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The Earth’s Future Restoration in Christ


Sister Clare, I hope this message finds you. I know you’re very busy these dayI must share this dream w/you i just had 3 night ago.

In my dream I saw Jesus walking the earth overseeing the rebuilding of the world. It seemed that the scene depicted was that of the beginning of the 1,000 year reign & much rebuilding & planting was taken place. I saw happy children dressed in white running around throwing seeds onto the ground. The seeds sank into the soil & immediately golden stalks 6 feet shot up! Then I saw millions of children in heaven all dressed in white. They were sitting in school desks, millions of them stretching far off into the distance. And above me was a 2nd tier also filled w/children in desks. I saw golden pillars in the distance that must have been a mile high. And on the horizon a huge planet w/rings around it like Saturn. Then the scene changed & I was driving a car down a city street & on the other side of the road I saw a white message board. You know, the kind w/the stick-on black letters. And on the message board was the word MAY 1–but a fence post for a power pole obscured what was after the “1”. But I distinctly saw the word MAY and what looked like a “1” and something after it. The Lord has blessed me w/very vivid dreams lately. Not all happy visions, I have seen burning cities but the hopeful dreams are very vivid. For what it’s worth I’m sharing this dream w/as many people who will hear. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you & shine His face upon you. i plead the blood of Jesus upon your channel. God be with you. A brother in Christ,

John in Arizona.

A Portion of His Cup with Him



I had a vision of drinking from that cup of the deep things of God. I remember being totally bloody and mangled with Jesus I had a vision where we both being crucified and tortured but we both smiled at each other with a deep love I never experienced before. I understood then that his suffering shows both his love for the world and his pain for those that don’t choose him on a daily basis. Thank you Lord for that vision.

Vision shared by Jacob J in video comments

Know Me in My Suffering


“Dear family in Yahushua, This message came in over the last week, Father imprinting His revelation and understanding from His heart to mine. There is no limit to the heights or the depths of His love for His people, and if we truly desire Him, no there is no limit to how much of His glory He will reveal to us. The more we seek Him, the more He chases after us. His love abounds and what He seeks most is covenant and love in return with His children. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within us when we abide in Him, and just as He displayed here while on earth, true joy and peace do indeed come from a fully surrendered and crucified life. He lived it to show us by example that it can be done. He wants us to understand we should desire ALL of Him, and partake of ALL He endured here. His Word teaches us that we must partake of His sufferings to fully abide in Him. Seek Him with everything in you. He will not disappoint. I send my shalom and blessings to you all.

Julie Daughter, it is I, the Suffering Servant, the Lamb who was slain and the Glorified King, the Risen One, the Lion of Judah. There is no other name than Yahushua, whereby man can be saved. I wish to share what is on My heart with you, as you have been praying to have a deeper understanding of My heart and My great love for My people. In order to be called one of Mine, to be My elect and My chosen, My set-apart ones and My royal priesthood, you must desire to join Me in the fullness of who I AM. Those who know Me intimately must not only pray to join Me in My sufferings, but seek Me there earnestly. It is not possible to truly know Me in the fullness of who I AM, unless you are willing to embrace all that I endured. You cannot have the glorified life without the crucified one. To only seek My glory and My joy robs you of the deeper understanding of the love that was required in My sacrifice on the Cross, and it limits you from attaining the unconditional love for My lost ones that I require My chosen ones to embody. My resurrection is only part of the journey. The pain and the sacrifice required to attain the glorified life is more than most are willing to ask for and walk in, in this life. 

This Word from the Lord was given to Julie from the I Am Calling You Now BlogSpot .  It was shared with us by  Bennett Raggie in video comments

He Has Forgiven Me



Last night as I was driving home ….i started to thank God for everything in my life i then asked him for a hug….just a hug and nothing more.

I had a dream that i was in a crowded store and in front of me was a homeless man….for some reason i was in a rush and tried to walk around him….i respectfully said, excuse me and he slightly moved.   i managed to walk around him and this woman said, his name is IBN i then turned around and said what an interesting name and spelled it out IBN just like that short and simple…as i exited the store i notice the homeless man behind me exiting the store as well but i continued to walk and then i stopped and turned around again…the homeless man dressed with dirty clothes did a transformation right before my eyes….(like Cinderella) he was wearing a white suit crisp clean not a wrinkle or stain.

I approached him and said OMG LOOK AT YOU!!! He looked at me and said, he has forgiven all my sins…i then looked down and started to cry and all i could say was i wonder if he has forgiven me….he then took his hand raised my head and hugged me….and all i kept saying was I am sorry…. I am sorry… i am sorry…as i woke up that name stayed in my head so i decided to look it up…. IBN means “the son of”…. i am crying tears of joy….because he has forgiven me….

Shared by Norma Bustamante in video comments

Give Him First Place



Thank you so much Jesus. Heartdwellers this morning when i was praying and asking for forgiveness, i saw in my minds eye the time that Jesus and desciples was in the garden before he was taken and crucified. When Jesus was praying and He asked the disciples to pray with Him, but they fell a sleep. I was so deeply touch and hurt, because this is what i have been doing. Busy with my studies and putting Him (my greatest love) on the back burner, while He is in need of my company and prayers. And now this messages… Guys please please pray for me!!!! Thank you guys, God bless you.

Shared by God More God More in video comments

Just Say “No”: The Mark of the Beast


Mark of the Beast – Is Not So Sweet!
The Mark of the Beast was the news on the streets
The RFID chip would surely make us “Hip”
Whether right hand or forehead, tattooed or injected
Life was made so simple by the heads of the elected

No ID was required to travel or eat
No ID was needed to buy or sell on Wall Street
We’d show up without those silly ID’s
Now we were bound to the New World decree

Birds of prey, Dark Angels, “In Flocks”
“Get the Mark today”, they would say
Headed to slaughter why were we surprised?
The Mark of the Beast had been Satan’s biggest lie

From voluntary to mandatory the chip was here to stay
Six-Six-Six embedded on it’s array
Causing the wiser to run away
From the cities they did flee, from these terrible Deities

Revelation Thirteen: Sixteen was His decree
End Times would see the Beast, on the hands of you and me
With the Mark we would be Satan’s victory
Refuse it and Heaven will become our destiny

Jesus wanted our love and repentance
God created the universe allowing our personal independence
Our love for him can be shown by following his rules
And maybe we will stop being influenced by fools

Jesus died for us to give us a choice
There are only two destinations when plotting your course
Repent from your heart before it’s too late
Jesus Loves us and wants to protect our fate

Shared by Lynnlovesbooks77

Praying for the World- Part II



Hi all to my brothers and sisters in Christ..


Have been a little under the weather the last 3 days. Was in bed this afternoon (just felt very drowsy), and after a short time had a picture/vision of learning to fly an aeroplane, taking off over some hills and buildings. I got the sense it represented Jesus asking me to let Him “take control” -so I did.


Then I had fleeting picture of refugees(?) Groups of people dressed Arabic style walking…, and one woman (plus many more) had lost her children and lost hope. I could see what she was wearing, a long light blue garment, sandals. So I prayed for the group.

Next was a distinct picture of a camel and a woman riding with the black head to toe garment, so prayed for the Bedouin/nomadic  Arabic people. For all the women, children and men.


Then, a sense to pray for Russian people, then North Korean! It was quite productive…..The rest of the time worship songs of different sorts were going through my head…

So restful, but useful! Got up feeling better too…


A very different approach that I will remember now, rather than thinking random thoughts, as you do when you are not sleeping., and it’s not like I was looking to hear from Jesus, I just did…

Years ago as a new Christian and intercessor, I used to be able to picture who I was praying for, even if I had no idea where their country even was!

Shared by Gill Knox on 4/17/16- the weekend of the tragic  Japanese and Ecuadorian Earthquakes

Pray For the World





Shared by  Patrick Anderson in video comments

Little Girl Angel



Angel Story: …. My Mom and Dad were in a big fight because they could not find a large real gold coin. They looked everywhere. My Mom was home alone one day on the couch sleeping when she awoke to watch this little girl, maybe ten years of age or so, walk right in the front door. My Mom tried asking her what she wanted and what she was doing but she said nothing and walked directly to the back of the house into my parents bedroom. She walked right up to the dresser, opened the sock drawer, grabbed a particular sock and pulled out the gold coin where my parents had forgotten they hid it. She laid the coin on the dresser. The little girl then turned and walked right out of the house without saying a word. 😊

Shared by “His Grace, His Glory”

Jesus: Our Teacher, Healer, and Bridegroom



….I don’t often get powerful vivid dreams or encounters with Jesus…In fact I’ve only had 2 before….This morning was my third and it was beyond great ….We walked through 3 local Christian churches where I live as if we were one person at times. Our mission was to perform healings- performing such things as defeating grossly crippled backs and getting other paralyzed people to instantly walk (people paralyzed spiritually and/or physically)…. He taught me His heart in the healings and He taught me people’s current condition of their spiritual hearts- for and against Him….He showed me that when you really do it out of Love- much more miracles will manifest such as with Words of Knowledge (like knowing their names beforehand) and with deep and immediate healings….There was No disease or sickness that couldn’t be instantly healed if the healer’s motive is truly good and not self serving … He taught me how few people (church attendees or not) even recognized Him even after the healings and/or how they would soon forget Him after their miracle ….He showed my how the devil would do whatever he could to place doubt, contempt, legalism, condemnation, sickness, difficulties in talking, and depressions spirits in peoples’ (especially in church goers) minds and bodies …. But as I walked with Him to each church I was also reminded that meeting together in a building was a Very Good thing in an attempt to build each other up and to make disciples….The first church was my own church, the 2nd was a Lutheran or Catholic church, and the 3rd was a mostly black church… church had it “all going on” as flaws would pemanate minds and attitudes….each church in my town He loved the same- along with loving each person the same…..some would flock to Him as we walked together and others would mock Him and judge His appearance and long hair….. He dressed in very common clothes with me and put on “no cloaks” of arrogance….. The healings in this dream were contagious and many people within 20 feet of Him were often healed to… even the air turned into a surreal clean glowing and healthy light….yet most people just ran off screaming in delight that they were healed with no real searching inside of how or why ….. pride was often a big issue to their “stiff necks”…But He also showed me the ones He healed (before and after) that really loved Him and were so incredibly thankful….This love was contagious to me and was what I wanted and desired to carry as well…. in the dream one young lady hugged Him deeply…I mean really hugged Him and wouldn’t let go….He told her that she was the most beautiful thing ever created- even though she felt ugly on earth…. He said somthing like ” just wait until the rapture and the glory of your rewards for choosing me will never stop astounding you!” .. she asked politely ” when will this day be?”….In my vivid encounter, Jesus enthusiatically replied (and this dream was for today’s date) “in 2016, or next year”……..

Shared by Ken Beal in video comments