The Storm About to Start


I feel led to share the vision I had yesterday.

I was in heaven and Jesus and I were standing on the edge of  Heaven holding hands.  I noticed I was wearing a white robe like him and I had a engagement ring on and I knew I had on a crown and I knew it was beautiful but could not see or feel it.     I bowed to Him and as he raised me up I realized that the crown stayed exactly on my head.   When He stood me up we looked out to the clouds and saw only a gigantic storm above the earth. He told me it’s right there about to start and to not let go of him for anything and we will be alright.  I asked if it’s really Him and he said your crying right?  You always cry when it’s me.  I agreed and asked for another confirmation so I opened face book and clicked on the first video and the announcer said this as confirmation.  The video was about  them finding things hidden in the Torah that will be this year and will start next week!!!

Shared by Tasha Miller in Video Comments

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