Under The Stars


I  was singing up into the stars late at night to God one night, and felt the Lords’ presence surround me…   I had asked God to send angels to doctor up my horrible singing voice singing up into the Heavens., since I knew He is used to hearing beautiful angelic choirs.. not some croaky human     Well,   I sang from my heart all the old spiritual hymns I learned at church, and at the end of my songs, I was aware of  a presence on the top of my parents roof.. above where I was standing.    I instinctively looked up and saw a person standing there all covered in Light..   I knew it was a Man, and I knew that I knew Him somehow, but mentally was not sure how.   I felt Him smiling at me (even though I couldn’t see His face as He was all covered in Light)  so I smiled back and felt such a sense of love around me.    Then He flew up off of the rooftop and into the sky ., into the Heavens, and I kept on watching Him and watching Him until He was no longer visible.,    then I ran into the house and told my mother how I had just seen an angel.

It was only years and years later that our Lord revealed to me that it was HIM that I saw…    When we sing from our hearts, it is music to His ears.   Singing from our hearts is MORE valuable to Him than a perfect physical singing voice :-).

PS:  I still look up in the sky at that same area where I saw Him fly up into.. (like a comet flying upwards) to this day and wave to Heaven ..     Now when I look back, I learn yet another part of our Lord’s character I had not known before..   He knew that mentally I did not know it was Him..   my spirit knew, but my mind assumed He was someone.. a guy angel., but not Jesus,   who was sent by God to sing over my out of tune singing voice, because I had suggested to Him that He may want to do that since I couldn’t promise singing in tune..and He’d have to hear me belting up into the!      Well,  Jesus KNEW that I wasn’t mentally aware it was HIM..  but He was content with that…   He knew my spirit knew and that in time I would fully know even mentally.    That speaks a lot to me of His patience and that He doesn’t have that compelling need to shout out , ‘it’s ME!”    .. He allows us to come to that realization, even years later..   It shows His humility to me..   also that He would go out of His way to visit a basic “nobody” on this earth., and yet He is the king of Kings of all Universes!   How much love and compassion and tenderness He has for the least of us all.. wow!!

He Catches Us When We Fall



My Sweet Family in Jesus,


It’s  a great feeling knowing that we have the most amazing Father in the whole universe, creation and earth.  He will never abandon His children.

I hope you can understand what I wrote here.  It probably don’t make much sense, but I try to explain the best that I could.


The other night I was not in a good place and I ask Kathleen to please pray for me, she has gone through what I was going through.  I spend a long time singing and praising the Lord that night.  I didn’t pray, just sang and praise.  Late at night, maybe at 3am I went to bed and ask the Lord to be by my side while I feel asleep.  I felt Him sitting on the other side of the bed with His legs in bed, like when you are reading in bed, like that.  I felt very secure in that moment.  My hubby was working 11 pm- 7 am.  With Him by my side I felt asleep.


He gave me a beautiful dream:


In my dream I was like in a park but all kinds of rides.  I was not alone.  I was with a bunch of my classmates from High School.  We were having a great time all together, like old times.  The girls wanted to go in the roller coaster, I don’t like roller coasters, so they went and I kept walking in what it looks a roller coaster but for hiking.  I did that.  When I was in the top, I look down and realized that it was way high almost reaching the clouds.  I could hear my girlfriends and just see a spot calling my name.  I decided to start my way down, just to realize that you could not hike down, there was just an elevator and it was out of order.


I look, and I see this man trying to fix the elevator.  He ask me” Do you want to go down”  I reply yes, I do.  He smile and show mw a platform with no walls only a small platform.  This is what he used to come up.  It has no cables or anything that I could see, it was just there like floating in the air.  He said”  Come with me, this platform is super secure, you will be fine.”  He stretch it’s hand toward mine and help me get unto the platform.  He never said another word to me.


We are going down and everything seems fine.  But, you know that curiosity kills the cat, that is me.  I look down to see my friends, put just a small dot yet.  Because I looked down, I felt some vertigo and fell from the platform.  I open my hands like if I was flying, I was coming down at great velocity, as I open my hands I said out loud,. “JESUS”   as  soon as I called on Jesus, I started to slow down and like parasailing until , literally ,the hand of Jesus put me on the ground.


There were many people looking up seeing what was going on.  When I came down, everyone came to check if I was ok.  They started to ask me how could it be after a fall like that I landed like a feather and nothing harmed me.  Of course, Vianni being Vianni, she started to laugh and laugh and to say screaming out loud for the whole amusement park could hear what happen.  “It Was JESUS, JESUS landed me in the ground.  His hands, yes, His hands.  We don’t need to be afraid, He is there always to catch us and start brand new, from the beginning.”


I have mediated a bit in it’s meaning.  The platform had no walls like an elevator, only two could fit in it, a man driving it.  He told me it was very secure to us the platform to go down.   My five cents.  Jesus guides us in our path here in earth, He makes you feel secure, He is our security blanket.  I was trusting in my path. until I had some doubts or disobeyed somehow, then I felt.  When I call on Jesus, He came with mercy and love to pick me up and put me back in my way.


He is just letting us know, no matter what happen, what we do, how we do it, why we do it, if we call on Him< He will be always ready to pick us up.  No matter how bad of a situation we have in front of us, He is there and He will find a secure and safety way for us to deal with the situation and be victorious for His glory.


He is the PATH, the WAY, the only Way.  He is our DOOR, OPEN DOOR, with Him we are Mighty Warriors for His Kingdom.  We can’t swirl or despair right now or even later, thinking 3 years ughhhh.  Three years are nothing on the timing of the Lord.  We ARE VICTORIOUS with Him.  We all together, even if one of us goes in a different path, but yet working for the Kingdom, He will be there and us as well.  My friends were waiting for me, they didn’t leave me because I went a different way than them.  That is all of us.  Many things can happen in three years.


One of us can go to preach, others to teach the word of the Lord and hardly have time to chat like we do many times.  One can go to a remote place were there is no internet and we can still hold him/her up in prayers.  Many things can happen.  The bond that the Lord has put among us, no one nor anything will be able to brake it.  It has being GOD himself giving us this call for His glory and kingdom.  Aleluya,  Father all praise and honor to your name.  you are a Mighty God.  Thank you Lord for your Mercy….”

~Experience/Dream Given to Heart Dweller, Vianni Lopez

Jesus.. the Father’s First Born: Last in Line

Jesus our First Borne.. Last in Line on Earth .. First in Line in Heaven

Jesus- King in Exile


This past Wednesday I had an experience with Jesus..  an unseen invisible experience but very real nonetheless.      Every time I go anywhere.. including church, I ask Jesus to be with me.. to sit next to me.    I know it is a presumptuous request, because in  many cases, there are people around me who are genuinely humble saints, so why would He choose to be around me?   (not trying to sound humble, but there are times I truly havnt exactly obeyed Him and have no right calling Him “Lord” .  He’s working on me though)     Nevertheless, I believe our Lord can be with each of us all at the same matter how unsaintly we are compared with others..   He only cares that we desire to be near Him.

Well this past Wednesday evening I asked Jesus to be with me throughout the service, and I like to think He was..but of course, I…

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Travailing In Prayer With Jesus


Unbelievable. ….

When you mentioned something about many being in travailing prayer I was reminded of something my daughter shared with me today. She is 9 years old and frequently worships God alone in her room during “quiet time” when I put my younger sons for a nap. Today during her time of worship, she said she saw Jesus and he was on the floor crying and sobbing and it hurt her to see it. she said she also began to cry and got on her knees to comfort the Lord. She then said she saw the World and was made to understand that something going on in the world is very bad and making Jesus cry. She said she tried singing him songs to make Him feel better but nothing seemed to cheer Him up. it was all she could do to just cry with him on the floor.

She said she could the pain in his chest as if it were her own. When she told me this a couple hours after her experience, she said her chest still hurt. Very powerful. Thank you sister Clare

Shared by Anchored In His Glory in video comments

Our Comforter


Shared by Misty Beebe, Lewis, Frith in video comments:
“I prayed so hard and my cries were so hard. The Lord walked right in and asked me to please not cry. He spent time with me . Our time was amazing. He comforted me. Had me lay on the sofa. He spoke so softly and kindly. He made me fetch an ice pack for my face. I cried so much my face and eyes were swollen. I just miss him sooooo much. Every day seems to get harder and harder! He told me to Lay down and to rest. I sure do Love my King.”

Forgiveness Training

06/28/2016 VISITATION –



I WAS PRAYING  (Myself and my fiancee(Scheyla)) and I saw JESUS TAKE ONE PIECE that fit PERFECTLY IN ANOTHER ……


“Precision parts fit with precision parts meaning he PUTS PEOPLE WITH A CALL DEALING WITH EVEN CALLED PEOPLE…

“The inhabitants of the heart will be light in a dark world” , He said.   THEN I HAD A VISION:  There was a field and many white dressed  people ran in our direction and the people turned into batteries. (Even in need of light these people come to give new life, bringing more energy)

“Why do you think I showed  the secrets of the end of time for you?”  Jesus asked.

I ASKED: “Lord why so much ATTACKS, why don’t the attacks   stop?

He replied, “I am allowing these attacks as training for a very difficult time to come”

“One more time, and the world seeth Me no more, but I will be with those who seek me.  Without my presence ,  you will see that nothing will work properly”

“Who fight against my children only prevail  if I allow;  because I blowing my breath, the persecutors of My children perish

“I’m allowing offenses in the lives of many people to keep you exercised in forgiveness” (LETS   TRY NOT BE ANNOYED OR COMPLAIN when we are wronged)


“Tell them that I love them and nothing can snatch them out of my hand”

Ezra 5 10 We asked them their names, to certify thee, that is, to write the names of the men that they are the bosses.
11 And this is the answer they gave us: We are servants of the God of heaven and earth, and build the house that was built many years ago, which a great king of Israel built and finished.

This temple that was rebuilt in the time of Ezra, was the temple that Jesus walked with his disciples.

“Take this bread, which is the teaching of forgiveness in any situation, and fight the darkness in fasting and prayer and take with them because these are the weapons that have to teach many after they receive salvation”
Matthew 8 31 And the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, send us into the herd of swine. (Jesus subduing the darkness by the power of God)

The Peace of the Lord Jesus, God bless us

Jesus Beside Me

20160621_184155_001  20160621_21013620160621_211035         purple flower 2

Loved reading these special stories of visits from the Lord..I had said that I started drawing..I have never been developed in drawing to be really good at it but Jesus said thru Clare..”Just Start”,  so I did..did a bunch of them..something everyday..then one night I came to I sat down to begin..I felt the physical presence of Jesus beside me.   I was so touched to feel him beside me..I could feel he sat to my right with his left arm around me and wanted to watch what I was doing..the beauty and the sweetness I felt reduced me to tears..well I had to dry them and said ok.

It took me 2 hours to do a drawing of a yellow bird..during the struggle of it I asked him to help me and he is the best rendering I’ve done since I began..after I finished it I turned to put earphones on for praise it played I saw myself sitting with Jesus in a wicker swing for two with his arm around me pointing to the sky as if to tell me things about the Heavens..
I have been so touched by that..I usually feel so unworthy of the Rapture and so afraid sometimes that I don’t do enough or haven’t let go of the world enough to be able have those kind of moments with the Lord in Heaven.. have felt that i want to do things with the lord in heaven like ride horses or seahorses 🙂 walking and talking or dancing and the like but have been afraid that i have missed the mark
for that..have issues sometimes with refined sugar..chocolate in any form ice cream etc etc..i have tried to obstain from them but just recently went back to them..but have felt that at least I have limited them and am still improving on those things..this stuff is hard to share but it has been cool to see the love moments that Jesus is giving to his Brides..that moment with him has helped me to believe that maybe I will have other times like that in Heaven as well..and not be relegated to an outer edge somewhere because of SUGARRR- lol

I haven’t colored the bird yet..but soon.. I have attached the bird and a few other things I have done..Enjoy!
I love being a part of all of you 🙂

~Shared by Kathleen Hiler