A Contrite Heart After Death


On 5/7/19, I was still semi-sleeping when in my mind’s eye I saw a flash of my late father’s face looking at me with contrition and love in his eyes.. (this vision appeared without color.. in grey/white) as though He was allowing the Holy Spirit to convict him of things he could have obeyed more while on earth…sins of omission, sins of commission, etc.   I believe he is in some part of Heaven’s outskirts, being permitted by Gods mercy to receive spiritual cleansing and conviction from the Holy Spirit. He believed Jesus was his Savior, but , like the rest of us in our family , went about things his own way without placing Christ in the center of his focus in life.   So there were some conflicts in our family that my father had played a part in, ..yet he also had that faith that Jesus was his Savior.   His self-nature was his own worst enemy, as our own self-nature is also OURS as well.

I told him after seeing this vision, that I love him, and hold nothing against him… he was a super father in many ways where he had received God’s grace. I told him, I , myself also need to be delivered of my own selfishnesses and to pray for me as well!

I felt this joy in my heart that seemed to be the Holy Spirit permitting me to feel my father’s response to my prayer reply.  I’m thinking my father may be undergoing a spiritual purging process, and his contrite heart seen in his eyes in this vision confirmed that to me!

May we all allow the Holy Spirit to continue to prepare us now while we are alive… so that we can be ready for our Bridegroom when it is our time to go ♥

He Has Forgiven Me



Last night as I was driving home ….i started to thank God for everything in my life i then asked him for a hug….just a hug and nothing more.

I had a dream that i was in a crowded store and in front of me was a homeless man….for some reason i was in a rush and tried to walk around him….i respectfully said, excuse me and he slightly moved.   i managed to walk around him and this woman said, his name is IBN i then turned around and said what an interesting name and spelled it out IBN just like that short and simple…as i exited the store i notice the homeless man behind me exiting the store as well but i continued to walk and then i stopped and turned around again…the homeless man dressed with dirty clothes did a transformation right before my eyes….(like Cinderella) he was wearing a white suit crisp clean not a wrinkle or stain.

I approached him and said OMG LOOK AT YOU!!! He looked at me and said, he has forgiven all my sins…i then looked down and started to cry and all i could say was i wonder if he has forgiven me….he then took his hand raised my head and hugged me….and all i kept saying was I am sorry…. I am sorry… i am sorry…as i woke up that name stayed in my head so i decided to look it up…. IBN means “the son of”…. i am crying tears of joy….because he has forgiven me….

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A Mother’s New Beginning With Jesus♥



“…I too am a work in progress. LOL. I am also one who was raised as a Catholic in Louisiana. My mother died at 95 1/2 years of age. She was a devout Catholic, but she recognized that she failed to have a relationship with Yeshua for her first 89 years. She attended an Assembly of God church with me each Sunday until her graduation. She wept during praise and worship as she felt His love and presence. This was new for her. I was privileged to see such a glorious transition before her death. She was greatly beloved and 99% of the congregation attended her homecoming celebration.

It was the love of my Pastor who visited and prayed for her daily at age 89 that brought her to Jesus and the wonderful relationship that she had. It was not my eloquence arguing doctrinal differences. LOL. It was a great blessing to pick her up every Sunday at 9am. Thank you, Elohim.

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His Mercy is Everlasting


Jesus’ mercy is so wonderful.  My mother in1996 was on her death bed with very few days left to live. Her heart was failing. She had been a Buddhist all her life and on her last day of consciousness she told me she wanted to be Christian. I saw her repenting in tears. She slipped into unconsciousness for 2 days. I am positive that Jesus reached out to her .  On Sunday morning (Easter) , Jesus spoke to me and asked me to release her to him. She was hanging on because of me. He told me he could take better care of her than I could. I went to her room and told her its ok. Don’t worry about me; God is calling you. She passed 2 hrs later. The whole room smelled like lilacs. (there was snow outside. No flowers in bloom yet)I later had a dream. Jesus let me see my mom. My mom was so happy. She told me she could run and jump now.  Thank you so much Lord. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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I breathe i whisper i call your name.


Lord, im praying today with a harden heart, lord since i was a baby you have groomed me to follow you, from the time I was born till my teenage years I followed you I went to church and although I didn’t understand everything about you I knew you were real, my teenage years you granted me the gift of visions, although I was too young to understand what exactly I was to do you told me about tragic accidents that were going to happen such as the white car that was going to go around the railroad track gate just as a train was about to cross just a half a block from where I lived and where I grew up, but I was too young to understand or to even get people to believe me less than a year that vision you gave me came true just as…

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Safe In the Arms of Jesus- Returning Back to Him


I want to share a testimony and I hope it helps someone. I got saved over fifteen years and then I backslid about two years after.   I did not have the Holy Spirit so my eyes were not open. I stayed out in the World for over eleven years.  I was going through so many sicknesses;  I wasted so much money going to the doctor and never getting better.  Then in 2013 the Lord sent a message to me;   He said “If I come now, your soul would be lost” and it hit me- I did not delay.  I took heed to my warning, and two months after I returned back to the Lord, I received the Holy Spirit.  I also got healed.

When we turn away from God he really chastises us so we can run to Him.  Now I feel so pure.. I am not polluted anymore.  I am living for Christ and I will not compromise my Salvation.

~Shared by Novlette Campbell in Still Small Voice’s video comments.

Heart Felt Confession leads to Heart Felt Salvation


Thank you so much for you wisdom and very kind words. I would like to share a small story about one of the reasons why I visited my sister. For years I played in a praise band and was convinced I was a born again believer of Jesus……wrong! I played lead guitar and I was only concerned with what songs we could play to show off my musical skills, (or what I thought were skills, in my giant arrogant head!). So, week after week I played for my own glory. Then God struck me with a series of devastating neurological symptoms. Very very severe to the point of being bedridden.
I cried out to God over and over, nothing. One Saturday I was feeling a little better so I went to rehearsal. The week before I had been asked to put the song, “Voice Of Truth” in the set and nobody wanted to learn it. Our pianist made a derogatory comment and I started screaming at her. All that pain and those horrible symptoms came pouring out of my mouth….Satan was smiling that day. I instantly knew I was not saved, I realized that no matter how much I prayed, I was being given a thorn in my flesh.
Well, I left the band after sincere apologies. Within a month I was on my knees in pure
Heart felt confession to Jesus. He saved me with His precious blood. The next week I went on a retreat and a group of men prayed over me. I now am symptom free. I traveled back to St Louis, in the very southern suburbs to baptised my younger brother of 44 years old!!!

God is absolutely real, Jesus spoke of the wheat and the tares mixed together, that is not just a parable. Use great discernment and pray the Holy Ghost shows you the real world in which you live. Hold fast to the body of Christ, for it truly is all of us!!

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From the Pit I Was In


Dear Clare, Ezekiel and Carol, Thank you so much for this ministry, and your obedience to the Lord and His calling. I feel led to share my testimony. Am believing it will speak to someone’s heart who is struggling.

I was raised in a Christian home, went to a private school that was started by the church my parents and I attended. Even went to Bible College for a couple years. Had some wonderful experiences with Lord during that time. The church was very legalistic and so I think my spiritual growth was stunted. My conception of God was that He was mean, and would withhold His love and blessing until I had ” prayed long enough.” Unfortunately, I strayed from the fold and went into the World.  I would have been murdered by my ex-husband and his friends (the Lord showed me that was the plan of satan for my life). And one night Jesus spoke to me at my darkest moment. Jesus was, urgently, seriously, almost yelling at me, to go home to my parents house (because my parents were Godly and I was to go back as the prodigal daughter returning to the fold). He clearly conveyed that my life was in danger. I was addicted to drugs. The moment I prayed and said “yes,” the Lord began setting me free from drugs. He also provided an escape for me from my living situation…it was miraculous and I am alive, delivered and well, because of the power of the Lords LOVE and GRACE. I am forever grateful that He lifted me out of the pit I was in and and redeemed me. He will do the same for you if you only ask Him too. Oh the joy and complete Love that is waiting for you….won’t you reach out to Him right now? He is calling you,…..calling you beloved…..come, taste and see that the Lord is good. He loves you more than you could ever imagine and longs for your heart to be connected to His. Have faith and stretch out your hand to Him.

Parents, never, never give up praying for your children to come back to the Lord. My  parents never quit praying for me and I know that the Lord honored those prayers.

I am SO grateful that the Lord led me and my husband to this Channel and family, because through Still Small Voice, I have come to know the depths and width of His unfailing Love for each and everyone of us. Oh the joys that await us dear family!! We look forward to meeting each of you on the streets of gold. Rejoicing evermore…in and with Him.

Love, Priscilla