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The Mind of Christ

Jesus- King in Exile


From that time on Jesus began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests, and scribes, and that He must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.   Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, “Far be it from You , Lord! he said.   “This shall never happen to You!”  But Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me. For you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”…

When we read this incident recorded in the gospels, we may be inclined to assume Jesus was calling Peter , “satan”,  when what actually occurred was that Jesus first rebuked Satan, who was the invisible instigator of Peter’s suggestions to Jesus.   THEN He…

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Blessed When We are Ignored By Others



The following day after dr. Sherry prayed over me through the Holy Spirit, I was put to the test.   An incident cropped up at my job which left me  feeling ignored and disregarded and very offended.    I realized that I was yet again allowing a seed of resentment to grow in my heart from this very incident … right AFTER Sherry had just prayed over me for this very thing!     I knew I had to “get over myself”  because it is something within me.. like pride, etc,  that still has yet to die and be brought under the Holy Spirit’s control, otherwise ,   I wouldn’t get so “bent out of shape” when being ignored.    These little offenses would have no effect on my soul.

Well last night I asked our Lord to pleeeeeease give me some teaching online that would help me to get over myself in this area.     That’s when I accidentally discovered John Bevere’s interview with Sid Roth about the Holy Spirit.  He mentioned how the poor Holy Spirit is the most ignored..   and even ignored by us Christians.  We even call Him “It”, or “a force”.,etc..,  and label Him a dove when He is actually a Person of the Trinity Who has feelings and grieves, and laughs and loves…       John Bevere mentioned how we can compare the Holy Spirit to a passenger in our cars who sits there with us, but we never pay Him attention.  And when He gently taps on our arm for our attention, we   say, ‘wait just a second”, and then put on our Christian radio station and get into one of the Christian songs, still ignoring Him..
  I was pondering all of this in the interview, then the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation!   He showed me., “If you feel ignored, then rejoice, because you are sharing in what I experience with not only those in the World… but also those who know of Me in my churches, on a daily basis though out every century!       And to share with our Lord in anything.. including what makes Him suffer as well, is the highest honor and blessing.. to be one with Him, even in being disregarded and ignored by others 🙂
I asked our Lord after this revelation He gave me, to have me blindly open up to something of His words to Gabrielle Bossis, recorded in her journal, “He and I”, and I blindly opened to the following:
“Have you really understood that you may come and take rest on My heart?  And if you have, why do you not come?  It is I whom  you deprive.  I have to wait to refrain from insisting since I respect your liberty.  I am with you and I yearn for you and would you not come?   I ask you only to think of this more often so that you will come to Me more often..”
On the facing page, He also told this to Gabrielle after she recorded: “I knew He was very near”  :
“Why are you astonished when I come in like a rushing tide?  I should like to do this for everyone.. what a joy for the Beloved!..  divine longing- how vehement it is!  How far beyond thought!  At least honor Me by acknowledging it.  I am thirsty, do you understand what I mean?  I am thirsty for you all.  Let Me drink.”♥♥♥
Shared by a Heart Dweller
As even further confirmation : is the link to bro. Ezekiel’s latest song inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Below are the lyrics our Lord led him to write:
Run to Me/Do you not know yet, that I want ALL of You to want ALL of ME Look to Me, Open Your Heart Wider and Wider
I want for you to be as the Prodigal Son’s Father
Watching, Waiting, Perceiving
My Tangible Presence
Running Toward You From Afar
And I want for you to come running always running
Passionately Pursuing Me
Look for Me Always and Everywhere
Stop, Look, Listen, Pursue We will catch Each Other More Quickly

His Cleansing Grace


Just want to give another confirmation that our Lord is truly using Sherry as one of His instruments.    I have had my second prayer session with our Sis Sherry this week again, and while she was praying over me through the Holy Spirit , I AGAIN felt Him working on my heart .. (and this is NOT my imagination or something I can psyche myself into thinking is coming from my own soul)    And while He was praying through her,  I asked Him if He could further confirm to me that this was HIM after He was done praying.   Not that I doubted, but I thought it would be nice to have any lingering SEEDS of doubt eliminated by Him.

…..Wow, when you ask Him and it truly IS Him, He totally answers!!   After she was led to stop praying over me.,  Sherry began telling me what our Lord wanted me to hear and what I needed to focus on in my heart with repentance and bringing everything to Him no matter how small.  THEN He told her to tell me something that only He and I know about .   He told me He had recently given me an extra measure of HIS faith to help me overcome my spiritual obstacles through Him.

You see,  some weeks ago I kept on praying , “Lord, I believe but help my unbelief!”  because I know that while I believe, there is much blindness still in me yet.. more “onion peels” of veils still needing to be removed.     …………………….He answered my prayer and it was in late October that I suddenly found myself with a mysteriously received greater amount of faith..  I marveled at this and knew it came from HIM.     Dozing to sleep while pondering this in bed,   right before waking up I heard Him speak to my spirit (not with words but as infused thoughts)  “I have given You faith for those who are unable to have it”   and I realized that He gives us gifts not just for ourselves, but that these gifts would produce FRUIT for Him and assist others spiritually that they may be drawn closer to Christ through our obedience to Him in utilizing and practicing these gifts that HE alone has given us.   Wowwwwwww!!!      And now He further jolted me spiritually awake by telling Sherry to confirm that to me.. after I secretly asked Him to give me a confirmation.. lol!!

Jesus rules!!!

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You Are The Breath That I Breathe


It happened in the early hours of this morning. I will type it they way I did to a friend on facebook. several hours back(after it happened) So, I almost died this morning at about 1.30am or so But Jesus saved me…now the time is 4:19am…been up since then I sinned (fell for something that I’ve been gradually overcoming) and somehow I unconsciously slept off without repenting, even though that wasn’t my intention..but in my dream it somehow surged down on me and my memory like “you’ve not repented” that knowing just came and immediately I awoke and started praying while making my way to the bathroom… As I was still praying and relieving myself at the loo, I suddenly felt a painful feeling all over my body but more on my whole chest and then this kind of numbness alongside it..before I knew it..I was falling-no, slumping downwards with my eyes open but also trying to mouth unbelievably was still moving in prayer…there was no panic even though I helplessly tried to control myself.

I.all of a sudden I just stopped and I do not know how I did..but I knew it was Jesus. I immediately began worshipping and thanking Him for mercy and saving me.. Then I put on my headphones and hit shuffle in faith believing He would have something to say to me…(remember I said one of those ways is songs?). Well right off the bat He did…played the first song that sang of freedom from sin e.t.c (can’t recall exactly.) Then He went on to play this song by Dr. Tumi. It says ” hossana to Jehovah, you are the breath that I breathe” “Hossana to Jehovah, in You i live and move and have my being”… That was point blank perfect.. I just began worshipping Him more on the spot… It’s still dark though but I did not let that keep me from singing His praise out.. The other important part i forgot was after the songs or maybe during…that calmness and peace came on my whole chest, so no more pains and discomfort 😇😂😂🙌. That was it….

NOW this morning after I shared the testimony with my family in fellowship, my dad said “it’s good to listen to and obey the Holy spirit when He talks to you – I had the compulsion around 1 am to go to the sitting room and pray, which I did and after praying, decided to read my bible. Let us Thank God for everything and for saving Israel and not letting us have a cause to weep”

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Prayer Is Powerful!


Prayer is sooo powerful….

I remember I was visiting my twin grandsons in Mass. and there was a terrible threat of tornadoes around us at the house there.  So I decided to say the weather blessings I knew…Out Loud.  It took a bit of courage, as I took the risk they would think I was a bit off or something, but I did not care – and said it out loud.   They sortta looked at me..I could feel the “shadows”, but we went outside and all of the sky was clear, and all around in a circle were grey clouds like a band around the whole sky…the  storms were gone!!! Gone!  And the sky blue and we just looked at each other.

Sooo they knew..Pray!  Just wanted to share that it might encourage someone that..Yes, Pray!

He hears, and He does!  Amen. Love you




Shared by Patricia Owens

Dear Lord Feed Me Daily: A Prayer


Dear Lord Jesus,  feed me daily with Your body and blood so my soul is bound to Your spirit of














n courage.


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“Come, Talk To Me “.. Jesus

Jesus- King in Exile

So I asked Jesus:  “Am I ok, Love?”  and this is what I heard in my spirit:
Jesus:  ” Are you trying to make peace?  To be encouraging – hopeful – to give others?  
You looked at Me and cried before – feeling so lonely to be without Me – It hit you so suddenly even with the distractions you had today – What does that tell you, beloved?  Your heart is Mine!  We are never separated – you have not separated from Me, have you?
Just because you are trying to make the day work { in My will } it does not mean you are away from Me – Do  you think…you could get away …  ?  I see your heart, and as I said in “He and I” –  If I can put up with you, can you put up with you?
So do not…

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On Earth As In Heaven- a Vision


I just had the most beautiful vision.. I was there! I saw a small group of little children. I saw us grateful the way Jesus & Father sees us. We bum rushed Jesus in this beautiful field- it was amazing and very wide;  there was so much space and room. The children ran up to Jesus and He fell in the grass and we kissed HIM, hugged HIM and He played with us, poking us and laughing.  We were all laughing and playing, having so much fun, full of joy😂😂😂.We were full of joy skipping and hopping and He sat with us, looking at us eye to eye as we were communicating without words to each other our feelings.

There were butterflies and just beauty of the field all around us. And I saw Father’s Light in back of us because He was beholding the scene and He was pleased with Jesus and the children, His ❤ was joyful! And I saw Jesus give the children 🍬. huge 🍭’s and cotton candy!  Jesus has so much sweet things to give us for coming back to praise & thanking Him as a child. Wow!! what time is it? It whatever time you want it to be! IT’S TIME TO PRAISE THE LORD!

Vision Shared by Vivian Murray

I Need Thee Every Hour..



“I had read how one was given the advice to check in with the Lord Jesus each hour and ask His advice on ‘how’ they were doing – so I asked Him this am at 11:09 – and the following went through me..:

To Jesus:  “My Love, I want You to be pleased with me each hour – but I know how faulty I am -“
Jesus:  “Yes, beloved – ask Me each hour if you are giving Me joy – simply without anxiety – you are willing to listen to Me – I see this – you want to do what is right to please Me – if this is your attitude then is this not what I see?  You are always with Me;  that is your desire.   I see this  so be at peace and be cheerful in serving Me.  Please Me, be kind, and know I never leave you.  (for us all!)
Patricia… would or could we apart from each other, after all we’ve shared?  How beloved?   I love you!
To Jesus:  Oh Beloved Jesus – “The pain today – it seems to get worse lately (my back and knees) But I have offered all to You in my morning offering { Oh Jesus, I unite all my actions to Your Heartbeats to do the will of the Father in Heaven on earth, especially for conversions– (This is what I say each day to Him.)}
Jesus:  “Again ,beloved , have you given Me the day? Have you purposefully left Me or not wanted to do My will-  just ask yourself.  Remember what I said in He and i ?  “If I can put up with you, can you put up with you?  Be of good heart – I see your efforts even in your discomforts and I collect all.   Nothing escapes Me. Keep going, I am with you always.  I love you.”    {for all!}
Shared by Patricia Owens