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His Longing For All Mankind



Dearest Clare, I had a breakthrough tonight ,as I was in worship, and I began to dance with the Lord. At one point, He lifted my head to His eyes, and I felt a longing like never before. He then gave me a message, which I will be posting tomorrow, but He told me how He longs for the world and how He is right there, all the time. He also began to have tears rolling down His face, which I had not seen before. I comforted Him, as He longs for each and every one of us, believer and nonbeliever alike. Praise the Lord for this breakthrough.

Shared in Video Comments by “Jesus Loves Mankind”


In the Arms of the King of Kings


I watched the last half of the movie, “One Night With the King” last night after I got back from my sister’s home to  cuddle with Bonnie (my kittycat)   and I asked the Lord if He would watch the movies of His choice    with me while Bonnie was on my lap purring.     We watched, “Lassie Come Home”.. (a beautiful old movie that I think the Lord loved watching me cry at the  and  the newer movie, “One Night With the King” about queen Esther in the scriptures.

That last movie stirred me so much.. especially as I saw how the king represented Jesus,  and Esther represents His Bride..    and how Esther was being groomed and prepared to become wed to the king as we are all being prepared by the Holy Spirit to be ready for Jesus.      King Asahe’irus was searching for a Bride with spiritual beauty ..  Queen Vashti was physically beautiful but was lacking in that inner beauty;  that inner humility and gentle spirit.     He was given a harem of beautiful virgins who passed the physical beauty test to choose from,  but his heart leaped when he took notice of Esther.. (her Jewish name was Haddasseh of the tribe of Benjamin)

Esther was gifted by God with physical beauty but what set her apart from all the other women as well as from the former queen, was her special inner beauty that came right out of her.    He was smitten and she was chosen out of all the women.      This king was searching for truth but his mind was not fully aware of it.  He was tired of the hypocrisy and the Lord permitted this situation to show him what TRUE beauty was.     After Esther was chosen, she was prepared for a period of time with various ointments and a royal beautification process.      The Holy Spirit wants to do this transforming work and INNER beautification process within each of us so that we will truly be a treat for our Lord and King, Yahshuah (Jesus)     as He deserves no less.     And yet ….He is so humble that He loves us and already knows all our ugliness before we do..     and there is no reproach from Him.

Out of love for HIM,  we desire to be made pure within as our gift to Him, but we also ask the Holy Spirit to make us unaware of this inner work within us, so that we do not become spiritually proud but are like little children who are not aware of their own innocence and purity but just ARE..before our Lord.

I love the part in that movie where Queen Esther, knowing she might be put to death , ran in the rain barefoot to the king’s Court to ask to see him   so she could intercede for her people.    She came into his royal court totally drenched , barefoot, and like a little lamb to the slaughter in all humility (quite a different spirit than the former Queen Vashti)  while some with a religious spirit looked upon her with contempt.    However, the king’s heart was stirred and he stayed the hand of the guard with the sword.  He then held out his royal scepter to her.   He looked at her with such love as she fell at his feet.     I immediately thought of Jesus, our King..    How we all deserve death when we come to Him, but His heart is stirred because we come to Him as a “nobody”..  an orphan.  , and it is like a Seraphim’s dart to His great tenderness.    He asks us to fall into His arms, as He picks us up off of the floor .     sigh♥


The Daily Grind- With Jesus


Folks, He (Our Lord) gave me a Rhema message on 11/23 that totally confirms this message about laboring for Him even when we don’t feel like it.      (see below video message at bottom)

This past  Monday I asked the Lord if He would give me a message from His past words recorded in the journal “He and I”,   in reply to me., after I said to Him,   “Lord, do you REALLY want me to work all my life..  can’t I win the lottery or something? (just kidding on that last part about the lottery..heh heh)     And He gave me a direct reply as follows!” :         “Find your happiness in serving Me, even in the very smallest details.  Nothing that is for Love is little… you are so used to picturing Me as the God in Heaven that you forgot how I toiled, suffered from cold, heat, hunger just as you do.   But I was always more afflicted than you.     When the last Day comes…”     (and that’s where I lost the page he had me open to due to a sneeze attack  so I asked  Him to give me something else as well to confirm further and He did as follows:):      ….”You remember with what love I gave Myself in My public life in the midst of so many people all crowding around through self-interest?   … Imitate Me,. Don’t bargain with Me.  Go gaily for My sake- Isnt that a good reason for being full of joy?  The only reason.   …. In the morning say, “Everything will be for You, My great Friend.”     Then from time to time during the day a little word such as, “This is for You”      It will warm your heart and bring balm to Mine”.     

I also want to add that though I didn’t share this in the video comments, the following day I asked Him if He had anything more for me, and opened right to this from His words in “He and I”:      “Endure the daily thorns for love of Me.  This prepares your soul for acts of heroism.  You realize, don’t you that  union with God is nothing more than doing His will.  Every human being is called upon sooner or later to rise to some act of heroic goodness and grace for such moment is won by loving acceptance of the daily burdens.  So you see how valuable the  little routine tasks are to one who gives himself to them in loving obedience to Me.     Havnt I told you that in My eyes nothing is small?  It’s the love woven into each task that counts.”


Wowwwww, what a super confirmation ..  He truly IS listening to us you guys, and He replies so plainly and to the point !!     (Thank You, My Christ, My Savior and Jesus♥)    love, lisa


The Carpenter of Nazareth

This is a little meditation on Jesus working grueling hours as Nazareth’s village carpenter.. It wasn’t an easy job., and yet our Lord obediently worked this job for many years before becoming the Carpenter of our souls… As the Son of Man, He became obedient to everything the Father desired of Him., and submitted Himself to menial labor for the love of the Father and love for His earthly father, Joseph.

Jesus- King in Exile

Jesus carpenter

The above painting was scanned from the November 2015 issue of The Upper Room devotional magazine..     I fell in love with it immediately!     When I first saw it, I assumed it was  a painting of Jesus before His ministry, asleep at his carpenter’s work area after a taxing day as Nazareth’s village carpenter.      Actually, it is a painting of Joseph, Jesus’s earthly father,  receiving a dream by the angel telling him that Mary truly is pregnant with the Messiah.

I like my initial assumption the best, because Jesus really did work strenously hard as the village carpenter before the Father would call Him out to begin His next three years as a “spiritual Carpenter” for His people and all mankind.        In my earlier blog posts, I posted how involved Hebrew Carpentry work was ..,  how trees had to be cut down, and hauled, and cut to size for each project for example.      There…

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Prayer Answered To See Jesus

Jesus In Heaven

Clare, im happy to report that after praying for a pure heart to see God like Jesus taught in the Beattitudes, I had my first vision of Him in Heaven! Thanks 2 you sharing such an intimate relationship w/ Jesus i never knew was possible. We were dancing on a checkered dance floor w/ ivory irredescent pearl and the Lord had on a white military suit with gold buttons & cord. I had on a beautiful poofy ballgown and we waltzed and foxtrotted

haha it was amazing! ssvc keep praying if u want to see Him.

~Shared By Sixth Seal Imminence In Video Comments

More Healing Testimonies Through Jesus


Healing testimonies– my 7 year old daughter prayed (very short& simply) for an “uncle-friend’s” knee& it was dramatically & instantly “fixed.” I have prayed for a dozen or so people in the park near our house, etc.. At least 5 or 6 said they felt immediate improvement.. A couple said “much” improvement. All but one seemed very encouraged/grateful.. & opened up to “friendly conversation”… We’re gonna keep on with it.. As HE commanded/requested…!

~Shared by Joya Edmunds in Video Comments

I had a chance meeting (not) with my neighbor down the road while walking my dog. She is an anxious person and was overwhelmed with a gynecological procedure she needed to have. She had been in pain for a long time but was uncomfortable with having the surgery. We prayed as Jesus taught me…”Do you believe that Jesus can heal you? Do you believe that Jesus can heal you through me, a vessel?” Her pain stopped immediately! And it stopped for a few weeks. She was blown away! I am convinced that it was her anxiety that Jesus was healing because she finally had the procedure and she was relaxed, ready and not afraid. All glory to Jesus!

Shared by “Women In The Word  Study Group” In Video Comments

This is my first post, but I have been here since April. In March of 2014 (while studying at university), God revealed to me the laying on of hands through youtube, and I was so fired up about it. I did see some amazing things, but my pride, fear and sin kept me from being consistent (I would see people on crutches, and I would hurt on the inside as I looked the other way without approaching them). Well, in October of last year, it was evening and I was heading to my car from my dorm room to buy food, and (as always) the group of skaters and hookah smokers were just outside of the dorm building. I knew Jesus wanted me to go ask them if they needed healing, but I felt shy (as a 20 year old guy at the time, it is very socially scary to walk up to a group 7 or 8 peers like that). Funny thing is, I forgot my coat, so I went back to my room to grab it and prayed that God would give me the courage to do His will… I come back down, and as I’m walking passed the group and looking at them, one of them looks up into my eyes, and nods at me… I then turn 90 degrees and walk towards them, and I felt God’s spirit all over me (no real nervousness, just peace and His presence). So I walk up to this group of guys smoking hookah, and ask if they need healing in Jesus’ name… Long story short, each one, one after the other, got instantly healed. Like 6 or 7 guys, all of them. Hurting wrists, bad ankles, leg injuries… They all thought it was unbelievable, but as one would get healed, another would be like “okay, okay, but what about my shoulder”. It was a Holy Spirit field day, and all the glory I give to God. I got to minister to them some, and at the end there was only one guy left who needed healing, and they were all telling him “It’s real! Just do it!”, but he refused… I can’t forget the way that I remember looking at him before I walked away: it was full of love and compassion. Guys, I ask that you would pray for me, that I would be free from sin. I want to be on fire for God all the time, not caring what the world thinks. Pray that He would use me. I love you guys.

~Shared By Christian Whitfield in Video Comments

The Lord was able to heal my sister’s ankle. I simply placed my hand on her ankle and asked the Lord to heal her through a silent prayer. We both felt the area get really warm and the pain decreased. I hope to do more healings for those in need.

~Shared By Paul Thomas In Video Comments

My wife and I are just regular people stretching and growing as disciples of Christ Jesus. We started our interest in healing many years ago. Not until last year did we get an opportunity to exercise our faith in this area. We definitely were urged by Jesus to study the gift of healing and how healing’s come about. We are very attracted to revival and Jesus’ Spirit (The Holy Spirit) moving to heal the people. We have now prayed for healing for seven people, six of whom we did not know with instant healings for four and the fifth being my Mother with results that have taken some time, but she has had an amazing healing in her back since. The sixth a friendship began and the seventh a very tangible in-filling of the Holy Spirit where the man was filled with extremed peace and joy. The first was an instant healing. We were attending a class for our foster-care certificate and the teacher mentioned she was not feeling well because of a migraine. After class we asked if we could pray for her and we did. Her migraine headache was instantly healed. Leslie and I were grateful to the Lord for this healing. The second person we prayed for was a sister of a 93 year old friend we met while caring for Leslie’s Dad at his Alzheimers care home. She had asked us to pray for her sister, Maude, who was going to have surgery on her carotid artery because she was very fearful. Though we felt put “on the spot” we stepped out. We called Maude, introduced ourselves and she said, “Oh yes, my sister said you’d call.” Leslie, my wife, started into prayer, “…I pray for the Doctors to have clear eyes, for them to see not only what is needed for this surgery, but to see specifically what is needed for your body…” Maude said, “Oh yes, Jesus thank you, Jesus is going to heal my eyes.” At this point we were a little confused because the prayer was for her surgery. We didn’t know she was clinically blind (due to a stroke), nobody told us that… as Leslie finished the prayer, I felt compelled to say, “Maude, the Lord is with us and he is with you too…” because in the car where we were praying over the blue-tooth connection the tangible presence of the Lord was very thick. She said in tears of joy… “I know, I can see Him, He’s touching my head, He’s healing my eyes…I can see !” Leslie and I were so excited and just dumbfounded. Earlier that month in prayer together we petitioned God for the ability to witness a true healing and here he showed us how His Spirit can move when we step out in obedience. We called Maude to check in a couple of weeks later and she said that He has been fine tuning her eyes and they’re getting better and better every day. She is 86 years old and her surgery was a success. The third instant healing was our neighbor Helen. She had very bad trigger thumb. We were having a yard sale and we were talking with her and she began to tell us that she was in pain and the doctors really couldn’t do anything for her. We asked if we could pray for her. The result was an instant healing. From not being able to move her thumb at all to full movement and no pain. She since come back to our home and showed us with a big smile that her thumb moves normally now. She’s very thankful to the Lord and has become a good friend. The fourth instant healing was another neighbor named Kerry who came to our yard sale. We noticed he could barely get out of his car and he used his girlfriends arm to walk at first. As I watched him, Jesus spoke to me…”Pray for him.” It’s interesting that after I was told to pray for him Jesus got the man to ask about a price on something almost immediately. I walked up, told him the price of the item he was looking at and asked him what happened to him. He said he was in a car accident that almost took his life. His back was crushed and even after some surgeries the Doctors didn’t think he was going to walk again. He said he was happy to be able to walk and get around but that he was in constant pain. I asked him if my wife and I could pray for him and he said yes. I told him that when he is healed to please know that it wasn’t me or my wife and that it was Jesus who did it. We laid hands on him and began to pray. We focused on our hearts and on our compassion for this man. As we prayed I asked him from 0-10 what was his pain level. He said it was a 10. We asked in Jesus name to remove his pain and make his back normal again… for a complete healing. We finished the prayer… and asked his pain level now. He said in amazement that it is a 5. I said, “Okay, sometimes we need to pray multiple times. We’ll pray again.” We prayed again in Jesus name. This time when we finished…he was baffled…it seemed a little scared and surprised but very happy. We asked, “What is the pain level now?” He said, “I can’t feel a thing. No pain.” I said praise Jesus, that’s what Jesus can do… he loves you man. Since that time we haven’t seen him but I did deliver some artwork he purchased at our yard sale to his home that day. He was very receptive to me and was talking to me like an old friend. I was happy and blown away at what Jesus did for this man. He loves us all. These experiences have filled my wife and I with appreciation for what the Lord does everyday through common folk. He loves us with an unending love that moves the hearts of others to him. We’ve experienced this first hand and ANYBODY can do it because it is Jesus who heals through us; we are just the hands, hearts and prayers coming from His heart. Our confidence in doing this has become stronger now and we are on vigilant watch for the next person the Lord will place in front of us for prayer and with whom to share His love. I love this message because it’s truly a testament and message that is revealing the new revival Jesus has begun. A revival that’s stage is linked through the love of each other. The care and the abiding sense of compassion we share with others from the Lord through us to them. Jesus is our savior and we are most grateful to have the honor to share his love beyond our comfort zones. I have to say this sharing of love will become the most natural thing we, as lovers of Jesus, have ever done on this planet. So, as we love Christ Jesus let us love all with whom we come in contact. Let us become free from prejudice, judgment, rancor, competition or jealousies as we confirm our love in Christ Jesus.

~Shared By Kirk Olsen In Video Comments

Hi Heartdwellers!  I did pray over some1 I know after I saw the healing teaching. He was dealing with back pain. I asked if him if he believed that Jesus loved him and if he believed that He could heal thru me. Anyways, he did say the pain was gone but then later on he said he was feeling pain down his leg. Not sure what happened. Still have a looooooooooooong way to go. I’ve been asking Him to please speak 2 me or give me a dream. Anything from Him is gold 2 me!!

~Shared By Millie Rosario In Video Comments

I’ve seen a lot of healings! I’ve prayed for people with crutches, and Jesus heals them! The day when you were uploading videos about healing, that’s when the Lord really put it in my heart to go out on the streets and pray for people. And wow, it’s so simple. Simply place your hands on that person and say “Be healed in Jesus name”. And Jesus heals through you! It has really build me up and got me closer to Jesus. So, that was a short testimony of healing. 🙂 God is good! Praise Jesus! 🙂

~Shared By Tobie In Video Comments

The Lord Jesus, healed me from a severe case of insomnia, depression, suicidal thoughts and emptiness. I know he will free me away from lust. I remember this time last year I was just absolutely out of it. I wanted to go into showbiz after I left University. Now that I know the Lord he healed me of my insomnia. Before I could barely sleep for more than 1 or 2 hours a day. Now I could sleep perfectly fine. All the depression, suicidal thoughts and emptiness went away he gave me a new fullness and meaning to life by changing me from the inside out. Until recentl I felt a bit suicidal due to the fact the enemy put me under serious attack with regards to the blasphemy of the holy spirit. I never thought he would make such a desperate attempt at me. But praise the Lord he was there for me again. Glory to God. As all glory belongs to him. Thank you Jesus for all you have done I love you so much my Jesus.

~Shared By Niran Raj In Video Comments

my wife and i were extremely fortunate to be able to Skype with Clare and Ezekiel, last night, and it is uncanny that we feel rejuvenated what a wonderful couple, i was diagnosed as dying from a lung disease, i followed along with my wife with the concept of One believer One sick person equals One healing miracle, my wife was laying her hands on my chest calling on our lord to heal in his name and cover me with his blood and flesh i hope this helps anyone out there that is in need of healing, her belief in our lord,+ then a silent personal prayer followed by a healing prayer that we came up with ourselves, for 2.5 weeks nothing, we prayed harder and never lost heart, then it happened, my breathing improved, and the pain was gone, now i am starting to put weight on a few pounds here and there, my overall health is improving, we would encourage anyone who is sick to try this, with intense faith and belief in our lord Jesus, and it will work for you just believe and ask,

~David & Lynn Shared In Video Comments

I had a few healing situations since i heard the about the teachings of healing but my favourite was the first time i prayed for someone i didnt know and they got healed.   i was in a taxi but the taxi was dropping someone where i was going.  Normally when that happens i drop short and walk home but this time i was just not feeling the walk- its like i was lazy so i stayed in the taxi.   When the next passengers paid i saw his hand with bandage.  I paused for a second den with the words forcing its way out “whats wrong with your hand” he said it was sprain i said “can i pray for it?”  he said yes- simple.  I prayed and said “hand be healed in Jesus name”.  The guy was amazed; so was I.   When he left the taxi i look back and saw him testing his hand for pain my heart fill with gladdness that the Lord healed someone thru me.   i even celebrated in the car since i was the only passenger.  Thank you clare for speaking everything the Lord gives you to speak no matter what it is ❤

~Shared By Darren Joseph in Video Comments

On healings- I remembered I requested for prayers here when my mother in law was diagnosed of kidney stones and billed for surgery. I also shared how I led her to Christ on phone and prayed the healing prayers applying the formula our Lord taught. She had since been discharged, no surgery. She is just very fine and completely healed as we speak. The Lord answers when we obey him. I ve never found Christianity this simple. Just simple acts of obedience and love, then he finishes the rest, nothing complicated as I used to know. Its just too sweet serving Jesus in this way of Love.

~Shared by Adesina Amaka In Video Comments

Healing Testimonies From Jesus

Jesus with people

Healing Testimonies:

I prayed for healing for my 4 year old daughter, she has been riddled with eczema since birth tried all the lotions available to no avail. Before jesus gave us the healing assignment I asked if she loved Jesus and she said I sure do I can’t wait to see heaven! Long story short I asked him to take it from her and give it to me instead and I just believed without further thought and a week or so later I noticed I started to have small patches show up on my biceps but nothing like how it showed on her whole body and I immediately asked Elexis which is her name to come here and her entire body has been healed from it no more sores no more itching and crying praise God thank you Jesus

~Shared by TherieMade in Video Comments

Buenas Noches Heartdwellers!!!! Colossians 3:16 ” Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Amen!!!!! I have a testimony to share..I prayed for my son for healing of his eczema on his skin….i ask him , Do you believe Jesus has the power to heal you through me? he said yes. Ever since his skin is so much better , he is a happy child now, no anxiety or worries for his friends from school saying  something about his skin condition.  He also prays for me , for my hip pain.  I love my son very much. Thank you Jesus for your blessings!!!!!!Thanks Clare!!

~Shared by Ruth Ortiz in Video Comments

“My experience with healing was terrible.  i would pray for my mom my sister and lay hands on them and ask if they believed Jesus could heal and if they believed he healed through Christians and they would say yes and even a crippled lady at the retirement center but nothing worked. Then one day I was out  about 6:30 pm  in my mom’s room on her computer doing bible study on Jesus’ love.  My mom’s friend came over while she was in the shower and we started talking about her work. and her surgery and how her shoulder hurt and she couldn’t work because of it nor lay down at her side to sleep etc.   I asked her if she believed God could heal, if Jesus could heal through Christians. and she said yes. so i asked if i could pray for her and told her up front its not me who heals you but Jesus;  I’m just a helper.  And ,no kidding, i felt her collarbone move and lock back into her shoulder bone. i asked her if she felt her shoulder bone move and she said no but she said she felt some thing inside all over her body. i said give thanks to God for what he did .she moved her arm and smiled bewildered and said “wow i couldn’t move my arm like this before.” she said yes i believe. and i was happy too and couldnt believe He actually used me.  Seriously who am I to be used in that way after so many failed attempts. but i was lacking genuine love. and you know what know that i think about it she must have been praying for a miracle or something because i was studying on God’s love and then she showed up .. man , God is amazing! He literally had that day planned. (sorry i know its longer than two sentences. by the way im a “baby” in the Lord and still in highschool so dont get frustrated or give up when there isnt a healing. you might get a surprise, or a Miracle, i never thought i would be able to heal some one 🙂

~Shared by Maria Gutierrez in Video Comments 

“Healing results post:  I first attempted healing some cats I take care of here because 3 of them had a multitude of issues and I was treating them with antibiotics for weeks with zero change. A week later, all three were completely changed and as new.  Oozing burns from car exhaust, punctures to the chest from a racoon and low weight and huge loss of fur. All are healed and 2 look better than they ever have even before the injuries. I have no doubt this was the work of Jesus. Thank you Jesus!

Shared by YBSMike in Video Comments

Running The Race



I had a dream last night that Jesus came to me and held out His hand and we ran so fast (like superman did in the movies) down a narrow path with very large trees.

I knew it was Jesus even though I did not see His beautiful face. He had a long white robe and no shoes on. I was worried He would hurt His feet. Then I said I cant go any further I am out of breath. I think He was showing me to never give up.  He is holding our hands all the way and even helping us run the good race.

I say this because I have been dealing with severe pain due to a past neck injury and sometimes the pain is so bad I just want to go home. I trust Him, Iove Him, my hope is in Him alone and I believe every word His says.

… So we must keep running with the help of our Beloved to finish the race. We were running so fast, I hope that means its almost over.

PS.   I forgot to mention the end of the dream. We were in a shoe store and He, Jesus, was putting on tan work boots and so was I but mine were smaller and more of a style for women. This confirms to me we still have a lot of work to do here before we get to heaven. Love, Joyce

Shared by Joyce Straus in video comments

“Let My Children Go”

 2015 - 1
further update on the power of our prayers:
The boy, John,  said that while he was with the kidnappers he prayed for them and when he closed his eyes he saw someone that looked like me telling the kidnappers to let his children go.
John has had dreams of the Man in the white garment before ( a few times now ) and when I asked him what he looked like he said He looked like me.
When I was younger my cousins called me “fat Jesus”  because of the resemblance.  So I believe Jesus appeared to the kidnappers and told them to let his children go and I know of no  other way this could have happened.  The police were not notified because they said they would kill the children.  Jesus had the release on the 2nd or 3rd day.
Thank you all for your prayers.
shared by 123jbful in video comments

“..That is Why You Are Here”


Wow. When we were at the fruit stand we saw several people there not from this country. My first impulse was oh my Lord look at all these people taking over our land!! I felt angry as many of us are struggling with all that is going on with the dissolving of the borders. Then while standing there I prayed and said, “Lord, please speak to me according to my feelings as I know they’re not of You.” The Lord answered me and showed me a vision right there at the fruit stand!

He showed me a quick glance of my past horrific sinful life and how He brought me through my self-created mess and blessed me with the life I have now because I turned to Him and repented. He said “Most of these people don’t even know who I AM that is why you’re here!”  I thought WOW! I thanked the Lord and made an effort to smile at everyone. As I was picking out the corn a lady picking her corn across from me said in her broken language, “Oh too such no very much enough rain.” I looked up at her and smiled and her amazing eyes and very pale face spoke to me in my spirit saying please love me and understand me.” I had to choke back my tears. I said, ” We will be taken care of by the Lord. He will give us rain.” She said, “Oh I pray! I pray! Yes the Lord to I pray!” Her face and eyes spoke a million words to me from the Lord. When we went our separate ways I watched her as she continued her shopping,( as we were finished) and there was a profound difference in her interaction with others still shopping. She was more outgoing, outspoken, relaxed, relieved and she smiled like a lit up Christmas tree.

I thanked my Precious Jesus for this beautiful teaching from Him and the joy from it. Just wanted to share. Oh Lord Jesus, how loving and merciful You are! I love You and I trust in You!

~ Shared by Pamela Viergutz