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The Samaritan’s Regret: A poem


He passed our city gates that day,

We wanted Him to stay;

But His face was set toward Jerusalem,

Which was on the dusty way.

It seemed He was “too good” for us,

For that was what we thought;

For why would He not stay with us?

But choose THAT city’s lot?

So we would not allow His entrance

Within our city gates,

If that was what He wanted, well..

Then THAT would be His fate!”

It was not until the next few days

We found the reason why;

It wasn’t for His pleasure,

He was heading there to die.

We did not know, How could we know?

He never said a thing!

And now we suffer much regret,

For shutting out our King!

We banned Him when He needed us,

And a place to lay His head,

For a final resting place with friends,

Before He would be dead;

My friends, if Jesus passes by,

Please never do the same.

And make the same mistake we made,

Upon that fateful day.

Oh, woe is us, for now He’s gone!

Some say He rose again,

And if He has, then let us go

And let Him enter in!

Jesus’s Times Alone with the Father

…And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.

Jesus- King in Exile

Jesús en el desierto

This morning I was thinking of Jesus- how when He walked this Earth, He rally had no time for Himself to get away from others to be alone with the Father and Holy Spirit.   Even while with His disciples, He needed that time alone.. and so He often withdrew to a hillside apart from others in prayer.   I imagine Him climbing a hillside really early in the morning before everyone was awake, just to spend time with the Father.     Isaiah 50:4 reads:  “The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned.”

How beautiful those morning prayers must have been!  More than likely some of His disciples.. perhaps John.. woke up early enough to see Him walking down the…

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The Bride Groom’s Invitation

Published on Aug 17, 2015 by Angela Meyer on her You Tube channel
Please visit her channel for other Holy Spirit led messages and encouragement to His Bride

The Bridegroom.

Yesterday, I was thanking the Lord and singing to Him for His goodness to me. With Joy in my heart, I worshiped my Creator, my Savior for all His great love in saving me. Then I saw Him. In a vision, He appeared. He was wearing a white wedding tuxedo, and with an outstretched hand, He said, “May I have the pleasure of your company?”

I was amazed by His humility; it was almost like a young man proposing to a girl for the first time. I saw the sincerity in His mannerisms and the tone of His voice reaffirmed it. I heard His words, but they were more than words – somehow they were actions. The words conveyed a plan, a new start – a new life with Him. Eternity.

Behind Him, I saw a chariot awaiting. This chariot, was beautifully white and with gold trim. White horses were at front, and were excitedly waiting for the command to GO! I once again looked at Jesus, His appearance is so beautiful. His handsome face, His PERFECT beard, His garment so bright that it makes the angels look dull – in comparison.

I took his hand, and He led me to His awaiting chariot. He opened the door of the chariot for me and as He did – I became aware of what a prefect gentleman He is. More polite than any man or any created being. I saw that He cares so deeply about even the smallest detail.

I saw a beautiful forest the setting was so majestic, breath taking. Perfect trees with no death or decay on the bark or in the leaves. The grass had no brown spots, just perfect green. Water was not in shortage here. In the distance was a clearing and beyond that colors of brilliance. Royal purple adorned the clearing up ahead and the other colors gloriously supported the majesty. I wondered what the purpose of this place was.

I knew that this place was special and that an event was ready to take place. Nothing else needed to happen, all was prepared. Every detail thought of, all preparations completed. I thought the only thing left now is for the chariot to depart – then the vision ended.

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus is extending His hand just like this to you. He is requesting the pleasure of your company in just the same way. His every thought toward you is every bit as sweet. No one can ever replace you. The bridegroom wants you. Take His offer and go about the Father’s business until Jesus sweeps you off your feet to be with Him forever in paradise. It will be a surprise. Until that moment happens, take each opportunity to make the one that you love smile with joy. Jesus.

In the Garden With Jesus


Me: Good afternoon Lord! What a lovely day it’s been.

Jesus: Hello sweetheart! I hope it’s not too warm for you my love.

Me: Don’t worry, it’s not too bad. It’s nice to have this sort of weather now and again.

Jesus: (smiles) That’s what I like to hear.

Me: What would you like to discuss today Lord?

Jesus: Let’s sit outside in the garden for a bit.

Me: Sure, why not.

Jesus: (smiles)

Me: This is lovely. I think now and again everyone should take a break and not worry about the things that need to be done.

Jesus: Ah, I’m glad you had a chance to watch Claire’s newest video.

Me: Thank you for explaining to us a bit more about the new and old wineskins. I understand now.

Jesus: You’re welcome sweetheart.

Me: Thank you for helping us to have a good night sleep last night.

Jesus: Anytime sweetie. That’s what I’m here for. Come to Me those who are weary and I will give you rest. For my yolk is easy and my burden light.

Me: That’s one of my favourite Bible verses. Is there anyone you want me to pray for?

Jesus: Pray for everyone. Those who you know and those who you don’t know, but I do.

Me: Yes, I’ll continue to pray to everyone.

Jesus: You mean so much to me My Bride.

Me: Same here Lord, you are a wonderful Friend to me, you’re my Everything. I love you Lord.

Jesus: Love you too sweetie. You’re lovely.

Shared by Alison Holme

He Gives Us A Song In the Night


Thank you so much for this video!  I took detailed notes on it last night, prayed hard before going to bed, and a very special song was placed on my heart in the night and I woke up to it.  It is “Alive and Kicking” by Simple Minds.  It is perfect for what I am going through right now.  He has given me a song before.  I thought I couldn’t hear His voice, but I was waiting to hear audible words.  Thank you for clarifying how He speaks to us. Love and blessings, J.

Carol’s reply:   Bless you, Dear. You’re recognizing the various ways He does speak. He just loves you so, so much!

~Shared by humble helper

Lord, How Do You See Me?

God is Beautiful

Clare and all the Brides, I used  the instructions from Mark and there was a flow of thoughts!  Mark said to pick from 3 questions. The one I picked was: “Lord, how do you see me?” I became still. I placed Christ on my right. I was imagining being in touch with Christ’s heart. I was honoring spontaneous thoughts flowing through my mind. I asked my question, “How do you see me Lord?”

Jesus:   Child of God, I am happy you are here. I am always with you. I love you. I am in your heart. I see everything you do and think. I love you and I died for you. I bless you.

I asked: May I touch the cloud above your head?

Jesus:  Yes

May I toss it on the sick and they will be healed?

Jesus: Yes,  I see your love and kindness. I know you want to heal in My name. ”   (Then there was an interruption and it was over.)

I read what I had written and was amazed.  I will do this again and also look for pictures. How wonderful! Clare, thank you. I hope this blesses someone to go ahead and give it a try. I watched all of Mark’s video and participated with him and the group in Canada. The first half of the video was praise and worship in a church in Canada. The second half he had the audience participate.   Just fabulous!   Cathy

Shared by Cathy Light

God’s Child’s Conversation with Jesus

trust in the Lord

….I sung a song again:

Jesus: That was beautiful, My son.


Lord Jesus: Would you like to continue where we were before?

Yes father

Jesus: Let’s talk about where I live.

Which is Heaven..

Jesus:  . Correct, little one

Jesus:  What do you think is in My home?

Mansions,  robes and crowns and happiness

Jesus:  And much more.  Love, like the River of Life and golden streets and many more, but remember son to live for Me or there would be no Eternal life.   Do not be like the hypocrites who thank me but live for themselves.  They are lying;  don’t be deceived.

Yes father.

Jesus:  Why do you think i brought you to Carol,Ezekiel,and Clare?

To learn Jesus.

Jesus:  To learn about me and know the truth for i love you and never forsake you.

That is true lord.

Jesus:  For what you ask,  it will be given to you;  if you knock, the door will be open for our communication and relationship is very important to Me. You are mine and only Mine.   I payed the ultimate sacrifice of being crucified on the cross for the world’s sins.   for god love His sons so much He sent his beloved Son.

Lord i love our talks

Jesus:  I love them, too.   I love having a relationship with you My son-  and the others:  My daughters and my brides.  I ask you to wait on everyone like i waited on you.   Have patience My love.

I will father , thank you

Jesus:  Your welcome.

Can we talk more tomorrow?

Jesus:  Sure, My love-  never forget Me.   You and all your brothers and sisters are important to Me.

I wont.   Thank you Lord.  i love you

Jesus:  I love you too♥

Shared by God’s Child