A Prayer Offering for Others


“My beloved Clare, today I put at His feet a very painful experience. I took the pain as a sacrifice for the favour of touching a soul with love instead of wrath. At home i asked Yahshua how to take this, if it was received. He answered :”Eternal life in in Me and I am in you”. It was such a sweet and strong confirmation! Such a pain and such a blessing cuts deeper and deeper through the worldly ties. Your words are confirmed. But get strong my beloved. The day is closer to us as the day when we firstly believed.”

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It Is Well With My Soul

Woww.. AMEN!


My Dreams and Visions

The title to this post is from the hymn with the same name. It was written by a man, Horatio G. Spatford, who through a series of unfortunate events lost his business, then his 4 daughters in a shipwreck so that just he and his wife remained. It is at this time he penned the words the the hymn we all know.

The reason I’ve posted this story is because of a dream I had the night of 06/29/2016. In the dream I seemed to be in some sort of worship service. While there my attention was drawn to a young frail looking woman. The woman was worshipping the Lord with every ounce of strength she possessed. I remember talking to her and I noticed a large growth at the base of her neck. I questioned her about it and she told mr that it was a melanoma and that…

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