A Doorkeeper in the House of Our God



“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the House of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness “- Psalms 84:10

“Godliness and contentment are great gain” – 1 Timothy 6:6

These two verses summed up my grandfather in a nutshell. He was a simple Christian man who could be considered a “God’s nobody”… who loved Jesus with all of his heart and made our Lord a part of his every day life with his family and grandkids.    My mother even married my father a lot because she assumed he would turn out like my grandfather.   She came from a very organized religion background and found his simple, sincere prayers before the family meals refreshing and sweet.. and wanted that in her own life.

After my grandfather died in his 60’s due to a stroke, my mother had a dream with him standing outside of the church he always loved going to,  opening the door for everyone.. sort of as a “doorkeeper”.    She entered next in line and excitedly told him, ‘Mr. ___, you’re alive!!”   and he laughed that hearty laugh of his, and replied, ‘Well of COURSE I am!!”   as he continued to stand at the doorway as people entered.

Decades later, my cousin’s young daughter kept looking toward the back of the church before service was about to start., and smiled at someone invisible.    Some years later while looking at my grandmother’s family photos, upon seeing my grandfather’s photo, she remarked, “That’s the man that was standing in the back of the church, near the door smiling at me.. he was a nice man…  Noone else seemed to see him but me!”      My grandmother, was stunned and I had told her about my mother’s dream as well.   It was a great encouragement for her..  She was another simple Christian who felt shy when anyone wanted to take her photograph.  Her name was Viola… and she definitely was a shy violet 🙂    They were a perfect match made in Heaven.

Upon my grandmother’s death years prior,  my grandmother, Viola had given me my grandfather’s bible after I first accepted Jesus as my Savior.    I noticed the pages were earmarked on one specific page, with the verse underlined,  “Godliness and contentment is great gain”.     That is definitely my grandfather all the way…  a man content to serve our Lord in the little ways.. a doorkeeper in one of the houses of our Lord ♥

Incidentally, I asked our Lord for a Rhema regarding my grandfather and this blog post about him.    I prayed and blindly opened to Jesus’s recorded words to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I”, and my eyes fell on the following:

“..Find your happiness in serving Me, even in the very smallest details.  Nothing that is for love is little.”

Gabrielle:   “Lord how can you be touched by such weak things from your weak creatures?

Jesus’s reply:   “Havnt I been your Brother?  Don’t I know human nature and the life of man on earth?”…







Pick Up Our Cross And Follow Him


Today I have off from work ..and one of the rare times I don’t even basically have to come in overtime due to the entire company shutting down for a needed Christmas day off.. but tomorrow and the remainder of the week it will be crazy busy with an overwhelming workload to catch up on… some of which I was unable to finish from last week.

I feel at times like a lost soul tossed , overwhelmed with quickly multiplying work, drowning in the Ocean with God not really concerned one way or the other about me… so I asked Him if He would give me something of His words from “He and I”  regarding this… the pressures of my daily job which to me are overwhelming at times (and not saying that others in my company don’t have WORSE pressures.. my own supervisor has no choice but to work over 30 hours overtime every week)

Here is what I blindly opened up to this morning from our Lord From His words to Gabrielle Bossis recorded in “He and I”, right after asking Him about this:

“…Your great Friend , directing your life!  Just think of it.. Your daily cross, your nightly cross- hold it close to your heart, for it comes from Me.  It’s not just any cross; it is yours, the one I wanted you to have.  Kiss the hand that gives it to you and go patiently on your way with it- with Me ♥     Thank You Yeshuah..Lord!

then right below that, my eyes fell on the following:   “And when you think you are deserted, He is right at your very center, alive, watchful, loving..”

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Blessed When We are Ignored By Others



The following day after dr. Sherry prayed over me through the Holy Spirit, I was put to the test.   An incident cropped up at my job which left me  feeling ignored and disregarded and very offended.    I realized that I was yet again allowing a seed of resentment to grow in my heart from this very incident … right AFTER Sherry had just prayed over me for this very thing!     I knew I had to “get over myself”  because it is something within me.. like pride, etc,  that still has yet to die and be brought under the Holy Spirit’s control, otherwise ,   I wouldn’t get so “bent out of shape” when being ignored.    These little offenses would have no effect on my soul.

Well last night I asked our Lord to pleeeeeease give me some teaching online that would help me to get over myself in this area.     That’s when I accidentally discovered John Bevere’s interview with Sid Roth about the Holy Spirit.  He mentioned how the poor Holy Spirit is the most ignored..   and even ignored by us Christians.  We even call Him “It”, or “a force”.,etc..,  and label Him a dove when He is actually a Person of the Trinity Who has feelings and grieves, and laughs and loves…       John Bevere mentioned how we can compare the Holy Spirit to a passenger in our cars who sits there with us, but we never pay Him attention.  And when He gently taps on our arm for our attention, we   say, ‘wait just a second”, and then put on our Christian radio station and get into one of the Christian songs, still ignoring Him..
  I was pondering all of this in the interview, then the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation!   He showed me., “If you feel ignored, then rejoice, because you are sharing in what I experience with not only those in the World… but also those who know of Me in my churches, on a daily basis though out every century!       And to share with our Lord in anything.. including what makes Him suffer as well, is the highest honor and blessing.. to be one with Him, even in being disregarded and ignored by others 🙂
I asked our Lord after this revelation He gave me, to have me blindly open up to something of His words to Gabrielle Bossis, recorded in her journal, “He and I”, and I blindly opened to the following:
“Have you really understood that you may come and take rest on My heart?  And if you have, why do you not come?  It is I whom  you deprive.  I have to wait to refrain from insisting since I respect your liberty.  I am with you and I yearn for you and would you not come?   I ask you only to think of this more often so that you will come to Me more often..”
On the facing page, He also told this to Gabrielle after she recorded: “I knew He was very near”  :
“Why are you astonished when I come in like a rushing tide?  I should like to do this for everyone.. what a joy for the Beloved!..  divine longing- how vehement it is!  How far beyond thought!  At least honor Me by acknowledging it.  I am thirsty, do you understand what I mean?  I am thirsty for you all.  Let Me drink.”♥♥♥
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As even further confirmation : is the link to bro. Ezekiel’s latest song inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Below are the lyrics our Lord led him to write:
Run to Me/Do you not know yet, that I want ALL of You to want ALL of ME Look to Me, Open Your Heart Wider and Wider
I want for you to be as the Prodigal Son’s Father
Watching, Waiting, Perceiving
My Tangible Presence
Running Toward You From Afar
And I want for you to come running always running
Passionately Pursuing Me
Look for Me Always and Everywhere
Stop, Look, Listen, Pursue We will catch Each Other More Quickly

Consider The Lilies…



“okay, so I’ve got kind of a funny story about shopping and confirmation from the Lord. I have been REALLY struggling lately online shopping. I never buy clothes for myself and all the sudden I’ve been just going crazy about, “i have to start buying sweaters and cute clothes.” I had been really spending hours browsing online (I’m ashamed to say that) and I’d been really neglecting to watch your videos. anyway if was really eating at me how j hadn’t even asked the Lord for permission to buy all these things because I knew he was going to say no. finally I said to myself, “when I get up in the morning I’m asking Jesus.”

SO, that’s what I did. I woke up and grabbed my bible promises book and asked the Lord, “Jesus is it okay for me to keep buying sweaters online?” then I closed my eyes, started flipping through my bible promises book and stopped on a random page I couldn’t see. GUESS what I landed on?  “Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.”” Luke 12:22,23

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“I’m Here”



I just wanted to share how our Lord truly condescends and bends over backwards even for those who mock and despise Him in this present day and age.    On my Youtube channel, I have a video titled, ‘How I know God Answer’s Prayer” where I shared about how after I had asked God to provide me a particular out of print book of that exact title,  seven days later, He arranged for someone to give it to me without my having let anyone know I was searching for it.       I have a video on this experience and for some reason it always seems to attract a lot of the agnostic and atheist folks that love to spam Christian videos encouraging people to have more faith in God.   I even have 5 dislikes on this video so far, also.

Well this afternoon about three atheist or agnostic folks posted sarcastic comments on that video,   and normally I just ignore them, but this time I felt the Lord wanted me to ask Him to provide a reply for them.       I prayed then blindly opened to His recorded words in the journal, “He and I”, and  got goosebumps as my eyes fell right on the exact reply He wanted me to give these people challenging His existence and labeling all Christians as “idiots”.

   “Prove your God exists or sit down like the clown you are.”  this person posted.  In reply God gave me His words from the August 3, 1949 entry.. just a two word reply that got right to the point:      “I’m here.”   (  Gabrielle Bossis added in italics: “in a tone of gentle reproach”)   

That’s all our Lord needed to reply.. just two words-  “I’m here”.     Even that answer was not enough to get through to the particular person the Lord had me reply to., but I am praying for him that one day he will be willing to open his heart and will no longer reject God’ grace to receive faith…   as faith is actually a gift from God and not something we can manufacture through human reasoning.

It just goes to show us , though, how God speaks to all of us, no matter how undeserving we are,  but not all of us always tune in to actually listen to Him.     Our Lord reminded me that I was the same way as well, and so there is hope for the least of us.     “He is here” and you can take His word on that!


In His Presence



Yes! woohoo!  Today was great…I couldn’t sleep until 6 this morning, but before I slept, I asked God to please show me my weakness and how to overcome it/them (I took that cue from what Ezekiel said in one of the old teachings I watched yesterday about “Are you ready to stand before the Son of man?”) then I slept, interestingly I dreamed that I was in a quarrelsome argument with my dad and mom. On waking up, I was like….Ah! thank God I saw that….you see, from my childhood I was a veeeeeeery quiet and equally shy, pushover kid who never got angry except complain sometimes..but by the time I got into university and had some problems in my final year that became so due to the VCs’ new policy..I started getting edgy..then angry..then…quickly snap at the slightest offence. but after I changed institution and rebuilding my relationship with God..I improved gradually and slowly…until God led set me up here..that quickly improved..but I still got angry..not like before..but angry all the same.
So I prayed for help upon waking up then I went about the routine for the day. I went into worship at about 3:45pm starting with a little personal prayer, then the binding prayer which I use all the time…Oh, during my prayer I asked Jesus to please select my songs, so after the binding prayer I hit the play button…Guess the song that played first? “Surely the presence..” by Terry Macalmon…and JUST then, I have never felt like this in my entire christian life as far as I can remember…I felt this really lovely presence along with it I started tearing up joyfully while singing along with Terry like I always do…Now as a kid I had dreamed of angels, fighting alongside them with one giving me a sword and me slaying a dragon…but THIS was just awesome….I dont know how I knew it but my whole awareness was that Jesus was there present with me. I didn’t see Him but I just knew and so happy I was dancing and jumping and sometimes dash a little in my small room. My mind was just totally completely focused on Him…I now kinda understand how attention problem is not an issue in His presence. As if it wasnt enough, while singing happily..this small smile came across my face and kept widening till I had this big smile…I couldn”t care about anything else at that the same time, He kept switching my songs in a really really awesome order..the 3rd or 4th song I started singing then happened to have THE ANSWER to my question on how to overcome the anger issue(this anger, though gone now…has quite the background story to it to form a movie with, I’ll write on it later)..the answer was LOVE…which I am currently praying for help to have in loads of storage packs :).
And this continued on and on and on and on until I used up 4 and half hours or more…I was, so half my prayer has been granted since I felt His presence. It helped me understand better the scripture saying “in your presence ,there is fullness of joy and at your right hand, pleasures forever more”.  The next part of my main prayer is that He will always reveal Himself to me every way, anyhow…but Lord, I want to see you as in see  you in person everyday at all times and learn from Him and do only what He wants me to do..

The 2 rhemas I got today from the site I believe were His words to me. about how to get the Holy spirit to dwell in my soul and what I must do in terms of making heaven by looking less at myself and created objects and focus on working for Him without selfishness.
Guys I really cannot express in words how grateful I am to God for leading me to you all and I still cannot thank you enough for your dedication to God and for helping me out of what Jesus described to Rick Joyner in The Final Quest as “walking on the edge”….It occurred to me that the Devil is more of a lier than I thought he is because, He knows what is Legitimate and true and does all he can to turn people away from the truth…so much that ALL the religious people in the bible did not believe Jesus at all because He did not come and act the way they expected the son of God would much that they said ..”now we know you have a demon..” so guys…please don’t bother with these people saying this and that…just keep doing what Jesus called you to do the way He says you should do it.  I know I said before that you guys are a second family to me..I’m saying it again.

I am just recalling now that when I was going through the crisis at my former university, my dad said he went for a congress at the RCCG( Redeemed Christian Church of God) while praying for me for he was really bothered and worried..not just about my education at the time,but everything relating to me…now, it so happened that Morris Cerulo was at that meeting as a guest minister. Dad said while he was ministering during the prayer session, Morris said..There is a man here worried about his son, God says “don’t worry, I am in control” (or I will take care of him) can’t remember exactly, but it was something in those lines..this was 2010/2011.. ..”

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Love and Sin Have Met

Jesus- King in Exile


Reading sister Faustina of Kawalska’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”,  I was struck by one entry she made, which I believe was a genuine experience from the Holy Spirit given to her regarding Jesus..    our Heavenly Father desires that we all contemplate His Son prayerfully and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.,  because to see and focus our attention on Jesus, is also to focus attention on the Father as well and in focusing on Him, we forget ourselves.

Here is the entry she made in her diary,  numbered #408, which really spoke volumes of our King, Jesus’s Lamb-like nature even through what Hell He endured:

“When I become immersed in the Lord’s Passion, I often see the Lord Jesus during adoration in this manner:

“After the scourging, the torturers took the Lord an stripped Him of His own garment which had already adhered to the wounds as they…

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