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He Did This For Me♥



I want to let you all know how much the Lord has changed me.  I was in a troubled marriage and I prayed that the Lord would help me change, I was selfish, short tempered, lazy, unforgiving and many more things. I prayed for months and nothing. But after Clare’s message on standing in the gap I told the Lord I would stand in the gap for souls. I also told Jesus that I place my marital problems in His hands, and I gave it to Him. 2 weeks later I found out that my wife had been unfaithful. I immediately forgave her, without thought i forgave her for everything. We talked and we both agreed that we can make it work, I told her how I prayed for us and that as soon as i found out what had happened that the Lord had given me what I needed to change. I didnt feel anger, i didnt feel the need for revenge, I didnt judge her, and I forgave her! HE DID THIS FOR ME, HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS! And the pain i was in was offered to the Lord for souls, talk about a perfect plan!!!! 3 weeks later, my wife and I are talking like we never have before, my love for her is beyond anything i have felt for her in the past. I told her about my prayers and that I have been praying for her, now I have to talk to her about repenting to Jesus. Please pray for us and please do not ever doubt in the Lord, He has everything under control! I was able to heal my marriage, myself, and also suffer for the Lord all at the same time. His perfection is beyond words, a few months ago my wife was in sin and I was afraid I would lose her both on Earth and in Heaven. Jesus has prevailed!! God bless you all!!!!

~Shared by Anthony in video comments


“…And what is Truth?”

Jesus- King in Exile

passionotchrist_135pyxurz(photo from the movie, The Passion of Christ, by Mel Gibson)

Pilate’s wife received a disturbing dream one night.. one that convicted her to her core and kept her awake.     Scholars say Pilate’s wife’s name was Claudia.  Being a wife of a Roman officer, she lived a somewhat posh, affluent  lifestyle even though her husband was stationed outside of Rome.   She was familiar with the hypocrisy, extravagance and corruption of Roman politics , and all the Roman’s pagan gods and goddesses in their search for truth.

Her lifestyle is much like Western culture is today, with it’s seculiar affluence, trillians of idols and philosophies and the dependence of the religious leaders on it’s seculiar political and economic “powers that be”.   When Jesus was brought before Pilate, he asked Jesus, ‘.. and what IS Truth?”   Because Pilate didn’t truly know at this point what real truth was any longer, being accustomed to…

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“None But The Righteous ♦”


more than you can ever know

Sister Clare,

on the 21 July 2016; I was given a dream from God between 5:00pm-5:30pm:

I was asleep in my bed laying in the fetal posirion, I saw myself laying asleep. The scene changed and I was in a different room but in my bed. A man who l knew was Jesus came and laid beside me. Jesus was very gentle and loving as he held me. I felt safe and protected. Jesus told me that I was His bride and I sat up and put my head on his chest.

Jesus took my hand and told me he was going to put a ring on my finger. I looked and there was a beautiful ring on my finger. Even though my finger is little, the ring fitted perfectly and it was gold with diamonds. I was happy as I accepted with joy. Jesus joyful as well with a boyish-type smile. Then Jesus started singing, ” None but the righteous.”

Jesus has a beautiful voice that was more than one. I started singing with Jesus and he really put his heart in the song and I woke up!! My sister I felt a peace beyond words and I felt Jesus holy spirit strong upon me, Amen.

Then early Saturday morning I received a YouTube message to share with you my dream and share this message with you, ” Clarion Call.”

~Shared by Ramona McFann in comments

Going Off Track



“.. After worship at about 3A.M today..was probably going home on the right track, then along that road, I met lots of thieves who didn’t approach me for some reason, so I was moving with my hands holding tightly onto my back pack.  Suddenly, some ticked off looking guy just stuffed a hand into a small part of the bag that wasn’t well covered and I tugged at it ordering him to let go, he proved stubborn then somehow (cant remember)his hand was taken out and at the same time I threw something I know was worthless at his face as he left empty handed.

Then I resumed the journey. Somehow the road was split while the road up ahead was straight forward and dark,the other to the right was curved and bright and kinda rough.  I went straight because I knew this was the major way to my house but on getting there, most of the end of the road was blocked with brick walls with a small crack you could see thru on it.   I wondered…can I go thru this? then I looked back…right back where I came from, then decided to go back and take the narrow alternate route.   As I did, I moved speedily with my eyes and focus on the light then turned on that right road and continued my journey which I woke up from.

I told my dad later this morning, I’ve learned that when we sin…we don’t just stumble or fall…we do that AND go off track at the same time until we realize we have sinned and then repent.  I was able to relate the dream very well with how I fell for the devils trap of sin a day or so before.”

Shared by Israel Odupitan in video comments

In His Presence



Yes! woohoo!  Today was great…I couldn’t sleep until 6 this morning, but before I slept, I asked God to please show me my weakness and how to overcome it/them (I took that cue from what Ezekiel said in one of the old teachings I watched yesterday about “Are you ready to stand before the Son of man?”) then I slept, interestingly I dreamed that I was in a quarrelsome argument with my dad and mom. On waking up, I was like….Ah! thank God I saw that….you see, from my childhood I was a veeeeeeery quiet and equally shy, pushover kid who never got angry except complain sometimes..but by the time I got into university and had some problems in my final year that became so due to the VCs’ new policy..I started getting edgy..then angry..then…quickly snap at the slightest offence. but after I changed institution and rebuilding my relationship with God..I improved gradually and slowly…until God led set me up here..that quickly improved..but I still got angry..not like before..but angry all the same.
So I prayed for help upon waking up then I went about the routine for the day. I went into worship at about 3:45pm starting with a little personal prayer, then the binding prayer which I use all the time…Oh, during my prayer I asked Jesus to please select my songs, so after the binding prayer I hit the play button…Guess the song that played first? “Surely the presence..” by Terry Macalmon…and JUST then, I have never felt like this in my entire christian life as far as I can remember…I felt this really lovely presence along with it I started tearing up joyfully while singing along with Terry like I always do…Now as a kid I had dreamed of angels, fighting alongside them with one giving me a sword and me slaying a dragon…but THIS was just awesome….I dont know how I knew it but my whole awareness was that Jesus was there present with me. I didn’t see Him but I just knew and so happy I was dancing and jumping and sometimes dash a little in my small room. My mind was just totally completely focused on Him…I now kinda understand how attention problem is not an issue in His presence. As if it wasnt enough, while singing happily..this small smile came across my face and kept widening till I had this big smile…I couldn”t care about anything else at that the same time, He kept switching my songs in a really really awesome order..the 3rd or 4th song I started singing then happened to have THE ANSWER to my question on how to overcome the anger issue(this anger, though gone now…has quite the background story to it to form a movie with, I’ll write on it later)..the answer was LOVE…which I am currently praying for help to have in loads of storage packs :).
And this continued on and on and on and on until I used up 4 and half hours or more…I was, so half my prayer has been granted since I felt His presence. It helped me understand better the scripture saying “in your presence ,there is fullness of joy and at your right hand, pleasures forever more”.  The next part of my main prayer is that He will always reveal Himself to me every way, anyhow…but Lord, I want to see you as in see  you in person everyday at all times and learn from Him and do only what He wants me to do..

The 2 rhemas I got today from the site I believe were His words to me. about how to get the Holy spirit to dwell in my soul and what I must do in terms of making heaven by looking less at myself and created objects and focus on working for Him without selfishness.
Guys I really cannot express in words how grateful I am to God for leading me to you all and I still cannot thank you enough for your dedication to God and for helping me out of what Jesus described to Rick Joyner in The Final Quest as “walking on the edge”….It occurred to me that the Devil is more of a lier than I thought he is because, He knows what is Legitimate and true and does all he can to turn people away from the truth…so much that ALL the religious people in the bible did not believe Jesus at all because He did not come and act the way they expected the son of God would much that they said ..”now we know you have a demon..” so guys…please don’t bother with these people saying this and that…just keep doing what Jesus called you to do the way He says you should do it.  I know I said before that you guys are a second family to me..I’m saying it again.

I am just recalling now that when I was going through the crisis at my former university, my dad said he went for a congress at the RCCG( Redeemed Christian Church of God) while praying for me for he was really bothered and worried..not just about my education at the time,but everything relating to me…now, it so happened that Morris Cerulo was at that meeting as a guest minister. Dad said while he was ministering during the prayer session, Morris said..There is a man here worried about his son, God says “don’t worry, I am in control” (or I will take care of him) can’t remember exactly, but it was something in those lines..this was 2010/2011.. ..”

Shared by Israel Odupitan

In the Presence of His Enemies

Jesus- King in Exile

mary-washing-jesus-feet-1-GoodSalt-prcas4612.jpgYou prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.~Psalm 23:5

Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman

(Luke 7:36-50)

36 When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table.37 A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume.38 As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.

39 When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman…

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He Catches Us When We Fall



My Sweet Family in Jesus,


It’s  a great feeling knowing that we have the most amazing Father in the whole universe, creation and earth.  He will never abandon His children.

I hope you can understand what I wrote here.  It probably don’t make much sense, but I try to explain the best that I could.


The other night I was not in a good place and I ask Kathleen to please pray for me, she has gone through what I was going through.  I spend a long time singing and praising the Lord that night.  I didn’t pray, just sang and praise.  Late at night, maybe at 3am I went to bed and ask the Lord to be by my side while I feel asleep.  I felt Him sitting on the other side of the bed with His legs in bed, like when you are reading in bed, like that.  I felt very secure in that moment.  My hubby was working 11 pm- 7 am.  With Him by my side I felt asleep.


He gave me a beautiful dream:


In my dream I was like in a park but all kinds of rides.  I was not alone.  I was with a bunch of my classmates from High School.  We were having a great time all together, like old times.  The girls wanted to go in the roller coaster, I don’t like roller coasters, so they went and I kept walking in what it looks a roller coaster but for hiking.  I did that.  When I was in the top, I look down and realized that it was way high almost reaching the clouds.  I could hear my girlfriends and just see a spot calling my name.  I decided to start my way down, just to realize that you could not hike down, there was just an elevator and it was out of order.


I look, and I see this man trying to fix the elevator.  He ask me” Do you want to go down”  I reply yes, I do.  He smile and show mw a platform with no walls only a small platform.  This is what he used to come up.  It has no cables or anything that I could see, it was just there like floating in the air.  He said”  Come with me, this platform is super secure, you will be fine.”  He stretch it’s hand toward mine and help me get unto the platform.  He never said another word to me.


We are going down and everything seems fine.  But, you know that curiosity kills the cat, that is me.  I look down to see my friends, put just a small dot yet.  Because I looked down, I felt some vertigo and fell from the platform.  I open my hands like if I was flying, I was coming down at great velocity, as I open my hands I said out loud,. “JESUS”   as  soon as I called on Jesus, I started to slow down and like parasailing until , literally ,the hand of Jesus put me on the ground.


There were many people looking up seeing what was going on.  When I came down, everyone came to check if I was ok.  They started to ask me how could it be after a fall like that I landed like a feather and nothing harmed me.  Of course, Vianni being Vianni, she started to laugh and laugh and to say screaming out loud for the whole amusement park could hear what happen.  “It Was JESUS, JESUS landed me in the ground.  His hands, yes, His hands.  We don’t need to be afraid, He is there always to catch us and start brand new, from the beginning.”


I have mediated a bit in it’s meaning.  The platform had no walls like an elevator, only two could fit in it, a man driving it.  He told me it was very secure to us the platform to go down.   My five cents.  Jesus guides us in our path here in earth, He makes you feel secure, He is our security blanket.  I was trusting in my path. until I had some doubts or disobeyed somehow, then I felt.  When I call on Jesus, He came with mercy and love to pick me up and put me back in my way.


He is just letting us know, no matter what happen, what we do, how we do it, why we do it, if we call on Him< He will be always ready to pick us up.  No matter how bad of a situation we have in front of us, He is there and He will find a secure and safety way for us to deal with the situation and be victorious for His glory.


He is the PATH, the WAY, the only Way.  He is our DOOR, OPEN DOOR, with Him we are Mighty Warriors for His Kingdom.  We can’t swirl or despair right now or even later, thinking 3 years ughhhh.  Three years are nothing on the timing of the Lord.  We ARE VICTORIOUS with Him.  We all together, even if one of us goes in a different path, but yet working for the Kingdom, He will be there and us as well.  My friends were waiting for me, they didn’t leave me because I went a different way than them.  That is all of us.  Many things can happen in three years.


One of us can go to preach, others to teach the word of the Lord and hardly have time to chat like we do many times.  One can go to a remote place were there is no internet and we can still hold him/her up in prayers.  Many things can happen.  The bond that the Lord has put among us, no one nor anything will be able to brake it.  It has being GOD himself giving us this call for His glory and kingdom.  Aleluya,  Father all praise and honor to your name.  you are a Mighty God.  Thank you Lord for your Mercy….”

~Experience/Dream Given to Heart Dweller, Vianni Lopez

Jesus.. the Father’s First Born: Last in Line

Jesus our First Borne.. Last in Line on Earth .. First in Line in Heaven

Jesus- King in Exile


This past Wednesday I had an experience with Jesus..  an unseen invisible experience but very real nonetheless.      Every time I go anywhere.. including church, I ask Jesus to be with me.. to sit next to me.    I know it is a presumptuous request, because in  many cases, there are people around me who are genuinely humble saints, so why would He choose to be around me?   (not trying to sound humble, but there are times I truly havnt exactly obeyed Him and have no right calling Him “Lord” .  He’s working on me though)     Nevertheless, I believe our Lord can be with each of us all at the same matter how unsaintly we are compared with others..   He only cares that we desire to be near Him.

Well this past Wednesday evening I asked Jesus to be with me throughout the service, and I like to think He was..but of course, I…

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