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Jesus Christ Comes To Us Within The Eucharist


I can testify in my Experience to the absolute truth of this message. When The consecration prayers are read over the Bread and Wine (elements used in the Eucharist) the weight of God’s Holy Spirit comes down in. Tangible way- so much so I often have to strengthen my knees so they don’t buckle under me. Often times we kneel in church when this is done. I’m flooded with tears and an warmth of heart that I can’t control. I feel and can see in the Spirit the Lord Jesus Himself drawing near to me- I can feel my heart like butter melting in my chest. I have to hide my face- literally because I groan with sorrow for the ingratitude of myself and all mankind for rejecting and ignoring The Father’s Love and generosity for mankind. Sometimes I see the Lord totally bloody and wounded, sometimes I see Him as “the door” which I walk right through, sometimes He appears as the Good Shepherd and sometimes simply, the Husband of me and the Entire Bride of Christ- His Bride. THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME MYSTERY! It is the gift of gifts. I saw Him too in the Church assisting the pastors and deacons as a servant! He is SUCH a servant!!! The King of GLORY condescended and SERVES WITH THEM!! Oh Lord, help us to realize just how PRECIOUS your Body and Blood are! Let all else fall to the ground- let us run to you and away from this fleeting moment of earthly life to YOU our Master, our God, our King; the Lover of our souls.


Shared in video comments by Elizabeth 4icxc