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Russian Attack on American Shores and Rapture


Dear Clare and Ezekiel,
I read this dream and it reminded me of what you mentioned about Miami being nuked and rapture happening on the same day/week. Just passing it to you.

from Alexandra Stratan (YouTube)

I had the same message and revelation after this dream: I was walking to a bagel shop and behind me I saw a bunch of zombies in this store looking at me through the window, . I walked to the bagel shop and I ordered a whole wheat bagel and before they could give it to me I walked out and there was this bear there that was following me and I was scared, I flew into a tree and the Bear got on it’s hind feet and was eye level with me. At that moment I flew up. The Lord reveled later the bear is Russia and the moment they attack us with atomic bombs as the bombs drop we go up

Russian Submarine 100 miles SW of Bermuda

A vision I had last night:

I just had a vision about 30 minutes ago of a large unmarked nuclear submarine submerged about 100 miles southwest of Bermuda. It was deathly silent at the bottom of the ocean, very carefully hidden…and waiting for orders…I think it might be an old Russian model, but I know that it is not alone. There are plans for a coordinated nuclear attack on America from both coasts. Iran has planned a multi-pronged attack upon America and Israel. It is their belief that they must destroy us in order for their leader to take over the world. They believe that a sudden preemptive surprise attack will cripple us. PRAY, PRAY! PRAY! There is also secret cooperation from Russia, North Korea, and several other nations in this plan. If the Bride does not intercede now, we are in grave danger! The Holy Spirit is calling out to pray now!!