God’s Uncreated Light



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Back in 2015 I was going to do a mural at the Rainier hotel in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, the neighborhood with the highest HIV rate in all of North America. I was taking photos of a tree downtown because I had lost all my photos from Stanley Park by accidentally deleting them and as I was taking photos of the tree (so I could look at it while I painted) I was praying to God that I hoped I was doing the right thing (since the neighborhood is very “dark” in energy and bad things happened to me there) and also praying for help paying for the paints (since I was doing it out of my own pocket and am on disability).

When I looked at the photos later this is what was on them… also Clare and Ezekiel helped pay for paint and supplies (without me asking) when I showed them the photos! Each one of the photos was maybe 15 seconds or less apart but you can see a progression of the light coming out of the sky. I don’t remember seeing the light in real life, but I am sensitive to light and it was already a bright day so my eyes might have been squinting a little.

Love Lex

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Angelic Choirs on Christmas Day



Yesterday , coming from church my mother heard a mysterious ethereal choir singing “Angels We Have Heard On High” in her car..  She checked the was off.  Her windows were all shut and there wasn’t any groups of people out on the suburban streets where she drove through.   The singing was very faint.. like sounding as though coming from afar.    It was soft and beautiful, and when they came to the part where they sang, ‘In Excelsis Deo”  ,  she could really hear them.

She asked me if I had the same experience.. I had not., and I also drove home through the  same streets she was driving home through around the same time she was.    The singing lasted a few minutes.    Decades earlier, she had heard angelic choirs singing while she was in and out of consciousness during a very long illness she experienced but she couldn’t make out what they were singing.. just that they sounded so healing and beautiful.    She said she could never find anything on the radio stations that sounded so pure as what she heard.    They were utterly beautiful.

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Crown of Daisies



“…You know I was reminded of something special the Lord had done about six weeks ago. Hearing the story of Faustina reminded me of it. There is a beautiful, peaceful walking path that is mostly covered by large trees on both sides that meanders along a local golf course. I walked this one day and had stopped in a spot where no one was, reflecting…thinking of some of my life problems and started to cry. As the tears flowed, I looked up in one of the trees off of the path and about six feet in the air was not a crown of thorns, but a crown of woven daisies hanging from a tree branch. I still have a pic of it on my phone. 💕💕

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From Jesus To Me and You



On the morning of May 26, 2016.. probably around 4:30 am eastern time,   Before falling back to sleep, I prayed to our Lord, “Lord, all I want is to hear a word from Your lips” and before my head hit the pillow from exhaustion, I clearly heard Him within my heart reply to me, “None ever sought Me in vain.”    I thought.. ‘Woww”.. I just heard HIM!    but I dozed off for another 30 minutes and upon waking up again, I heard Him then say, “I am ever eager to hear yours”     (He meant that He is also eager for a word from me to Him as well. He desires we ALL share even the most silly things with Him in prayer)   I was sooo stunned facing the reality of that moment that I clearly heard Him within me!   I do hear Him sometimes when I’m half asleep in that dream state.. but this time I was not sleeping 🙂   … especially after His last sentence as He awaited (He is so patient)  me to wake back up again.

So after I clearly heard Him speak that to me about how eager He is to hear even my words.. I began chatting about the first thing I could think of!  I heard some cute chipmunks chatting about outside and birds showing off their tunes to each other.. so I mentioned that to Jesus in prayer. ..not feeling silly that I was wasting His time over such I often think.    And then after I was finished sharing that with Him,  I opened blindly to the devotional, “He and I”, and the first thing my eyes saw was a message from Jesus telling Gabrielle Bossis the following:   “You may be sure that it is for you that the Father Creator made all these things that charm you in Nature.  His goodness is exuberant in creating for His children.  Who ever thinks of thanking Him?  And yet if He has prepared such magnificence in nature for ALL His children, He has also done so for EACH ONE, just as if each were His only child.  Oh, this love for everyone and for one alone!”

“Let Me Be Your Daddy”


My very first experience with a personal, intimate God in my Christian walk was when I was fairly new in the faith. I had just really learned about and let sink in the teaching about God the Father as our Abba. In my mind and heart, it did not compute.  I had pretty strong father issues and knew that it would always get in the way. I asked God to show me what that meant for me.

I suffered severe anxiety disorder all my life, and shortly after I prayed that, stressful circumstances in my life caused me to “crash”, something that would happen periodically, the symptoms of which (fear, depression, despair) were like hell on earth and made it almost impossible to put one foot in front of the other to take care of daily tasks as wife, mother, student. I cried and begged God everyday to take it from me. Then one day I had an open vision.

I had never had one or heard of one. But I saw The Father standing off a ways with Jesus next to Him. He showed me in kind of a newsreel type of vision many situations I had been in since the crash started and people He had sent to me who strengthened and encouraged me, or ways that He had made things easier for me, or ways He had pulled me back from the brink. Then He said, “This is what a Daddy does for his little girl. Let Me be your Daddy.” I wept and wept and said to Him, “You don’t have to take this away if it’s not Your will, just don’t ever leave me.” A week later, in what could only be an act of God, I came into contact with someone who actually knew about such disorders back then, and I was finally able to get treated and find some relief. Of course, now I am delivered of it by His grace, but I will never forget the compassion and tenderness with which my Abba almost pleaded with me to let Him be my Daddy. And now He always will be. All glory and honor to the Mighty God of the Universe and my Daddy.

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The Kind Man


I had a dream several hours ago after praising the Lord for the beautiful snow He gave us in the area. I was being greeted at some kind of space station (not sure what it was) and on entering I was informed that my long lost pet was there and I needed to take a litter box for her. While looking for the box a man walked up with one with a huge smile on his face. I thanked him and went on. In the cafeteria later the same man trying to pass out plates of food, smiling at everyone.. while everyone got their own food and ignored him. I went to the library and was looking at some cards on a rack.. I opened 2 of them and they were gorgeous love letters, very sweet with a piece of dried flower on each. When I went to put them back (as I had no money) the same man walked up with a small bundle of “forget me not” flowers.. he gave them to me and told me to take the letters too bc “I was the only one who cared enough to read them”. He said he made them and wanted me to have them.

Later, I was sent into a room to get my files fixed for permanent stay in the station.. I walked in to a man in black that kept trying to touch me. As I backed up, realizing I was in trouble, the kind man walked into the room, very angry and his very presence made the man in black let me go. This kind man, smiling, took my hand and escorted me out of the room! In the dream I spoke about him with some other women and all I got was “don’t feel special, he does that with everyone”. LoL! But to me it was very special.. how could they not notice or care? I’ve never been cared for in such a kind, innocent manner! This dream came right after asking Jesus to show me some of the love He has for me! 🙂 I just wanted to share it!

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Wedding Gifts From Jesus


I had a wonderful dream last night. There was a wedding ceremony in heaven and it was me and Jesus. It was amazing! Jesus looked very handsome in his suit. Afterwards he carried me to the wedding chamber and he presented to me a box. I opened it and inside were some presents. Then he opened another door and in walked a beautiful Scottish wildcat. I was so happy, I was crying tears of joy. 🙂

~Shared by Alison Holme  in Video Comments

He Has Made Everything Beautiful In It’s Time

He Has Made Everything Beautiful In It's Time

Hi folks I just want to share with you a reply the Lord just gave me through a Rhema ….  but He answered me not through a book, but unexpectedly from a poster found on Pinterest.        I love to go on Pinterest to search for beautiful paintings of Jesus or inspirational poster art and I save it on my own Pinterest Board. (the name of the Board where I save the inspirational poster art is titled “Christian Encouragement”, the ones where I save Jesus’s portrait art is titled ,”Yahshuah Hamaschiach” )

Well I was admiring all the beautiful poster inspiration art and just marveled at how beautiful our Lord’s Creation is..    how there is NO WAY that anything we share this Earth came into existence “by accident”   Everything was created out of Love by a Divine Artist Architect … our Lord.    Each Creation, from the smallest to the largest reveals one aspect of His Beauty.     Some creations have a humorous beauty.    Some are elegant.,   some are just too cute and playful, and some are majestic, to name a few descriptions.     Each of these aspects are different expressions of our Creator’s own Personality expressed in His “Art”.

I thanked our Lord for such beautiful Creations that He made on this Earth and I imagined Adam and Eve enjoying all His works before they listened to satan in Eden.      As soon as I thanked Him for all His Beauty He made,    my desktop computer screen scrolled right to the poster art that I included on this blog post..     I wasn’t even paying attention to it, but I felt a quiet “nudge” from the Holy Spirit to pay attention and look at that particular picture.  As usual,  I couldn’t believe what I saw!          God’s very clear reply to my prayer!    It says:  Ecclesiastes 3:11   “He has made everything beautiful in it’s time”.

Amen!! and thank you sooooo much My Father and Creator of All that IS!


Prayer Answered To See Jesus

Jesus In Heaven

Clare, im happy to report that after praying for a pure heart to see God like Jesus taught in the Beattitudes, I had my first vision of Him in Heaven! Thanks 2 you sharing such an intimate relationship w/ Jesus i never knew was possible. We were dancing on a checkered dance floor w/ ivory irredescent pearl and the Lord had on a white military suit with gold buttons & cord. I had on a beautiful poofy ballgown and we waltzed and foxtrotted

haha it was amazing! ssvc keep praying if u want to see Him.

~Shared By Sixth Seal Imminence In Video Comments

“You’re My Girl”


I was in worship this evening and suddenly I became really emotional. I began telling the Lord how much he means to me and how much I love him with tears trickling down my cheeks. Then I heard him say “I’m here My darling”, “I know how you’re feeling” and “You’re  Mine.” He began gently stroking my arm and saying “Don’t cry, you’re My girl.”

Shared by Alison Holme