My Three Miracles our Lord Has Done..


My Testimony, By Russell “Nathan” Dodds:

I want to tell everyone what the Lord has done for me last week. I have been suffering tremendously for some time. It grew worse and worse to the point where I didn’t know if I would survive. I searched for the Lord hanging on every word from this channel. I was prayed for by many wonderful brothers and sisters. Reaching out beyond their circle of influence to take time and touch my life. I am a preachers son, Pentecostal. I have been fighting for my soul for 2 years now. Heavy bondage. Heavy sickness. Last Sunday after being hospitalized (by what I can only describe as demonic attack), I was prayed for by an evangelist from the mission field, (similar to where Clare Lives). I had Holy Spirit on me like when I first received it as a teenager. I was not able to control it. It was all over me for most of the day. I was delivered and my sickness had left. After years of being very sick(I am only 37), I was totally healed. After that, a very special Heart dweller prayed for me in private.

I was told directly that the Lord was with me(Which is what I have been praying for after a year listening to this channel). Again I was delivered further and spiritually healed. Lastly, since my near fatal car wreck from a drunk driver(which Jesus spared me and my youngest boys lives) we have been in extreme need. I was called by the state yesterday and they said we would receive benefits for all of our needs. As I have never asked for help(since I have always worked, (single father), I was absolutely overwhelmed this week by the 3 Miracles Jesus has done for me and my family. I love you all and God Bless You. I had to share what the Lord has Done for me.

Shared by Russel N. Dodds

Jesus: Our Teacher, Healer, and Bridegroom



….I don’t often get powerful vivid dreams or encounters with Jesus…In fact I’ve only had 2 before….This morning was my third and it was beyond great ….We walked through 3 local Christian churches where I live as if we were one person at times. Our mission was to perform healings- performing such things as defeating grossly crippled backs and getting other paralyzed people to instantly walk (people paralyzed spiritually and/or physically)…. He taught me His heart in the healings and He taught me people’s current condition of their spiritual hearts- for and against Him….He showed me that when you really do it out of Love- much more miracles will manifest such as with Words of Knowledge (like knowing their names beforehand) and with deep and immediate healings….There was No disease or sickness that couldn’t be instantly healed if the healer’s motive is truly good and not self serving … He taught me how few people (church attendees or not) even recognized Him even after the healings and/or how they would soon forget Him after their miracle ….He showed my how the devil would do whatever he could to place doubt, contempt, legalism, condemnation, sickness, difficulties in talking, and depressions spirits in peoples’ (especially in church goers) minds and bodies …. But as I walked with Him to each church I was also reminded that meeting together in a building was a Very Good thing in an attempt to build each other up and to make disciples….The first church was my own church, the 2nd was a Lutheran or Catholic church, and the 3rd was a mostly black church… church had it “all going on” as flaws would pemanate minds and attitudes….each church in my town He loved the same- along with loving each person the same…..some would flock to Him as we walked together and others would mock Him and judge His appearance and long hair….. He dressed in very common clothes with me and put on “no cloaks” of arrogance….. The healings in this dream were contagious and many people within 20 feet of Him were often healed to… even the air turned into a surreal clean glowing and healthy light….yet most people just ran off screaming in delight that they were healed with no real searching inside of how or why ….. pride was often a big issue to their “stiff necks”…But He also showed me the ones He healed (before and after) that really loved Him and were so incredibly thankful….This love was contagious to me and was what I wanted and desired to carry as well…. in the dream one young lady hugged Him deeply…I mean really hugged Him and wouldn’t let go….He told her that she was the most beautiful thing ever created- even though she felt ugly on earth…. He said somthing like ” just wait until the rapture and the glory of your rewards for choosing me will never stop astounding you!” .. she asked politely ” when will this day be?”….In my vivid encounter, Jesus enthusiatically replied (and this dream was for today’s date) “in 2016, or next year”……..

Shared by Ken Beal in video comments


Restoration After the Tribulation



Hi heartdweller family. I just a moment ago had a flash. That’s what I call them. I don’t get dreams or visions of any lengths, I just get these quick pictures. I don’t get many at all, and they usually come when I need a smile or a uplift from a down feeling day. Holy Spirit nudge to share. Many of you are probably familiar with the Dawn dishsoap commercial. The one where animal victims from oil spills are cleaned up with Dawn soap then release back into the wild. Well I had a flash that after the tribulation and the earth is being restored and renewed that we will help with the reintroducing of animals back into the wild. I had to smile with that, and thought yeeaahhh! I want to be a part of that. Something to look forward to.

Shared by Marian Rystenbil in Video comments

“Let Me Be Your Daddy”


My very first experience with a personal, intimate God in my Christian walk was when I was fairly new in the faith. I had just really learned about and let sink in the teaching about God the Father as our Abba. In my mind and heart, it did not compute.  I had pretty strong father issues and knew that it would always get in the way. I asked God to show me what that meant for me.

I suffered severe anxiety disorder all my life, and shortly after I prayed that, stressful circumstances in my life caused me to “crash”, something that would happen periodically, the symptoms of which (fear, depression, despair) were like hell on earth and made it almost impossible to put one foot in front of the other to take care of daily tasks as wife, mother, student. I cried and begged God everyday to take it from me. Then one day I had an open vision.

I had never had one or heard of one. But I saw The Father standing off a ways with Jesus next to Him. He showed me in kind of a newsreel type of vision many situations I had been in since the crash started and people He had sent to me who strengthened and encouraged me, or ways that He had made things easier for me, or ways He had pulled me back from the brink. Then He said, “This is what a Daddy does for his little girl. Let Me be your Daddy.” I wept and wept and said to Him, “You don’t have to take this away if it’s not Your will, just don’t ever leave me.” A week later, in what could only be an act of God, I came into contact with someone who actually knew about such disorders back then, and I was finally able to get treated and find some relief. Of course, now I am delivered of it by His grace, but I will never forget the compassion and tenderness with which my Abba almost pleaded with me to let Him be my Daddy. And now He always will be. All glory and honor to the Mighty God of the Universe and my Daddy.

Shared by Teresa Marshall in Video comments


He Heals Our Diseases♥


Jesus guiding doctor

Today I want to share something very special:

the sister of a friend, was diagnosed with cancer she was very depressed and not very devoted to our lord, are lukewarm faith, but even so I told my friend, you believe in Jesus, you allow me to prayer to your sister, I trust in the lord that he will make a miracle and this will be for you to witness that he is a living god and hears the prayers of his children, and yesterday I talked with my friend and told me that her sister did not have cancer !! Glory to God and our beloved Jesus for his greatness, thank you sir for making me useful for you, ……………………………………………………………………………………… Hoy quiero compartirles algo muy especial , la hermana de una amiga le diagnosticaron cáncer ella estaba muy deprimida y no son muy devotos a nuestro señor , son de fe tibia, pero aun así le dije a mi amiga , crees en Jesucristo, me permites hacer oración a tu hermana, yo confió en el señor que él hará un milagro y esto sera para que ustedes sean testigos de que el es un dios vivo y escucha las oraciones de sus hijos , y ayer hable con mi amiga y me dijo que su hermana ya no tenia cáncer!! gloria a dios y a nuestro amado Jesús por sus grandezas, gracias señor por hacerme útil para ti ,

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Healing Praise Report

I have seen in past 24 hours 3 kids healed and one adult man healed…. the sicknesses that instantly vanished were a sprained ankle, sore throat, stuffed up nose, and an upset stomach….last Sunday I witnessed another upset stomach, jaw pain issue, and fever just go as well….a little later this week I believe I am going to a local hospital to minister to a girl i know a little that is in a coma from an operation that went badly few days ago…………………..all glory to God….i repeat all glory to Him….for it is He that heals….I can do no healings without Him being over me and inside me…. ..Amen…
Shared by Ken Beal

Jesus, Our Elder Brother



“My own experience with the lord Jesus was when i was very ill with triple copd i felt my time was up and i was very close to dying, i cried copiously and took the bible, opened it in the middle, and wrapped it around my right lung, i then said my lord this is your holy book full of your teachings and commandments for right living, i therefore ask most humbly that you keep your word, i am asking, as you have said ” ask and it shall be given ” i ask lord for your power to banish this pain for 7 days so i may visit my family many miles away,
well the breathing attack stopped and i was able to sleep an exhausted sleep, when i awoke 12 hours later at 3.30 am i woke my wife to tell her that i have no pain, 2 days went by and still no pain
12 days and a very nice visit done, i was back at home and the pain very gradually returned .our lord kept his word. bless him a thousand times over, and our Holy father in heaven,
So why has he not healed me, well i think there is another plan in place for me, and i trust our sweet lord Jesus completely.
i was in prayer and what i can only describe as daydreaming, i was in warmish dusty place near to a tree, and a rock on the left opposite the tree, when i noticed the single lower limb covered in leaves slowly raise up by a hand it revealed our lord smiling he beckoned me to sit on the rock, and he sat with me, i think he put his arm around my shoulders, and i remember thinking, so this is what it is like to have a big brother {i am the eldest of 4 boys and 4 girls.} i said, “Lord , is it really you?  He said, ” Yes,david, it is I, and yes I have heard your prayers for forgiveness of sins. do not be so hard on yourself, the time is near david and my advice is prayers prayers and more prayers; they really do help,young man”.  I of course being me asked, “lord what should i look for”, just as he rose ducking his head under the tree, he half turned and smiled and tapping the tree he was gone, the
tree was a fig tree, WOW, and all you people who say you have seen him are right, he is wonderful
there were a few other things that were said between us which would not enhance the telling of this experience, but were meant for me only,!.
Have Faith Believe With All Your Heart,
things will be ultimately better,
alas to have ww3 start around christmas day is scary,
blessings to all,
david ”


A Car Miracle



a Car miracle:

……a few days a go i was driving my fairly new Dodge vehicle at dusk along a very busy Atlanta highway. Then all of a sudden all electrical warning signs came on at once- and then off- and then on again- every other second….. All alarm warning sounds could also all be heard all at once- like with the very irritating no seat belt light….. The needle for the speedometer when up and down furiously as well. The car continued on without speed or momentum interruption- but there was every kind of flashing lights popping on and off on the dashboard….. The car seemed possessed to the 10th degree. ……This car has never had any issues like this at all. …..When this was happening fear took over causing thoughts of being stranded in the middle lane of this major and crowded 6 lane highway…..but i did what i have heard to do (faith comes by hearing the word) and i shouted “Jesus, deliver me and my car from evil!!”….”I trust in you you I trust in you I trust in you” …. ” this would be a greater thing like in John 14:12 Jesus”……. for 5 minutes this lasted with me repeating these words over and over again- then instantly all car issues just vanished ….I have driven the car many times since and no problems whatsoever……this is my first mechanical healing…..i have many more stories, true testimonies, to tell but this post is long enough :-)………….you overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and by the word of their testimony. (Rev 12:11)……………..I expect more miracles since grace stays well ahead of sin- that increases day by day in the world (Romans 5:20)

Shared by Ken Beal in Video Comments

He Fixes things HIS Way


Okay so a while ago my old laptop just completely gave out, I had all my info on there and saved and lost it all. I went out to buy another computer, quickly cause I had assignments and needed it BUT I knew He didn’t want me to get the one I got but I did anyway because my neck is unrivaled by the stiffness of a rock, I got it and enjoyed it until last week when I broke the screen because it was so thin and light. I prayed and tossed and repented and confessed and repented, worshiped, pray all morning and hoping that He would fix my screen supernaturally. He kept telling my “I’m going to fix your computer, trust me” I kept going back and forth checking it… No change. I got upset, He still kept telling me to trust Him. I just pulled my old laptop out of the closet on a whim and it turns on!!!! He fixed it and I didn’t even know what He was talking about. He was very unpredictable. Hallelujah!

Shared by  曖昧横顔      In Video Comments

More Healing Testimonies Through Jesus


Healing testimonies– my 7 year old daughter prayed (very short& simply) for an “uncle-friend’s” knee& it was dramatically & instantly “fixed.” I have prayed for a dozen or so people in the park near our house, etc.. At least 5 or 6 said they felt immediate improvement.. A couple said “much” improvement. All but one seemed very encouraged/grateful.. & opened up to “friendly conversation”… We’re gonna keep on with it.. As HE commanded/requested…!

~Shared by Joya Edmunds in Video Comments

I had a chance meeting (not) with my neighbor down the road while walking my dog. She is an anxious person and was overwhelmed with a gynecological procedure she needed to have. She had been in pain for a long time but was uncomfortable with having the surgery. We prayed as Jesus taught me…”Do you believe that Jesus can heal you? Do you believe that Jesus can heal you through me, a vessel?” Her pain stopped immediately! And it stopped for a few weeks. She was blown away! I am convinced that it was her anxiety that Jesus was healing because she finally had the procedure and she was relaxed, ready and not afraid. All glory to Jesus!

Shared by “Women In The Word  Study Group” In Video Comments

This is my first post, but I have been here since April. In March of 2014 (while studying at university), God revealed to me the laying on of hands through youtube, and I was so fired up about it. I did see some amazing things, but my pride, fear and sin kept me from being consistent (I would see people on crutches, and I would hurt on the inside as I looked the other way without approaching them). Well, in October of last year, it was evening and I was heading to my car from my dorm room to buy food, and (as always) the group of skaters and hookah smokers were just outside of the dorm building. I knew Jesus wanted me to go ask them if they needed healing, but I felt shy (as a 20 year old guy at the time, it is very socially scary to walk up to a group 7 or 8 peers like that). Funny thing is, I forgot my coat, so I went back to my room to grab it and prayed that God would give me the courage to do His will… I come back down, and as I’m walking passed the group and looking at them, one of them looks up into my eyes, and nods at me… I then turn 90 degrees and walk towards them, and I felt God’s spirit all over me (no real nervousness, just peace and His presence). So I walk up to this group of guys smoking hookah, and ask if they need healing in Jesus’ name… Long story short, each one, one after the other, got instantly healed. Like 6 or 7 guys, all of them. Hurting wrists, bad ankles, leg injuries… They all thought it was unbelievable, but as one would get healed, another would be like “okay, okay, but what about my shoulder”. It was a Holy Spirit field day, and all the glory I give to God. I got to minister to them some, and at the end there was only one guy left who needed healing, and they were all telling him “It’s real! Just do it!”, but he refused… I can’t forget the way that I remember looking at him before I walked away: it was full of love and compassion. Guys, I ask that you would pray for me, that I would be free from sin. I want to be on fire for God all the time, not caring what the world thinks. Pray that He would use me. I love you guys.

~Shared By Christian Whitfield in Video Comments

The Lord was able to heal my sister’s ankle. I simply placed my hand on her ankle and asked the Lord to heal her through a silent prayer. We both felt the area get really warm and the pain decreased. I hope to do more healings for those in need.

~Shared By Paul Thomas In Video Comments

My wife and I are just regular people stretching and growing as disciples of Christ Jesus. We started our interest in healing many years ago. Not until last year did we get an opportunity to exercise our faith in this area. We definitely were urged by Jesus to study the gift of healing and how healing’s come about. We are very attracted to revival and Jesus’ Spirit (The Holy Spirit) moving to heal the people. We have now prayed for healing for seven people, six of whom we did not know with instant healings for four and the fifth being my Mother with results that have taken some time, but she has had an amazing healing in her back since. The sixth a friendship began and the seventh a very tangible in-filling of the Holy Spirit where the man was filled with extremed peace and joy. The first was an instant healing. We were attending a class for our foster-care certificate and the teacher mentioned she was not feeling well because of a migraine. After class we asked if we could pray for her and we did. Her migraine headache was instantly healed. Leslie and I were grateful to the Lord for this healing. The second person we prayed for was a sister of a 93 year old friend we met while caring for Leslie’s Dad at his Alzheimers care home. She had asked us to pray for her sister, Maude, who was going to have surgery on her carotid artery because she was very fearful. Though we felt put “on the spot” we stepped out. We called Maude, introduced ourselves and she said, “Oh yes, my sister said you’d call.” Leslie, my wife, started into prayer, “…I pray for the Doctors to have clear eyes, for them to see not only what is needed for this surgery, but to see specifically what is needed for your body…” Maude said, “Oh yes, Jesus thank you, Jesus is going to heal my eyes.” At this point we were a little confused because the prayer was for her surgery. We didn’t know she was clinically blind (due to a stroke), nobody told us that… as Leslie finished the prayer, I felt compelled to say, “Maude, the Lord is with us and he is with you too…” because in the car where we were praying over the blue-tooth connection the tangible presence of the Lord was very thick. She said in tears of joy… “I know, I can see Him, He’s touching my head, He’s healing my eyes…I can see !” Leslie and I were so excited and just dumbfounded. Earlier that month in prayer together we petitioned God for the ability to witness a true healing and here he showed us how His Spirit can move when we step out in obedience. We called Maude to check in a couple of weeks later and she said that He has been fine tuning her eyes and they’re getting better and better every day. She is 86 years old and her surgery was a success. The third instant healing was our neighbor Helen. She had very bad trigger thumb. We were having a yard sale and we were talking with her and she began to tell us that she was in pain and the doctors really couldn’t do anything for her. We asked if we could pray for her. The result was an instant healing. From not being able to move her thumb at all to full movement and no pain. She since come back to our home and showed us with a big smile that her thumb moves normally now. She’s very thankful to the Lord and has become a good friend. The fourth instant healing was another neighbor named Kerry who came to our yard sale. We noticed he could barely get out of his car and he used his girlfriends arm to walk at first. As I watched him, Jesus spoke to me…”Pray for him.” It’s interesting that after I was told to pray for him Jesus got the man to ask about a price on something almost immediately. I walked up, told him the price of the item he was looking at and asked him what happened to him. He said he was in a car accident that almost took his life. His back was crushed and even after some surgeries the Doctors didn’t think he was going to walk again. He said he was happy to be able to walk and get around but that he was in constant pain. I asked him if my wife and I could pray for him and he said yes. I told him that when he is healed to please know that it wasn’t me or my wife and that it was Jesus who did it. We laid hands on him and began to pray. We focused on our hearts and on our compassion for this man. As we prayed I asked him from 0-10 what was his pain level. He said it was a 10. We asked in Jesus name to remove his pain and make his back normal again… for a complete healing. We finished the prayer… and asked his pain level now. He said in amazement that it is a 5. I said, “Okay, sometimes we need to pray multiple times. We’ll pray again.” We prayed again in Jesus name. This time when we finished…he was baffled…it seemed a little scared and surprised but very happy. We asked, “What is the pain level now?” He said, “I can’t feel a thing. No pain.” I said praise Jesus, that’s what Jesus can do… he loves you man. Since that time we haven’t seen him but I did deliver some artwork he purchased at our yard sale to his home that day. He was very receptive to me and was talking to me like an old friend. I was happy and blown away at what Jesus did for this man. He loves us all. These experiences have filled my wife and I with appreciation for what the Lord does everyday through common folk. He loves us with an unending love that moves the hearts of others to him. We’ve experienced this first hand and ANYBODY can do it because it is Jesus who heals through us; we are just the hands, hearts and prayers coming from His heart. Our confidence in doing this has become stronger now and we are on vigilant watch for the next person the Lord will place in front of us for prayer and with whom to share His love. I love this message because it’s truly a testament and message that is revealing the new revival Jesus has begun. A revival that’s stage is linked through the love of each other. The care and the abiding sense of compassion we share with others from the Lord through us to them. Jesus is our savior and we are most grateful to have the honor to share his love beyond our comfort zones. I have to say this sharing of love will become the most natural thing we, as lovers of Jesus, have ever done on this planet. So, as we love Christ Jesus let us love all with whom we come in contact. Let us become free from prejudice, judgment, rancor, competition or jealousies as we confirm our love in Christ Jesus.

~Shared By Kirk Olsen In Video Comments

Hi Heartdwellers!  I did pray over some1 I know after I saw the healing teaching. He was dealing with back pain. I asked if him if he believed that Jesus loved him and if he believed that He could heal thru me. Anyways, he did say the pain was gone but then later on he said he was feeling pain down his leg. Not sure what happened. Still have a looooooooooooong way to go. I’ve been asking Him to please speak 2 me or give me a dream. Anything from Him is gold 2 me!!

~Shared By Millie Rosario In Video Comments

I’ve seen a lot of healings! I’ve prayed for people with crutches, and Jesus heals them! The day when you were uploading videos about healing, that’s when the Lord really put it in my heart to go out on the streets and pray for people. And wow, it’s so simple. Simply place your hands on that person and say “Be healed in Jesus name”. And Jesus heals through you! It has really build me up and got me closer to Jesus. So, that was a short testimony of healing. 🙂 God is good! Praise Jesus! 🙂

~Shared By Tobie In Video Comments

The Lord Jesus, healed me from a severe case of insomnia, depression, suicidal thoughts and emptiness. I know he will free me away from lust. I remember this time last year I was just absolutely out of it. I wanted to go into showbiz after I left University. Now that I know the Lord he healed me of my insomnia. Before I could barely sleep for more than 1 or 2 hours a day. Now I could sleep perfectly fine. All the depression, suicidal thoughts and emptiness went away he gave me a new fullness and meaning to life by changing me from the inside out. Until recentl I felt a bit suicidal due to the fact the enemy put me under serious attack with regards to the blasphemy of the holy spirit. I never thought he would make such a desperate attempt at me. But praise the Lord he was there for me again. Glory to God. As all glory belongs to him. Thank you Jesus for all you have done I love you so much my Jesus.

~Shared By Niran Raj In Video Comments

my wife and i were extremely fortunate to be able to Skype with Clare and Ezekiel, last night, and it is uncanny that we feel rejuvenated what a wonderful couple, i was diagnosed as dying from a lung disease, i followed along with my wife with the concept of One believer One sick person equals One healing miracle, my wife was laying her hands on my chest calling on our lord to heal in his name and cover me with his blood and flesh i hope this helps anyone out there that is in need of healing, her belief in our lord,+ then a silent personal prayer followed by a healing prayer that we came up with ourselves, for 2.5 weeks nothing, we prayed harder and never lost heart, then it happened, my breathing improved, and the pain was gone, now i am starting to put weight on a few pounds here and there, my overall health is improving, we would encourage anyone who is sick to try this, with intense faith and belief in our lord Jesus, and it will work for you just believe and ask,

~David & Lynn Shared In Video Comments

I had a few healing situations since i heard the about the teachings of healing but my favourite was the first time i prayed for someone i didnt know and they got healed.   i was in a taxi but the taxi was dropping someone where i was going.  Normally when that happens i drop short and walk home but this time i was just not feeling the walk- its like i was lazy so i stayed in the taxi.   When the next passengers paid i saw his hand with bandage.  I paused for a second den with the words forcing its way out “whats wrong with your hand” he said it was sprain i said “can i pray for it?”  he said yes- simple.  I prayed and said “hand be healed in Jesus name”.  The guy was amazed; so was I.   When he left the taxi i look back and saw him testing his hand for pain my heart fill with gladdness that the Lord healed someone thru me.   i even celebrated in the car since i was the only passenger.  Thank you clare for speaking everything the Lord gives you to speak no matter what it is ❤

~Shared By Darren Joseph in Video Comments

On healings- I remembered I requested for prayers here when my mother in law was diagnosed of kidney stones and billed for surgery. I also shared how I led her to Christ on phone and prayed the healing prayers applying the formula our Lord taught. She had since been discharged, no surgery. She is just very fine and completely healed as we speak. The Lord answers when we obey him. I ve never found Christianity this simple. Just simple acts of obedience and love, then he finishes the rest, nothing complicated as I used to know. Its just too sweet serving Jesus in this way of Love.

~Shared by Adesina Amaka In Video Comments