Warning Dream of Events to Come II

This prophetic dream is shared by “His Grace, His Glory” on video comments for the video below:


“I had a recent dream from the Lord that I posted awhile back. Well, I initially said it was a dream, but actually it was a vision, quite different than a dream. I was actually in the middle of a dream when the vision came. Visions for me are much more real, you might say instead of a grainy, 35mm film, they come through in stunning resolution, Technicolor you might say. This was a vision of destruction. As I was dreaming, this vision laid over top of the dream, like a short, multi-second film. I was in my backyard, standing in the middle of the lawn, looking over top of my house. I looked up to see a huge U.S. Air force cargo plane (similar to a Boeing C-17) nose diving in extreme slow motion right into the front yard of my house. The sheer detail of the plane that close was actually amazing to look at, the huge USAF roundel insignia on the rear of the fuselage, the plane not in the typical grey, but in the Army green. As I lost the nose of the plane over the house I ran to the backyard fence, just as I reached the fence huge 55 gallon drums were falling all around me, as well as all the other military supplies and cargo. Although it was utter destruction all around me, I knew I was being protected from the carnage. Then the vision was removed from the dream just as it appeared. I was meant to know that this was a clear message from the Lord, warning me that absolute destruction is soon coming. It has been probably almost twenty years since I had my last vision from the Lord”


2 thoughts on “Warning Dream of Events to Come II

    • That’s a good question.. I copied this person’s testimony from the video comments of the video in the blog post.. I recommend going over to that video on Youtube and you will find that person’s comment there. You can ask that person your question. Their YouTube name is ‘His Grace, His Glory”.


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