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….Morning Bells Are Ringing!


This morning when I woke up, the Lord placed this song in my head and it played in my mind and spirit with such an Urgency.

I heard this song playing in my head at least ten times over and over again, that is how urgent the Lord is wanting those that are asleep
to wake up for He is Coming and they need to have their hearts right with Him to be ready not miss the Rapture.
This is the song and Lyrics entitled:  Are You Sleeping?
The song is traditionally translated into English as:
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,
Brother John? Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, ding, dong. Ding, ding, dong.
“Fair Use for Education and Discussion Purposes”
  ~Shared by Dulcita (AngelWings)

Our Jesus/Yeshuah- Seeing Him Who Is Invisible

1Jesus  painting by Akiane

“….yes, our Father’s Son is truly the Catch of the eons! 🙂         I’ll never forget years ago having a visitation from Him..   I was not permitted to SEE Him, but I heard Him speak to me, and I felt His presence so strongly in my room.      My mother had asked me to pray for my sister and father as there was a fued going on between them that was threatening to break up our family.      I agonized in prayer over them one night, but started feeling stomach cramps from the frustration.   I stopped praying and began complaining to the Lord in prayer, ‘God, it’s NOT Fair that I’m even getting a stomach ulcer over those two!”   I complained.     Suddenly I felt His presence at the left foot of my bed from where I was laying..  (From where He was standing, it would be the right foot of my bed)        I heard Him say clearly,  and very gently and totally calm,  “My Body suffers”.   (meaning we who are a part of His Body have the opportunity to suffer for the good of others)        I pondered on what He said and as He stood there I was able to sense His total Majesty..  His Utmost Royalty, yet also mingled with that His total lack of Self…   His humbleness.   Even though I sensed that He is a King beyond all Kings in All Universes everywhere, I also sensed He is totally selfless..  no ego.    Totally gentle, peaceful, calm., and  absolutely no airs about Him as even that pomp and arrogance of some   who are of much lesser stature on this Earth .. such as company supervisors, presidents, etc who are full of themselves due to being over others in their jobs.         I noticed, too, that often when He speaks, He doesn’t ramble like I’m doing here.. He gets to the point with total calmness.

I was in awe.  I can’t forget that encounter to this day.   I made a video of it over a year ago on my Youtube channel.           From that experience, I no longer have to see Him to be smitten by Him.    I can’t wait to see Him of course, but His inner nature is sooooooo beautiful, .. .so majestic and yet humble and classy all at the same time, that He could look really ugly physically and it wouldn’t make a difference because He would still be the most beautiful of all.       And I still can’t get over how He took the time to visit even me…         He seems to be teaching me in my life to “Endure as one who sees Him in the Invisible”  (Hebrews 11:27)”….

Woww… We are truly serving the most Beautiful Person in existence .. God and Man… our Father’s Son that our Heavenly Father suffered so much in asking Him to come to Earth and be our Lamb of Sacrifice- and He did so willingly.   He did not complain that “it is not fair”  and His sufferings were (and are to this day) far more than mere stomach cramps!

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Bride Banquet

Hello my dear brothers and sisters I wanted to share a powerful dream the Lord gave me today on September 28, 2015  which happens to be my 12th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  I say this in a humble way, because you will see at the end of my dream what God reveals to me on such a day as today.

God is so Amazing in how He is pouring out His Spirit in these latter Days.  It seems the more darkness falls upon the earth, the more the Lord’s Glory Light is shining within His Bride and the more messages they are receiving through the spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed them with.  We are certainly a peculiar people in these end times.  Thank you Jesus…

1 Peter 2:9King James Version (KJV)

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light;

Please use your Discernment:

My Rapture Dream on 9/28/15

During my dream, I found myself in a Company/Corporation where the Lord was working through me and having me observe the employees.  As this was happening, the Lord would reveal to me in my spirit,  okay this person is going in the Rapture, that person is not.. etc… As this was going on, it was like the Lord was doing a separation of sorts. Those who were chosen to go were being marked.  He was choosing who would be going and who would be left behind during the Rapture.

During this event, I could see the emotions on each person’s face as the roll call process was taking place.  Those that were given the news they were staying behind were so disappointed and in shock, one person said out loud, “but I am a Methodist”, another person yelled out, but I give to this organization, to that organization etc..  Of course, those that were selected to go up in the Rapture were ecstatic and so joyful that the Lord picked them and that they were ready to go home.

The next thing that happened, My body quickly began to shoot straight up and break through each and every floor of this building the Lord had me visit and following me were those individuals that the Lord had shown me that were going up in the Rapture. All of us began to shoot up into the air towards the sky and into the Heavenly Realm.

Then I immediately, witnessed my physical body just drop down and plop down on the floor in the building I had visited.. The one’s that stayed behind started grabbing things off of my physical, lifeless body, like my earrings, my rings, etc..  They were all fighting over these things as they had surrounded my body that was lifeless for my spirit had already gone up in the Rapture.

Then the Lord had me see, which was so surreal, my body elevated and suspended in the air and I was being wrapped in white linen.  My whole body was being wrapped in this beautiful, bright white linen type airy fabric and then my body was placed into a casket.  Then, I saw that I was in a hearse, because my body along with the white linen had been wrapped and then placed into the casket and into the hearse.  In the hearse, was the driver and  some of my family members sitting in the back seat who were going to the funeral to bury me.

I could see their faces and I remember that the day was like any regular day, sunny outside, people going about their business, nothing out of the ordinary.

My family members began recalling wonderful memories that they shared with me while I was alive.

After this scene, the Lord led me again to the Heaven-lies and there were those individuals that had been picked and chosen by the Lord to be Raptured.

I recall, everyone, including myself we were all gathered together in a group, like in a hallway setting. We were so happy and reuniting with friends and family like a meet and greet session.

Then, all of a sudden,  We heard a man’s voice speaking in the intercom and an announcement was made that “Dinner was Being Served” and we were to report to the Dining Room.

When I woke up from the dream, my body was on fire and I could feel this pulsating heat all around me.

I was thanking the Lord for this amazing and powerful dream that He blessed me with on my Wedding Anniversary and later during the day, I looked up the number 28 to find out the biblical meaning of this number and it means “Eternal Life!”  Also, I found it so ironic that my Anniversary falls on the 28th of September and in the dream we were all going to be attending “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb!”    Amen!!!

God is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!

End of Dream:

Interpretations are surely welcomed: thank you.. YSIC, AngelWings (Dulcita)

In Front of the Chamber Door


I am beside myself at this moment. I’m glad I’m sitting down.

I have been seeing a door for several weeks. Every day, several times a day. I thought it was just floating thoughts of my wondering about the wedding banquet so I never mentioned it but now you all are confirming that this is our Lord showing me this door! I’m being shown what I believe is actually the gate into the wedding chamber. It’s always the same vision over and over. The Lord is standing in front of the chamber door. The door is made of beige/golden bricks and it is arched shaped at the top. There are a couple of steps up to the door and there is a vine over the top of the door. Jesus always has His Hand on the door handle. This is all I ever see. Is anyone else seeing this? Wow this is amazing.

~Shared by Pamela Viergutz in Still Small Voice video comments

No Condemnation



Dearest Clare,

it is as though this message was written for me. Oh how I struggle with this. I am constantly feeling that I am not worthy enough to make the Rapture. I’m so on guard with what I say and do each day that I exhaust myself in Repenting over and over. I wake up several times in the night asking the Lord to please bring anything and everything to my mind that I need to ask forgiveness for so I don’t dare miss the Rapture or cause an unbeliever to stumble! Remember when I told you how I kept seeing the numbers 911? Last night the Lord woke me up and said to me, “It is not you that lives. It is I that live in you that makes you alive. You belong to Me. Your body is not yours, it is Mine. Do not fear.”  Then I thought about all the extra angels He sent to us because of the increase of the demons that have just been released in the world because of Cern. The scripture then came to my mind: For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. I looked the scripture up and it was Psalms 91:11.

God is amazing.

~Testimony shared by Pamela Viergutz from Still Small Voice’s video comments:

We Can Trust in Him: His Care For Us


Good morning wanted to share what the Lord did for me a few days ago:

After shopping at Walmart I was waiting outside of Walmart with my two kids for a taxi. We were told the taxi would take 30 to 40 minutes.   After waiting 20 minutes I prayed in my head and asked the Lord if He could touch someone’s heart to give us a ride. 10 minutes later a women stopped and asked if we were waiting for a ride.   I said “yes” then she says ” I will drive you.”    I was amazed and so thankful! This woman was so sweet. The Lord is such a sweet and caring God.♥

~Shared by Tali Teixeira in Still Small Voice’s comments

Safe In the Arms of Jesus- Returning Back to Him


I want to share a testimony and I hope it helps someone. I got saved over fifteen years and then I backslid about two years after.   I did not have the Holy Spirit so my eyes were not open. I stayed out in the World for over eleven years.  I was going through so many sicknesses;  I wasted so much money going to the doctor and never getting better.  Then in 2013 the Lord sent a message to me;   He said “If I come now, your soul would be lost” and it hit me- I did not delay.  I took heed to my warning, and two months after I returned back to the Lord, I received the Holy Spirit.  I also got healed.

When we turn away from God he really chastises us so we can run to Him.  Now I feel so pure.. I am not polluted anymore.  I am living for Christ and I will not compromise my Salvation.

~Shared by Novlette Campbell in Still Small Voice’s video comments.