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Warning Dream of Events to Come II

This prophetic dream is shared by “His Grace, His Glory” on video comments for the video below:


“I had a recent dream from the Lord that I posted awhile back. Well, I initially said it was a dream, but actually it was a vision, quite different than a dream. I was actually in the middle of a dream when the vision came. Visions for me are much more real, you might say instead of a grainy, 35mm film, they come through in stunning resolution, Technicolor you might say. This was a vision of destruction. As I was dreaming, this vision laid over top of the dream, like a short, multi-second film. I was in my backyard, standing in the middle of the lawn, looking over top of my house. I looked up to see a huge U.S. Air force cargo plane (similar to a Boeing C-17) nose diving in extreme slow motion right into the front yard of my house. The sheer detail of the plane that close was actually amazing to look at, the huge USAF roundel insignia on the rear of the fuselage, the plane not in the typical grey, but in the Army green. As I lost the nose of the plane over the house I ran to the backyard fence, just as I reached the fence huge 55 gallon drums were falling all around me, as well as all the other military supplies and cargo. Although it was utter destruction all around me, I knew I was being protected from the carnage. Then the vision was removed from the dream just as it appeared. I was meant to know that this was a clear message from the Lord, warning me that absolute destruction is soon coming. It has been probably almost twenty years since I had my last vision from the Lord”


Warning Dreams of Events To Come

The following was shared by Acoustic Strings in the video comments of the video, “Prophetic Dream NYC Falls Under Tsunami”. (see video below)

“I had a similar dream. I was in NYC in the top of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan. All the windows / wall were glass from the floor to ceiling. My mom and I saw a huge wave of water coming to Manhattan. we ran to get away while my youngest brother who is unsaved just watched in fear unable to move.”


A Mother’s New Beginning With Jesus♥



“…I too am a work in progress. LOL. I am also one who was raised as a Catholic in Louisiana. My mother died at 95 1/2 years of age. She was a devout Catholic, but she recognized that she failed to have a relationship with Yeshua for her first 89 years. She attended an Assembly of God church with me each Sunday until her graduation. She wept during praise and worship as she felt His love and presence. This was new for her. I was privileged to see such a glorious transition before her death. She was greatly beloved and 99% of the congregation attended her homecoming celebration.

It was the love of my Pastor who visited and prayed for her daily at age 89 that brought her to Jesus and the wonderful relationship that she had. It was not my eloquence arguing doctrinal differences. LOL. It was a great blessing to pick her up every Sunday at 9am. Thank you, Elohim.

Shared by Burt Horstmann in video comments:


“And A Sword Pierced Mary’s Heart Also….”

Jesus- King in Exile

Below is an excerpt from a message Jesus gave a nun named, Sister Josefa Mendez in the last century..    a friend of mine sent me an excerpt she copied where Jesus shared with Sr. Josefa how His mother was with Jesus even in spirit , when He suffered such hate upon His scourging and execution..   To visualize this is very hard.. you just want to comfort our Lord for this memory He still has of what happened..  and how hard it was to see His mother suffer ..  ♥
JESUS:  “Angels of Heaven!  look on the God before whom you are ever prostrate in adoration . . . See the Creator of all the world’s wonders going to Calvary carrying that holy and blessed Cross on which He is to die.
Oh souls who desire to imitate Me faithfully, gaze on Me likewise:  wearily I dragged Myself forward, for My body…

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“Trim Your Lamps”



My wife and I prayed last night before we went to bed, after prayer a nice waves of warmth came over us both, and a profound since of peace! I heard clear words, that Jesus said ” trim your lamp” then he said I’m refreshing you and filling your oil!!! So I looked up trim your lamp thinking that it meant to take away! But no it to refill your lamp with oil! Praise Jesus that he put more oil in our lamps so we shine brighter than ever, so we can Go HOME with our savior Jesus Christ! Amen, family we have The Lord with US!!!

Shared by Colt Erdel in video comments

Good Friday Encouragement

This morning of Good Friday, I normally have off from my job, as our employer offers that day as a paid Holiday day off.     Due to the enormous amount of workload our department has been facing lately,  I realized that though I would much prefer to kick my shoes off and take it easy  instead of  having to drag myself to work on a paid Holiday, I knew that the Lord was extending to me this opportunity to think of others besides my own comfort level.     To pick up my cross for Him, even in my every day job..  Working this Friday as well as tomorrow to help get the extra work load out before Monday is not something my flesh enjoys doing.   It is very tiring and physically demanding,  and in my job, I am on my feet constantly with swollen ankles;   There are no chairs provided where I work so that the production work will get out faster.

This Friday I was planning on taking advantage of my “day off” and sleeping in, enjoying my “free day” off from work.,    until I saw how slammed we were with extra accounts that my company suddenly acquired, meaning a much more heavier workflow than we formerly had.     Many of my coworkers will not pick up the slack..   refusing to give up their long weekends… but the Lord was asking me to do my part.

I was reminded by Him that in our Easter feasting,  our Easter Egg hunts, and our shopping sprees for this years’ new Sunday outfit , that we lose sight of what and Who Easter truly represents. .       Easter was actually   never called “Easter” in the first place, but should be called ‘Ressurection Day”,  as the word “Easter” is derived from “Ishtar”… a Babylonian god of fertility.   That somehow got mixed in with the Christian aspects of this period  throughout the ages., and has contributed in causing us to lose sight of Jesus Christ.        Lent, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Ressurection Sunday were intended to commerate what our Lord, Jesus Christ endured for us..the Price He was willing to pay to purchase us with His blood..     to allow His body to be broken and to suffer unimaginable suffering so that we could be saved.. and to show us the way back to His.. and through Him , OUR Heavenly Father.       It is a “holiday” that should teach us the value of The Cross..  the value of picking up our cross daily to follow Him., to share in His sufferings.   And did our Lord ever suffer!    His cross was more than the cross He was nailed to ,  but His cross started the day He was born, and He carried it each time He toiled in the carpenter shop,  or  travelled hungry on the dry dusty roads from village to village..   His was a thankless solitary life on this Earth, but He willingly embraced His cross.. for love of the Father and love for us all to the end of time.

With this perspective in mind,  it is not possible for me to whine and complain that I am giving up a Good Friday to “pick up my cross”.. however tiny it is compared to our Lord’s greater Cup He drank from.    To share with our Lord this little cross of labor with Him, so that I can then share with Him in His resurrection.

Before heading off to work this Good Friday morning, I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to open Clare’s website,   for a message He wanted me to have this day.. before I head off to work with Him.      Opening that website, generated an automatic message for that day, and this is what I opened to !


Wow.. Enough said..   because the Lord said it all .   May Jesus be honored and glorified in all of our lives..

Shared by a Heart Dweller















He Who Leads


I found myself swallowed in jealous hurt.  I read about someone who clearly had a prophetic gift, with very detailed dreams and visions learning secrets. Rather than be excited about what they had to share, to my shame, I was horrified.

Driven to my savior, I cried. Clearly I wasn’t faithful enough or smart enough or willing to give enough to have God use me to such an extent as this other person. I also knew I was wrong to want what someone else had, but it would be dishonest to deny what I was thinking. I repented and wept.  My prayers were interrupted by the needs of someone else and I came back to my conversation with the Lord a while later.
He met me with kindness before I could get myself all churned up again. I closed my eyes and there He was. He wore a dark blue suit, His hair long and pulled back at His nape. I also wore dark blue (symbolic of the midnight hour, I think, on God’s timeclock and my favorite color to wear – my impression was a two fold purpose in the color) a long, flowing gown. We were dancing, graceful, sweeping movements as the light from the golden room reflected around me, seeming to dance too. I felt safe, loved and treasured. He spoke as we danced, not missing a beat.
“YOU minister to Me. Teach others about My love and how to love Me. Comparing yourself to others is a trap that you stepped in.” He guided me easily through intricate steps I still don’t know. “You are surrounded by traps on all sides.  You keep your eyes on Me and I will show you where to step.”
I thought of my own effort to learn to dance and how I would get confused if I looked at my feet. I had to look to the one leading me to keep up.
To my thoughts, He said “Exactly.”
Shared by Rhonda J.