A Contrite Heart After Death


On 5/7/19, I was still semi-sleeping when in my mind’s eye I saw a flash of my late father’s face looking at me with contrition and love in his eyes.. (this vision appeared without color.. in grey/white) as though He was allowing the Holy Spirit to convict him of things he could have obeyed more while on earth…sins of omission, sins of commission, etc.   I believe he is in some part of Heaven’s outskirts, being permitted by Gods mercy to receive spiritual cleansing and conviction from the Holy Spirit. He believed Jesus was his Savior, but , like the rest of us in our family , went about things his own way without placing Christ in the center of his focus in life.   So there were some conflicts in our family that my father had played a part in, ..yet he also had that faith that Jesus was his Savior.   His self-nature was his own worst enemy, as our own self-nature is also OURS as well.

I told him after seeing this vision, that I love him, and hold nothing against him… he was a super father in many ways where he had received God’s grace. I told him, I , myself also need to be delivered of my own selfishnesses and to pray for me as well!

I felt this joy in my heart that seemed to be the Holy Spirit permitting me to feel my father’s response to my prayer reply.  I’m thinking my father may be undergoing a spiritual purging process, and his contrite heart seen in his eyes in this vision confirmed that to me!

May we all allow the Holy Spirit to continue to prepare us now while we are alive… so that we can be ready for our Bridegroom when it is our time to go ♥

A Drop of Water


May of last year..early in the morning while hearing FATHER’S teachings from a well known true man of GOD..I experienced  what Clare is saying here.  I saw myself as a drop of water that while falling touched many people and situations…and these were as circles ..while I finally falled in what seemed a very large fountain..THERE I SAW AND FELT FATHER’S LOVE AS A SPARKLING LIGHT THAT WAS GOING AROUND ME.. I WAS DELIGHTED …WAITING THE MOMENT I FINALLY SAID MY  “YES” ..IMMERGING TOTALLY IN HIS LOVE..

Then this is the message that he left in my heart..”DON’T EVER JUDGE NOBODY ..THEY ALL CAN GET SAVED AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH..THAT I DELIGHTFULLY WAIT WHEN THEIR HEART WOULD FINALLY BEAT FOR ME”..Also I and each one of us are like that drop of water..and while falling we have to pay attention to do good to all and in every situation that presents to us…

♡DWELLERS and all family of ssv. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

shared by Maria Sannicandro in video comments

Blessed When We are Ignored By Others



The following day after dr. Sherry prayed over me through the Holy Spirit, I was put to the test.   An incident cropped up at my job which left me  feeling ignored and disregarded and very offended.    I realized that I was yet again allowing a seed of resentment to grow in my heart from this very incident … right AFTER Sherry had just prayed over me for this very thing!     I knew I had to “get over myself”  because it is something within me.. like pride, etc,  that still has yet to die and be brought under the Holy Spirit’s control, otherwise ,   I wouldn’t get so “bent out of shape” when being ignored.    These little offenses would have no effect on my soul.

Well last night I asked our Lord to pleeeeeease give me some teaching online that would help me to get over myself in this area.     That’s when I accidentally discovered John Bevere’s interview with Sid Roth about the Holy Spirit.  He mentioned how the poor Holy Spirit is the most ignored..   and even ignored by us Christians.  We even call Him “It”, or “a force”.,etc..,  and label Him a dove when He is actually a Person of the Trinity Who has feelings and grieves, and laughs and loves…       John Bevere mentioned how we can compare the Holy Spirit to a passenger in our cars who sits there with us, but we never pay Him attention.  And when He gently taps on our arm for our attention, we   say, ‘wait just a second”, and then put on our Christian radio station and get into one of the Christian songs, still ignoring Him..
  I was pondering all of this in the interview, then the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation!   He showed me., “If you feel ignored, then rejoice, because you are sharing in what I experience with not only those in the World… but also those who know of Me in my churches, on a daily basis though out every century!       And to share with our Lord in anything.. including what makes Him suffer as well, is the highest honor and blessing.. to be one with Him, even in being disregarded and ignored by others 🙂
I asked our Lord after this revelation He gave me, to have me blindly open up to something of His words to Gabrielle Bossis, recorded in her journal, “He and I”, and I blindly opened to the following:
“Have you really understood that you may come and take rest on My heart?  And if you have, why do you not come?  It is I whom  you deprive.  I have to wait to refrain from insisting since I respect your liberty.  I am with you and I yearn for you and would you not come?   I ask you only to think of this more often so that you will come to Me more often..”
On the facing page, He also told this to Gabrielle after she recorded: “I knew He was very near”  :
“Why are you astonished when I come in like a rushing tide?  I should like to do this for everyone.. what a joy for the Beloved!..  divine longing- how vehement it is!  How far beyond thought!  At least honor Me by acknowledging it.  I am thirsty, do you understand what I mean?  I am thirsty for you all.  Let Me drink.”♥♥♥
Shared by a Heart Dweller
As even further confirmation : is the link to bro. Ezekiel’s latest song inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Below are the lyrics our Lord led him to write:
Run to Me/Do you not know yet, that I want ALL of You to want ALL of ME Look to Me, Open Your Heart Wider and Wider
I want for you to be as the Prodigal Son’s Father
Watching, Waiting, Perceiving
My Tangible Presence
Running Toward You From Afar
And I want for you to come running always running
Passionately Pursuing Me
Look for Me Always and Everywhere
Stop, Look, Listen, Pursue We will catch Each Other More Quickly

He Has Forgiven Me



Last night as I was driving home ….i started to thank God for everything in my life i then asked him for a hug….just a hug and nothing more.

I had a dream that i was in a crowded store and in front of me was a homeless man….for some reason i was in a rush and tried to walk around him….i respectfully said, excuse me and he slightly moved.   i managed to walk around him and this woman said, his name is IBN i then turned around and said what an interesting name and spelled it out IBN just like that short and simple…as i exited the store i notice the homeless man behind me exiting the store as well but i continued to walk and then i stopped and turned around again…the homeless man dressed with dirty clothes did a transformation right before my eyes….(like Cinderella) he was wearing a white suit crisp clean not a wrinkle or stain.

I approached him and said OMG LOOK AT YOU!!! He looked at me and said, he has forgiven all my sins…i then looked down and started to cry and all i could say was i wonder if he has forgiven me….he then took his hand raised my head and hugged me….and all i kept saying was I am sorry…. I am sorry… i am sorry…as i woke up that name stayed in my head so i decided to look it up…. IBN means “the son of”…. i am crying tears of joy….because he has forgiven me….

Shared by Norma Bustamante in video comments

New Beginnings: Finding Jesus AFTER Religion


Good Morning Dear Sister Clare, I am writing this in response to some negative videos about your channel and your video about “There are no bigots in heaven” which pertains to your testimonial. First of all I want to mention that I rededicated my life to our Lord 3 years ago in February. When I rededicated my life, there was a specific YouTube channel which I will not name, which actually converted me back to our Lord. I ended up corresponding via email for almost a year with a couple of different followers of this channel. At that time, I was starved for fellowship and support after having gone through a major move, divorce and bankruptcy so needless to say….I was a mess. I even donated some money one time and received a book they had published about the Holy Spirit being a woman and the true queen of heaven. I kept an open mind, read the book, prayed for discernment and it did not feel right in my spirit. You see, when I was a teenager, I was so thirsty for our lord and I wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit and boy did I get it! LOL…so powerful and profound. Surged through my whole body from head to toe and was filled with so much love and joy and spoke in tongues.

Unfortunately, at that time I was living with my Aunt and Uncle who were atheists and forbade me from going to church any more and hanging out with my christian friends. This was back in the 70’s and they called them Holy Rollers. Needless to say, I ended up drifting away, became back-slidden until I met my husband who was a Catholic.

I converted into Catholicism and we started going to the Latin Mass. There was beauty in some of the prayers and reverence but there was No doubting the focus on praying to Mary and the Saints. On 3 separate occasions and always during the Rosary….Something pulled on my bottom right hand corner shirt. It was a good yank and I thought that maybe it was my Guardian angel letting me know that my mind was wandering or something. I kind of just shrugged it off but where ever we moved, strange things started happening. One night while sleeping, a music box out of thin air started playing, there were loud smacking noises in the kitchen like someone had taken a long yard stick and smacked my wooden kitchen table. 3 times in a row. So, we had a priest come into our home and bless it and as a family we all did the Rosary. This did help for a while then things got really bad. My husband at that time, lost his job, there was so much tension and stress and I was a stay at home mom with 5 children. Long story short, we ended up loosing our home in Arizona, filled for bankruptcy and divorced. So with all that said, I feel like the enemy used Catholicism to destroy and break up our family.


After my 5th child I almost hemorrhaged to death so my husband had a vasectomy so I would not get pregnant again. Plus we started late so I was in my 40’s and we were struggling financially. Well, he went to the priest to confess this and he told my husband to go home,  he would pray on it and to come back. He did not give him absolution. This was another blow to our faith. We ended up moving back here to California which is where we met and had our first 2 children. I was so disillusioned with the Catholic faith and I felt that I had been so deceived. So, 3 years ago when I rededicated my life, it has been a spiritual journey and growth with our Lord. NOT a church and I feel closer to him and the Holy Spirit and Our Father then I ever had before.

I discovered your channel about a year ago and I explored your website extensively. I watched almost every video on there, downloaded the binding prayer several times as they became updated and I love your version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I have it on both my tablet and a CD that I listen to in my vehicle and listen to it as I drive. I used to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet years ago but it pertained to the Hail Mary Prayer. I appreciate this beautiful prayer and the fact without dishonoring Mary, that you have alleviated that from your version of the prayer.


So with all that said…..Almost 2 weeks ago, again without mentioning the channel….Some very negative videos were posted about your channel. They mentioned your testimonial, the Divine Mercy Chaplet but what they did NOT follow through with was the TRUTH. Well, I wasn’t sure at first what to believe. This was the channel that I had been converted from, but as I mentioned earlier, I was not comfortable with the Holy Spirit book they wrote. So, as a test I think, I felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to stop listening and to pray for discernment. I have been praying EVERY day for 3 years that The Holy Spirit would not let me be deceived. Been there, done that! So for the last 10 days, I have been praying for the truth even though I honestly felt in my spirit that they were wrong and that what you do here on this channel is truth and love.


I finally received my confirmation this week. 2 evenings ago I was taking my early evening walk before it gets dark, while I walk I pray and I looked up in the sky and I saw a cloud formation shaped like a heart. I though OK, this is great,  Lord, but I need more confirmation.


So the night after that I kept praying and asking and all night while I was dreaming I kept seeing hearts. I saw a person drawing a heart in the sand and I just kept seeing hearts so this to me was the confirmation I seeked. Thank You Lord. So now, I have a whole bunch of videos to watch and get caught up on. You have NO idea how hard it was for me NOT to watch your videos. But, I listened to the Holy Spirit and this was what I needed to do. So I listened to your “There are no bigots in heaven” video once again and Now I see how the enemy spoke untruths.  First of all if they had truly listened to your videos they would know that the Hail May is not in your version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet;  how our Lord brought you out of the New Age movement and how you destroyed all the paraphernalia pertaining to that belief and following.


 I know this has been a lengthy email but I wanted to submit this as a testimonial to support your channel and to all fellow Heart Dwellers here. I feel that this channel is full of Love and truth and as the scriptures say….You will know them by their fruits. God Bless you Clare & Ezekiel and to those that help with your posts and replies.


You have my permission to use this if you want. All Praise, Honor & Glory to our Father in heaven. Amen!


When God Replies



My brother(6 years older than me) (I’m 49), and his wife lost their only son (who was the middle child of 3) to a tragic car accident several years ago and if course it destroyed them. My brother particularly. He became a recluse. Turned to drugs and alcohol. His wife, along with greiving her son, comforting her husband, tending to the other two children, working a full time job really struggled and came to me often about how she couldn’t handle everything and kept asking me advice, to which my replies were always, go to church, pray, join a support group. Though I understood her pain and felt my own at the loss of my nephew, there was no solace, comfort or advice I could personally give her other than to call on Jesus. One day I was driving her somewhere and she was truly broken and when I referred her once again to God she bitterly replied, “I hare God, if God’s such a good and loving God, why would he take my son!?”. Immediately this controlled fierce anger welled up inside me as the Lord stepped inside momentarily and literally spoke through me with one of the most profound corrections I have ever witnessed. The Lord snapped my head and eyes squarely at her and his voice thundered from my lips and said, ” I, did not TAKE him, I received him!”. Words cannot express the silence in the car as she and I recovered from that experience. That one simple declaration, began her healing, as well as my brothers and the other two children. They still grieve, but they found comfort in knowing whose company their son is in. Amen. The self contained power of God is incredible!!! I relive that moment often and my legs turn to noodles.”

Shared by Deya Patterson in Video comments


Spreading Christ’s Love to Others


Clare this was such a beautiful and encouraging message this afternoon. This one really touched me deeply. Holy Spirit pressed on my heart to share this with you all especially after listening to the message this afternoon. For months I’ve been asking Jesus what I can do for Him in the way of contributing to the Kingdom and bringing people to Him. I had always felt as though I can just NEVER do enough for Him. So one day (around the first part of this last June) I was standing behind a VERY pregnant girl in the checkout. Her face was so sad and my heart ached for her and I said,” Excuse me but I just wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I’ve ever seen!” The words just rolled out of my mouth before I’d even realized what I’d said and my immediate thought was oh my goodness what have I said!! I’m a reserved person and rarely ever just speak out like that. This girl broke into tears and told me,”You have NO IDEA how much I needed to hear that today!” She was struggling to swipe her card to pay for her items and kept wiping her tears and as she walked away she turned and smiled at me with the biggest smile you ever saw with her head held up high and said thank you. When I got in my car I just cried and cried and then Jesus said to me,”You see Pamela, you are not worthless to Me and what I think of you is all that matters.” So since last June I’ve done this with several pregnant girls and I realize that this is one of the little ministries the Lord wants me to do. For whatever reason it is the Lord really wanted me to share this. Lord bless you all.

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz

From the Pit I Was In


Dear Clare, Ezekiel and Carol, Thank you so much for this ministry, and your obedience to the Lord and His calling. I feel led to share my testimony. Am believing it will speak to someone’s heart who is struggling.

I was raised in a Christian home, went to a private school that was started by the church my parents and I attended. Even went to Bible College for a couple years. Had some wonderful experiences with Lord during that time. The church was very legalistic and so I think my spiritual growth was stunted. My conception of God was that He was mean, and would withhold His love and blessing until I had ” prayed long enough.” Unfortunately, I strayed from the fold and went into the World.  I would have been murdered by my ex-husband and his friends (the Lord showed me that was the plan of satan for my life). And one night Jesus spoke to me at my darkest moment. Jesus was, urgently, seriously, almost yelling at me, to go home to my parents house (because my parents were Godly and I was to go back as the prodigal daughter returning to the fold). He clearly conveyed that my life was in danger. I was addicted to drugs. The moment I prayed and said “yes,” the Lord began setting me free from drugs. He also provided an escape for me from my living situation…it was miraculous and I am alive, delivered and well, because of the power of the Lords LOVE and GRACE. I am forever grateful that He lifted me out of the pit I was in and and redeemed me. He will do the same for you if you only ask Him too. Oh the joy and complete Love that is waiting for you….won’t you reach out to Him right now? He is calling you,…..calling you beloved…..come, taste and see that the Lord is good. He loves you more than you could ever imagine and longs for your heart to be connected to His. Have faith and stretch out your hand to Him.

Parents, never, never give up praying for your children to come back to the Lord. My  parents never quit praying for me and I know that the Lord honored those prayers.

I am SO grateful that the Lord led me and my husband to this Channel and family, because through Still Small Voice, I have come to know the depths and width of His unfailing Love for each and everyone of us. Oh the joys that await us dear family!! We look forward to meeting each of you on the streets of gold. Rejoicing evermore…in and with Him.

Love, Priscilla

No Condemnation in Jesus


Hello Clare and Ezekiel, I have been with Jesus since birth. I mean Clare, I have never ever not known the presence of Jesus. My family are generations of men and women who love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and mind. When I was 10 I gave my heart to Him with my whole being and was baptized. But even at 10, there was never a memory of me not being able to speak to Jesus and know His love for me. Its just at 10 I understood sin, that it was my wrong doing that put Him on the cross. And I have walked with Him most of my life. Again, never a time where I felt like I could not speak to Him, deeply ask for forgiveness and know He would be there. So that is my background and yet I have never found a teaching like yours. Nor such a kindred spirit so to speak. Over the years I have had many experiences in prayer like the above. But I just thought it was normal for those who really were surrendered to Him. That if you really loved Yeshua our Messiah, you would love connecting with Him and meeting with Him in prayer like I do. But over the last 10 years I’ve learned not all connect with Him this way.

May He continue to fuel your ministry and provide. May He continue to reach others with His teaching through you and your husband. I deeply thank you for answering His call to this ministry and mission He has given you!!! Deep Shalom to you my brother and sister! Oh, yes, I am not looking for you to use this story. However, if Abba directs you to share this on your channel, that’s fine. I know He directed me to share with my fellow believers in my circle cause He impressed upon me this experience was not just for me. But whatever He directs you to do is always what must be done. Shalom I know Jesus as both Jesus and sometimes as Yeshua. But I’ve grown up knowing Him and loving Him and feeling His love/forgiveness and presence as Jesus.

I am struggling with the hard feelings another believer has about me. I am intimidated by the characteristic or manner of any person who is being forceful in voice when they are unhappy with something. So in prayer I was asking Jesus about this whole situation. I was upset and often when I’m really upset I tend to think and feel like a little child, a little girl and my conversation with Him tends to take on that sound. In the below conversation I did not see Jesus, I just felt Him and heard Him in my spirit. I was in tears and asked why I was afraid when people yell. He showed me that when I was yelled at with condemning words as a little girl of 3-5 years of age, I believed the words yelled at me about me. I would cover my head like a protection as though I was receiving physical blows to the head. I believed I was horrible and rotten to the core. I believed I was worthless and no good. The idea I was getting from Him was that I had received those condemning words yelled at me as true.

Jesus then asked me if I would say those kind of terrible condemning words to a child. I tearfully with conviction said, “No.” He asked, “Why?” I said, “Because it hurts them.” He asked again, why wouldn’t I say those things, He asked, “Are those words true, is a little child rotten to the core?” At this point I saw a beautiful baby so I said very whole heartedly, “NO.” “Why,” He asked. “Cause You made them,” I said. “What did I make them,” He asked. “You made who they are,” I answered. “Did I make them rotten.” Again I saw that beautiful, happy and incredibly healthy looking baby. “No,” I said. “So then did I make you rotten,” He asked. I said, “Well I don’t know, I am rotten cause I sinned and I needed the cross?” He said, “Okay, but when I made you and put you in your mother’s womb, I put your spirit in you. (I was seeing the baby) Did I make that spirit rotten?” “No,” I said, but I clarified, “But when I was growing up I did bad things and I didn’t want to really do them, but I did them anyway.” He asked, “Was it your spirit that wanted you to do those things or your flesh?” “My flesh I think,” I tentatively answered. Jesus asked, “You said you did stuff but you didn’t really want to do bad stuff, why do you think you didn’t really want to do bad stuff?” “I’m not sure,” I said unsure. He answered, “Because the spirit I put in you and the spirit I put in each child is a pure spirit from Me.” I said, “But we have the nature of Adam.” He said, “Yes, your flesh nature. But as I knit you in your mother’s womb the spirit I gave you wasn’t a fallen spirit, it wasn’t a sinful nature, it was from Me. I put this spirit in a body of flesh and yes you then have the fallen nature in your flesh, but that fallen nature is not inside your spirit because I do not create anything that isn’t pure.” “But what about when I sin Jesus? I am selfish and I have done many things that are not good, I’ve sinned a lot. And I HURT people,” I wailed with deep tears. He said, “I know, but the core of that spirit I gave you was still pure, I protected that.” I asked, “But then why do I need the cross?” He said, “When you do follow the flesh nature and sin, it does separate us, it’s like a covering.”

At this point I saw kind of thin layers of wispy darkness, shades of gray and yet in my minds eye I saw the bright shining purity of that baby’s core being. That is all I can describe it as. And I got the impression or thought, of protection and that the purity wasn’t extinguished. The thin shades of gray darkness was surrounding that beautiful purity inside the beautiful baby but that purity (the purity was seen in my mind as a warm bright light) was not totally over taken by the darkness. Then I got the thought that He put this purity of spirit in each of us in our mother’s womb. So I asked, “But Jesus what about those people who are so evil, like the people in the occult?” He VERY CLEARLY with emphasis said, “Only I KNOW when the darkness completely has extinguished the pure spirit. It is only for ME to know when the purity of that spirit has completely been overtaken by darkness never to return.” Then I got this thought “I wonder if that is the sin against the Holy Spirit.” I then thought, “Yes,” but I didn’t not get a CLEAR verbal answer like the rest of my conversation so I don’t know. I heard at that point His emphatic; “It is Only for ME to know.” Then he spoke to me more in images about my heart.

Several months ago He had me really study chapters 14 and 15 of John and sit with him to deliberate over it and ask Him to sew the truth of those scriptures into my soul, kinda like you steep tea, that kind of permeating image. The most significant scripture is John 14:20 – In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you. At that time with that scripture He showed me a picture of two images. One image was that I was wrapped in His arms with a white cloth (like super soft warm fuzzy valure type terry cloth covering my whole body). And with me in His arms completely surrounding me in my cloth, He and I were sitting in Abba Father’s lab. This image helps me when I hear in my thoughts, that I have sinned and am separated from Him and I hear I have to crawl back to Him begging to be forgiven because I’m no good and rotten to the core. (I know I must ask for forgiveness and confess, but Clare you mentioned that He is there beside you even when you sin, longing for you to just confess. In my heart forever, I have so often sinned and then run from it and not wanted to sit in front of the cross and beat my chest in remorse. I more want to be that child in the arms of Jesus and Abba and say, I know I was wrong I’m sorry and move on. But I have never felt that was good enough, that it wasn’t true repentance unless I broke my heart open and spent hours in humility. I know there is a place and time for that, but I really like your instruction of how He longs for us to just speak to Him sweetly and purely and confess.

The following image helps me immensely with feeling free to just confess and still feel wrapped in His embrace and able to move on without a big production of being in such deep remorse it takes hours. Though again there is a time and place for that.) Then the other image was of two heart muscles being sewn together. It wasn’t a pretty picture but a bit bloody, not a lot but a bit. And that picture remains with me and has a feeling of permanence and yet a feeling of soreness. When I got this image it felt like there was utterly nothing that could sever what had been joined. And yet this soreness remained.

When I was talking with Him today, and thinking of the purity and seeing the baby I also saw two heart muscles. This time they were healthy flesh looking, they glistened a little. And it almost looked like the shape of a simple drawn heart like a little girl would draw. That was the shape, but the image was 3D flesh. And these two heart muscles are joined and beating in rythmn. The image felt wholesome and pure and healthy. It felt good that the soreness and the image of those two hearts sewn together, which was a bit bloody, had been replaced by this healthy beating heart two lobed heart.

~ Annie