Joel 3- Extreme Darkness



on TUESDAY(7/26/2016) I FELT REALLY WORN OUT ,later on about 8 pm FRUSTRATED with a little plumbing issue, when that was taken care of I went outside looked up in the SKY and said ,HOW LONG MY GOD MUST I CONTINUE TO ENDURE. I was so RESTLESS PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY I thought I would never fall asleep. Woke up at 2AM and decide to spend time with JESUS. I was laying down on my back and just as I closed MY eyes to MEDITATE ON THE LORD JESUS, the PRESENCE OF the LORD JESUS came upon me VERY STRONG ,I STARTED to WORSHIP the LORD JESUS ,THANKING HIM ,IMPLORING the LORD TO HAVE MERCY on the WORLD. With my EYES still CLOSED a SUDDEN DARKNESS MANIFESTED (it got pitch BLACK) I became FRIGHTENED (thinking demons was trying to INTERRUPT this PRECIOUS TIME with JESUS). With my EYES still CLOSED I said to myself inwardly, I AM IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD ,WHOM SHALL I FEAR, Then my PEACE RETURNED. Later on Today (7/27/2016) I thought about the WHOLE EXPERIENCE and the SUDDEN EXTREME DARKNESS I saw when my EYES was STILL CLOSED, I said HOLY SPIRIT PLEASE give me a SCRIPTURE PERTAINING to this EXTREME DARKNESS that I saw . I HEARD A STILL SMALL VOICE said JOEL 3 .

I looked it up IMMEDIATELY , it talks about (THE DAY OF THE LORD) with a PHYSICAL DARKNESS that will come upon the WORLD”

Shared by Patrick Anderson in video comments

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