Not In Vain…


I want to share my testimony, with you heartdellers.
During the last 2 months I’ve been in severe pain in my mouth. I offered it up to Jesus without complaining for Trump, America, the tortured children and for Dear Clare, I’m a senior and did not have the money so I keep praying to Jesus, soon I got my Tax refund and got a small 12 hour a week job. I went to the oral surgeon He was out of town. Again I tried not to complain offered it to Jesus. I went to 4 Dentists they all turned me down saying the surgery was to complicated and dangerous Tuesday to the oral Surgeon who finally came back to town and He preformed the surgery this morning, praise God almighty. This message has confirmed to me that the suffering and severe pain I endured was not in vain, but worked for God’s agenda. I give Almighty God All the Glory!!! Amen Thank you and praise you Jesus. Hallelujah !!!
Shared by Sharon Rivera in video comments

Sweeping Pray of Intercession

About a week and a half ago, I had a vision of MANY of the Prayer Warriors across this land going in the spirit
to the White House, joining hands and praying, then sweeping through the White House as a mass, perhaps
branching out in large groups – praying and praying. Evil FLED before us/them and the Warrior Angels
swept through, cleansing and cleansing…I ‘see’ it even now as I type this. There was no ‘time-frame’ on this
vision – it could have happened already, it could be a ‘perpetual’ happening. I don’t know. But He IS taking
all the evil away!!! Praise God!
~Shared by Carol ..

My Three Miracles our Lord Has Done..


My Testimony, By Russell “Nathan” Dodds:

I want to tell everyone what the Lord has done for me last week. I have been suffering tremendously for some time. It grew worse and worse to the point where I didn’t know if I would survive. I searched for the Lord hanging on every word from this channel. I was prayed for by many wonderful brothers and sisters. Reaching out beyond their circle of influence to take time and touch my life. I am a preachers son, Pentecostal. I have been fighting for my soul for 2 years now. Heavy bondage. Heavy sickness. Last Sunday after being hospitalized (by what I can only describe as demonic attack), I was prayed for by an evangelist from the mission field, (similar to where Clare Lives). I had Holy Spirit on me like when I first received it as a teenager. I was not able to control it. It was all over me for most of the day. I was delivered and my sickness had left. After years of being very sick(I am only 37), I was totally healed. After that, a very special Heart dweller prayed for me in private.

I was told directly that the Lord was with me(Which is what I have been praying for after a year listening to this channel). Again I was delivered further and spiritually healed. Lastly, since my near fatal car wreck from a drunk driver(which Jesus spared me and my youngest boys lives) we have been in extreme need. I was called by the state yesterday and they said we would receive benefits for all of our needs. As I have never asked for help(since I have always worked, (single father), I was absolutely overwhelmed this week by the 3 Miracles Jesus has done for me and my family. I love you all and God Bless You. I had to share what the Lord has Done for me.

Shared by Russel N. Dodds

You Are The Breath That I Breathe


It happened in the early hours of this morning. I will type it they way I did to a friend on facebook. several hours back(after it happened) So, I almost died this morning at about 1.30am or so But Jesus saved me…now the time is 4:19am…been up since then I sinned (fell for something that I’ve been gradually overcoming) and somehow I unconsciously slept off without repenting, even though that wasn’t my intention..but in my dream it somehow surged down on me and my memory like “you’ve not repented” that knowing just came and immediately I awoke and started praying while making my way to the bathroom… As I was still praying and relieving myself at the loo, I suddenly felt a painful feeling all over my body but more on my whole chest and then this kind of numbness alongside it..before I knew it..I was falling-no, slumping downwards with my eyes open but also trying to mouth unbelievably was still moving in prayer…there was no panic even though I helplessly tried to control myself.

I.all of a sudden I just stopped and I do not know how I did..but I knew it was Jesus. I immediately began worshipping and thanking Him for mercy and saving me.. Then I put on my headphones and hit shuffle in faith believing He would have something to say to me…(remember I said one of those ways is songs?). Well right off the bat He did…played the first song that sang of freedom from sin e.t.c (can’t recall exactly.) Then He went on to play this song by Dr. Tumi. It says ” hossana to Jehovah, you are the breath that I breathe” “Hossana to Jehovah, in You i live and move and have my being”… That was point blank perfect.. I just began worshipping Him more on the spot… It’s still dark though but I did not let that keep me from singing His praise out.. The other important part i forgot was after the songs or maybe during…that calmness and peace came on my whole chest, so no more pains and discomfort 😇😂😂🙌. That was it….

NOW this morning after I shared the testimony with my family in fellowship, my dad said “it’s good to listen to and obey the Holy spirit when He talks to you – I had the compulsion around 1 am to go to the sitting room and pray, which I did and after praying, decided to read my bible. Let us Thank God for everything and for saving Israel and not letting us have a cause to weep”

Shared by Israel Odupitan in video messages


Prayer Is Powerful!


Prayer is sooo powerful….

I remember I was visiting my twin grandsons in Mass. and there was a terrible threat of tornadoes around us at the house there.  So I decided to say the weather blessings I knew…Out Loud.  It took a bit of courage, as I took the risk they would think I was a bit off or something, but I did not care – and said it out loud.   They sortta looked at me..I could feel the “shadows”, but we went outside and all of the sky was clear, and all around in a circle were grey clouds like a band around the whole sky…the  storms were gone!!! Gone!  And the sky blue and we just looked at each other.

Sooo they knew..Pray!  Just wanted to share that it might encourage someone that..Yes, Pray!

He hears, and He does!  Amen. Love you




Shared by Patricia Owens

God’s Power Shown After Prayer



“My husband just went through the same thing. He had a minor stroke 2 weeks ago and after they sent him home he kept having TIA’s for the entire week and they could not find the cause and he ended up with another stroke last Saturday. He was in the emergency room and not getting any better when a friend of his from church and I prayed for him while he was getting a current CT. When they wheeled him back into the room I smelled frankincense coming from my purse (apparently I had a bottle of anointing oil in my purse that I wasn’t aware of) as the bottle must have started leaking. We decided to anoint him with the oil while the doctors and nurses where fussing over him on his right side

I anointed the damaged and lifeless left side of him. Within 3 minutes the stroke symptoms disappeared and he was able to speak again! Hallelujah! Of course the doctor and nurse didn’t make the connection but we knew. Also, the enemy attacked my dog for the second time last night with a violent seizure. I also took her to the vet and they can’t find anything wrong with her either. We are fighting for our lives now more than ever and we can’t stop praying for each other.  Our prayers are more precious than gold!

Shared by cathy chidester in video comments

Deliverance From Collision: Praise Report


Yesterday morning I was almost killed in traffic, me and my son. I want to copy and paste,what happened here…. I also, want you to know, last night I stayed home from work because I needed just to be about my house, slow down and listen to His voice. Then, this morning I get another confirmation in this video of my day yesterday. Here’s what happened in traffic… ….so, Proof of Prayer….

This morning I needed to take my son, Joshua, to HMNS for his STAAR exam. On route to the museum I am at Binz and 288. I have the green light. I go through. … in my peripheral vision, out my driver’s side window, I see a truck coming at me. I call out the name of Jesus, no time to react. Brace upon impact.

I see in a flash the truck whizzing by in my rear view mirror. I know it was the grace of God that saved my son and me. I should be dead. Feels like time stood still and instead of impact, I’m in the next frame of life checking myself as to how did I get to this spot? God did it. His angels rescued us….pushed us up a second more out of the way.

This morning as I was getting dressed doing my hair, makeup, I stopped to praise God and thank Him for my day. I like when I’m in real time and the next moment I’m exulting God the Father on High. This morning, as I was praising God, the Holy Spirit descended and I found myself holding my heart and swaying to the music which reverberates around me. It’s the most precious moments of total ecstacy with God. ….I see clearly my God and Savior, Christ Jesus, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, …. Thank you, Lord! Ani LeDodi ve Dodi Li (I am my beloved ‘ s and my beloved is mine.)

Shared by Natividad Arreaga in video comments



He Heals Our Diseases♥


Jesus guiding doctor

Today I want to share something very special:

the sister of a friend, was diagnosed with cancer she was very depressed and not very devoted to our lord, are lukewarm faith, but even so I told my friend, you believe in Jesus, you allow me to prayer to your sister, I trust in the lord that he will make a miracle and this will be for you to witness that he is a living god and hears the prayers of his children, and yesterday I talked with my friend and told me that her sister did not have cancer !! Glory to God and our beloved Jesus for his greatness, thank you sir for making me useful for you, ……………………………………………………………………………………… Hoy quiero compartirles algo muy especial , la hermana de una amiga le diagnosticaron cáncer ella estaba muy deprimida y no son muy devotos a nuestro señor , son de fe tibia, pero aun así le dije a mi amiga , crees en Jesucristo, me permites hacer oración a tu hermana, yo confió en el señor que él hará un milagro y esto sera para que ustedes sean testigos de que el es un dios vivo y escucha las oraciones de sus hijos , y ayer hable con mi amiga y me dijo que su hermana ya no tenia cáncer!! gloria a dios y a nuestro amado Jesús por sus grandezas, gracias señor por hacerme útil para ti ,

Shared by Guadalupe LLAMAS ROJAS In video comments


Healing Praise Report

I have seen in past 24 hours 3 kids healed and one adult man healed…. the sicknesses that instantly vanished were a sprained ankle, sore throat, stuffed up nose, and an upset stomach….last Sunday I witnessed another upset stomach, jaw pain issue, and fever just go as well….a little later this week I believe I am going to a local hospital to minister to a girl i know a little that is in a coma from an operation that went badly few days ago…………………..all glory to God….i repeat all glory to Him….for it is He that heals….I can do no healings without Him being over me and inside me…. ..Amen…
Shared by Ken Beal

No More Fear After Binding Prayer


Bless you Clare for all the hard work you put into your videos.

I have been listening to you for about 6 months now and have never written a comment but I have to tell you that I started using the binding prayer one week ago every morning just before going into work. I started a new job about one month ago working with severely mentally and physically disabled children about 15 to 20 years old.  I am a nurse. Jobs are hard to find where I live and I had to take it.

After the third week of work, I was crying every morning that I had to go. So every day just before I went into work this past week, I would say the binding prayer. I admit that I still want to find another job, but I have no more fear or anxiety when I go into work now. I just offer the job up to the Lord.

That prayer is so powerful. Thank you so much for the prayer and this revised version. I’m going to start including my family in it too.

~Shared by Carol Huber in Video Comments