Warning Dreams of Events To Come

The following was shared by Acoustic Strings in the video comments of the video, “Prophetic Dream NYC Falls Under Tsunami”. (see video below)

“I had a similar dream. I was in NYC in the top of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan. All the windows / wall were glass from the floor to ceiling. My mom and I saw a huge wave of water coming to Manhattan. we ran to get away while my youngest brother who is unsaved just watched in fear unable to move.”


3 thoughts on “Warning Dreams of Events To Come

  1. Wow! What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing this prophetic message. Please tell that woman of Christ to hang in there. I know exactly how she feels regarding the people in the lukewarm church. God is pouring his spirit onto the earth as he said he would in the last days. He is showing us different bits of what is to come. As you stated, if we all stay united as one.. There is a lot that can be done. Stay blessed!

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      • I have been on your channel a year now Claire. Jesus is drawing me closer and I can hear
        his voice. I work and I do pray during the day but mostly at night I worship him. I have shed
        many happy tears in his presence. The love he has for us is so powerful and you can feel it dripping from your pours. Thank you for all you do and your husband and Carol and all your
        volunteers. I look forward every day to your messages.

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