girl and dived into the water. When I came up I looked to the shore and there was this White Rock that had windows and a door like a house. Everything else around me was grey. I started to swim toward the house and the waves actually came and carried me along so I was washed up very near to the house, yet my clothes were not wet. I ran to the house and went in and looked out the window. The huge wave was still coming, I looked around and saw blocks of the White rock that were big enough to be put in the windows and door. Once the stones were put in the windows and doors the stone sealed itself so there was on crack anywhere, and yet I was then surrounded in White Light. I heard the wave coming like a freight train so I knelt in the middle of that house and prayed. and then I felt the wave go over me so high and yet the White Rock was not moved and was dry and safe in the heart of it. I took the dream as that our only safe place is Jesus, there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, but he is all we need and He will save us.

Shared by Melissa Horn in Video Comments

Get Aboard the Ark



VISION: In the middle of the night on March 20 as I opened my eyes and closed them again I see different images of animals small and large. These animals were running, they had a sense of urgency. Then after the image of animals, I see a paper and an old type calligraphy pen. I can’t see what it’s written on the paper, then vision ends. My visions mostly involve symbolism. I think the animals symbolize the days of Noah and the paper and calligraphy pen symbolize an important event written back in history. The meaning imparted in my heart is that we are like in the days of Noah and the running of animals indicate the urgency of his people to board God’s Ark before the Great Tribulation. My vision reflects what is written on Matthew 24:36–38. 36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, Not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark.”–

Shared by Angel Texas in video comments

Warning Dream of Events to Come II

This prophetic dream is shared by “His Grace, His Glory” on video comments for the video below:


“I had a recent dream from the Lord that I posted awhile back. Well, I initially said it was a dream, but actually it was a vision, quite different than a dream. I was actually in the middle of a dream when the vision came. Visions for me are much more real, you might say instead of a grainy, 35mm film, they come through in stunning resolution, Technicolor you might say. This was a vision of destruction. As I was dreaming, this vision laid over top of the dream, like a short, multi-second film. I was in my backyard, standing in the middle of the lawn, looking over top of my house. I looked up to see a huge U.S. Air force cargo plane (similar to a Boeing C-17) nose diving in extreme slow motion right into the front yard of my house. The sheer detail of the plane that close was actually amazing to look at, the huge USAF roundel insignia on the rear of the fuselage, the plane not in the typical grey, but in the Army green. As I lost the nose of the plane over the house I ran to the backyard fence, just as I reached the fence huge 55 gallon drums were falling all around me, as well as all the other military supplies and cargo. Although it was utter destruction all around me, I knew I was being protected from the carnage. Then the vision was removed from the dream just as it appeared. I was meant to know that this was a clear message from the Lord, warning me that absolute destruction is soon coming. It has been probably almost twenty years since I had my last vision from the Lord”


Warning Dreams of Events To Come

The following was shared by Acoustic Strings in the video comments of the video, “Prophetic Dream NYC Falls Under Tsunami”. (see video below)

“I had a similar dream. I was in NYC in the top of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan. All the windows / wall were glass from the floor to ceiling. My mom and I saw a huge wave of water coming to Manhattan. we ran to get away while my youngest brother who is unsaved just watched in fear unable to move.”


The Storm About to Start


I feel led to share the vision I had yesterday.

I was in heaven and Jesus and I were standing on the edge of  Heaven holding hands.  I noticed I was wearing a white robe like him and I had a engagement ring on and I knew I had on a crown and I knew it was beautiful but could not see or feel it.     I bowed to Him and as he raised me up I realized that the crown stayed exactly on my head.   When He stood me up we looked out to the clouds and saw only a gigantic storm above the earth. He told me it’s right there about to start and to not let go of him for anything and we will be alright.  I asked if it’s really Him and he said your crying right?  You always cry when it’s me.  I agreed and asked for another confirmation so I opened face book and clicked on the first video and the announcer said this as confirmation.  The video was about  them finding things hidden in the Torah that will be this year and will start next week!!!

Shared by Tasha Miller in Video Comments

Pray for Mercy



My brothers and sisters we are almost home. I have been very emotional in the last 2 or 3 weeks. It’s like I feel the sorrow of our Lord Jesus. I am just overwhelmed with emotion.

Yesterday in the AM just before waking up I had my eyes closed and praying before getting while I felt the warmth in my heart and The Lord Jesus said the following words: “Yes My son,  the 6th seal is about to open .  Embrace yourselves, rest in me , Focus on me. Pray…Pray…Pray.. Pray for Mercy.”   

My brothers and sisters we need to start praying Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer for ouselves, our loved ones, and for people around the world .  In Jesus Mighty Name I pray.  Amen! Thank you Clare, Ezekiel , and Carol for everything you do. May God Protect us All! Love, your brother in Christ, Miguel Angel

Russian Attack on American Shores and Rapture


Dear Clare and Ezekiel,
I read this dream and it reminded me of what you mentioned about Miami being nuked and rapture happening on the same day/week. Just passing it to you.

from Alexandra Stratan (YouTube)

I had the same message and revelation after this dream: I was walking to a bagel shop and behind me I saw a bunch of zombies in this store looking at me through the window, . I walked to the bagel shop and I ordered a whole wheat bagel and before they could give it to me I walked out and there was this bear there that was following me and I was scared, I flew into a tree and the Bear got on it’s hind feet and was eye level with me. At that moment I flew up. The Lord reveled later the bear is Russia and the moment they attack us with atomic bombs as the bombs drop we go up