Jesus- Our Rock


I had a dream when I was 12 years old. I was an eagle flying in the sky near a coast and the waves were so high they were getting my wings wet though I was flying as high as I could, yet I looked out to sea and I saw this wave that was so much higher then the waves that were wetting me that I knew I could not fly over it. So i turned into a girl and dived into the water. When I came up I looked to the shore and there was this White Rock that had windows and a door like a house. Everything else around me was grey. I started to swim toward the house and the waves actually came and carried me along so I was washed up very near to the house, yet my clothes were not wet. I ran to the house and went in and looked out the window. The huge wave was still coming, I looked around and saw blocks of the White rock that were big enough to be put in the windows and door. Once the stones were put in the windows and doors the stone sealed itself so there was on crack anywhere, and yet I was then surrounded in White Light. I heard the wave coming like a freight train so I knelt in the middle of that house and prayed. and then I felt the wave go over me so high and yet the White Rock was not moved and was dry and safe in the heart of it. I took the dream as that our only safe place is Jesus, there is nothing we can do to save ourselves, but he is all we need and He will save us.

Shared by Melissa Horn in Video Comments

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