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A Prayer Offering for Others


“My beloved Clare, today I put at His feet a very painful experience. I took the pain as a sacrifice for the favour of touching a soul with love instead of wrath. At home i asked Yahshua how to take this, if it was received. He answered :”Eternal life in in Me and I am in you”. It was such a sweet and strong confirmation! Such a pain and such a blessing cuts deeper and deeper through the worldly ties. Your words are confirmed. But get strong my beloved. The day is closer to us as the day when we firstly believed.”

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Joel 3- Extreme Darkness



on TUESDAY(7/26/2016) I FELT REALLY WORN OUT ,later on about 8 pm FRUSTRATED with a little plumbing issue, when that was taken care of I went outside looked up in the SKY and said ,HOW LONG MY GOD MUST I CONTINUE TO ENDURE. I was so RESTLESS PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY I thought I would never fall asleep. Woke up at 2AM and decide to spend time with JESUS. I was laying down on my back and just as I closed MY eyes to MEDITATE ON THE LORD JESUS, the PRESENCE OF the LORD JESUS came upon me VERY STRONG ,I STARTED to WORSHIP the LORD JESUS ,THANKING HIM ,IMPLORING the LORD TO HAVE MERCY on the WORLD. With my EYES still CLOSED a SUDDEN DARKNESS MANIFESTED (it got pitch BLACK) I became FRIGHTENED (thinking demons was trying to INTERRUPT this PRECIOUS TIME with JESUS). With my EYES still CLOSED I said to myself inwardly, I AM IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD ,WHOM SHALL I FEAR, Then my PEACE RETURNED. Later on Today (7/27/2016) I thought about the WHOLE EXPERIENCE and the SUDDEN EXTREME DARKNESS I saw when my EYES was STILL CLOSED, I said HOLY SPIRIT PLEASE give me a SCRIPTURE PERTAINING to this EXTREME DARKNESS that I saw . I HEARD A STILL SMALL VOICE said JOEL 3 .

I looked it up IMMEDIATELY , it talks about (THE DAY OF THE LORD) with a PHYSICAL DARKNESS that will come upon the WORLD”

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Crown of Daisies



“…You know I was reminded of something special the Lord had done about six weeks ago. Hearing the story of Faustina reminded me of it. There is a beautiful, peaceful walking path that is mostly covered by large trees on both sides that meanders along a local golf course. I walked this one day and had stopped in a spot where no one was, reflecting…thinking of some of my life problems and started to cry. As the tears flowed, I looked up in one of the trees off of the path and about six feet in the air was not a crown of thorns, but a crown of woven daisies hanging from a tree branch. I still have a pic of it on my phone. 💕💕

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Love and Sin Have Met

Jesus- King in Exile


Reading sister Faustina of Kawalska’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”,  I was struck by one entry she made, which I believe was a genuine experience from the Holy Spirit given to her regarding Jesus..    our Heavenly Father desires that we all contemplate His Son prayerfully and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.,  because to see and focus our attention on Jesus, is also to focus attention on the Father as well and in focusing on Him, we forget ourselves.

Here is the entry she made in her diary,  numbered #408, which really spoke volumes of our King, Jesus’s Lamb-like nature even through what Hell He endured:

“When I become immersed in the Lord’s Passion, I often see the Lord Jesus during adoration in this manner:

“After the scourging, the torturers took the Lord an stripped Him of His own garment which had already adhered to the wounds as they…

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Travailing In Prayer With Jesus


Unbelievable. ….

When you mentioned something about many being in travailing prayer I was reminded of something my daughter shared with me today. She is 9 years old and frequently worships God alone in her room during “quiet time” when I put my younger sons for a nap. Today during her time of worship, she said she saw Jesus and he was on the floor crying and sobbing and it hurt her to see it. she said she also began to cry and got on her knees to comfort the Lord. She then said she saw the World and was made to understand that something going on in the world is very bad and making Jesus cry. She said she tried singing him songs to make Him feel better but nothing seemed to cheer Him up. it was all she could do to just cry with him on the floor.

She said she could the pain in his chest as if it were her own. When she told me this a couple hours after her experience, she said her chest still hurt. Very powerful. Thank you sister Clare

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“Keep All Simple and Sincere With Me”

Dialogue Between Jesus and Patricia Owens:
Subject: Message to me + July 18th – 2016 10:58AM  { Patricia Owens }

(Patricia) I was thinking of what was told to another soul from one who was giving her messages from our Jesus – Sr. MDeLC – no names were given just initials and the words He gave to her from another, called, Sr. MG in the 1800’s + And one thing Jesus suggested to her was, every hour see how you have gotten along – ask the Lord if He be pleased with you.  So from when I arose this a.m. to now (about 11 am) I asked Him this question, as she was suggested to do and this is what ensued.  I am just writing what was said between the two of us… (interesting).  Maybe others can glean what they can from this, as I feel it is good to share, uplift, encourage and inform others in His Love:
So I ask Jesus..”How, I am?”….  And here is what transpired with us [I never did this before +..sigh..] :
He answered: ” Have you prayed? (up to the time I wrote this) Have you been kind to those around you?  Did you offer Me your day  {one of the prayers I say to Him each a.m. is: (from “the Way of Divine Love”…Sr. Josefa was told to pray this.)   :  “I enter deeply into Your Heart (after You  purify me in Your Most Precious Blood, my Love) and I unite my actions to Your Heartbeats to do the Father’s Will on earth as it is in Heaven.”
He continued:  “Have you thought of Me and talked to Me?”
{ Patricia }  “Yes, my Love – I have – consulted and prayed and talked to You, wanting to connect always, even with my faults and miseries – to console You most of all, not to forget You in anything, to remember You and souls.”
{ Jesus } “Then am I pleased;  Why would I not be?  Keep all simple and sincere with Me.  Keep company with Me, more and more.  Are you bringing Me forth with the work you do on the computer each day?  If yes, then you are making efforts to keep us together “- (and this is for allIt is really everyone doing what they are inspired to do for Him and that can be of course, different for each soul) “…. Again, sincere, simplicity with Me.  No fretting or worrying.  Refer all to Me this day I have given you, beloved.  Be at peace, no stress – pray from the heart and trust in a simple love for Me and others – You have all My Love.”
“Keep focus on your thoughts.  They take up most of your life.   Keep them in the Christ Consciousness – “
So that is what was exchanged and I just wanted to share this with you.  God bless with love and prayers dear ones.

Return To the Lord

I wanted to share something I experienced last night. Chris Tomlin a music artist is hosting a tour called Worship Night in America. I went thinking it was a concert, but quickly realized that it was more than that. Max Lucado and Louie Giglio spoke and in prayer had everyone take a knee and pray for America. A whole arena of people prayed and worshipped together. It was so powerful to hear voices shouting out their praise in worship. I asked the Lord to show me how this would impact coming events And I opened to Mercy in the bible promises book and read the scripture,  2 Chronicles 30:9 ,” For if you return to the LORD, your brethren and your children will be treated with compassion by those who lead them captive, so that they may come back to this land; for the LORD your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn His face from you if you return.
As I worshipped with fellow believers I could imagine God the Father with tears for the LOVE that was Being expressed that night. When they sang Good, Good Father…WOW!  Can anyone discern or confirm any of this experience?
They end their tour in New York and Miami by July 19th. I highly recommend attending if it comes in any area near you.
Thank you Love you all.
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