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All Aboard- No Time To Waste!

If possible I would like to also encourage the Bride of Christ with a dream I had recently.
I dreamt I was at an airport towards the front door and thought to go for something in my car but realized I did not have a lot of time to board the aircraft as it appeared to be about 15 minutes before takeoff.  The time appeared to have been 11:45 and the flight seem to be scheduled to leave at 12:00.  I decided against going to the car and as I headed by the check-in area, the final preparation was being done before the flight was to take off.  I went to the check-in staff to let them know I was still in the building and was headed to the aircraft.  One of the staff called my name to find out if that was me as they were waiting for everyone who had already checked-in to board.  It was at this time, I had a knowing that I had already checked-in and the only thing left was for me to get on board.  The agent then asked me to confirm my full name which I did and it was about that time I reached into my pocket and pulled out  my passport, which I did not see before this point.  I asked one of the agent to escort me to the plane to save time as I did not want any delays on my way to the aircraft but one of them assured me he did what was needed, so it was for me to hurry and get on board. As I was about to start towards the aircraft area, one of the agent came around as if to escort me to the aircaft area.  I was also told the area around that section was being closed off.  I somehow knew the aircraft would not leave me as my bags were already on the aircraft and normally aircraft will not leave with your luggage and I still had some time so I hurrried on to catch the flight. END OF DREAM.  I believe the Lord is telling us its almost time to go and for us not to get distracted as there is NO TIME to be DISTRACTED at this point.   May we all hear; as Jesus is truly coming SOON. God bless you richly.
Shared by Dee S.

Our Pets with Jesus in Heaven


Dearest Clare, I know how deep and painful the grieving process is when we lose a precious pet that has been so close to us for so many years. I so understand what you’re going through and it will take time to work through this. My continuous prayers are with you and Ezekiel and also covering the other things going on in your life.

Yesterday I was working on my Left Behind folder (still burning CD’s) and just out of nowhere the Lord showed me just a quick flash of a vision. He was in heaven standing on this beautiful lawn with dogs and cats encircling Him and He was laughing and expressing SO much love for them as He looked down at them. He loves the animals so much! The cats were purring and going round and round His legs and the dogs were all trying to get closer to Him to sit next to Him. The dogs and cats all LOVED each other and loved Jesus. Some dogs were leaning on Him, some laying at His feet. My cat “Tulip” was right there with them. That was it.

I believe He was showing me that my cat is waiting for me and for me to get the message to you that Bruno is waiting for you

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz

Jesus’s Healing at the Gym

Jesus, our intercessor

A healing testimony from last Sunday:

….At our medium sized church in GA I assist and help out with playtime for all the children. In our adequate, but not overly new nor updated, indoor gym we decided to play soccer. The flooring is concrete- old and very hard concrete.. We divided up to 4 teams of five each. A new 10 year old or so boy, with a name that i did not catch, fell hard just 10 minutes in. He had just moved the soccer ball amazingly around dribbling with ease between players. And just as he was to shoot on goal he slipped and landed with a thud and a loud crack on his left hand and arm. I knew that if the arm wasn’t broken it was surely injured in a traumatic way. He screamed and cried and ran to the side of the gym.

I followed him quickly and asked if i could pray for him. He nodded his head with tears streaming down as he clutched his injured arm. I could be wrong- but i think he broke it at the elbow….. I simply said ” in the name of Jesus be healed, all pain go!!!”…..I asked him a few seconds later….”any pain?”. He said no and went back into the game rather confused yet relived on what just happened. …This was not only a healing, but a miracle…..all credit to Him who lives inside me……………..We ALL can heal….if you believe and ask, seek, and knock.

Posted by Ken Beal on Video Comments

Postponed For Love’s Sake


… Had a dream the other night that I was at my wedding, all dressed in white in the most beautiful gown, more beautiful than the one I wore ate my earthly wedding.  I saw the back of my groom’s head and he was dressed up as well, but he had dark curly hair -He seemed to be in his early twenties standing next to the best man.  Suddenly, while on the aisle, I left the wedding to help a very small child.  He needed my love and guidance and my heart was so filled with compassion for him that I had to postpone the wedding.  Remarkably the groom sent word to me while I was with the boy and my guests and bridesmaids, that He postponed the wedding as I was doing exactly what He wanted me to and that His love was with me.  I knew exactly  who the groom was when I awakened-and I loved to see myself looking so young again and glowing, bit of pride, but it was a gift of insight.

~Shared by Sandy Schnabel

Rhema Confirmations

YBSMike 2 hours ago (edited)

Receiving a Rhema Word Confirmation From the Holy Spirit After Prayer:

I completely base it off the TITLE/Chapter. I then read each paragraph till the end of the Chapter. For example, I asked earlier about some Vatican history that is said to be a demonic possession where the top exorcist forced judas to speak to them about their evil works that changed the Church. It’s amazing reading but I wanted to be sure. I asked: Jesus, is this information true as it is stated in this document? My answer: Fruitfulness. It’s fruitful! I’m no Clare, and this is the first time I have gotten that reading but, I’d say reading it will be Fruitful! If it were ALL perfectly factual, I’d expect “Holy Spirit”. I may be wrong but that is how I interpreted it today.

Most are plain, I ask daily ” Jesus, please give me a word, what should I be focused on to be better adhered to your will? And it is ALWAYS my most recent sin like lazy or lying. Clare has some videos on this but I use the Chapter AS my answer to the question of the moment and then absorb the scripture within that Chapter. It has been for me, astoundingly accurate. Once I know I’m where i’d need to be, say, after a reading that shows “Holy Spirit” about my own status, the next readings seem to turn Prophetic.

I have been warned 2x about gossip before somebody called me and I later realized I had gossiped. It first deals with your faults, then helps you to prevent what is soon to come. i’d love Clares answer after this opinion because I am also quite new at this. My 2 daughters and future son in law and one other have had the same results and consider this method very accurate. I have to add this. I asked jesus to give ME the answer “JOY” if he were happy with my status. I had never gotten Joy before but looked it up in the book. I said if you’re not happy with me, show me why….. I closed my eyes, flipped the book around a bit, Prayed to bind all lying Spirits in Jesus name, open the book by sliding my finger along the pages until I feel a gut pause, this is almost done in 1 second only. I set it down upside down like a triangle with those pages open down, for a few seconds, pick it up, and it was JOY! I was impressed and have become severely confident in these readings, I do them all through the day with any questions I may have for him. I hope this Helps…

Praise Report: Healed from 35 years in Pain


Shared by Virginia Reyes 9 minutes ago

I am praying for you and brother Ezekial. God is going to bless you, for you have been faithful. I have a praise report!!!!! I did the healing prayer as Jesus instructed, step by step and he healed my husband’s legs. He has had continual pain for over 35 years or better and our Precious Lord healed it. Amen!!!! Aleluia and thank you Jesus!!!! I love you.

Death is only Temporary


Dream my wife had:

In 2009 we lost a fraternal twin to miscarriage; they died at 6 weeks!! 2 nights ago my wife saw a little girl & a boy in her dream!! She said I had the girl while she had the boy & how happy she felt meeting them. Even while telling me about the dream I could see the joy on her face as if it wasn’t a dream!! The rapture is close saints; we are all getting clues & signs; we just need to tune in with Christ & pay attention!! Indeed we will all be reconciled soon with our past loved ones!! Love to you all!!

~Shared by Speshi in Comments on the following video:

His Mercy is Everlasting


Jesus’ mercy is so wonderful.  My mother in1996 was on her death bed with very few days left to live. Her heart was failing. She had been a Buddhist all her life and on her last day of consciousness she told me she wanted to be Christian. I saw her repenting in tears. She slipped into unconsciousness for 2 days. I am positive that Jesus reached out to her .  On Sunday morning (Easter) , Jesus spoke to me and asked me to release her to him. She was hanging on because of me. He told me he could take better care of her than I could. I went to her room and told her its ok. Don’t worry about me; God is calling you. She passed 2 hrs later. The whole room smelled like lilacs. (there was snow outside. No flowers in bloom yet)I later had a dream. Jesus let me see my mom. My mom was so happy. She told me she could run and jump now.  Thank you so much Lord. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Shared by Faithful Thomas in video comments:

White Garments For Us From Jesus

I had a beautiful dream last night.


I was walking down the street and white garments were falling from the sky. I grabbed one and ran home. There was enough for everyone to put on. They were embroidered and made out of the most unique fabric. It was a nice uplifting dream. Hopefully it lifts you all up too.

Shared by Meizzy D.

Revelations 3:5  “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment..”

I breathe i whisper i call your name.


Lord, im praying today with a harden heart, lord since i was a baby you have groomed me to follow you, from the time I was born till my teenage years I followed you I went to church and although I didn’t understand everything about you I knew you were real, my teenage years you granted me the gift of visions, although I was too young to understand what exactly I was to do you told me about tragic accidents that were going to happen such as the white car that was going to go around the railroad track gate just as a train was about to cross just a half a block from where I lived and where I grew up, but I was too young to understand or to even get people to believe me less than a year that vision you gave me came true just as…

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