God’s Angels Devoted In Serving God



I was in prayer one day – and I saw Jesus next to me, sitting at a small desk. As I was praying (in tongues), He was writing – and handing out ‘orders’ to a line of angels standing before Him. At one particularly strong point of prayer (I could hear Holy Spirit’s language intensify) Jesus handed a paper to an angel, and he flew directly TOWARDS me! RIGHT up to my face – for just a brief moment – and then on to his mission. But I’ll never forget that face! I don’t know just who he was, but he meant business! I was afraid for just a moment – then realized HOW SERIOUSLY Holy Spirit’s prayers are – and how OBEDIENTLY STRONG the angels are who carry out those orders!

Testimony shared by Carol in video comments

Warrior Angel



wanted to share what happened to me on Sunday morning. I woke up about 10:00 in the morning and began to speak with Jesus the I prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet then went straight into a Stations of the Cross. I don’t remember what Station I was on but I closed my eyes to meditate on that Station. The I saw an Angel coming down it wings and it’s face and the expression on its face the eyes were fierce! It scared me and I made a sound and opened my eyes. I don’t know if it was male or female. I have been asking Our Lord JESUS if this was an Angel from heaven or Spiritual wickedness in high places? I think maybe cuz I have been using the Law of encroachment since it was giving to us and also my Beautiful swords that the Lord JESUS gave to me.!??

Shared by Erlinda Galvan in video comments

God’s Angel Visitation


Oh this early morning was amazing, this all happened from 3:304:30AM!!! I was watching a Latino bible series called “El Rico y L√°zaro”, which is basically the parable of the rich man and Lazarus with the book of Daniel combined.

I was seeing the ending scene where an angel appears to Daniel and he falls down out of amazement, and the angel slowly walks up to him, and so gently picked him up, and gently touches his shoulder while he speaks to him and Daniel would go almost weak! You guys I cannot explain how precious, how delicate, and how heartwarming this scene was! I was literally shaking out of joy and amazement! Then I just started talking quietly out loud about how I wanted to hug an angel and how awesome God and angels are and I literally couldn’t stop smiling! I then played down and was tugging and squeezing my teddy bear and talking to God in amazement….and an ANGEL, appeared to me!!!

I had my blanket over me and I felt my lower legs to become heavier, and a huge wave of the Lord’s precense, or even the angel’s, came through me from my ankles to my head, bottom to up! An angel!! I was literally hysterical with joy and excitement I’ve never felt in my whole life!! I feel like the angel was sitting on the side of my bed. I also felt a tingling sensation on the top of my head, on the right side of my head! I kept replaying this video! I can’t believe God surprised me this way; I freaking love Jesus to death he’s GOD! ūüíĖūüíĖūüíĖ

shared by denisse Santana in Video comments

The Cross of Light



In prayer and worship ,Mrs. Clare, I had my eyes closed and I didn’t have my morning coffee so I was whopping tired.¬† I was in worship and I was just waiting. I seen in my mind but it almost seemed real that I just seen a cross from the right side-It was big.¬† The sky was cloudy but that cross gave it light.¬† On my left I seen an angel fly and passed me to the huge cross which that cross was far away but the Angel passed me by and was flying. These angels look like messenger Angels. Then I started seeing more angels on my left pass ¬†by and then they started coming in millions. Now, I was just watching and then I guess one just decided to take my hand and then I started flying to this cross. He was smiling and¬†there was a white gown on him. He had a mustache and a beard. He also had¬† light brown hair.¬† Anyway, I kind of…I don’t know but I guess just a bit teeny bit felt the sensation of me being there.¬† Anyway they had wings! But when they got closer I didn’t see this guy have wings and they were flying to this huge cross. Well that’s the end of that. I would say I don’t know if it was or wasn’t holy spirit vision. I got no confirmation. But I believe GOD uses imaginations and it was beautiful. I know, though, I have been in prayer and got a quick wiff of vanilla flower which I know was GOD letting me spiritually smell it.

These little encounters are quite amazing honestly. But the best part is I notice some sins just fall off when I do spend time with GOD in worship and prayer. It’s amazing I honestly believe GOD is taking me and anybody somewhere when they just spend time with him. I usually end up with the feeling of peace when I come out and motivation for GOD more and more ūüėÄ

Shared by Son of Jesus in video comments


Angel Encounter That Saved Our Lives


Angel Encounter that saved the lives of my family! :


THEY INDEED, ¬†ARE REAL!¬† This second one was earlier in my life as it involves, my husband, Laura, my husband’s mom, and another one of my kids.


It becomes a big involved ( you’ll see ) but If I had not paid attention, I would not be writing this, I am sure…that serious.


Jerry’s mom, ( we called her Momma ) Jerry being my husband – well, she had to catch a flight back to Nova Scotia, Canada and we were a tad bit late-ish – so here we are in the car trying to make sure she gets her flight.

In the fast lane, going about 65 mps – (maybe a bit more..hope not, but )


So I am in the front, holding Laura (she is about 3 months old and that make it the year 1968 – in those days, well, seat belts…I did not have one on, so that alone was really not good –


We were driving along as I said, at a good clip – ¬†all of the sudden, I became very very restless and started looking about me – which made the others think I am a bit nuts?¬† But I was so agitated and felt to be looking for “something”..not understanding anything of why I am this way.¬† WELL……


All of the sudden, this vision shot through me…It was us crashing into a car ahead of us parked and I don’t want to be graphic but¬† ¬†since¬†Laura and I ¬†were not strapped in..we hit, (mostly she did in the windshield..and I won’t go into that part..pretty bad….)


Then I started looking ahead of me….and there it was…and I LOUDLY SCREAMED…STOPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JUST IN time. ¬† There was a man standing in the fast line in front of his car (tears now as I remember this guys… Jesus said to me just now…Take your time..)


Ok, Just in time  РJerry stopped and it was a gentle stop right in front of him standing there Р!  And no cars, thank God, hit us from behind.


I said a prayer of great thanks and relief, and pray the person behind us would help that man as we had to get Jerry’s mom to the airport…and I know God did.


We gently pulled around when the other lane let us and went on.   SO YOU BETTER BELIEVE,THEY ARE REAL!  And they love us the Angels, and are watching out with a Special Protection, the children of God.


Glad I could share it… memories are hard sometimes, but if it lets others KNOW they are real and DO warn us. And save our lives. Amen.


God bless and love you and all dear to your hearts.  And Thank your Angels for the solicitous care and love for you.!!   Pat

Shared by Patricia Owens

The Missing Coin



When my brother and I were very young children(this would have been back in the late ’60s early ’70s) my mom and dad had a gold coin that was worth a considerable amount. This coin came up missing. My mom and dad fought bitterly over this, my mom thinking my dad spent it. It was causing problems between them. During one afternoon my mom was on the couch in the living room. The door near the living room was open. Out of nowhere a little girl appeared at the door. She said nothing, opened the screen door and walked past my mom directly to the master bedroom. The whole time my mom is beside herself with the girl, continually asking her who she was and what she was doing. The little girl walked into the bedroom, walked straight to the big dresser, opened the sock drawer and reached into the back of the drawer and pulled out a single sock. She reached into the sock and pulled out a gold coin and laid it on the dresser. She walked past my mom saying nothing, she walked back out the screen door and was never seen again.

Oh how our precious Lord really does watch over us and care for our needs.

Shared by Mike (His Grace His Glory)

Angel Hermon

Most of the years that I taught¬†music in public¬†school, I¬†created an imaginary couple….. an aunt & uncle. ¬†I would draw stick figures on the board or a funny looking man & woman and I ¬†would use them to tell stories, or write music or use them to give a moral lesson, or correction or something funny…etc. ¬†It would take the onus off me and the kids received it better if these two ‘Familiar¬†Funny’ characters were involved
For example, one time someone in the Music classroom did something and I said to the children….OK who is responsible for this? ¬† The kids were all hush-hush. ¬†Then one little smartie pants rose up and said. ¬†Aunt Minnie & Uncle Herman. ¬†That broke the ice and everyone had a good laugh, including me. ¬†
So for most of the time that I taught music at Bonnie Brae Elementary School and other schools,  I had used Aunt Minnie & Uncle Herman as teaching tools and the kids loved it.
FAST FORWARD: ¬†now I am in retirement. ¬†I had started listening to STILL SMALL VOICE/HEARTDWELLERS and there was something about an angel. ¬†I had watched ¬†Terry Bennett & he ¬†had said on a vid that his angel’s name was ‘FURY.’ ¬†….cuz Terry is a real prayer warrior & needs a big angel.¬†
So I prayed, Lord, I want to know the name of my angel. ¬†And the answer came back so fast I thought….NAH! ¬†That can’t be You, Lord ¬†that must be me. ¬†FOR: The answer that I heard was ”Herman.”¬†
¬†I said, oh Lord, ¬†You know……. that was the name of that funny character I used in Music classes….Uncle Herman. ¬†The Lord said, clearly….oh yeah??? ¬†LOOK IT UP! ¬†just, like that!!
Sure enough when I looked in the Bible Dictionary, etc. there is was…. I had just spelled it wrong. ¬†It is spelled in the Hebrew transliteration¬† HermOn as in Mount HermOn ¬†[ Mt. Senir for the Syrians ] etc. but we go by the Hebrew….HermOn.¬†
I laughed and laughed about that . All those years, even before I was born again I was using that character Uncle Herman not knowing that someday when I met the Lord I would know that my OWN ANGEL is and always had been…. ¬† ”HERMON”…… ¬†and a good angel he is, indeed. ¬†
And he’s NOT my UNCLE¬†Herman….¬† ¬†He’s my ANGEL, HermOn.
  So I said I would always honor him and tell the Lord what a good angel he has been cuz we will be judging angels.
That’s my story and I’m sticking with it…LOL
Thanks for listening, 
love you 
mg   :-*& HermOn  O:-)
Shared by Mary Grace…. And Hermon!