The Storm About to Start


I feel led to share the vision I had yesterday.

I was in heaven and Jesus and I were standing on the edge of  Heaven holding hands.  I noticed I was wearing a white robe like him and I had a engagement ring on and I knew I had on a crown and I knew it was beautiful but could not see or feel it.     I bowed to Him and as he raised me up I realized that the crown stayed exactly on my head.   When He stood me up we looked out to the clouds and saw only a gigantic storm above the earth. He told me it’s right there about to start and to not let go of him for anything and we will be alright.  I asked if it’s really Him and he said your crying right?  You always cry when it’s me.  I agreed and asked for another confirmation so I opened face book and clicked on the first video and the announcer said this as confirmation.  The video was about  them finding things hidden in the Torah that will be this year and will start next week!!!

Shared by Tasha Miller in Video Comments

Pray for Mercy



My brothers and sisters we are almost home. I have been very emotional in the last 2 or 3 weeks. It’s like I feel the sorrow of our Lord Jesus. I am just overwhelmed with emotion.

Yesterday in the AM just before waking up I had my eyes closed and praying before getting while I felt the warmth in my heart and The Lord Jesus said the following words: “Yes My son,  the 6th seal is about to open .  Embrace yourselves, rest in me , Focus on me. Pray…Pray…Pray.. Pray for Mercy.”   

My brothers and sisters we need to start praying Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer for ouselves, our loved ones, and for people around the world .  In Jesus Mighty Name I pray.  Amen! Thank you Clare, Ezekiel , and Carol for everything you do. May God Protect us All! Love, your brother in Christ, Miguel Angel

Russian Attack on American Shores and Rapture


Dear Clare and Ezekiel,
I read this dream and it reminded me of what you mentioned about Miami being nuked and rapture happening on the same day/week. Just passing it to you.

from Alexandra Stratan (YouTube)

I had the same message and revelation after this dream: I was walking to a bagel shop and behind me I saw a bunch of zombies in this store looking at me through the window, . I walked to the bagel shop and I ordered a whole wheat bagel and before they could give it to me I walked out and there was this bear there that was following me and I was scared, I flew into a tree and the Bear got on it’s hind feet and was eye level with me. At that moment I flew up. The Lord reveled later the bear is Russia and the moment they attack us with atomic bombs as the bombs drop we go up

Rising to Meet Him: His VERY Soon Return


Early this morning, BEFORE watching the latest video shared below I asked our Lord about the truth of a rapture where He will be coming for those who give their hearts and lives to Him before things get worse on this Earth.    I hear so much about post trib, pre-trip,  no rapture whatsoever.. ,e tc.. and I do realize that the Lord can still have us go through many trials before His soon return.   And if He tarries, I will not get discouraged but await HIS timing.

Well He gave me super confirmations this morning while I was in prayer (as I have today off from work) that He is truly going to be returning very very soon.  Clare’s recent video only confirms what He showed me this morning.

I had been resting in His presence all morning and asking  Him questions on many topics I often do when I have the luxury of not having to rush for     and our Lord was more than generous with me in His replies.  One of the questions I had for Him was regarding His confirmation on a soon Rapture.  (Now I had not seen Clare’s latest video of her dream on this until NOW)    If the Lord doesn’t even have a Rapture and is going to return only after the entire Tribulation, I am fine with that because whatever His will is, is the best .

Nevertheless, I was going to ask Him at the end of all my other questions for Him.      I prayed and opened up my copy of His actual recorded words to Gabrielle in the journal titled, “He and I” and asked Him to give me whatever He wanted me to hear about whatever topic I had., and I opened blindly right to page 143..   I was in shock!

“More and more, loosen your hold on the things of the World.  Isn’t the Meeting day drawing near for you and Me?  Little signs like this are like the three taps before the curtain rises.  Make eager and joyful preperations to appear on that Other Stage beyond.  Practice the role of the impatient lover about to possess the Object of her dream– the most Beautiful of all dreams- sure that it will surpass all that you have ever imagined..”♥

Then I opened to this right after I asked for further confirmation, figuring that He wanted to start answering my questions on this now- and not after my other questions I had.

I  then opened to the following further reply from Him:

(pge. 253)  “Just as wrong desires are the source of all evil, so good desires are the source of all good.  So formulate many of these daily:  desires for Oneness, for  your purification, for contrition, the desire to meet Me at every moment..”

I asked Him again a third time for more confirmation , and said to Him, “After all Lord, don’t you like the #3?  and WOWWW, did I ever get the most clearest reply back!   After asking Him this, I felt Him within me lead my hand to open a particular section of the book “He and I” of His words., and my eyes fell on the following:

(pge 188) “… It mingles with the paeans of praise in this Christward movement, this second Pentecost that is sweeping over our planet;  with the glad hosannas of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem – the New Jerusalem of hearts – of a risen and glorified Christ who has returned, who is returning and who will return again.. No rumors of evil; no menacing discords of our age can ever drown it out.  For “as birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also He will deliver it; and passing over He will preserve it.”

I then asked Him., “Lord, what must I do to be ready for Your very very soon return?”     and I opened right to this in His reply:  “Up until now you lived for Me, by you. Now live for Me by Me.”.. One step forward.”  (pge 288)

and this on pge 289: .”… …there I Am, waiting for you right in the midst of the battle.  In the very place where I want your love:  beyond and above all things- that is where I Am. Rise to meet me always.”

Incidentally, Gabrielle’s name is a version of the name Gabriel, the angel who announced the birth of Jesus onto this Earth.   It is not a coincidence that Gabrielle was given this name by her parents in France, and was  later used by our Lord as His mouthpiece , in which she recorded all His messages in a journal., that was published before her death in 1950.    Angels will herald our Lord’s return with trumpets/shofars.

Sudden Intense Prophetic Dream on Jade Helm


I had a prophetic dream from the Lord, must share!

The dream just now at 3am PST I had was intense:
It was the night –  Jade helm and all the soldiers went live and operative, they broke into my house at midnight and tried to kill my family and I had been able to kill off nearly 10 of the soldiers and protect my family while they trembled in fear.  I dragged the dead bodies inside taking their  equipment and gearing myself up. Had gone outside my house and saw this big black HUMVEE and SWAT truck outside. This was just the beginning…my family was crying saying what’s going on, I had told them 100x but they never believed me until then…

~shared by Mark Bechara


1907526_10152992728298579_1194512252593336391_nMy Bride, my precious Bride. I know you grow weary waiting for My coming to retrieve you. I know the journey is tiring, but do not grow weary in pleasing and loving and following your God. I love you, My precious Bride. The days seem bleak and the times are dark. But I am here and I am coming for you. Bear in this world just a little bit longer. Very soon I am coming to retrieve you unto Me and bring you to My heavenlies. We will commune and enjoy each other for the rest of eternity.

My Bride, My love, My Wife, continue giving My Light to this dark world. Continue spreading My love to the lost. Very soon you will be with mMe and we will rejoice together in unity and it will be a day of great happiness. Chaos will fill the Earth and sorrow will overtake the people, but you My precious Bride, will be safe from the terror and the wrath that is to come.

So come into my arms, My beautiful Bride. I long to cradle you in my arms and sing to you and tell you of My love for you. I long to carress your cheeks and kiss your head. Oh Beloved, dont grow weary. Don’t be tired. I am coming for you and we will rejoice together on that great day. Come into the intimate place with Me.

My True Bride. My Beloved Bride. My chosen children. Come into the intimate place with Me, your Husband. I will refresh you and give you peace and know, My Bride, that you will be home soon…

Just bear with me a little longer, My Bride.

Russian Submarine 100 miles SW of Bermuda

A vision I had last night:

I just had a vision about 30 minutes ago of a large unmarked nuclear submarine submerged about 100 miles southwest of Bermuda. It was deathly silent at the bottom of the ocean, very carefully hidden…and waiting for orders…I think it might be an old Russian model, but I know that it is not alone. There are plans for a coordinated nuclear attack on America from both coasts. Iran has planned a multi-pronged attack upon America and Israel. It is their belief that they must destroy us in order for their leader to take over the world. They believe that a sudden preemptive surprise attack will cripple us. PRAY, PRAY! PRAY! There is also secret cooperation from Russia, North Korea, and several other nations in this plan. If the Bride does not intercede now, we are in grave danger! The Holy Spirit is calling out to pray now!!