Vision of the Time of His Return


In regards to mercy video that morning before it came out I felt led to pray to God for mercy for our nation and world. (Just thought interesting because then we had the video on it)

In my dream Jesus was coming to get us . He was on his way then stopped. (Perhaps the prayers  of mercy and the lost) then, I woke up took my dogs out went back to sleep-again- same exact dream. This time He was going to come no matter what. I felt excited but scared at same time? Scared perhaps of the wrath that was going to take place?! The sky went From day to dark the clouds were roaring almost like they were breathing!! I found my self walking through a casino , lost( I’ve had this dream many times of being lost.  I was looking for a loved one) then got through the casino. Then I saw a airport and a plane I’ve had dreams that I was going to go see my mom before this time she wasn’t there I didn’t get a ticket. I felt something was wrong with plane or airport. Next thing I saw a train out of control, I tried to catch it but I think something was going to happen to it cause it was going so fast and all over the place. I was floating in the air so I’d assume if God wanted me on it I would have.

Next thing I started walking , I walked to a coliseum.  I don’t know where this was but it was crumbling all around me many many people were there. I felt evil and good! I kept telling warning people JESUS is coming JESUS is coming they looked at me with blank stares almost like they couldn’t hear me! ( by the way Jesus made it clear to me this is how he feels and sees and it breaks his heart and mine !  ) I walked through a huge opening . My ex husband was standing there. I looked at him;  his leg was messed up and his arm was in a sling. I said Angelo don’t worry;  soon we will be in heaven and your arm will be like new! Then  I screamed again JESUS is coming get on your knees and  give him his glory! I looked up to sky and I started floating. Then I woke up. After I woke up I laid there thinking about my dream ( my eyes were closed all of a sudden I had a VISION of a huge explosion ! Under my eyelids I saw it!

Next day I called my youngest daughter. A month prior we had a discussion about God. It didn’t go well.She was like “mom I believe in God but I DONT believe in the bible!” She said:  ” I mean come on- Moses and the burning bush! Like that’s real?!”

( she is in a homosexual relationship. So that’s why I think she is saying that! At least that’s what I believe. Anyway I called her the day after I dreamt about Jesus coming, and told her about the dream. ( she was driving) when I got to the part about her Dad she started FREAKING out!! She was OMG mom!! Over and over I said: “Bre, calm down” ( I thought she may have hit someone because she was so upset) anyway she was like ” how did you know my DADS arm is hurt?!  No way for you to know!”  I said “my dear,  GOD showed me!”

 I don’t believe any of this is a coincidence! I believe God showed me a vision and the truth of His coming and showed me her father being hurt to help her come back to GOD and to show confirmation. I’ve had many many dreams throughout my life that have come true. A wonderful dream of Jesus showing me a piece of Heaven and healing me. Which happened. I will share that one another time.

Shared by Julie

“In the Season of the End”



Dearest Precious family, last night the Lord woke me at 4am. He gave me a vision. I don’t have very many visions but I knew this was definitely a vision because I was fully conscious and awake.

He showed me my family members on my side and Ed’s (my husband) side. He told me to PRAY for them and fast if you are able! He said,” We are in the season of the end. I know that you believe this.” I said, “Yes Lord I believe it.” He said,” They are all going about their lives just as in the days of Noah as I have shown you and revealed to you in My Word.” I thought about my 2 children being out of fellowship and before I could even finish the thought the Lord said,”Don’t worry about them, I’ve got them.” He revealed to me that it is because of my faith that the household will be saved. Acts 16:31

I saw how unbelievably horrible it will be on the earth, even before the Tribulation begins! There are things the Lord wouldn’t reveal to me because I would be frozen in horror and would not be able to function or finish my Left Behind materials or do anything at all. (I’m about finished now). I saw God the Father standing beside the wooden chair the Lord was kneeling over, comforting Him as I watched Him on His knees with His head in His Hands face down over the wooden chair. He is grieved beyond any earthly words I could put together to describe the level of agony over what He must do to cleanse and correct the world. A stubborn world that just won’t listen! They who have all the earthly blessings and all of the things they need say they have no need for the Lord.

The Lord told me this morning to read Deuteronomy so I opened to Deuteronomy 8:18: But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth,that He may establish His covenant which He swore unto thy father, as it is this day. So so many tears I saw the Lord cry. The Father is preparing His Son to take His Bride out of the world at this time. I don’t have the day or the time but I’m very clear we ARE in the season. We have to get the Word out to every single person possible that will take the time to listen to us because this is it, my family! The Lord told me it is IMPERATIVE that we PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. 1Thessalonians 5:17

I saw an enormous door that I knew was the Mercy Door! It is a HUGE wooden door sort of old, splintery and charming. The door is closing or close to being closed. I don’t know when it will be completely closed but maybe just a crack of opening is left if not closed already, I wasn’t sure on where the door is at this time. Holy Spirit showed me that when the Lord takes the Bride up it will be the most Glorious Event. I can’t describe the beauty of this event. It was as though I knew a million things in one second! I wasn’t allowed to remember it all. The Lord is so waiting to take us up as much as we are waiting for Him to take us home with Him. I saw the Middle East all set up and ready to go at a moments notice. It will be fast and fierce. The war is coming. The leadership of this country is in much trouble with the Lord and must be dealt with and I started to feel frightened, then the Lord showed me with His Hands on His Bride with an intense loving and protective shield around us. I felt a huge   urgency between God the Father and Jesus, the Rapture Preparation, the Middle East situation, the judgement of our nation and the world and for the Bride to be ready. The Lord is mercifully waiting for the last few souls to come to Him. We are out of time. It’s time to be ready now. Stay prayed up and repented every day. Pray for your enemies and forgive them. Forgiveness is huge. The unsaved don’t know what we know. We must keep praying for them and talking to them no matter the circumstances.

I tried to remember everything I could, family.

Lord bless you all,

Pamela V

Shared with Pamela Viergutz to the Prayer Warriors via email.

By Microseconds!



Sister Claire,
I must thank you for your ministry in my life.
Thank you so much!
I had a dream some weeks ago.
I saw I was in an exam hall, with the test paper in my hand and everyone was seated. But the test hadn’t started yet. I was surprised why it was so, when I saw clocks and saw the time was extended by microseconds!
And then again extended by one microsecond and then again.
I was really surprised and kept this dream to myself.
Your word about extension of time is like a confirmation to me.
Lord bless you!

Shared by Richa Mishra


A People Preparing Herself for Her Bridegroom

Paper background



I had a dream last night and it involved a tall city building that was about to collapse but not quite (until Jesus came all the way) and there I met these two little girls who were alone and/or lost and I gave them supplies peacefully though they seemed a bit confused (I also heard the word  “nuclear ” in this segment before I came across the little girls).

I believe that the building that hadn’t physically collapsed yet but was about to represented the state of our country because off in the distance I saw anither building like this in Spanish-speaking territory near water (Miami?) And Obama’s face and somebody else’s face were in the background with planes and evil, mischeivous looks on their faces.

This dream had Ezekiel and Clare and us brides later in the dream at the end where we were all gathering together in this big, dark waiting room where people kept coming in. There was no door, just an open doorway (this room was cozy, too. .. it felt lived-in). This dream also involved a vision of one of my neices a little older than I am now (I’m 6 years older than her, so this would be at the very beginnings of the millenium) finally at peace. She’s gone through some things, but this vision was of her peaceful new beginning.

As she was explaining to one of her younger sisters that she had “grown up” (implied that this was referring to her ways in Christ and in turn her behavior), the scene transformed into a vision of her at that age (she would have to be freshly 22 or turning 22 since she was born in 2000 and 7 years from now it will be 2022, which He just allowed me to realize over the past 48 hours) and she was sitting against this cute little curved brick wall that was partly around a tree and partly along a nice dirt lane, then, still with a genuine and peacefully restful smile, she looked over to her left (my right) and the view panned right and all I could see were these beautiful fields of green grass on low green hills; the majestic light of God lit up the whole sky. At the bottom of these hills, in the valley, stood a very large “futuristic” looking art school. I believe that she may have been given charge over this place in the Kingdom of God.

…they just came in slowly. I’m thinking that these were last minute brides that we’ve been praying for. The place looked like it was almost full, but from what I could see the people were packed in pretty tightly, but not uncomfortable; the more, the merrier. We were all gathered facing toward Clare and Ezekiel except for a few off to the side chatting. Clare was standing up in the middle exercising (maybe to represent the amount of work she does) and Ezekiel was sitting right behind her in support, having her back. She was very conversational at the same time. It was clear that we were all waiting for Jesus, and when we began to talk about the workout she was like, “You know, He does all this for me, so I’ve gotta do this for Him.” The allegory seemed to be getting in shape before getting married, but in reality doing the tasks He requests of us, even in what the world sees as in an “excessive” manner, is our way of “getting in shape” (spiritually) for the wedding. I think this part of the dream was for everyone.

Dream shared by Kimberly Thompson


“Soon You Will Take Flight!”



I just awoke from a dream I had last night. I seen that I was wearing a beautiful gown and that it was made from feathers. And then I seen my wife and children standing before me also wearing beautiful gowns made from feathers. As I was pondering over these gowns I heard a voice come from above, “SOON YOU WILL TAKE FLIGHT!”, and then I woke up. Wow…..I don’t get dreams very often, thank you Lord!

Shared by Pilgrim777 in video comments




“It Will Happen Soon”



I received a vision from the Lord this morning. My first ever, in fact. Every day I’ve been praying and asking when He will come, and asking that He come quickly. This morning, when I was in that mostly-asleep state before waking, I turned over to fall back asleep completely, and I glimpsed my dresser against the wall. When my eyes closed again, I could still see the image of my dresser, but purple letters were emblazoned across it in all caps. It said “IT WILL HAPPEN SOON”. I especially liked the Lord’s touch of making the letters purple, as he knew I would pick up on the symbolism of that – purple being the color of royalty and authority. Just thought I’d share that for those who are as anxiously awaiting Him as I am. 😊

Shared by Samantha Christine in video comments


I Pray To Be Worthy




I don’t normally have Rapture dreams, but I did have one on 2/2 that I’d like to share with everyone. What’s so great about this dream is that, for the first time since March 2015, I felt the joy of the Lord’s return. God also showed me His sense of humor in this dream (I knew He had it already, but He REALLY used it here). Here it is:

I dreamed that I was in a house somewhere. It was dark in that house, and I know there were others with me, but I didn’t see who they were. Suddenly, the whole house (for that matter, it felt like the whole Earth) started to sway from side to side, like a ship on rough seas. I had a feeling Jesus was coming, so I made my way outside. Once I got outside, the swaying stopped. The sky was mostly cloudy, but I was straining all around the sky, looking for Him. Suddenly, I saw Him. He was small at first due to distance, but He got bigger and bigger as He approached. He was riding a white horse, wearing His white robes with a red sash across it, and had a crown on His head. The second I saw Him, I said out loud “It’s Him! It’s Him!” As I said this, I felt the joy that I hadn’t felt since March 2015. I tried to get the attention of the people standing in the doorway, even pointing up to the sky, but I don’t remember how they reacted. I sensed that around the world, angels were flying down and grabbing believers, some of which were in the neighborhood we were in. I started shouting in a sort of prayer “I pray to be worthy! I pray to be worthy!”

The sky seemed to get whiter… …then a large pop-up box appeared, and it felt like everything suddenly stopped. The box said something like “Saving Progress” and even had a small circle with a swirling animation close to it. I think I even said in the dream “Oh, come on!” Then I suddenly had the sensation of 2 angels close to me. Each one grabbed one of my arms, but before we could ascend, I woke up. As I woke up, I said to Him “You little tease…” but I made sure to thank Him later on, especially because of the sincere joy I felt for the first time in a long time. I pray that we are all given the strength to endure and overcome, and I pray that we are all accounted worthy to escape everything coming to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.

~Shared by J-Man in Video Comments


I’m Coming For You



Hey family, I want to share the latest rhema I received from The Lord which brought me so much encouragement: “Joy is just around the corner. Remain in Me for I come quickly, in a twinkling of an eye.” Remain in Him brothers and sisters! Have a blessed day!

Shared by Sony West in video comments

God’s Chariot For Departure



I woke up and saw JESUS on my RIGHT SIDE just as quickly as I saw JESUS he was gone.  I looked at the time and it was 12:20am.  I tried to go back to sleep hoping to see JESUS again in my dream. Finally when I slept again JESUS gave me a DREAM, in this Dream I was at an AIRPORT.  I saw an elderly lady about 60-70 YRS of age. She was to board a plane to go somewhere , but she adamantly insisted to ride in a chariot that was at the AIRPORT.  This is a CHARIOT that I saw on the AIRPORT PREMISES that seemed to be a DISPLAY for   ANTIQUE things.  All the AIRPORT staff started laughing at her thinking this lady is crazy.  Then I said to the staff IF THIS LADY IS GOING IN THIS CHARIOT, I WANT TO GO ALSO.  When I went in and sat down in the CHARIOT after about 1 min , I suddenly feel the CHARIOT started VIBRATING.  I WAS AWARE IN MY SPIRIT SOMETHING SUPERNATURALLY IS TAKING PLACE, then I woke up (1/23/2016)

~Shared by Patrick Anderson in Video Comments