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Dream of the Rapture


Had a dream about the rapture last night- first such dream that was unequivocally about the rapture. I was a bit scared and overwhelmed when I began to go up. It happened fairly quickly… people started evaporating into the sky and going up and at first I thought I wouldn’t go up but I did. I seem to remember that before people began going up, there was a shofar blast and I felt happy and inspired and fulfilled but also overwhelmed. I thought I might be left here to work during the tribulation, because it seems like my life has been preparing me for something of that magnitude and since I was a little girl I have thought I would have to deal with something “big” (like terminator 2: judgment day big with me fighting and running, trying to survive). But in this dream, I DID go up. I saw Jesus in another realm, and He noticed me, but he was very busy and He was also very sad looking. I knew I would speak to Him later, but at the time I remember feeling disappointed He wasn’t happier. Also, there were far fewer people raptured up then I was expecting. I remember thinking as people began going up “this is hardly anybody!”

What do you guys think? Love you guys. Love Lex
Shared by Alexandra

A Ticket to the Heavenly Train!


“… Beloved- I want to share Something that happened this week. I could not feel/be more Blessed. The last few days have been so Amazing. I am just “Thank you Lord with my Whole Being!!

We had my Husbands 70 year old Cousin visiting us for the first time in 15 years. I had met her briefly once before. A Lovely Lady, fun, amazing storyteller with a beautiful heart, great sense of humour and a smile that brightens anybody’s day.  A person who loves the nature, flowers, animals, people. Someone who is just so Good to have around! Someone you miss already before she leaves… The Ticket Cousin phoned us that she had missed her Train and will be taking the next one. When she finally arrived she had a Story to tell: She missed her Train by one minute. She went to this Big Ticket Office in the Big Railwaystation to by a new Ticket. She had less than 10 minutes until the next Train´s departure. The Printer in the Ticket Office did not work. The Lady in the Ticket Office coud not get her Ticket printed out. Cousin told her that she will be travelling With or Without the Ticket and left running to catch the Train. She managed to get inside the Train just before the Doors closed. Cousin sees the Lady from the Ticket Office running fast towards the Train waving the Ticket high up above her head. The Lady from the Ticket Office! The Doors did not open for her. She tried to push the Ticket in through a slit between the sliding Doors. The Ticket got stuck between the Doors but it would not slide all the way through… The Train left and Cousin watched the Ticket flapping in the Wind for 20 minutes until the next Station. Cousin had her eyes firmly on the Ticket.The Train stopped and the Doors finally opened. The Ticket fell on the Platform and Cousin almost grabbed it. A Bluster took the Ticket and it flew with Wind on the Railway Tracks, under the Train. Cousin got on her Knees and reaching out her Hand she finally got the Ticket.

At Home I was praying for her Visit to be Blessed not knowing about all the Drama that was going on. As Cousin arrived she had a Ticket Story to tell us. I told her Someone did not want her to get on the Train. I had the most Amazing Blessed 2 Days sharing my Testimony with her and talking about the Lord. How Lord Loves to Dance just like Her. How Lord wants Her to Hear How Much He Loves Her. How Lord is not about Religion but Relationships. Nobody had Ever talked to Cousin about the Lord before. She is 70 years old. It was About Time. Before Cousin left this morning I went to pick some Flowers for her from the Garden. A Bee stung me. I just laughed, finished picking my Flowers and then went indoors to take 3 hydrocortizon tablets just in case. Ain´t Nothing gonna steel My Joy!

I have a Jesus Ticket on the Train to Heaven! Much Love in our Beautiful Lord Jesus- Blessings to All, Anna

Tender Moments with Him

Jesus-and-WomenJuly 29, 2015

11:41pm (no, the numbers are not lost on me…;0)

So…I spent my time in prayer and then picked up the Chronicles of the Bride tonight. I got “nostalgic” for seeing Him – haven’t been in class in some time, nor really asked to go anywhere with Him lately – been too tired!

So, I asked Him if we could have an adventure together, put on some soaking music…and found myself on the road to the right of my mansion. (I’ve been there many times now.) The lanes and fields before me were like a patchwork quilt – lines going this way, then that way, rolling hills of flowers and fields. Jesus came up beside me to the right, and another figure – Tall! Came up to the left. He was as tall as Jesus. I found myself dressed in a knee length, blue “fluffy” dress…and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz was all I could think of.

I turned to the Lord, and laughed – because…well, He didn’t LOOK like the lion, and the other person didn’t LOOK like the tin man…but that was surely the feeling I got. I started to laugh and protest, “No, Lord…this is too silly. This has to be me…” and He laughed right out loud at me and said, “Dear one – you’ve been getting too serious again. You need to laugh with Me a while.”

I turned to the other person, and suddenly I just KNEW it was Padre Pio!!! Pipe and all. He chuckled at me, and Jesus and he linked elbows with me and we walked off, skipping down the road for a little bit…. Such nonsense…lol!!

Well, we soon found ourselves near a very large, shady tree to the right of the road. A blanket/picnic was spread underneath, and the Lord led me over to it. As I knelt on the blanket, I could feel ladies coming up to me, kissing me on the cheek and then sitting down around me and beside me. I sensed them more than saw them, but oh my!! Mom was there, Aunt Betty, Gram G and Gram F. Aunt Helen!! And sweet Becky (the daughter we lost to heroin 10 years ago)…. And then, wonder of wonders, Faustina showed up!! I have no idea what she looked like – I just “knew” she was there. And finally, Lady Mary came, too….oh my….how gracious and sweet she is.

We all sat down at Jesus’ feet, and he began to talk to us. At one point, the ladies all understood that my heart was heavy with the weariness of being in this world so long…(I’ve been watching and waiting for Him and the Rapture since I’m 17 – and I’m now 61!) and I could feel their thoughts/empathy flood over me.  I leaned on Jesus’ knee, and I was complaining just a little that I couldn’t see it all clearly…and He gently reminded me that I had given that gift back to Him… sigh. No, Lord – I will NEVER take it back! He told me that my sacrifice in this has opened the door for many on the channel to see and hear. And of course, that made all the difference!!

Padre Pio stood by the side of the tree all this time, smoking a pipe and just watching. I joked to him that it must be strange, being the only man amidst so many women, and he just smiled about it.  It almost seemed like there WAS no real difference between them any more…a new thought for me.

I told Him that I was so sorry for all that was coming to Him (at the Trib.) – that I wished there was more to do for Him, something else I could give Him. He told me, “You obeyed.” I paused at this – because I had just finished reading Him saying this to Clare in the book, and thought my mind had jumped to it. But, He shook His head, and took my face in His hands and repeated it. Oh, how beautiful He is, in spite of the misty fog that I see Him through!! How precious is His face, His look, His gentle voice!! How I long to finally BE there, face to face, hand to hand. I took His precious hand and let my tears flow over the nail wounds.

Soon, I found myself sitting alone in the grass, surrounded by little creatures: butterflies, small animals. Flowers that “waved” at me and moved in synchronized motion around me. It’s all so breath-taking…it’s all so impossible to describe or contain. Jesus came over to me, and I asked Him where Glorious was (at least, I think that may be His lion’s name.) He never answered, but just then, my beloved Buddy (my golden retriever) came running over and jumped up into my embrace. Oh, he was SO happy!! So healthy!! So beautiful!!

He told me something else – something important, I believe. But, even though I’ve asked Holy Spirit to remind me…I can’t think what it was. Oh wait! He told me again that “I ride between His shoulders.” And then I saw Him as a mighty Eagle, flying in a slow flap of the wings and glide. And I was resting there between His shoulders, curled up and seemingly asleep, nestled down among the feathers – so unafraid of all, because I so fully trusted that He would let no harm come to me. It was the most natural place in the world to be….

I just can’t fathom this kind of love…for me. We talked at the tree a little about my heart. The fact that there had been so many “bites” out of it over the years, that there seemed to be so little left, and I felt so badly that I had so little love to give to Him and to the Channel. But, He showed me that it just didn’t matter, that somehow I had become a conduit of HIS love for them, and He assured me that what I was doing for these dear souls really WAS making a difference. I truly needed to hear that from Him. It seems every message He gives to Clare has an element that causes me alarm, causes me to question, “Lord? Am I guilty of that?? Are You pointing to me, too, with that?” For, I never, ever want to cause Him hurt or harm because of me…even though I know it happens, anyway.

Ooohhhh….My God. My King. My Beloved One. My All. My precious Jesus….

O, how I long for the veil to be torn, and our life together – face to face, flesh to flesh, life to life – to be revealed!!

All Praise! All Glory! To the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords!! Hallelujah…Amen.

Carol J.

Jesus: Son of God and Perfect Man♥

Jesus- King in Exile


Last Thursday morning, I was thinking about Jesus when suddenly the Holy Spirit gave me this very strong impression of Jesus as Him being not only the Son of God and Divine and part of the Trinity, but I sensed His perfect humanity… This was all without words, and very hard to describe.. but I sensed Jesus’s character as totally pure human without any defilement or guile as the rest of us have… not even a drop of it.  I was so magnetized toward Him that I realized just why many of the disciples dropped everything to follow Him.

I then asked the Lord if He would give me something from “He and I” of His words to add to this revelation from the Holy Spirit.    Blindly, I opened to the following:

“Look at Me in My gospels.  There you will find My history, My life story.  You will follow Me.  You see Me…

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“Just Love Me Simply”

Our Sister, Patricia Owens was reading the   following message from the TLIG book of Jesus’s messages to Vassula Ryden: 
FROM 10-24-88   JESUS:
“Remember My Presence… Children, whom I love with an everlasting love, please Me…. by using these words, we, us, include Me in your activities, in your discussions and in your thoughts, respect My Presence. ” 
Right after reading that, our Lord began speaking to Patricia and told her the following:
   …”Pat“. ( I know at such times, He will want to say something…. so this is what I heard in my heart…)
“Pat – am I not always present?”
{me} Yes my Love – always.                                                  
{Jesus } Do you feel My Presence?
{me} Yes, sweet Jesus – You are so good to me  – I know we are always together..You are my every thought, dear Love…and I know, of the thought of You, I am not worthy.   So… I am very thankful for Your sweet kindness to me! I never want to hurt or disappoint you.
{Jesus } Are we not always together, My love?  Will you believe this, with all your heart…..?
{Patricia} “Yes, I believe that, my Haton, I do! ”  (Haton means Husband)
{ Jesus } “Keep everything always simple – a smile, a word – a glance – filled with love for Me – no complications.  Just love Me simply in the little moment I have given you, that we share together in our oneness; of heart, mind soul and spirit …and remember…… you never leave My Embrace – I love you – Your Jesus   {for all!}

Granddaughter’s Vision of Jesus


My 12 or old grand daughter had a vision of Jesus while she was worshipping GOD in their church service a few weeks ago. She was singing with her eyes closed while a man was playing guitar alone on the stage. She opened her eyes and saw Jesus standing beside the guitar player and her beloved departed dog, Livvy, sitting by his feet. Jesus had on a white robe, shoulder-length brown hair, loving greenish eyes, and a big smile on His face. his face was not exactly clear because it was  shining with a bright light. He was looking at her, then he petted the dog’s head. He bent down and seemed to say something in the dog’s ear. He stood up, smiled at my grand daughter, then Jesus and the dog vanished.

Shared by Karol Evans

Heart Felt Confession leads to Heart Felt Salvation


Thank you so much for you wisdom and very kind words. I would like to share a small story about one of the reasons why I visited my sister. For years I played in a praise band and was convinced I was a born again believer of Jesus……wrong! I played lead guitar and I was only concerned with what songs we could play to show off my musical skills, (or what I thought were skills, in my giant arrogant head!). So, week after week I played for my own glory. Then God struck me with a series of devastating neurological symptoms. Very very severe to the point of being bedridden.
I cried out to God over and over, nothing. One Saturday I was feeling a little better so I went to rehearsal. The week before I had been asked to put the song, “Voice Of Truth” in the set and nobody wanted to learn it. Our pianist made a derogatory comment and I started screaming at her. All that pain and those horrible symptoms came pouring out of my mouth….Satan was smiling that day. I instantly knew I was not saved, I realized that no matter how much I prayed, I was being given a thorn in my flesh.
Well, I left the band after sincere apologies. Within a month I was on my knees in pure
Heart felt confession to Jesus. He saved me with His precious blood. The next week I went on a retreat and a group of men prayed over me. I now am symptom free. I traveled back to St Louis, in the very southern suburbs to baptised my younger brother of 44 years old!!!

God is absolutely real, Jesus spoke of the wheat and the tares mixed together, that is not just a parable. Use great discernment and pray the Holy Ghost shows you the real world in which you live. Hold fast to the body of Christ, for it truly is all of us!!

Shared by jffrwat2786

You Won’t Break Me: A Poem


You Won’t Break Me:

I’m not given in to worldly things.
I’m not given up to the pain and the sorrow.
I’ m not given in to the thought of no tomorrow.
I’m not renouncing my faith for you.
I pledge my allegiance to Jesus Christ and stay true.
Slander, attack, and hate me trying to make me feel blue.
But you will never break me.  I see straight through you
The clock is ticking time is running out.
Soon the world will know what your about.
Don’t think you’ve won-  the battle’s just begun.
A friendly warning from Him to you:

“I know and see what you do;
And rest assured I’m coming ,I’m coming .
I’m coming for you.

(C) copyright of Caren Jack 2015

Faith: A Poem


My faith is being tested.
Have to focus and stay rested.
Making sure i have faith to a T.
Have to stay ahead of the enemy.
Have to be pure of heart.
As this is how it was from the start.
God in one ear ,Satan in the next,
not good to bear grudges and always be vexed.
got to have faith stay loyal and true.
when faced with the choice be careful what you make.
That’s the biggest faith test of all.
To stay pure of heart  and true and not fake for our Saviour’s sake

(C) Copyright of Caren Jack 2015

Fear of Happiness: A Poem


Fear of Happiness:

You’re afraid of being happy that is nothing new.
You’re afraid of being happy you know it’s true.
Shutting out the people around you breaking down moping around just likes a king who has lost his crown.
Thinking that every girl is the same always finding someone to blame.
Pointing the finger as much as you can.
Not ready to settle down yet  like your Peter Pan.
What scares you the most is being a ghost,  it’s easy for you to forget than regret.
All the times you have come close to being happy and fulfilled like most.
But the day will come when you’re all alone sitting in the nursing home.
Thinking ‘maybe if i had tried harder than my life wouldn’t have been such a palaver.’
‘Maybe if i had let happiness in …oh all of the good things that could have been!

but i was too busy being selfish and mean.’

(C) Copyright of Caren Jack 2015