The Call To Pray


“My Children, let me gather you at my feet at this time- things are tense in the spirit realm but your Lord carries your victory and banner.  Let not time worry you;   great things are in store and my plans are good yet the call now is for you my children to gather and pray..”

Let the Lord counsel you… things can change quickly.. pray.

Prophetic Word given to Bro. Samuel = shared in video comments:



The Wedding Banquet Is Just the Beginning

Jesus- King in Exile


I know where each of you are my loves… my precious Bride. Some of you are in the bridal chamber awaiting my arrival filled with great anticipation and longing.  You are busy sounding the shofar warning the people of my imminent arrival. You strive diligently to remain awake to keep your lamps filled with oil….though I know many of you are are my wise virgins and know that I will not Tarry for those who are waiting and longing for me.  I am not a man that I would lie… Your garments are washed white as snow in my Holy Blood and pressed clean…. You are spotless before me …when I look upon you I am in amazement and awe and I am overcome with such love and joy and such a deep longing to come to you as much as you long for my arrival..I long to arrive…

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Joel 3- Extreme Darkness



on TUESDAY(7/26/2016) I FELT REALLY WORN OUT ,later on about 8 pm FRUSTRATED with a little plumbing issue, when that was taken care of I went outside looked up in the SKY and said ,HOW LONG MY GOD MUST I CONTINUE TO ENDURE. I was so RESTLESS PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY I thought I would never fall asleep. Woke up at 2AM and decide to spend time with JESUS. I was laying down on my back and just as I closed MY eyes to MEDITATE ON THE LORD JESUS, the PRESENCE OF the LORD JESUS came upon me VERY STRONG ,I STARTED to WORSHIP the LORD JESUS ,THANKING HIM ,IMPLORING the LORD TO HAVE MERCY on the WORLD. With my EYES still CLOSED a SUDDEN DARKNESS MANIFESTED (it got pitch BLACK) I became FRIGHTENED (thinking demons was trying to INTERRUPT this PRECIOUS TIME with JESUS). With my EYES still CLOSED I said to myself inwardly, I AM IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD ,WHOM SHALL I FEAR, Then my PEACE RETURNED. Later on Today (7/27/2016) I thought about the WHOLE EXPERIENCE and the SUDDEN EXTREME DARKNESS I saw when my EYES was STILL CLOSED, I said HOLY SPIRIT PLEASE give me a SCRIPTURE PERTAINING to this EXTREME DARKNESS that I saw . I HEARD A STILL SMALL VOICE said JOEL 3 .

I looked it up IMMEDIATELY , it talks about (THE DAY OF THE LORD) with a PHYSICAL DARKNESS that will come upon the WORLD”

Shared by Patrick Anderson in video comments

I Shall Fill Your Hunger


Word from the Lord….🙌

A great shift has occurred on the earth. The exalted of this earth…will be brought low…humbled…the trodden down..lowly are rising and will rise up..exalted… A great divide indeed. The wheat from the tares..the harvest is ripe. My sword is dividing..Almighty…powerful and consuming. In this last hour no one is spared from my sword. I cut to the heart..the soul..the core of a man. The gravity of what you have done… oh earth,  when the realization of the error of your ways come upon you!   In those who love and accept me  I find great love..comfort…relief and solace in you as you do me. I give fresh anointing and a greater outpouring of my Holy spirit in this hour.

Come..Come..all who are hungry..thirsty..and weary. I shall fill your hunger…quench your thirst…and in me you shall find your rest. The hour is ever so late…To my beloved Bride…I love you..I adore you…I cherish you ..I uphold you..I protect you…I draw you into me. I AM soon to come..My reward for you is GREAT… Look up your redemption draweth nigh.

To my lost children…come to me mercy yet still patience is weary..yet I extend my hands still in my love and mercy..To those who mock me…I warn you now…I God will NOT be mocked. I tell you now…repent. I shall anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see the error and graveness of your ways…Turn to me while I still may be found.

Get ready my Bride. The Wedding Banquet is about to commence. I love you. My peace I give you.
…Jesus Christ🌹

Shared by our Lord through Krystal Bealle

Loving ALL of Jesus



Zipporah Mushala

Yesterday,I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in a vision of the day.I was in fellowship with the Lord when I just saw him in front of me. The Lord was smiling as he was looking and me and he said,”Thank you for loving me.” I was surprised and I told him, “But Lord,anyone can love you,you are so good! Its easy to love you!” I did not expect the response he gave me.He said,”Not everyone loves me fully,some people choose which parts of me to love.For example,they choose to love the part that I give blessings or the part that I answer prayer.They only choose to love that part but when I tell them that I also want holiness,they reject that part about me.They HATE that part of me because it requires them to sacrifice their worldly pleasures.They just want the good things and reject some parts like :  that as a true Christian, you will face many trials and tribulations on this earth including being hated by many and this you have to overcome. So that is why I am saying to you,Thank you,because you have loved ALL of me. The Lord looked emotionally moved to tears because of knowing that many people in the world do not love all of him.
Many people and in fact the majority of the world reject holiness.If you are still defending some things saying they are not sin just because you love them,just know that you hate some parts of the Lord.You hate some parts of Jesus.It may sound bad but it is the truth. People like to use the phrase we are saved by grace to justify their sin. Ephesians 2 says we are saved by grace. Being saved by grace simply means that we were saved by God when we did nothing to deserve being saved. We were sinners so we did not even deserve his salvation. Out if his tender mercies, He saved us by his grace (undeserved kindness). Ephesians 2:10 then says, Now that we have been saved when we did not deserve it,( by grace), we are his WORKMANSHIP to produce GOOD WORKS. We have to be Holy led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is Holy and will not lead someone to do worldly things….”
~Zipporah Mushala

“Love Is Who I Am”, Says the Father


The Father says today that your times are in My hand. It isn’t up to man or even ultimately up to you what happens next. I am a sovereign God, and in My sovereignty I have loved you and will continue to love you with My everlasting love. My love is a certainty that will stand when all of creation has been folded up like a garment and cast away. My love for you will burn as brightly eons from now as it did the moment the nails pierced My hands and My feet. I love you, because I love you, because I love you and I will keep on loving you. Your calling in life and role in the earth is to know My love and become acquainted with My love and to be the beloved. Before any other purpose comes online in the agenda I have destined for you – love comes first. So go out in your day today and simply be My beloved. I am not interested in any sacrifice or assignment or task in your day that does not proceed out of the overwhelming response of your heart to My love. Love is who I am says the Father. Love is what I do. Love is why I came here and love is why I will never leave you and never forsake you. There is no human measurement on any scale that can scarcely conceive of the breadth, depth and height of My love for you. You are loved. You are surrounded with love. I’ve got you surrounded says the Father – you might as well give up and just be loved today.

Shared by Connie Harding in video comments

Beloved, Weed the Garden of Your Soul



“…  I also wanted to tell you something Jesus told me through another precious soul, named Stan about 1974 or so.  I pray it uplifts as I share all, and it is for all.

In the message (and take this for oneself as well..) Jesus said:  “Beloved, go weed the garden of your soul. Come to Me pure as the brightest star and I will take you to the Father.  Go water the garden of your soul by prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works, but esp. self-denial – Come to Me you my Beloved (…) and rest in the Wound of My Sacred Heart.”
“Send Me an act of free will filled with love for Me.  Come into perfect oneness of Me – Beloved, do you love Me?  Take all I send you with love, thanksgiving and patiently resigning your own will to My Will – come be one in the perfection of your God – bend your will to Mine in all things; send Me an act of free will filled with love for Me -”     { these are some of the excerpts from the Messages in the 70’s that I wanted to share }  Love you all.  P-
Shared by  Patricia Owens

Know Me in My Suffering


“Dear family in Yahushua, This message came in over the last week, Father imprinting His revelation and understanding from His heart to mine. There is no limit to the heights or the depths of His love for His people, and if we truly desire Him, no there is no limit to how much of His glory He will reveal to us. The more we seek Him, the more He chases after us. His love abounds and what He seeks most is covenant and love in return with His children. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within us when we abide in Him, and just as He displayed here while on earth, true joy and peace do indeed come from a fully surrendered and crucified life. He lived it to show us by example that it can be done. He wants us to understand we should desire ALL of Him, and partake of ALL He endured here. His Word teaches us that we must partake of His sufferings to fully abide in Him. Seek Him with everything in you. He will not disappoint. I send my shalom and blessings to you all.

Julie Daughter, it is I, the Suffering Servant, the Lamb who was slain and the Glorified King, the Risen One, the Lion of Judah. There is no other name than Yahushua, whereby man can be saved. I wish to share what is on My heart with you, as you have been praying to have a deeper understanding of My heart and My great love for My people. In order to be called one of Mine, to be My elect and My chosen, My set-apart ones and My royal priesthood, you must desire to join Me in the fullness of who I AM. Those who know Me intimately must not only pray to join Me in My sufferings, but seek Me there earnestly. It is not possible to truly know Me in the fullness of who I AM, unless you are willing to embrace all that I endured. You cannot have the glorified life without the crucified one. To only seek My glory and My joy robs you of the deeper understanding of the love that was required in My sacrifice on the Cross, and it limits you from attaining the unconditional love for My lost ones that I require My chosen ones to embody. My resurrection is only part of the journey. The pain and the sacrifice required to attain the glorified life is more than most are willing to ask for and walk in, in this life. 

This Word from the Lord was given to Julie from the I Am Calling You Now BlogSpot .  It was shared with us by  Bennett Raggie in video comments

Word of the Lord: Stand Fast



“. I do go around the house praying when I work and always try to have music or scripture playing in the background. I also have a prayer time…. This is a great word-

– The Father says today “Stand fast. Stand fast in your confidence. No longer flailing away at circumstances that are beyond your control. I did not call you to be in control. I called you to a place of quiet trust in what I promised you in the midst of challenge. You can choose manipulation and fleshly dominion or you can accept the authority I give that only flows through humility and deference to My plan for your life. It is time to stop acting in the power of the flesh and begin walking in the power of My Spirit. The goals and purposes that have so long eluded you will suddenly become real probabilities when you come into that place of new and fresh yieldedness to Me. I am the God who is able. My ability is an extension of your faith and trust in Me. There is no disability in Me. I am not impotent therefore you are not impotent. I am not powerless or incapable. Draw upon who I am on the inside of you and see the change come that you have cried out for. Refuse to see yourself any other way for you are in Me and I am in you. What you have purposed to do in life cannot be founded upon your small estimation of your limited human strength. Set your sights and your expectations on what only I am capable of bringing about and you will have then some semblance of that wonderful thing that I have in store for you in your future. ”

Shared by Marilee Alm in video comments




Messiah And the Jewish Wedding

Fellow Heartdwellers, I just wanted to share this video with you .. it’s from bluetru40  channel.    It speaks of our Bridegroom, Jesus, and how just as in the traditional Jewish Wedding of 2000 years ago,   His coming to this Earth,  purchasing us with His blood, and then temporarily going again to the Father, only to come back to fetch His prepared Bride is represented by that olden time Hebrew Wedding.    It is a short video, and just beautiful !    enjoy: