The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

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I have something that will like to share with the Lord’s permission.  This is for the Glory of our beloved Jesus.  Amen!

One of my paintings that I did recently was about a lion, not a fearful lion, but a very gentle, loving, tender face lion.
The thing is that my friend in PR that introduced me to SSV love lions and she fell in love with the paint.  She told me if I was going to sell it to please let her buy it.  Conversation stayed there
I went then to the basement, where I paint and the lion was lit!  He was resting in the sofa where there is one of the windows where I paint.
I send it to her in a text so she could see this effect of the light in the face of the lion.
She opened the text and went to enlarged it, the lion ROAR to her!  She inmediately texted me back to see if I put that in the text as a joke, Nope, I didn’t.  So we left it there.
Next morning she calls, she had to go and pick her son because he was drunk and the friends call, he lost his job, is 25 and got drunk.
During her morning cleaning the Lord told her, “I was with your son last night like a roaring lion, the Lion of the Tribe of Juda!”
Why the Lord told her that?  The boy went walking in San Juan, got lost, his friends were not the ones that call mom, but some strangers he saw in the street, well the stranger saw him first and approach him, because he was about to enter the worse place in San Juan were drug lords live and they kill just for because.
The Lord also told her, It was ME, who used the painting to ROAR at you to give you a sign for what was going to happen, I was like the Lion of Juda walking and protecting your son and avoiding him more trouble,
This is so the Lord.
  It has given me a real sense of purpose as I paint with the Lord.  The thing is I wanted to paint the Lion since Sept. and the Lord kept signaling other things and I was sad in that sense.  Until He gave me the ok and told me I want it BIG!
Sweet Family whatever the Lord is asking of you in your creative side, don’t hesitate and start, He is waiting to use that to help someone else, to give them a sign of His wonders and powers.  It doesn’t matter whether you know how to do it or not.  Just TRUST in Him, He will guide you and annoint you to do His gift for you in this season.
Please, let’s start for His Glory, is all for HIM.  He is the one that deserves all the glory since the moment we open our eyes until the moment we close them at night, and even then our heart and spirit keeps praising Him non stop.
Is like that first time you feel in love.  You want just to be attached to Him, and that is what has being happening with me.  My love for the Lord and my trust in Him has grown so much, family it has being Him alone with me in the basement, my dungeon is how I call my spot in the basement were I spend the most hours with the Lord in the day.  Cold, wet and damp, but with Him we can do it all.
Are you ready to start?  I’m cheering you up all the way.  The Lord divides the time in the day that there is time for cooking, some cleaning, much prayer and intercession.  Those moments in the dungeon is when the praises are powerful and I feel His presence constantly, specially when is time to start a new painting.
Sorry I took so much time of your precious time with the Lord or family.  Please forgive me for that.  I just wanted you to know how important is for us to work on our gifts as well in our prayers and intercession.  He makes time, I promise you that.
Love you always with great love that the Lord has put in that heart He gave me when He made me.
May the Lord bless you, keep you and shine His glory over you for the world to see the great and powerful Spirit of the Lord in you.  May the Lord help you and give you the grace necessary for you to become nothing and He become everything in your lives.
 Shared by Vianni

Moses -The Intercessor


This is Moses with the two tablets of the Ten Commandments descending Mount Sinai. He is painted as shown by the Father.  But Clare has met him in heaven. He is of dark complexion. The ravine on Mount Sinai is now paved with stones up to what is now a stone arch marking the route. It is clearly a tourist route now. This took approximately six sittings in order to get the detail in the figure and the background. But the most revealing correction from my incorrect assumption, was the rod of Moses. It was straight as a rod, not tapered at the bottom or crooked like a branch made into a stick.

So this is how he actually looked in the context of Exodus 31 verse 18. The commandments were written with the finger of God. They were re made by God after Moses threw them in anger and dismay at the base of the mountain – Exodus 32 verse 19, when he saw that Aaron and the Israelites had broken the laws by creating and worshipping a golden calf and other transgressions – Exodus 34 verse 1.

Editors note.., Moses was actually an intercessor … a big time intercessor for the entire nation of Israel.    He often appealed before the Father for the disobedient people of Isreal, asking the Lord for mercy for them..,   even that the Lord would take away from HIM, so that the disobedient Isrealites would be spared.     This is what our Lord is asking us to also do..    to intercede for this disobedient nation and joyfully drinking our cup of suffering for the spiritual good of those who truly need spiritual intervention.    Moses offered his own life for the Isrealites..   and they truly didn’t deserve it.    This is why Moses was considered God’s Friend..  not just a servant of God, but His intimate Friend.   This is what it means to be chosen by our Lord to dwell in His tent with Him.

Shared by Guy Jones


John The Baptist


This is John the Baptist who is the cousin of Jesus. He is depicted in his camel hair as described in Matthew 3 verse 4. But the Lord also got me to paint his under garment green. ….John’s mother is Elizabeth, a relative of Mother Mary from Luke 1 verse 18. …. The scenery is also accurate as it portrays the mountains near the Jordan where John baptised. John the Baptist, I think, will be the best man at the Wedding in Heaven.

Shared by Guy Jones

Let The Children Come Unto Me


This painting is based on Matthew 19 verses 13-15. This was started ahead of a teaching from the Lord about the brides being prepared with the innocence of children before entering heaven. This was a struggle due to demonic interference especially with Christ’s image, so it was a painting salvaged by the Son and the Father.

The boy in Christ’s lap is himself as a young boy. Originally he asked for him to be clothed in yellow but I didn’t like the result so we agreed on blue. He said he had both coloured clothes as a child when he was slightly younger than I have depicted. Peter is the central figure in his favourite green and with blue eyes too, the colours of a man of the seas. His image is very close to what he looks like. Hauntingly the man to his left is Judas Iscariot, who wore red, yes red. Next to him is John the Devine. I am the boy in light blue and also the black sheep. The young girl is my sister. The older girl is a follower.

Shared by Guy Jones






The Woman Caught In Adultery


This took many sittings. It is based on John 8. The Pharisees and scribes are about to stone to death the woman (adulteress) and are testing Jesus concerning the law of Moses. ….what did he write in the dust on the ground in front of them? John 8 does not say, but that may be because it got rubbed out. The Lord revealed it was Leviticus 20 verse 10. This is painted as the text would have been in Hebrew and facing them, which is why they look shame faced. This brilliant retort showed them that they had erred in law, because the male adulterer is nowhere to be found in John 8. Then the final knockout punch was the legendary line “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. ”

Shared by Guy Jones

The Crucifixion -John 19


This painting was a trial and painting crucifixion in the sense of me being Simon the Cyrene. Notice that the unrepentant criminal is placed on the side where the skull of Golgotha (death and hell) is and the saved criminal is on the side where the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea also pictured is, which represents resurrection and life. The Father was insistent on the fine detail, especially the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments tablets in Hebrew. See how the rock is rent or split by earthquake to allow his blood to flow down and for some to drip onto the mercy seat. The solar eclipse and blood red moon I am convinced happened too so I painted them both. There were numerous times I said “it is finished” but it was not.

….The Lord took over my fine detail paint brush and my hand and eyes for his face looking down at his mother Mary. Also at the foot of the cross is John the Devine, Mary Magdalene and Mary wife of Clopas. That would have been the point where he said the lines from John 19 verses 26-27:   “When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.”  

Shared by Guy Jones



Jesus Christ – The Alpha and the Omega



This Christian icon style painting was a worthwhile trial because it now accompanies me when I am witnessing. The fine detail of the facial features were refined painstakingly by the Lord. The most challenging aspect was the thin titanium white hood of his vestment or raiment. I got impurity in the colour many times due to demonic interference, but eventually managed to achieve an acceptable rendering. No painter can truly create a likeness that could describe the Lord’s countenance, This Christian icon style painting was a worthwhile trial because it now accompanies me when I am witnessing. The fine detail of the facial features were refined painstakingly by the Lord. The most challenging aspect was the thin titanium white hood of his vestment or raiment. I got impurity in the colour many times due to demonic interference, but eventually managed to achieve an acceptable rendering. No painter can truly create a likeness that could describe the Lord’s countenance,

Shared by Guy Jones

Jesus Beside Me

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Loved reading these special stories of visits from the Lord..I had said that I started drawing..I have never been developed in drawing to be really good at it but Jesus said thru Clare..”Just Start”,  so I did..did a bunch of them..something everyday..then one night I came to I sat down to begin..I felt the physical presence of Jesus beside me.   I was so touched to feel him beside me..I could feel he sat to my right with his left arm around me and wanted to watch what I was doing..the beauty and the sweetness I felt reduced me to tears..well I had to dry them and said ok.

It took me 2 hours to do a drawing of a yellow bird..during the struggle of it I asked him to help me and he is the best rendering I’ve done since I began..after I finished it I turned to put earphones on for praise it played I saw myself sitting with Jesus in a wicker swing for two with his arm around me pointing to the sky as if to tell me things about the Heavens..
I have been so touched by that..I usually feel so unworthy of the Rapture and so afraid sometimes that I don’t do enough or haven’t let go of the world enough to be able have those kind of moments with the Lord in Heaven.. have felt that i want to do things with the lord in heaven like ride horses or seahorses 🙂 walking and talking or dancing and the like but have been afraid that i have missed the mark
for that..have issues sometimes with refined sugar..chocolate in any form ice cream etc etc..i have tried to obstain from them but just recently went back to them..but have felt that at least I have limited them and am still improving on those things..this stuff is hard to share but it has been cool to see the love moments that Jesus is giving to his Brides..that moment with him has helped me to believe that maybe I will have other times like that in Heaven as well..and not be relegated to an outer edge somewhere because of SUGARRR- lol

I haven’t colored the bird yet..but soon.. I have attached the bird and a few other things I have done..Enjoy!
I love being a part of all of you 🙂

~Shared by Kathleen Hiler