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Childhood Dream of the Tribulation



When I had the dream as a child, in the dream I was close to the age (or the same age, it’s hard to tell) I am now. It began with a day no one would expect and war broke out on America. It very quickly became a third world country: cities were destroyed, earthquakes, floods, tornados, lava, etc. broke the land and divided. The Earth opened in places on the west coast that had lakes of lava underneath. Nukes were cast. People hid but something always got to them.

There were soldiers from another land killing and capturing those on the surface while also the government declared martial law and people were captured and killed by them as well and the people had nothing to protect themselves with, for all weapons were taken away beforehand.

This was also happening across the world. Then a world government and religion came to be and those who did not agree were placed in what seemed to be concentration camps. The amount of time we were in there I could not tell. Starved, dehydrated, beaten. They came – the day they put us in a line that went for a few miles (by which each man was connected to one another by chains) it was scorching hot in a desert-like area somewhere in America. There were men in black military intelligence uniforms with assault weapons in hand along our line of people, for they would not kill anyone in the line – because at the end was a large guillotine standing on a two or three story platform where we all had to be beheaded. I saw my family members’ heads fall one by one with others and when I looked to the left, behind the biggest, longest gated fence you ever saw were all those that took the mark, being forced to watch us all. And then it came my turn.

I prayed to the holy Father, to Jesus for all souls and to have mercy on me. Then my body became numb, I couldn’t feel anything anymore. I yelled out something, but I can’t remember. Then the guillotine came and I can see through my eyes my head fall, then it fades dark and all I see is white. I was scared out of my mind when I was a kid after I had this dream

I was 6 and the dream was broken in pieces for a few years. I put them together like a puzzle and then the dream came again but as a whole big piece and I felt all of it. I was breathing every breath. In the dream I saw a woman and a little girl about maybe 4 or 5yrs old the woman was my love and this little girl was my daughter and I’m 23 now and woman I’m with now was the same one and I have a little girl that’s 7months and 3weeks old. They were behind the fence with the mark on their foreheads. The mark looked like a sun symbol that was a deep blood red and glowing.

Once my daughter was born, my heart sank deeply and I cried. I’ve always had dreams that would come true and I wanted to warn people of the coming times I feel strongly in my soul. And in the dream a lot of people went missing but everything happened so quickly no one even thought of rapture – instead they thought they were either killed or captured. And because of the age of my daughter, I’m guessing we were in those camps for about 3-4 years. Everyone has to pray, read the Bible and be one with the Lord for what is coming. Nothing in this moment in our lives will be the same and I pray for all the people in the world. Sorry, I get a little emotional about this.

In the next part of the dream, I see this extremely bright, white light but was soothing and comfortable. I was wearing a white robe and sitting in a chariot engulfed with a white glowing light. There was a man sitting next to me in a white robe as well. We were going through the sky really fast and there were thousands, maybe millions, of the same chariot’s everywhere going the same direction. There were angels flying with us with swords in hand and battle armor and you can tell which ones were the arch angel almost as if you grew up with them. Jesus was in the front, sword in hand and had a crown on his head. I can’t remember what he was wearing though and he said, “No matter what you see or hear, don’t get out of the chariot. The light will keep you safe. Even if Lucifer said he has won and you see me, hurt do not get out of the chariot.”

And then we flew down and the sky opened like a scroll and we flew down to the Earth. On the Earth, the sky and all of the light on the Earth was a deep blood-red glow and hazy and we flew over where I was beheaded. You saw people running and I now saw all the demons that were everywhere that i didn’t see before when I was alive. The chariot landed and it was total war of angel demons and people. After awhile, there was no one around as far as the eye could see. Chariot’s that once had the light were turned over and dull colored and broken but we still had the light and untouched. Then Satan came and he looked like a man in nice clothes and young and told us that he had won, there was no reason for us to stay in the chariot. I argued with him and said, “If you have won, then why are we still engulfed in God’s light and why are you standing at a distance?” I argued and argued until he brought forth our loved ones and put them on crosses, torturing them while they scream and yell and cursed us to help them. While hearing their tortures and screams, it felt like we were in the chariot for thousands of years, hearing their anguish but time was standing still.

Then the man next to me said, “I can’t take it anymore! I must save my family!” and the very moment his foot touched the Earth, the devil as fast a lightning bolt put him on a cross and told me, “You can’t win.” And how horrible of a person I am to let them suffer and now I shall prove to you without a doubt I have won. And I saw Jesus on the cross and he put some other being on the cross and said it was God himself. When I saw Jesus and the supposed god on the cross, I knew for sure that it was all an illusion – none of it was real. It was all a lie. He manifested and the fake Jesus said to me, “I died for your sins, how could you do this? For you are more evil than the devil himself.” And the fake god yelled at me and said, “I created you, I made this world, for you dare abandon me – GOD!”

Then it now felt like billions of years of hearing these things and there was an army of demons around me. Lucifer looked entirely demonic by this point and his patience grew thin and he said, “Enough! And came to the chariot and grabbed it.

Then my dream ends and my mother had the exact same dream without me ever telling her about mine. Her dream was a little different – the chariot was in the woods and she was sitting in the chariot with me. Then Jesus told her it was time for her to leave me, he must fulfill this. And Jesus took her and my family that was in Heaven and all the angels in Heaven were watching. She saw the devil do all these things to me and Jesus told her all the things that have happened through his life has prepared him for this.

Then she saw the devil lose patience and grab the chariot engulfed with light and she said it was as if he evaporated. Then Jesus and all the angels came down from Heaven. Jesus and my mother held me to comfort me and Jesus brought his kingdom and we all began to fix the Earth – change it, and it was peace.
I think this supposed to be for everyone, meaning no matter what the devil tries to do or what he says, each of us must have complete faith, be vigilant and have the patience of the Lord – for the devil cannot hurt you. And that’s the end of my dream. God bless everyone and I hope it helps.

Shared by Michael Patterson

Jesus’s Vineyard


Clare & Heartdwellers, I would like to share a dream i had about 5 nights ago, I was helping someone gathering items & equipment to make wine, the last item to get was the grapes, so driving down a country dusty road in a pick up truck with rows & rows of vineyards on both sides.   The person i was helping just left me & drove off without me and said just go off on your own just go! So i was left all alone, as i started walking down this country road feeling disappointed & sad.

Jesus appeared with 2 glasses and a bottle of wine and asked me if i wanted to drink a glass of wine with Him. i said Yes!!! We smiled with such joy and drank wine together. Then I woke up, This verse came to mind when i woke up Matt 26:29 Jesus said, I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.”   So there may be first persecution & even abandonment from those we are trying to help then the rapture!. I hope!

Drinking wine with Jesus in the vineyard may definitely mean we will be raptured and be in Heaven very soon.!!! GBY all

Shared by mary c

The King’s Talents: A Poem


The King’s Talents

With this talent I have What do I do, pray tell?

Do I buy a salve Or make a wish in the well?

No sir! Not me! Not that would I do!

This is my Master’s-not for me to use.

I shall dig a hole to bury it in

Lest it be taken from me and I lose my skin!

So I dug through the night and worked up a sweat

Until the sky grew light and with dew the grass wet.

I buried the coin deep underground,

Away from harm, safe and sound.

The Master came riding upon His white horse;

He asked for His talent and I told Him, “Of course!”

Then I dug up the money of which He asked

And looked at His face, but His expression was masked.

“See, I did what you asked,” to the Master I cried.

“No thieves came to steal, I kept it- I tried.”

“The others did something with the talents I gave;

Did you think it was enough merely to save?”

This caught me off guard- I expected to hear

“Well done”

but instead for my deed did he shun.

“Many hungry souls that to me are so dear

Could- with your talent- have easily been won.”

“Many souls for the kingdom and hearts in my name

Could have been saved”-

then He left me with shame.

Guilt racked me as I heavily sat on a rock

And wished with all my heart that I could turn back the clock.

But alas! the time is up, that can’t be so;

It’s far too late, and that I know.

I should have done what I could when I could

And if I had time, I know that I would.

So please don’t make the same mistake as I

It’s much more than worth the effort to try.

Do your best in everything that comes your way

Until the King comes- O glorious day!

~Shared by Caitie B.

The Coming Shaking. What Are You Holding On To?

This dream was shared on another person’s blog, but I felt to add it here, because the Lord is saying through this dream,.. “Lose our attachments” to anything in this life .. Don’t be like Lot’s wife and have our hearts set on anything of this Earth..wether homes, jobs, security, anything…   When He returns, we don’t want to have any cords attached to anything remaining here on this earth..    We want to be ready to go at a minute’s notice with Him.

My Dreams and Visions

In 2013, as is stated below, I had a dream which was entitled, “Security Blanket”.

The morning of December 27, 2015, just before getting up I had what I call a night vision. What I saw was Jesus above the ground. What I could see plainly was His feet and the bottom of His robes. Beneath Him, the ground began to shake. I saw homes dissappear and swallowed up by the earth. I am sure that there were other things as well but this is what stands out to me now.
As I stated before I saw Jesus standing above the ground and I saw people clinging to Him. The ground beneath Him was shaking, however, He was not. I saw others as well clinging onto Jesus with wires of some sort attached to them and their houses. As their homes began to be swallowed up it became more difficult…

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He Fixes things HIS Way


Okay so a while ago my old laptop just completely gave out, I had all my info on there and saved and lost it all. I went out to buy another computer, quickly cause I had assignments and needed it BUT I knew He didn’t want me to get the one I got but I did anyway because my neck is unrivaled by the stiffness of a rock, I got it and enjoyed it until last week when I broke the screen because it was so thin and light. I prayed and tossed and repented and confessed and repented, worshiped, pray all morning and hoping that He would fix my screen supernaturally. He kept telling my “I’m going to fix your computer, trust me” I kept going back and forth checking it… No change. I got upset, He still kept telling me to trust Him. I just pulled my old laptop out of the closet on a whim and it turns on!!!! He fixed it and I didn’t even know what He was talking about. He was very unpredictable. Hallelujah!

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“Stay With Me”


Yesterday, on December 24, 2015, I reflected on how the following day (today) would be Christmas..  a day intended to commerate Jesus’s birthday even though it wasn’t truly on 12/25.     It has turned into a day that can often distract us FROM Jesus if we are not careful in spending time in prayer with Him each day.    I will be attending a family dinner and opening presents this afternoon, and if I don’t attend this party, I basically would be turning everyone off from our Lord.    I asked Jesus to be with me as my “Date”..   and I felt that our Lord wants me to be there but to heed Him when they get involved in wrong conversations, over-indulgence,  gossip,  and other events that don’t honor Him.

What came to my mind was even during the Jewish Passover feasts, how Mary and Joseph were so distracted with socializing with their relatives, the fanfare of pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and all the festivities, that they lost sight of Jesus, Whom the Passover was intended to represent.      Jesus was probably the only One there on their three days’ journey Who’s mind was on the Father instead of the festivities.   So much so that He innocently remained in His Father’s House while in Jerusalem, while his distracted parents left with everyone to go about their Passover feast.

When Mary and Joseph realized Jesus was missing, they anxiously journeyed back to Jerusalem to locate Him.   Finding Him amongst the priests in the Temple, they scolded Him,  and He innocently replied, “Did you not know that I would be in My Father’s House?”   (some versions of the Scriptures read, “about My Father’s business”)

I realized the Lord was showing me that , like Mary and Joseph, we can get so caught up with a religious Feast Day that we lose sight of Whom that day represents.     Jesus was in His Father’s House.. and  through the Holy Spirit , He is also within Us…  His Father’s little “houses” for through the Holy Spirit, we are made to be His temples.     So even in family parties, we need to remain with our Lord ,…  remain in Communion with HIM and not the distractions of the day as He is in “Our Father’s House”

I asked the Lord for His further words on this subject, and blindly opened to His anointed words recorded in the journal, “He and I”.     This is what He so clearly gave me…   that I have goosebumps again , as always when He replies like this:

“The disciples of Emmaus said eagerly to Me, “stay with us”.  Now it is I who say to you, “Stay with Me, My little child.   (In a beseeching voice)” 

Cut Flowers for Jesus’s Vase in Heaven



On December 24, 2015, around 5:30 am, I was in bed praying before getting ready for work , when I was pondering on a particular fell0w-Christian friend of mine who a few months ago gave me a snarky comment which I still harbored resentment over.     I felt she of all people, should know better, being that she says she’s “born again”.    Yet, she had told me sarcastically, “I see you FINALLY visited my father (who is now in a nursing home)   Do me a favor and don’t bring spiritual pictures in his room… he was only trying to be polite with you by accepting them.  Let ME make that choice of what goes on his walls… THANKYOU.”      So I apologized by email, but I found her very insulting and didn’t like her implication.      So I told the Lord in prayer that I wasn’t very thrilled with her., to be quite honest.      And He gave me an honest Rhema right back!

I blindly opened after praying this, to His anointed words recorded in “He and I” and this is what my eyes fell on from Him:

“….any words at all you can say them to Me, but with others get to know silence. I mean by that a silence of goodness.  You will find Me there;  I shall hear all the words that you don’t say.   You will keep them for Me, for My sake.   You will ask Me for the strength , and these silences will be like cut flowers.  I’ll offer them to Myself in a bouquet.  Right now would  you like to begin this silence with others?  This silence that will speak so eloquently to My love?”

I knew that even though I apologized to this woman ,  I still was not silent in my heart.. but full of resentment because I didn’t like her critical attitude.     The Lord taught me through this Rhema to offer up every insult .. no matter how unjust.. to Him as a cut flower of sacrifice for Him.. for His sake.       I don’t want to one day enter Heaven and have Him show me how His vase was basically empty except for only maybe one or two “cut flowers”…. yikes!        Oh, Holy Spirit, please help me!!

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“Your Tenderness Disarms Me”



OK, When I pray, I always say to Jesus in the saying of them….”My Love” this, “my Love” that…..always addressing Him in the most tender of names as I feel Him close to me listening, {in spite of my miseries and imperfections!}

Again I was saying some prayers that Clare sent to me on binding the enemy +  They are very strong and wonderful, covering A to Z so to speak.  But again, I add tender names to Jesus, as “my Dear”, “My Love”, etc.  And while praying, He interrupted me…and I will  put down His words as I feel they encourage others .. And this is for all:
About 1:55pm  December 20 – 2015 :
He said:
“Pat…when you address Me in these tender names, My Heart is so moved!  I know you are sincere in believing the relationship you have with Me as spouse and consoler.  I have asked you for this {as others} and it seems so simple and natural to address Me in such tenderness.  I just wanted to tell you how moved I am and I know you are sincere.  And what joy you give Me {and others of course He means who practice this tenderness}
I am the most sensitive of all Men…. and your tenderness disarms Me…don’t ever think that I am not touched by such loving sentiments!  I am.   I know this is from your heart..
I always listen to you {and everyone…} and your words of love and kindness and affection warm My Heart and repair and make up for the ones who have nothing to do with Me.
Poor souls!  If only they would take the first steps!  How I await them in total love and mercy – I long to forgive – it gives Me great joy to forgive. Never let anyone be afraid to approach Me – I will not throw into their face their faults if they come to Me in contrition and wanting to be forgiven and change..No!
Let no one be afraid, I repeat.  Just as you are, throw yourself into My arms- the arms of a most loving Father, Savior and Spouse – A best Friend, A brother – Let everything in you be for Me – You will see what result this brings- Peace and joy, not as the world gives, but only as I can give you.   Come! All!  To your gentle Savior – the slain Lamb of God who died for you all, so you can come Home to your most loving Father – for all eternity!  Come! Do not be afraid.
I am love and want only what is best for My brothers, My brides, My children!
Peace I give you – let fear not keep us apart.  Come! Come!  I will take you to My Heart on fire with love for you all.   Let us talk, without hesitation, without doubt.
I am Love!  Come!
~ Your Jesus
Shared by Patricia Owens

God’s Greyhound Bus to Home!



Clair your messages are so beautiful. Thank you for all of your messages from Jesus. Would you and the other heart dwellers please pray for me. I am facing brain surgery in January for removal of a large brain tumor. I have been suffering for most of this year with horrific headaches that won’t stop. It is everyday with no medication prescribed will stop this horrific pain. I offer it up as a offering to God for the people who are being persecuted and those who are lost. I am in so much pain and I am exhausted from the never ending pain. I stay at home because of the terrific pain. I only go out when I must get groceries and other necessities. I get up and dress in street clothes and stay up all day and devote the day to being informed about the Lord my God. I also pray for people who are facing all kinds of problems and the people in the middle east. I pray that my husband and my self will be worthy to be in the rapture.

I had a dream yesterday concerning the rapture. I saw large buses like Greyhound buses filled with lots of people inside flying through the air. I saw my self and my husband inside a large building much like and airport with those large glass windows waiting on the next bus to board. I said to my husband wow I just love these big buses flying through the air and how much fun it is going to be when we get into the next one.

Thank you Clair and heartdwellers

Shared by Carol Harris in Video Comments

“Warn the People”

Jesus & Menorah


my brothers & sisters few months ago the Lord woke me up 12:57am & said: “son, we are in the 57th year of JUBILEE & my trumpet will sound soon; warn the people” Now I Dont understand much about the Jubilee year nor the Hebrew Calendar. So about 3 days after the Lord came with this confirmation by putting this song in my spirit (Judy Jacobs Days of Elijah with lyrics) please listen & read lyrics of song to understand. Then just 3 nights ago around 4am the Lord put this one in my spirit (Crystal Lewis “People get ready” with lyrics) so my beloved brothers & sisters please pay attention to the words of these songs & those who have knowledge on the Hebrew calendar/Jubilee can add their comments!! But Christ is indeed on his way & as He told sister Claire “My soon/your soon” AMEN & AMEN!!

~Shared by Speshi in Video Comments