Under The Stars


I  was singing up into the stars late at night to God one night, and felt the Lords’ presence surround me…   I had asked God to send angels to doctor up my horrible singing voice singing up into the Heavens., since I knew He is used to hearing beautiful angelic choirs.. not some croaky human     Well,   I sang from my heart all the old spiritual hymns I learned at church, and at the end of my songs, I was aware of  a presence on the top of my parents roof.. above where I was standing.    I instinctively looked up and saw a person standing there all covered in Light..   I knew it was a Man, and I knew that I knew Him somehow, but mentally was not sure how.   I felt Him smiling at me (even though I couldn’t see His face as He was all covered in Light)  so I smiled back and felt such a sense of love around me.    Then He flew up off of the rooftop and into the sky ., into the Heavens, and I kept on watching Him and watching Him until He was no longer visible.,    then I ran into the house and told my mother how I had just seen an angel.

It was only years and years later that our Lord revealed to me that it was HIM that I saw…    When we sing from our hearts, it is music to His ears.   Singing from our hearts is MORE valuable to Him than a perfect physical singing voice :-).

PS:  I still look up in the sky at that same area where I saw Him fly up into.. (like a comet flying upwards) to this day and wave to Heaven ..     Now when I look back, I learn yet another part of our Lord’s character I had not known before..   He knew that mentally I did not know it was Him..   my spirit knew, but my mind assumed He was someone.. a guy angel., but not Jesus,   who was sent by God to sing over my out of tune singing voice, because I had suggested to Him that He may want to do that since I couldn’t promise singing in tune..and He’d have to hear me belting up into the!      Well,  Jesus KNEW that I wasn’t mentally aware it was HIM..  but He was content with that…   He knew my spirit knew and that in time I would fully know even mentally.    That speaks a lot to me of His patience and that He doesn’t have that compelling need to shout out , ‘it’s ME!”    .. He allows us to come to that realization, even years later..   It shows His humility to me..   also that He would go out of His way to visit a basic “nobody” on this earth., and yet He is the king of Kings of all Universes!   How much love and compassion and tenderness He has for the least of us all.. wow!!

“Guard Your Hearts”

Sweet Family:
I want to share the dream the Lord gave me last night.  It is for all of us and the whole world.  The Lord is always so good and looking after us.
A small note here, my husband is a light sleeper but the Lord knock him out last night that he heard nothing.
As I went to bed I did a very small prayer and ask the Lord to take me to heaven and then I laughed.  This happened around 2:20 AM.  The reason I know is that I woke up and looked at the clock afterwards, you will see why.   ….
In my sleep I saw many different colors that are not here in earth.  i can even start describing them because I have never seen them here.  They were spectacular.  As the colors started to faint they started to change into shapes.  There were huge flowers that will be closing and opening all the time going up and down, there were some shinnig colorful swerly metal artifacts and as the Lord was  showing me all of these beautiful things He began speaking to me.  As He spoke, I spoke out loud everything He said.
“Guard Your Heart.”  ” the most important thing right now is to guard your heart.  You need to guard your heart, because it is from were all emotions grow, were all thoughts are stored, we all of My graces come forth first, where I abide in you.  The heart is the most important organ of your body and in the spiritual world is also important.  It can store LOVE, mercy, anger, freedom, bitterness, courage, compassion. ”
As I hear the voice of the Lord and repeated everything that He was saying, my husband never woke up.  But I was seeing in the spirit a very small intense light going around every one of the flowers and swirly metal thing touching them and releasing them into earth.  As they were coming down to earth He kept saying “Guard Your Heart”  I saw how they came into each person in earth that is a believer and came inside their hearts.  I ask then the Lord was  is going on?  He said look in your heart.
I look in my heart, inside the body, the real thing, it has to be in the spirit, because I saw my heart, plus I was awake by them because of my voice, but with the eyes closed.  When I was looking at my heart I saw these flower entering my body and covering my heart, they were white flowers which are not seen in earth and they covered my heart, as they cover the heart they change into a white ivory incandescence box with a huge flower in top protecting and guarding my heart.  He was still telling me to “Guard my Heart”.
Family all of the flowers and metal swirly things that were sent to earth last night were thousands upon thousands of them.  We need to Guard our Hearts….    
Shared by Vianni Lopez  

A Doorkeeper in the House of Our God



“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the House of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness “- Psalms 84:10

“Godliness and contentment are great gain” – 1 Timothy 6:6

These two verses summed up my grandfather in a nutshell. He was a simple Christian man who could be considered a “God’s nobody”… who loved Jesus with all of his heart and made our Lord a part of his every day life with his family and grandkids.    My mother even married my father a lot because she assumed he would turn out like my grandfather.   She came from a very organized religion background and found his simple, sincere prayers before the family meals refreshing and sweet.. and wanted that in her own life.

After my grandfather died in his 60’s due to a stroke, my mother had a dream with him standing outside of the church he always loved going to,  opening the door for everyone.. sort of as a “doorkeeper”.    She entered next in line and excitedly told him, ‘Mr. ___, you’re alive!!”   and he laughed that hearty laugh of his, and replied, ‘Well of COURSE I am!!”   as he continued to stand at the doorway as people entered.

Decades later, my cousin’s young daughter kept looking toward the back of the church before service was about to start., and smiled at someone invisible.    Some years later while looking at my grandmother’s family photos, upon seeing my grandfather’s photo, she remarked, “That’s the man that was standing in the back of the church, near the door smiling at me.. he was a nice man…  Noone else seemed to see him but me!”      My grandmother, was stunned and I had told her about my mother’s dream as well.   It was a great encouragement for her..  She was another simple Christian who felt shy when anyone wanted to take her photograph.  Her name was Viola… and she definitely was a shy violet 🙂    They were a perfect match made in Heaven.

Upon my grandmother’s death years prior,  my grandmother, Viola had given me my grandfather’s bible after I first accepted Jesus as my Savior.    I noticed the pages were earmarked on one specific page, with the verse underlined,  “Godliness and contentment is great gain”.     That is definitely my grandfather all the way…  a man content to serve our Lord in the little ways.. a doorkeeper in one of the houses of our Lord ♥

Incidentally, I asked our Lord for a Rhema regarding my grandfather and this blog post about him.    I prayed and blindly opened to Jesus’s recorded words to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I”, and my eyes fell on the following:

“..Find your happiness in serving Me, even in the very smallest details.  Nothing that is for love is little.”

Gabrielle:   “Lord how can you be touched by such weak things from your weak creatures?

Jesus’s reply:   “Havnt I been your Brother?  Don’t I know human nature and the life of man on earth?”…







A Dream of Heaven



“I wanted to share a short dream/vision I had this morning while I was sleeping.  Thank you Jesus!


Please Discern:


I felt the wind of the Holy Spirit upon me and all of a sudden, my eyes while closed began to see a vision of a small flame.

Then a panoramic view opened up in my horizon and I saw Heaven before me.  It was majestic in splendor and very vibrant in color.


I could smell the crisp clean air and it was so astounding what I saw before me.

In the beautiful horizon I saw a lovely blue sky, trees, lovely foliage and many many dogs, cats, different species of animals living amongst each other in peace and harmony.


I did not see any people there in this particular dream just animals playing and being free and happy.

I also saw two white, gorgeous and very large Cruise Ships just upon the edge of the ocean dock.

The dream was so surreal and peaceful and I did not want the dream to end.


When I woke up from this amazing dream, I felt so much peace in my room like I was floating on a cloud and did not want the feeling to end.  Amen!


Thank you Jesus for giving me another astounding and unforgettable dream of Heaven.

I look forward to spending my Eternity with you my precious King and Beloved Groom.


Shared by Angel Wings

Simon’s Glimpse of Heaven- A Testimony

Jesus- King in Exile


This testimony shared by author, Kelley Jankowsky in her book, “An Army in Heaven” affected me so strongly that I must share it here for all of you to be blessed by.    The glimpse that her patient, Simon, had of Heaven was beautiful enough, but what was the most stirring was his meeting with Jesus Christ…      How he described Jesus’s demeanor and personality was EXACTLY how I experienced Him in the 1990’s when I had a visitation from Him .. where I was not permitted to see Him visibally, but the Holy Spirit allowed me to see Him and His Majesty with spiritual eyes.    I couldn’t stop crying after reading this testimony..    Please be blessed by it and I recccomend Kelley’s book of all true accounts she shared from her experiences as a nurse.

“The overhead paging system sounded, and we heard the operator say, “Code Blue, Emergency Room! Code…

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Meeting Jesus during a NDE



Clare, Bless you and Ezekiel for your prophetic posts ….I have NEVER feared any man or thing on this Earth. I have seen Demons and felt their presence and in Jesus’ mighty name cast them away. I’ve had a Near Death Experience, two days after back surgery. I saw my soul leave my body, look back at it, then up through the roof and into a tunnel I went. I was traveling at an incredibly fast speed, looking up at a small bright light that was slowly getting bigger.This whole time I felt the most INCREDIBLE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF ME; something I could NEVER FULLY DESCRIBE!!

Then suddenly I heard a voice, soft yet authoritative; I knew and understood it to be Jesus. He said to me, “NOT YET MY SON” !! Instantly I was back in my body. I felt my heart start beating again…..”

Shared by Joe McGovern In Video Comments

This Life’s Tears Wiped Away In Heaven


My beloved mother in 2001 was killed by horrible  fall that broke her neck. At  the time I was so angry and cursed  God but the Lord took me in a dream 3 nights in row in Heaven and I saw my mother  very happy with a man that she said was her soul mate.

I always will be grateful to God to have allowed me to see my mother in Heaven because she  was a  very sad and lonely  woman in life. My father had abandoned  my mother with 2 small children to raise all by herself and she never trusted anyone or married again. Praise God!

~Shared by youfila in Still Small Voice’s video comments

No Goodbyes in Heaven: A Faith Boosting Vision


Hallelujah! Jesus I trust You!

In 1997 my precious, beautiful 14 year old daughter, Sandy, was killed in a car accident. I had always thought that if anything ever happen to one of my children, how could I still trust God? and this would be a real test of my trust and faith in Him. But God was there so powerfully that it actually built my faith and trust in Him. He is still working on my sanctification for sure, but because of that experience I can always say to my self “Remember!”.

He brought me to Sandy’s mansion and she was standing at the front door with arms open wide to welcome me to heaven. I say this with tears in my eyes, I live for that moment!! And God in His goodness and love gave me that vision to help me get through the rough times here on earth. Praise Him! Love to all of you here!

Experience shared by Ruth Lautzenheiser

“Everyone Who Is Here Has Chosen to Be Here”

14th September  2015
I have  5 days off at the moment I love not having to work it gives me a quietness that enables me to come into Yeshua’s Presence that I cannot find when I am tired or distracted.

This morning I was with the Lord and He led me through a beautiful meadow of wild flowers chest high and a myriad of colours and the scent was intoxicating!  He said this is part of the reason heaven smells so good and smiled.  But even as He was saying this something in me was recoiling because I was afraid that the long grasses might hide insects and creatures…..He knew immediately what I was feeling and said to me do not fear there is nothing in all of Heaven that bites or pricks…..WOW!  I immediately relaxed and began to enjoy the beauty of what I was seeing.  I buried my face into the beautiful flowers and began to smell them.  Yeshua took my hand and said follow me – knowing that if He didn’t I would be there for days weeks months because it was so amazing! – “I have something I want to show you! “  He led me up a small incline and there was here a small worn path through the flowers up to a little hill top.  I asked Him why do you so often bring up to a HIGH PLACE Lord?  and He said because they offer you perspective and a vantage point!”  And I asked Him “what do you want me to see Lord”?

He came behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and drew me close and I suddenly saw multitudes of Happy and Joyful people – face aglow not laughing in a worldly riotous way but JOYFULLY something I had never seen on earth but somehow knew in my spirit existed.

I found myself straining to see faces of people I knew as I so WANTED  to tell them I had seen them in Heaven to encourage them!

Yeshua then said to me “ALL are sisters and brothers here… not look for familiar (family) faces because ALL ARE FAMILY IN THIS PLACE.  My Children DO NOT LOOK BACK NOW BUT LOOK FOR ME……. a divided heart may cause you to stay behind – divided hearts cannot come to this place only WHOLE HEARTS.  When a person comes here they must wish to be here 100%…………….Lots wife looked back NOT out of curiosity but because something there HAD HER HEART!  You must lose your fear of losing yours sons (speaking to me now personally) and CHOOSE ME”…….I do Lord I do I answered!  “As you come out of Sodom and Gomorrah you MST NOT LOOK BACK!   Do not look for your familiar faces because ALL HERE ARE YOUR FAMILY – BROTHER AND SISTERS  Take comfort from me – there is ONLY JOY HERE – REAL JOY NOT FORCED OR FALSE…BUT TRUE ABOUNDING JOY IN ALL THE FACES YOU SEE BEFORE YOU…….TRUST MY CHILD!  EVERYONE WHO IS HERE HAS “CHOSEN TO BE HERE”.

My heart was stilled and I turned to look at Him now and we sat in a little arched gazebo with a bench in it and I looked down and saw that I was wearing such a pretty laced dress full of little flowers and little jewels that sparkled and I had long hair that was plaited to one side all the way down to my lap and the plait was interlaced with flowers also and my heart leapt within me and I said “I LOVE wearing pretty dresses Lord and in saying that I show that I am REAL GIRL don’t I?  (If you knew me you would be surprised because I am a real plain jane and a bit of a tomboy since I was little………….)

Yeshua truly marvelled and said “ I LOVE how you are all so different – that is Abba’s gift to me – you are ALL Abba’s GIFT TO ME.  I will LOVE getting to spend time with you all through Eternity and experiencing all your different joys with you…these simple things are SO BEAUTIFUL……… your joy in a pretty dress and the flowers that I made for you to put into your hair!”
WOW Lord …to be allowed to enjoy these things ……what a gift …we never before have been allowed the LUXURY of that before…but here there is NO TIME  – NO PRESSURE TO DO OR TO BE…….we can explore and rejoice in all of your Creation….WOW WOW WOW……. I love beauty Lord and You make everything so beautiful.  My world Lord SUCKS all the joy and life out of me!
“It seems that way but that is NOT POSSIBLE – My Spirit is like a fountain in the deeps of your being…always bubbling up and CLEANSING – RESTORING – REPLENISHING – FILLING YOU UP. There are times when you feel dirty and dry and dead but then you come again into My presence and I RISE UP WITHIN YOU…….deep calls to DEEP – spirit calls to SPIRIT!  It doesn’t matter how evil and dark it is out there because the LIVING WATERS are crystal clear and full of LIGHT and THE LOVE OF MY HEART AND MY KINGDOM DWELLS IN YOUR BEING…..Look to Me in these dark days and drink of My Living Water and be filled and replenished.  Look to My Kingdom WITHIN – I DWELL IN YOU.  Have a MIKVAH baptism as you come into MY Presence into My Waters…the World cannot take that from you……SWIM IN ME… filled with My LOVE – LIGHT – LIFE …HAI.
I cleanse you – I clothe you – I sprinkle you with my Blood you are TIRZAH – ACCEPTABLE TO ME BELOVED.

 ~Shared by Debra Holland


Tender Moments with Him

Jesus-and-WomenJuly 29, 2015

11:41pm (no, the numbers are not lost on me…;0)

So…I spent my time in prayer and then picked up the Chronicles of the Bride tonight. I got “nostalgic” for seeing Him – haven’t been in class in some time, nor really asked to go anywhere with Him lately – been too tired!

So, I asked Him if we could have an adventure together, put on some soaking music…and found myself on the road to the right of my mansion. (I’ve been there many times now.) The lanes and fields before me were like a patchwork quilt – lines going this way, then that way, rolling hills of flowers and fields. Jesus came up beside me to the right, and another figure – Tall! Came up to the left. He was as tall as Jesus. I found myself dressed in a knee length, blue “fluffy” dress…and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz was all I could think of.

I turned to the Lord, and laughed – because…well, He didn’t LOOK like the lion, and the other person didn’t LOOK like the tin man…but that was surely the feeling I got. I started to laugh and protest, “No, Lord…this is too silly. This has to be me…” and He laughed right out loud at me and said, “Dear one – you’ve been getting too serious again. You need to laugh with Me a while.”

I turned to the other person, and suddenly I just KNEW it was Padre Pio!!! Pipe and all. He chuckled at me, and Jesus and he linked elbows with me and we walked off, skipping down the road for a little bit…. Such nonsense…lol!!

Well, we soon found ourselves near a very large, shady tree to the right of the road. A blanket/picnic was spread underneath, and the Lord led me over to it. As I knelt on the blanket, I could feel ladies coming up to me, kissing me on the cheek and then sitting down around me and beside me. I sensed them more than saw them, but oh my!! Mom was there, Aunt Betty, Gram G and Gram F. Aunt Helen!! And sweet Becky (the daughter we lost to heroin 10 years ago)…. And then, wonder of wonders, Faustina showed up!! I have no idea what she looked like – I just “knew” she was there. And finally, Lady Mary came, too….oh my….how gracious and sweet she is.

We all sat down at Jesus’ feet, and he began to talk to us. At one point, the ladies all understood that my heart was heavy with the weariness of being in this world so long…(I’ve been watching and waiting for Him and the Rapture since I’m 17 – and I’m now 61!) and I could feel their thoughts/empathy flood over me.  I leaned on Jesus’ knee, and I was complaining just a little that I couldn’t see it all clearly…and He gently reminded me that I had given that gift back to Him… sigh. No, Lord – I will NEVER take it back! He told me that my sacrifice in this has opened the door for many on the channel to see and hear. And of course, that made all the difference!!

Padre Pio stood by the side of the tree all this time, smoking a pipe and just watching. I joked to him that it must be strange, being the only man amidst so many women, and he just smiled about it.  It almost seemed like there WAS no real difference between them any more…a new thought for me.

I told Him that I was so sorry for all that was coming to Him (at the Trib.) – that I wished there was more to do for Him, something else I could give Him. He told me, “You obeyed.” I paused at this – because I had just finished reading Him saying this to Clare in the book, and thought my mind had jumped to it. But, He shook His head, and took my face in His hands and repeated it. Oh, how beautiful He is, in spite of the misty fog that I see Him through!! How precious is His face, His look, His gentle voice!! How I long to finally BE there, face to face, hand to hand. I took His precious hand and let my tears flow over the nail wounds.

Soon, I found myself sitting alone in the grass, surrounded by little creatures: butterflies, small animals. Flowers that “waved” at me and moved in synchronized motion around me. It’s all so breath-taking…it’s all so impossible to describe or contain. Jesus came over to me, and I asked Him where Glorious was (at least, I think that may be His lion’s name.) He never answered, but just then, my beloved Buddy (my golden retriever) came running over and jumped up into my embrace. Oh, he was SO happy!! So healthy!! So beautiful!!

He told me something else – something important, I believe. But, even though I’ve asked Holy Spirit to remind me…I can’t think what it was. Oh wait! He told me again that “I ride between His shoulders.” And then I saw Him as a mighty Eagle, flying in a slow flap of the wings and glide. And I was resting there between His shoulders, curled up and seemingly asleep, nestled down among the feathers – so unafraid of all, because I so fully trusted that He would let no harm come to me. It was the most natural place in the world to be….

I just can’t fathom this kind of love…for me. We talked at the tree a little about my heart. The fact that there had been so many “bites” out of it over the years, that there seemed to be so little left, and I felt so badly that I had so little love to give to Him and to the Channel. But, He showed me that it just didn’t matter, that somehow I had become a conduit of HIS love for them, and He assured me that what I was doing for these dear souls really WAS making a difference. I truly needed to hear that from Him. It seems every message He gives to Clare has an element that causes me alarm, causes me to question, “Lord? Am I guilty of that?? Are You pointing to me, too, with that?” For, I never, ever want to cause Him hurt or harm because of me…even though I know it happens, anyway.

Ooohhhh….My God. My King. My Beloved One. My All. My precious Jesus….

O, how I long for the veil to be torn, and our life together – face to face, flesh to flesh, life to life – to be revealed!!

All Praise! All Glory! To the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords!! Hallelujah…Amen.

Carol J.