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A Dance with Jesus :-)

Jesus was very sweet yesterday. I was in church, and during praise & worship, I’m a bit like Hannah; crying & singing with no words coming out. So I have a tissue in my right hand ready to dab, and my left hand up. Then I closed my eyes, and Jesus was dancing with me! My hands were unconsciously just in the right position for a dance☺️ Before when I saw us dance, it was like I was looking from a distance, but this time, He was right there. With my head in His chest. Jesus is good and sweet💗
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From Jesus To Me and You



On the morning of May 26, 2016.. probably around 4:30 am eastern time,   Before falling back to sleep, I prayed to our Lord, “Lord, all I want is to hear a word from Your lips” and before my head hit the pillow from exhaustion, I clearly heard Him within my heart reply to me, “None ever sought Me in vain.”    I thought.. ‘Woww”.. I just heard HIM!    but I dozed off for another 30 minutes and upon waking up again, I heard Him then say, “I am ever eager to hear yours”     (He meant that He is also eager for a word from me to Him as well. He desires we ALL share even the most silly things with Him in prayer)   I was sooo stunned facing the reality of that moment that I clearly heard Him within me!   I do hear Him sometimes when I’m half asleep in that dream state.. but this time I was not sleeping 🙂   … especially after His last sentence as He awaited (He is so patient)  me to wake back up again.

So after I clearly heard Him speak that to me about how eager He is to hear even my words.. I began chatting about the first thing I could think of!  I heard some cute chipmunks chatting about outside and birds showing off their tunes to each other.. so I mentioned that to Jesus in prayer. ..not feeling silly that I was wasting His time over such I often think.    And then after I was finished sharing that with Him,  I opened blindly to the devotional, “He and I”, and the first thing my eyes saw was a message from Jesus telling Gabrielle Bossis the following:   “You may be sure that it is for you that the Father Creator made all these things that charm you in Nature.  His goodness is exuberant in creating for His children.  Who ever thinks of thanking Him?  And yet if He has prepared such magnificence in nature for ALL His children, He has also done so for EACH ONE, just as if each were His only child.  Oh, this love for everyone and for one alone!”

He will Come In the Clouds



Hi beautiful family in THE LORD YAHSHUA, I would like to share a vision and a dream that THE LORD YAHSHUA gave me on 05/25/2016:

I had a vision of a earthquake but it was in the mountains but I also saw lots of waves higher than the mountains. Then on May 26/2016; I had a dream, I was outside somewhere and there was a lot of people, when I saw THE LORD YAHSHUA walking up like to the sky, and there was clouds, beautiful clouds and the clouds started to open a entrance to a stairway, and when I saw THE LORD, HE saw me too but I started telling everyone : THE LORD YAHSHUA is up there and when the people turn to look , HE turned too and walked even faster like trying to avoid people from looking at HIM.  HE walked up to the stairway and the clouds were closed behind THE LORD.

When I woke up, I got so happy because I saw THE LORD YAHSHUA, but I ask him why HE walked away and not stay down with us? I have no answer yet. Now I am sad, perhaps we are not ready yet for HIM. Well I do not know. May GOD bless you all in YAHSHUA’S NAME AMEN!

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Come, I AM Waiting For You!

I said to Jesus:
{ me } Yes, Jesus – I long to hear You with the simple heart of childlike faith.  I remember what You said to St. Faustina about if souls would only listen to You speaking in the depths of their hearts, how quickly they would rise to holiness.  And from Way of Divine Love, how you love to forgive – it rests You to forgive – and just as justice pursues criminals in order to punish them, You pursue sinners in order to forgive them!  How precious is that, my Love?  Such mercy.  And that the most hardened sinner is welcomed into Your arms, to have no fear, that is if they want to be forgiven (from their heart) and that You will forgive.  How you want all souls with you in eternity!  No one lost!  Again, what mercy, My Savior/God.  There are so many merciful, awesome gems in the Divine Mercy Diary of St. Faustina + { over 500 pages! }  how I wish the whole world would read such awesome, hopeful words from Your lips on Your mercy! incredible Mercy for alllll souls.  How You love Your brothers, sisters, spouses and children – no one will ever love us as You do.. let us immolate and imitate this love of yours all our lives – to live and love as You have and do.
{ JESUS } And who is doing all the talking here…lol…Yes beloved, I am mercy!  Let no sin keep a soul from my merciful embrace that wants to impart new life and hope to the wandering soul, so miserable in their present condition of being duped by the enemy of their salvation! Come!  I await you with open arms to forgive and restore and heal!
No one is left out – call out to Me – do not be afraid!  I came to heal and restore – I am the SAVIOR!  What a price I paied to redeem you!  As least say thank You, Jesus…I did this out of pure love so you could come your real home with Me and My Father and Holy Spirit, forever.  Can you measure how long is forever, dear soul?  Yes, forever!
I want to hear your cries!  Cry out your misery to Me – Who else can heal you?  Who else can understand the depths of your unhappiness?  The rut you feel you are in and can’t find enough strength to pull yourself out of it?  Who else?  I, Your most loving Savior, can!  And will. Let Me hear your cry!  And when you have cried out to Me, ask Me for a drop of My Blood from My Heart to fall onto your soul to purify you and strengthen you from the attack of the evil one.  Ask Me!  And this shall be done!  I want you saved….saved!  Do not fear to cry out +  I am listening…..
Ask, Cry out.  I am there!  Believe and trust – I want you saved.  I want you delivered from this evil that plagues you relentlessly.  I am there.  I am listening.  But I leave you free, dear soul to choose, yet I am always sending you graces to change.  Listen … and trust.  I …am…there!  Next to you.  Caring. As no one will ever.  Do not be afraid I will throw up your sins in your face…No!!  Let Me hear your cry from the bottom of your heart – I forgive. I love to forgive.
But you have to come to Me wanting…this forgiveness and renewal in My love and will.  I will never leave you or forsake you..Others will beloved soul, but not your God!  I am a God of love and mercy wanting all My loved ones to be with Me, now and for all eternity.  You will never be the same again once I have heard your cry!  {tears}
{ me } Oh Jesus Dear, I hear Your pleading Voice to souls! Oh my prayer is that they listen to Your Divine invitation with out delay or lack of trust and want to have the grace for true sorrow as you invite them to do so.  You are…a God of love and mercy and forgiveness… Thank You Beloved Jesus, Savior, Father, Brother, Beloved, Best Friend, and Creator God!
{ JESUS }…Enough for now little one.  Yes, My mercy is awesome!  Let no one fear to turn and come to Me!  Ever.  Do not doubt Me + do not turn away or run away….Find that I am waiting for you all with open arms…May fear not be what is keeping you from running the final distance to My merciful waiting arms!  I love you all.  All! Come!  No fear! Ever! Your Jesus who loves you as you will never be loved again, or ever.  Come!  I am waiting…. for you…
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In Heaven’s Garden with Jesus



The Lord gave me the permission to post this 🙂 After I watched this video I went to to the Lord and I cried my heart out and repented of my sins. Then I had a vision right that moment, I was on a seashore wearing white dress that just illuminates! I was holding a white flower that glows and I put the flower by the sea. I saw many white flowers there floating and before I could asked what the flower is for the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it is the conversions of many and the desires of our Lord’s Heart. I wept and I saw the Lord looking at those white flowers so I went to Him at His feet and wept and wept. He comforted me and I said “Oh my Jesus I haven’t bear any fruit to your Kingdom. I am sorry my Bridegroom. I am just a grass at your garden.” He chuckled a little bit and gently the Lord lifted me and said that we are going somewhere. Hand in hand as we walk along the seashore the atmosphere began to change. As if we are not in the seashore anymore we were at the garden!!! I was awestruck because when the Lord opened the door I almost died you guys :)) the garden was so beautiful! I cannot begin to describe my dear heart dwellers. It was so beautiful and full of light that I couldn’t even see other flowers because they were radiating with light. I said to the Lord with delight “woah, this is so beautiful Lord!” So I started to look for the grass in that garden w/c was me by the way:)). and the Lord said “come I will show you who you are in this garden” with a smile and He pointed out a beautiful flower at the center with different colors like yellow, pink, white and many more!!! Oh it’s so beautiful unique and different. There was no flower in that garden that have the same variety -they were all unique! And I said to the Lord “Lord is that me?” and my vision ended. Thank you my King!!

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Beloved, Weed the Garden of Your Soul



“…  I also wanted to tell you something Jesus told me through another precious soul, named Stan about 1974 or so.  I pray it uplifts as I share all, and it is for all.

In the message (and take this for oneself as well..) Jesus said:  “Beloved, go weed the garden of your soul. Come to Me pure as the brightest star and I will take you to the Father.  Go water the garden of your soul by prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works, but esp. self-denial – Come to Me you my Beloved (…) and rest in the Wound of My Sacred Heart.”
“Send Me an act of free will filled with love for Me.  Come into perfect oneness of Me – Beloved, do you love Me?  Take all I send you with love, thanksgiving and patiently resigning your own will to My Will – come be one in the perfection of your God – bend your will to Mine in all things; send Me an act of free will filled with love for Me -”     { these are some of the excerpts from the Messages in the 70’s that I wanted to share }  Love you all.  P-
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From the Miry Clay


We have been going through some major issues with our house lately, which is causing a lot of affliction in our family .. with not being able to access water going past two weeks now..

My mother and I had been praying about the situation but it seemed God was not going to give us a breakthrough on the problem.. and that there was a reason He was going to ignore the situation for reasons unknown to us.   We didn’t want to question Him because we understand that He isn’t going to always answer us how we expect Him, or deliver us how we want Him to.   It may very well be that He may want us suffer this situation out without any solution while we are alive.

Nevertheless, I kept asking Him if He would help us locate the pipe leading to our well from the water pump.   Regardless of all the digging and backhoe rental, we were unable to locate this crucial pipe for two weeks.    Yesterday my father resigned himself that he was just going to have to take a loan out to have a new well dug out because we would be without water indefinitely unless something was done.  It didn’t look like we’d ever find that pipe.   The man that installed the well after the house was constructed over 70 years ago has long since died and my father forgot exactly where the pipe was   located.  The plumber wouldn’t do anything about it until we located the pipe..  “Then call me after you dig it up”, he said.

“Lord, there may be a reason why you are permitting me to suffer through this, and I understand.  After all,  there are people in other countries suffering without water and our problem is miniscule compared to theirs.       if possible,  for the sake of my mother or father, can you help them locate the pipe?… just for them ? ”    I asked.

This morning while I was making my bed and getting ready to get to work ,  I heard deep within me the Lord read to me a part of the following Scripture verse, “Many are the _________ of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all”.     I knew this did not come from my own mind, and it seemed as though the Lord intentionally left out a word from this verse, because He wanted me to “fill in the blank” and research it.      I had a hunch the missing word was “afflictions” and so I checked it out in the Bible concordance, and there it was..    Psalms 34:19!    “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all”.!       I KNEW the Lord gave me that verse pertaining to this situation.

Heading out the door to get to work, I wanted to share with my mother what I just heard, but it was running late, and I had to hurry to work.     All day long at work, I kept thinking of the hymn, ‘Great is Thy faithfulness”  and I just had this feeling of expectancy that the Lord was going to give us a breakthrough..   that today the pipe would be found somehow..      Finally when I got home, I asked my father, “so, what’s the scoop?  did he find the pipe?”    and my father, in his non-chalant way replied, ‘yeah, the pipe was found’. .. and I was besides myself in joy!     He thought I was losing,

I told my mother about the Psalms the Lord gave me, and she was greatly encouraged.    She confessed as well that it seemed God just wasnt’ interested in helping us in this situation,   … or maybe it was some sort of punishment we had to go through,  or whatever we could rationalize.. but here the Lord was probably shaking His head at us,  saying, “oh, you of very little faith!”       So now after 2 weeks, the pipe is located, and at least there is closure in that.. and whatever we have to do , or if the well itself needs to be replaced,   we will be able to “get to the bottom of it” (no pun intended.!)     and our Lord will help us take the steps needed to restore what is in need of being restored.

Also, before He gave me this scripture verse,  I asked Him to give me something in the scriptures to let me know if there was any hope in our house being brought back to normal conditions..     and I blindly opened to the book of Nehemiah, which is all about Nehemiah restoring the ruined city of Jerusalem, rebuilding the walls and the gates, and the city step by step with God’s help.

Thank you sooooo much Jesus!!



Seeing Jesus in Prayer to Our Father

Jesus- King in Exile


A few days ago I was reading an entry from Sister Faustina’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul” of a vision she was given of Jesus praying to His and our Father in Heaven.    I was so struck by it, as she received a glimpse of how One He is with the Father… and the unity and love They share..   I wanted to share it here:

“Holy Hour-  Thursday, during the hour of prayer, Jesus allowed me to enter  the *Cenacle (*Cenacle – an old word meaning the room where Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples), and I was a witness to what happened there.  However, I was most deeply moved when , before the consecration, Jesus raised His eyes toward Heaven and entered into a mysterious conversation with His Father.  It is only in Eternity that we shall really understand that moment.  His eyes were…

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Longer than the Road to Calvary

Jesus- King in Exile


This morning, I read the following insight  from Jesus from His words to Gabrielle Bossis, recorded in her journal, “He and I” which reveal a little of His daily life of self-denial for mankind.    Read this prayerfully.., it is so beautiful and bittersweet:

“…Look at Me in My gospels.  There you will find My history, My life-story.  You follow Me.  You see Me comfort, heal, suffer, obey My Father for all of you.  There you see Me denying Myself, keeping silence and speaking;  seeking solitude, followed by the crowds;  teaching, contradicted.  Full of courage in defending the truth, in rebuking the mighty, in taking the part of the little ones.  Filled with compassion for the humble, the repentant, the oppressed.  Thinking only of my people- not of Me; for you and against Myself.

…You remember the other day in Paris when you found yourself in a broadcasting studio filled with noisy…

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Peace, Be Still!

As I was waiting on the Lord this morning, He gave me a vision which graphically depicts the overwhelming circumstances we are in as a family right now (as are so many of our dear brothers and sisters in Jesus).
For us it is a time of severe stress and testing in several areas, to the point where we are just about hanging on: emotionally, physically – in fact, in every imaginable way. We are being stretched beyond our ability to endure such heartbreak, or to meet the many practical demands being placed upon us from all sides….
It was in 1986 that I last had a vision. Recently I asked the Lord if He would speak to me again in that way. He did! This is what I saw quite clearly today:
It was dark. I was alone on the slippery deck of a ship that was tossed by enormous, menacing waves. The ship was lurching violently from side to side. I lost my balance and fell flat on my back on the deck. As the boat lurched again, I began to slide on my back towards the railing… and realised with horror that the gap under the lowest rail was so big that I was about to slide overboard into that tempestuous sea!
Then Jesus spoke. He commanded the waves, saying in a voice full of majesty, “Peace! Be still!” The sea was immediately calm…  and I remained afloat.
Our beloved Lord is on our case, and on the case of each one of His storm-tossed children. Hallelujah!  How I praise Him, and how very grateful I am for the loving, faithful prayer support of our dear Heart Dwellers family. May the Lord meet all your needs.
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