Dream: “I Am Coming Very Very Soon”


Blessings to all The Lord’s Heartdwellers 😘 😍 I just wanted to share a dream I had this morning (6.24.17)

I was sitting inside a building with my 21 yr old brother and he was telling me all these problems he had and he couldn’t understand why he was going through that, he said he didn’t know what to do. I remember I was listening quietly and then I told him, brother, “I know what is wrong with you”, (he has fibromyalgia) “I know why your going through this.” and he said “why? please tell me I don’t know what to do!”

I just looked at him and waited for the right words to come out but as soon as I opened my mouth to talk I heard a gentle piano key note hummed through my brain. it was gentle yet very strong that I consciously woke up but did not open my eyes. I closed my eyes in my dream and saw how my body slumped over to the side and my brothers reaction and I closed my eyes again and said “Lord your coming! wow it’s time! “THIS IS IT!!” and He said, ” My child , I am coming very VERY soon” 😌 and I woke up. I had this strong urge to call my brother and talk to him after that.

Keep seeking The Lord brothers and sisters, and do not obsess about the rapture, just do His work! Keep me in your prayers Heartdwellers! Blessings to you all Clare, Ezekiel, and Carol 😘

Shared by Mariela Duran in video comments

Awaiting The Bridegroom


I had this vision while listening to: “True Christmas joy & Communion”..👀👰I was in this area outside and I saw 3 Bride’s, they were in total white illumination, like translation had taken place already, spirits but outlined as bodies dressed in wedding gowns. So it was evening late at night and these brides were in a field next to a 🌳 and a rock. The night was beautiful and clear ( as if night has a beauty too). the sky was that dark blue purple with stars and I cud see the outlines of trees in the dark and a wide field of grass. One of the three brides were standing looking up at the night sky expecting, waiting …oh in the sincerest waiting.   The second bride was sitting on a rock looking up in the same way, then the third bride fell to the grass weeping and leaning on the knees of the second bride and she was ruffling her gown as to not get it grass stained, then wept into the lap at the knees of the second bride who caressed her in understanding & love These brides were all gathered together consoling, comforting one another as there seemed to be other (brides there in the shadows) I heard the second bride sitting on the rock as they were all huddled together 💕 say, ” He will come, He will come.” See they came waiting for their Groom but the night was still and dark and the sky only had stars and it was completely silent as if in pause. It was reality that they wait, just wait and the only thing between them and the sky was their FAITH. Oh these bride’s truly sincerely believed their Groom would come and they comforted and supported each other very sincerely -they were one in the same. Then I heard The Lord say, ” My Light will come and we will celebrate in My Kingdom.” As I watched the brides rise and walk back into the physical realm.  They just got up with their deep desire to be with their Groom( husband) and went on with as Mom said-  “maintaining a sane life day to day as trials are more intense and we climb higher” Then the first bride that remained standing looking up the whole time followed behind the other two as they walked back into there natural lives with that strong desire and waiting. They had to wait- they had to go back and fulfill their purposes but boy oh boy how they wanted their Bride Groom to come!  It seemed that His Appearing wasn’t the most important thing as everything was so still and quiet in pause. It wasn’t time yet for His arrival.  It seemed more important for their souls to  live on earth.

Isaiah 61&62


Shared by Vivian KanKam In video comments

I Shall Fill Your Hunger


Word from the Lord….🙌

A great shift has occurred on the earth. The exalted of this earth…will be brought low…humbled…the trodden down..lowly are rising and will rise up..exalted… A great divide indeed. The wheat from the tares..the harvest is ripe. My sword is dividing..Almighty…powerful and consuming. In this last hour no one is spared from my sword. I cut to the heart..the soul..the core of a man. The gravity of what you have done… oh earth,  when the realization of the error of your ways come upon you!   In those who love and accept me  I find great love..comfort…relief and solace in you as you do me. I give fresh anointing and a greater outpouring of my Holy spirit in this hour.

Come..Come..all who are hungry..thirsty..and weary. I shall fill your hunger…quench your thirst…and in me you shall find your rest. The hour is ever so late…To my beloved Bride…I love you..I adore you…I cherish you ..I uphold you..I protect you…I draw you into me. I AM soon to come..My reward for you is GREAT… Look up your redemption draweth nigh.

To my lost children…come to me mercy yet still patience is weary..yet I extend my hands still in my love and mercy..To those who mock me…I warn you now…I God will NOT be mocked. I tell you now…repent. I shall anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see the error and graveness of your ways…Turn to me while I still may be found.

Get ready my Bride. The Wedding Banquet is about to commence. I love you. My peace I give you.
…Jesus Christ🌹

Shared by our Lord through Krystal Bealle

Pray For the World





Shared by  Patrick Anderson in video comments

Messiah And the Jewish Wedding

Fellow Heartdwellers, I just wanted to share this video with you .. it’s from bluetru40  channel.    It speaks of our Bridegroom, Jesus, and how just as in the traditional Jewish Wedding of 2000 years ago,   His coming to this Earth,  purchasing us with His blood, and then temporarily going again to the Father, only to come back to fetch His prepared Bride is represented by that olden time Hebrew Wedding.    It is a short video, and just beautiful !    enjoy:


“..It’s Almost Done!”


Dear Heartdwellers! Just an update from Jesus this morning. I was just waking up – like when you are half awake and half asleep and Jesus HOLLERED at me. He wasn’t mad – Just Excited and Warning – He said ‘COLLEEN, IT’S ALMOST DONE!!!!” Then in a vision, I saw Buddy Boy! He was the german short hair pointer dog that we had to put to sleep last Friday, 3-25-2016. Jesus told me he was in heaven chasing butterflies! I SAW HIM THIS MORNING, standing on the EAST side of the house with his head cocked around the corner looking for my husband, Dave. Jesus is coming from the EAST and is COMING VERY SOON! Heads up – look eastward for our redemption is truly drawing nigh!!

He also told me that the last drops of wrath were now filling the Father’s cup! Heartdwellers, please tell everyone you can – don’t worry about what they will think or say. Perhaps, a word the Lord gives you will reach their heart and they will repent and be saved – for eternity AND from all that is coming VERY SOON on this earth.

Much love to you, Heartdwelling Family! Much Love to you!

Dave & Colleen

Shared by Colleen Morrison in video comments

The Storm About to Start


I feel led to share the vision I had yesterday.

I was in heaven and Jesus and I were standing on the edge of  Heaven holding hands.  I noticed I was wearing a white robe like him and I had a engagement ring on and I knew I had on a crown and I knew it was beautiful but could not see or feel it.     I bowed to Him and as he raised me up I realized that the crown stayed exactly on my head.   When He stood me up we looked out to the clouds and saw only a gigantic storm above the earth. He told me it’s right there about to start and to not let go of him for anything and we will be alright.  I asked if it’s really Him and he said your crying right?  You always cry when it’s me.  I agreed and asked for another confirmation so I opened face book and clicked on the first video and the announcer said this as confirmation.  The video was about  them finding things hidden in the Torah that will be this year and will start next week!!!

Shared by Tasha Miller in Video Comments

Restoration After the Tribulation



Hi heartdweller family. I just a moment ago had a flash. That’s what I call them. I don’t get dreams or visions of any lengths, I just get these quick pictures. I don’t get many at all, and they usually come when I need a smile or a uplift from a down feeling day. Holy Spirit nudge to share. Many of you are probably familiar with the Dawn dishsoap commercial. The one where animal victims from oil spills are cleaned up with Dawn soap then release back into the wild. Well I had a flash that after the tribulation and the earth is being restored and renewed that we will help with the reintroducing of animals back into the wild. I had to smile with that, and thought yeeaahhh! I want to be a part of that. Something to look forward to.

Shared by Marian Rystenbil in Video comments

Judgement is Coming!

My dream on 2/23/16
Judgement is Coming!
While I was sleeping, I felt the Lord’s mighty presence in my bedroom and I could feel my spirit rising out of my body cause the Lord wanted to show me something regarding the Judgement that is coming upon the land very soon. Judgement is at the door!
What I saw was horrendous and so destructive.. First it began with me seeing a vision and it was dark, I could see waves and waves of the ocean moving really fast and rising very quickly.  Then, all of sudden, the Lord allowed me to see the water rising up to the top of high buildings and the buildings started crumbling and falling like dominoes.  People were drowning, screaming calling for help, grabbing on to building debris which was everywhere you looked, dead bodies floating,  floating cars, houses destroyed and looked like matchsticks , everything was being swallowed by huge and mighty high waves of water and strong winds.    This unprecedented disaster happened so quickly without warning. It looked like the world was ending.  In the dream, I cried so much seeing this happening before my eyes it was so sad to witness, but the Lord wanted me to see it to share with others that Judgement is coming fast and furious and without warning.
Then in another scene of the dream, I looked up from witnessing this disaster and there was a bright light coming from the sky.
I was being pulled up and I saw ribbons of many colors just hanging down and as you grabbed a ribbon there were other Brides of Christ that had just arrived there and the Brides were beautiful in majesty and splendor, adorned and dressed exquisitely and there was such purity.  My mother was there with the other Brides and I was so happy to see her.
End of Dream
 ~shared by AngelWings 29

“In the Season of the End”



Dearest Precious family, last night the Lord woke me at 4am. He gave me a vision. I don’t have very many visions but I knew this was definitely a vision because I was fully conscious and awake.

He showed me my family members on my side and Ed’s (my husband) side. He told me to PRAY for them and fast if you are able! He said,” We are in the season of the end. I know that you believe this.” I said, “Yes Lord I believe it.” He said,” They are all going about their lives just as in the days of Noah as I have shown you and revealed to you in My Word.” I thought about my 2 children being out of fellowship and before I could even finish the thought the Lord said,”Don’t worry about them, I’ve got them.” He revealed to me that it is because of my faith that the household will be saved. Acts 16:31

I saw how unbelievably horrible it will be on the earth, even before the Tribulation begins! There are things the Lord wouldn’t reveal to me because I would be frozen in horror and would not be able to function or finish my Left Behind materials or do anything at all. (I’m about finished now). I saw God the Father standing beside the wooden chair the Lord was kneeling over, comforting Him as I watched Him on His knees with His head in His Hands face down over the wooden chair. He is grieved beyond any earthly words I could put together to describe the level of agony over what He must do to cleanse and correct the world. A stubborn world that just won’t listen! They who have all the earthly blessings and all of the things they need say they have no need for the Lord.

The Lord told me this morning to read Deuteronomy so I opened to Deuteronomy 8:18: But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth,that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto thy father, as it is this day. So so many tears I saw the Lord cry. The Father is preparing His Son to take His Bride out of the world at this time. I don’t have the day or the time but I’m very clear we ARE in the season. We have to get the Word out to every single person possible that will take the time to listen to us because this is it, my family! The Lord told me it is IMPERATIVE that we PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. 1Thessalonians 5:17

I saw an enormous door that I knew was the Mercy Door! It is a HUGE wooden door sort of old, splintery and charming. The door is closing or close to being closed. I don’t know when it will be completely closed but maybe just a crack of opening is left if not closed already, I wasn’t sure on where the door is at this time. Holy Spirit showed me that when the Lord takes the Bride up it will be the most Glorious Event. I can’t describe the beauty of this event. It was as though I knew a million things in one second! I wasn’t allowed to remember it all. The Lord is so waiting to take us up as much as we are waiting for Him to take us home with Him. I saw the Middle East all set up and ready to go at a moments notice. It will be fast and fierce. The war is coming. The leadership of this country is in much trouble with the Lord and must be dealt with and I started to feel frightened, then the Lord showed me with His Hands on His Bride with an intense loving and protective shield around us. I felt a huge   urgency between God the Father and Jesus, the Rapture Preparation, the Middle East situation, the judgement of our nation and the world and for the Bride to be ready. The Lord is mercifully waiting for the last few souls to come to Him. We are out of time. It’s time to be ready now. Stay prayed up and repented every day. Pray for your enemies and forgive them. Forgiveness is huge. The unsaved don’t know what we know. We must keep praying for them and talking to them no matter the circumstances.

I tried to remember everything I could, family.

Lord bless you all,

Pamela V

Shared with Pamela Viergutz to the Prayer Warriors via email.