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Simon’s Glimpse of Heaven- A Testimony

Jesus- King in Exile


This testimony shared by author, Kelley Jankowsky in her book, “An Army in Heaven” affected me so strongly that I must share it here for all of you to be blessed by.    The glimpse that her patient, Simon, had of Heaven was beautiful enough, but what was the most stirring was his meeting with Jesus Christ…      How he described Jesus’s demeanor and personality was EXACTLY how I experienced Him in the 1990’s when I had a visitation from Him .. where I was not permitted to see Him visibally, but the Holy Spirit allowed me to see Him and His Majesty with spiritual eyes.    I couldn’t stop crying after reading this testimony..    Please be blessed by it and I recccomend Kelley’s book of all true accounts she shared from her experiences as a nurse.

“The overhead paging system sounded, and we heard the operator say, “Code Blue, Emergency Room! Code…

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The Wounds In His Hands, Feet and Heart

Jesus- King in Exile


Throughout History there has never been someone , as Jesus, who was so unjustly persecuted and eventually cruelly executed Who had no guile or iniquity within Him..    His genuine compassion and great heart was evident to all who saw Him..   especially His gentleness and compassion towards the unloveable.. the leper.     Of all mankind, Jesus alone expressed only the Father’s pure love with His hands.,  With those precious feet, He walked wherever the Father led Him.. including up the stony hill of Golgatha carrying His cross.     with His heart, He loved the most unloveable person and on the cross, interceded for those who spat in His face.  Throughout His ministry, Jesus experienced fatigue, tired feet and joints, and exposure to the elements on the open roads yet He never complained.. He offered up all to the Father as a prayer for others.    Later thick iron nails would be hammered into those tired feet , and hands…

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I Adore You as A Mother With Her Baby




While I was feeding my newborn this morning this is what the Lord said to me:

“I hold you and feed you the same way my love. While you are asleep I spiritually feed you and prepare you for day’s lessons. I do not slumber or sleep, I do not need to go anywhere else and do anything else. I am the Lord. So while you sleep, while all my children sleep, it is my great joy to hold you and look into your little face. I adore each of you as a mother in her new baby. I love you all so much. your smiles in your sleep touch my heart. For some this is the only time I am close to you and I weep over you. For others you are my joy for our relationship is close and near. all of you I love and adore and hold you while you sleep”

Shared by Melissa Horn in video comments

The Eyes of Jesus


The Eyes of Jesus

Look into the eyes of Jesus

You will see so many things

You will see why there is a heaven and why the angels sing

You will see a love for all mankind

And little children too;

All the power of the universe

and you will see a love for you

Look into the eyes of Jesus ,

and you will see the power to give life and take It

The power to create and destroy

All these things you will see

With a soul full of Joy

~Love Marilyn


Shared by Marilyn Mekuenski in video comments


“I Look For Purity of Intention”

I was reading the sentence over again from Gabrielle and I said to Him as she did:  “WALK IN YOUR GARDEN ENCLOSED MY LOVE – {THAT IS WHAT I SAY TO HIM…PERSONALLY…’MY LOVE'”…. PICK FLOWERS AND FRUIT.”

He reminded me a part of the letter He gave me in (about 1974) stating:
 “Go weed the garden of your soul” 
“Water the garden of your soul with prayers, penances, sacrifices and good works, but esp. self denial.”
Then He gave me this yesterday that I am now adding to the above statement He gave me in remembering what He said so long ago. And that is for all.  I share everything I receive, so others can come closer and be inspired:
JESUS:  “You know I look at the purity of intention of a soul in their relationship with Me. – the ‘why’ of everything they say, think and do – Does this please Me or build up My Kingdom on earth while you still journey here?
Do everything with Me – in Me – I see everything – Nothing escapes me – Tell people to talk to Me!  Don’t be shy, My brothers, My brides, My children, My whole Creation, made in My Likeness and Image – I want you to spend Eternity with Me – Your Savior – The One who became the God-Man, one of you!  With a Heart that beats as yours does and still does as I arose from the dead, ascending into Heaven – come!  Do not be afraid!  I am the Gentle Shepherd +
Tell Me you love Me – how I love when you tell Me this, not from your lips..but from your heart.  I love you all – Love Me!  
Your Jesus Christ, Savior of mankind.
Message from Jesus Christ to Patricia Owens

With Faith Anew


here are a few words from my heart to you all,

The tempest is roaring- the sea churning,
oh my lord our love for you is burning,
we wait and do your bidding  daily,
As we toil our thoughts turn to heaven
at the feast, gaily gaily we are dizzy
with your love;
Your attention to detail is astounding;
We fleetingly remember our loved ones-
alone in peril on  earth below;
And the lord graciously sensing our sorrow,
removes our pain and memories fade;
so now we are truly His for all eternity
and our hard work has paid off;
to believe in him with faith anew-
our father the son and the holy spirit.
hope these few words humbly given to my brothers and sisters, may remind you all we are not alone
bless you all
David Whale

The Wedding Banquet Is Just the Beginning

Jesus- King in Exile


I know where each of you are my loves… my precious Bride. Some of you are in the bridal chamber awaiting my arrival filled with great anticipation and longing.  You are busy sounding the shofar warning the people of my imminent arrival. You strive diligently to remain awake to keep your lamps filled with oil….though I know many of you are are my wise virgins and know that I will not Tarry for those who are waiting and longing for me.  I am not a man that I would lie… Your garments are washed white as snow in my Holy Blood and pressed clean…. You are spotless before me …when I look upon you I am in amazement and awe and I am overcome with such love and joy and such a deep longing to come to you as much as you long for my arrival..I long to arrive…

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Under The Aquarium and The Ruby Slippers


In a dream I seemed to be in a large aquarium, something like Sea World.  I was with a group of people in a spacious underground room where there were sofas and chairs scattered around.  The group of people was small compared to the room.

Instead of the usual large aquarium that was behind a glass wall at eye level, this one was just a couple of feet above our heads and we were looking up to see the fish.  There were many beautiful varieties of fish and other sea creatures but no predators.  My attention was drawn to a group of small sea turtles coming my direction.  They were about the size of dinner plates.  As they drew near I happened to see some of their feet poking through the water into the air around me!  Startled, I reached up and touched the water.  I had assumed I was…

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That Time I Had A Vision of Dancing With Jesus.

The Millennial Christian Woman

This post is for anyone going through a dark storm or fiery trial; or maybe you have recently come out of one. Whatever the case may be, my post today is dedicated to you. Allow me to share some of my own story with you and hopefully end on a note that both encourages you and myself as we continue through this season…remembering that it is a SEASON, and like all seasons it has a beginning and end point. Praise God.

In March of 2013 I was sitting in a church service in Hixson, TN. A group of women were praying over all the young girls who were attending the service and I was sitting in my chair with my head in my lap. Perhaps I was praying, but mostly I was just sitting there contemplating where my life was headed. I had just quit my job of two years…

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Consider The Lilies…



“okay, so I’ve got kind of a funny story about shopping and confirmation from the Lord. I have been REALLY struggling lately online shopping. I never buy clothes for myself and all the sudden I’ve been just going crazy about, “i have to start buying sweaters and cute clothes.” I had been really spending hours browsing online (I’m ashamed to say that) and I’d been really neglecting to watch your videos. anyway if was really eating at me how j hadn’t even asked the Lord for permission to buy all these things because I knew he was going to say no. finally I said to myself, “when I get up in the morning I’m asking Jesus.”

SO, that’s what I did. I woke up and grabbed my bible promises book and asked the Lord, “Jesus is it okay for me to keep buying sweaters online?” then I closed my eyes, started flipping through my bible promises book and stopped on a random page I couldn’t see. GUESS what I landed on?  “Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.”” Luke 12:22,23

Shared by Selina Loveland in video comments