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Forgiveness Training

06/28/2016 VISITATION –



I WAS PRAYING  (Myself and my fiancee(Scheyla)) and I saw JESUS TAKE ONE PIECE that fit PERFECTLY IN ANOTHER ……


“Precision parts fit with precision parts meaning he PUTS PEOPLE WITH A CALL DEALING WITH EVEN CALLED PEOPLE…

“The inhabitants of the heart will be light in a dark world” , He said.   THEN I HAD A VISION:  There was a field and many white dressed  people ran in our direction and the people turned into batteries. (Even in need of light these people come to give new life, bringing more energy)

“Why do you think I showed  the secrets of the end of time for you?”  Jesus asked.

I ASKED: “Lord why so much ATTACKS, why don’t the attacks   stop?

He replied, “I am allowing these attacks as training for a very difficult time to come”

“One more time, and the world seeth Me no more, but I will be with those who seek me.  Without my presence ,  you will see that nothing will work properly”

“Who fight against my children only prevail  if I allow;  because I blowing my breath, the persecutors of My children perish

“I’m allowing offenses in the lives of many people to keep you exercised in forgiveness” (LETS   TRY NOT BE ANNOYED OR COMPLAIN when we are wronged)


“Tell them that I love them and nothing can snatch them out of my hand”

Ezra 5 10 We asked them their names, to certify thee, that is, to write the names of the men that they are the bosses.
11 And this is the answer they gave us: We are servants of the God of heaven and earth, and build the house that was built many years ago, which a great king of Israel built and finished.

This temple that was rebuilt in the time of Ezra, was the temple that Jesus walked with his disciples.

“Take this bread, which is the teaching of forgiveness in any situation, and fight the darkness in fasting and prayer and take with them because these are the weapons that have to teach many after they receive salvation”
Matthew 8 31 And the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, send us into the herd of swine. (Jesus subduing the darkness by the power of God)

The Peace of the Lord Jesus, God bless us

“Please.. Stay with Me”


This is another message from Jesus…He is so tired…He is asking to be consoled in this very late hour.

Jesus- King in Exile

The following message is a message my friend, Krystal Bealle received from our Lord., and she shared it with me.   I feel led to share it below:

“Please stay with me. My heart is so heavy and torn within me. Despite my Divinity..I AM exhausted and racked with grief. I weep…Oh how I weep. I reveal this at times to my children..All of heaven hears me weep and my groans resound the earth. I AM so worn out beloved…My own have turned from me.

I have extended my mercy for a long time now and have been more than long suffering with man. All things are coming to pass and things are rapidly unfolding. The earth has become a barren desert but I shall irrigate it myself. I AM pouring out MY Holy spirit as never before and pleading with my lost children to come to wrath can not…

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Vision- Pray For What is To Come


I don’t have a YouTube channel but I haved used this channel to share some of my visions and dreams . I have been part of Heartdweller Family over a year already. Previously under one Clare’s videos I posted a VISION given to me on June 4 which confirms your message today. Here it is again.

June 4- VISION: with my eyes closed I see an image of Capitol building the ones with Rotunda and I see several explosions targeting that building and then I see a bomb hitting right in the center of Rotunda of Capitol building which made the building collapse then Vision ends. It was not revealed to me which Capitol building of what US city this was going to take place. it could also be used as symbolism to signify the destruction of Washington DC , Capital of USA or the upcoming war against USA: judgement against Babylon. Father God have mercy on the citizens of this country . I know your judgement of this country is upon us , may the wicked ones repent of their evil ways. May the ignorant , open their eyes of what’s coming and make their paths straight in preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus before it’s too late as the Doors of Mercy are closing. In Jesus Name I pray for America and nations of the world . Amen!

Shared by Angel Texas in video comments

I build My Church out of Nothing


This likeness of Jesus is how I imagined His expression (not batting an eyelash) when looking directly at the accuser questioning Him in the testimony below:

About a year and a half ago, I had a dream that had our Lord in it.. only this dream was completely dark..   and I saw nothing.     I only heard the Lord reply to someone in this dream , but yet even though I saw nothing,  this particular dream had a very deep affect in my heart.

In this dream, everything was totally dark.. I saw nothing as though I was blind.     Then I heard someone scream these words in disbelief.. I can almost imagine them rolling their eyes when saying it, “She’s nothing,…. NOTTTHINNG!!”        Like who he was referring to is a completely useless moron.          THEN I heard Jesus’s calm , peaceful voice in reply.. (and I KNEW it was Him, because somehow I can recognize His voice)    “I build My Church out of nothing.”

To that, there was no reply..     and I could just imagine Jesus looking right into the eyes of the person, demon, or satan, who challenged him to begin with..  as cool as a cucumber and  not batting an eyelash in His response.     He definitely knows how to wield that Sword of the Spirit! ♥

Shared by God’s Work in Progress (lisa)


Jesus Beside Me

20160621_184155_001  20160621_21013620160621_211035         purple flower 2

Loved reading these special stories of visits from the Lord..I had said that I started drawing..I have never been developed in drawing to be really good at it but Jesus said thru Clare..”Just Start”,  so I did..did a bunch of them..something everyday..then one night I came to I sat down to begin..I felt the physical presence of Jesus beside me.   I was so touched to feel him beside me..I could feel he sat to my right with his left arm around me and wanted to watch what I was doing..the beauty and the sweetness I felt reduced me to tears..well I had to dry them and said ok.

It took me 2 hours to do a drawing of a yellow bird..during the struggle of it I asked him to help me and he is the best rendering I’ve done since I began..after I finished it I turned to put earphones on for praise it played I saw myself sitting with Jesus in a wicker swing for two with his arm around me pointing to the sky as if to tell me things about the Heavens..
I have been so touched by that..I usually feel so unworthy of the Rapture and so afraid sometimes that I don’t do enough or haven’t let go of the world enough to be able have those kind of moments with the Lord in Heaven.. have felt that i want to do things with the lord in heaven like ride horses or seahorses 🙂 walking and talking or dancing and the like but have been afraid that i have missed the mark
for that..have issues sometimes with refined sugar..chocolate in any form ice cream etc etc..i have tried to obstain from them but just recently went back to them..but have felt that at least I have limited them and am still improving on those things..this stuff is hard to share but it has been cool to see the love moments that Jesus is giving to his Brides..that moment with him has helped me to believe that maybe I will have other times like that in Heaven as well..and not be relegated to an outer edge somewhere because of SUGARRR- lol

I haven’t colored the bird yet..but soon.. I have attached the bird and a few other things I have done..Enjoy!
I love being a part of all of you 🙂

~Shared by Kathleen Hiler



I Shall Fill Your Hunger


Word from the Lord….🙌

A great shift has occurred on the earth. The exalted of this earth…will be brought low…humbled…the trodden down..lowly are rising and will rise up..exalted… A great divide indeed. The wheat from the tares..the harvest is ripe. My sword is dividing..Almighty…powerful and consuming. In this last hour no one is spared from my sword. I cut to the heart..the soul..the core of a man. The gravity of what you have done… oh earth,  when the realization of the error of your ways come upon you!   In those who love and accept me  I find great love..comfort…relief and solace in you as you do me. I give fresh anointing and a greater outpouring of my Holy spirit in this hour.

Come..Come..all who are hungry..thirsty..and weary. I shall fill your hunger…quench your thirst…and in me you shall find your rest. The hour is ever so late…To my beloved Bride…I love you..I adore you…I cherish you ..I uphold you..I protect you…I draw you into me. I AM soon to come..My reward for you is GREAT… Look up your redemption draweth nigh.

To my lost children…come to me mercy yet still patience is weary..yet I extend my hands still in my love and mercy..To those who mock me…I warn you now…I God will NOT be mocked. I tell you now…repent. I shall anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see the error and graveness of your ways…Turn to me while I still may be found.

Get ready my Bride. The Wedding Banquet is about to commence. I love you. My peace I give you.
…Jesus Christ🌹

Shared by our Lord through Krystal Bealle

One Set of Footprints

Footprints in the Sand Cross

A desert landscape showing two sets of footprints and a cross glowing in the sunlight.


I was reflecting on that beautiful “footprints” prayer where the write noticed that there was only one set of footprints.  “It was because I carried you”, Jesus replied to them.   How encouraging that prayer is for all Christians, yet on an even higher level it has even more beauty in a bittersweet way.  The reason being that He Who was often alone… even surrounded by people yet still…  alone .   Those solitary footprints in the sand depicted His own life.. lived for others, yet with much loneliness.., except for the Father’s presence with Him.

His loneliness is not because He chooses to be alone, but that so few want to share close company with Him.   So few want to work close beside Him, even close BEHIND Him.  This is a part of His sorrows that Isaiah spoke about when he called Him, “The Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.”    Many wanted to make Him King during His ministry, but only so that He could make sure all of their physical needs were met.      “Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill”, He told those who were searching for Him after He slipped away to a mountaintop to pray to the Father.. escaping their attempts to make Him their physical king.   They wanted a king who would do their bidding., not one in Whom  they would be subject to out of love for Him.

Even we Christians, tend to want to be our own “kings”.  This is why we leave Him Who is pure Truth alone, and only come up to Him when doing so serves our desires and agendas.  So He experiences loneliness from us more than we can comprehend- yet of all man (and He is not only the Son of God, but also the Son of Man) there is none who will ever love us in our most unloveable conditions than Him.  He desires to bring us from our self-idolatry to a genuine unity with Him.    His solitary footprints lead to the Father.  Who will add their footprints with His?

He Will Come in the Clouds

Last night I went out to look at the moon, and hang out with the racoons and my cats
for a bit. The moon was bright, and the clouds were lit up in a perfect filled circle under it
that was maybe 10x the size of the moon. Like a spotlight on the clouds, and the
clouds were pretty much stopped or moving so slowly, I couldn’t tell…..
When I looked, I was stumped…. I saw what appeared to be a profile of a man Praying,
when this happened, I was trying to understand if this is what I saw, or if it was me
making it look like that… a few seconds later, it was crystal clear and clearly a man
Praying from the side perfectly inside this large circle of light from the moon. There
were no clouds where the man and his hands were, and it was frozen that way,
with the moon just above his hands.
I immediately ran in to get my camera, because it was so clear!!!!! When I came
back out, poof, it was gone with no trace of it. I felt like a fool for trying to
get “proof” of a gift from God! lol I always think of my daughters when these things
happen, and want to be able to show them but, at the same time, it’s a personal gift
from God, I should relax, and enjoy it when It happens!
That was my Father’s day gift! How amazing is He?
God Bless all!
Mike F.

“In the Midst of Your Day, Tell Me You Love Me”




He gave me a message just now..well at 12.42 pm…I had some interruptions so I could not get this to you right away….how sweet is our  So here is what He said for He knows I had tears and such longing to be with Him, { as do others, by al l means }!!  +  and He gave me this.  Precious…  June 14th, 2016 at 12:42 pm:

 “Ah, Patricia!  How I love so very much, with a special affection, My faithful ones!  They who love Me in reparation for those who do not love Me, or want to know Me.  How consoling is this love of My faithful beloveds!  This remembrance of Me…. That in the midst of your day you remember to tell Me you love Me – Know My love for all of you, but especially, for those who long to be with Me with all their hearts – I am always with you, waiting for a word or thought of love from your heart to My Heart on fire with love – for all mankind.  Come!  All!
My Heart awaits all of you.
Shared by Patricia Owens