Ancient of Days


Dream: The Ancient Of Days Unveils His Appearance – And Sends A Warning

I see in my dream I am laying on the ground looking up at the sky. I can feel the softness of the grass cushioning my back against the hard and rough surface of the earth. The comfort is so welcoming it feels like laying on the best sponge mattress available. The sky is abundantly covered with light-grey and white clouds of varying sizes ranging from a small fist-size to larger ones. The clouds are intermittingly scattered to reveal a crystal-clear white sky above. Its luminescence is uniformly distributed to the extent no discernable shape or form of an object of the light source is evident. The clouds below are shielding its radiance from shining on the earth in its strength wherever they are congregated. I can see a sparse covering of clouds above me dispersing to form a clear opening.

Somehow, the crystal-clear brilliance in the sky begins to conform to the appearance of a face. I watch in amazement until the hair on the scalp, the mustache, and the long facial beard appear to form the head of a man. His eyes begin to form into their distinct features similar to ours. Then, to my sheer astonishment, they blink! And blink. And blink. The moment they did, it occurred to me I am looking at an actual living face formed out of crystal-clear white light.

At first look, his appearance is the similitude of a grey-haired man in his 60s. But upon my closer scrutiny of his face, what impressed me is that although he appears aged from afar, his is that of a man in the glorious prime of manhood. Who is the Ancient of Days? The Ancient of Days is is the Most High God, our Heavenly Father.

Daniel 7: 9-10 tells of Him having great authority and executing judgment: “I watched till thrones were put in place, and the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire; a fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, and the books were opened.” The LORD Jesus Christ is His Son, Who is also identified as the Son of Man. Daniel 7:13-14 explains: “I was watching in the night visions, and behold, One like the Son of Man, coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days, and they brought Him near before Him. Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed.” And the last reference is in Daniel 7:21-22, which foretells of the Ancient of Days issuing judgment on behalf of His repressed children: “I was watching; and the same horn [the Antichrist and his Shadow Government/ Deep State] was making war against the saints, and prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came, and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom.”

Folks, the Ancient of Days is issuing a crystal-clear warning with this dream. It is this: He sees and will not tolerate the wickedness of those in leadership who are opposing His agenda to win souls for His kingdom. Wicked people need to repent! _____________________

My dream on 02/05/18 that I posted on my FB and Google+ pages

Shared by Amarnauth Desmond Somrah17  in video comments

Jesus, Our Intercessor


I am reminded of a woman who heard from the Lord who she was praying for when she was praying in the spirit, and was reminded of this message! Here is an excerpt and the link:
“I was taking a walk praying. After praying for a while, I started to pray in the Spirit. I saw Jesus on His knees with His arms outstretched to the Father, somewhat like He was pleading with Him. After this, I saw the faces of some of my family members. After seeing these familiar faces, I began to see faces of people I didn’t recognize, particularly quite a few children. I saw a little boy who didn’t really have a face anymore, it looked like he had been in a bad fire and that his skin had melted away. He had recovered, but he just didn’t have much of a face. I saw another child, bald and apparently going through chemotherapy. I saw children of different nationalities. I saw a Chinese woman sitting on a floor distraught and frightened. Her face was bruised like someone had beaten her up. I saw a woman dressed in black at what appeared to be some kind of séance. I saw many faces while praying in the Spirit, and I don’t think I prayed in the Spirit for more than a few minutes. After praying in the Spirit, Jesus told me that these were all the people He had been interceding for, that much can be done in a small amount of time. It was amazing the number of faces I saw in about three minutes. This was very encouraging to me and I wanted to share it with others so they know that their prayers are making a difference.”
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Try Try Again


This was a VERY helpful message. The other day in my morning prayers when I was feeling beaten down both by my own sins and the general overwhelming feeling of a busy day to come; I heard this:
“If at first you don’t succeed,
Try, try again!
‘‘Tis a lesson you should heed:
Try, try again.
Then your courage will appear
If you should just persevere-
You will conquer.
Never fear!
Try, try again.
Shared by Elizabeth Ballew in video comments.

The Silent Suffering of Our God


“He (God) does hurt greatly.   I found out some years ago after laughing at a reenactment on a TV documentary of David and Goliath.. where David killed Goliath with a stone/slingshot.  The actor who portrayed Goliath looked silly as he fell to the ground, and I jeered and laughed at him..  When suddenly the Holy Spirit convicted me and I heard Him speak to me (without words)   He said, “you find this funny .. the death of this man and enemy of Israel?   I find it NOT funny.. I wanted that he would have opened his heart to me.. his Creator., as well as his people, but he continued to harden his heart., to the point that I had no choice but to end his life .. or he would have proceeded to end the life of my people, Isreal .   It did not please me to end his life”.

Wow, was I ever convicted after hearing that and I never thought the same again of the Lord’s enemies..   We (even we Christians) truly don’t think the way our God thinks.

shared by “God’s work in Progress” in video comments

Standing in the Gap For Others


14 - 1

I have to say that there may be a reason why Clare has not been able to put up a video yet since this one. (from 7/2/16)  . (she’s under a great amount of physical fatigue and attack.. probably a lot to do with the Enemy flaring up her fibromialgia more than ever at this time..

The reason is that our Lord wants us to focus on this video’s particular message right now before He gives us another new one…   especially this time at this week.       July 4th is upon us., and Ramadan will be ending on Tuesday.   My mother had on the news this morning discussing   the potential for even one or two terrorists taking advantage of any of our 4th of July firework public gatherings to set off suicide bombs.    And how security is on high alert due to this.

It made me think about how the reason for our Fourth of July celebration is not about the fireworks, but about those who sacrificed and gave their lives to protect and defend our Country so we could be an independent nation under God.. not dependent on any other form of man-made government, but only GOD’s government.      Then the Lord showed me how there are PRAYER WARRIORS behind the scenes who also pray and intercede for everyone,.. not only the lost in our Country but also our enemies as well..  and they stand in the gap in intercession in union with Jesus.  These hidden prayer veterans scattered everywhere are part of God’s government.   They even offer their sufferings to our Lord as a prayer offering (instead of complaining, whining or griping about how bad they feel, they use that very suffering as an opportunity to unite it with Jesus’s sufferings and share in His intercession for others)

This morning I asked our Lord if He could give me a Rhema response to this revelation He had given all of us.. and later me- this morning.    I prayed, then opened blindly to His recorded words in “He and I”, and this is what He gave me this morning!:

Gabrielle–  “I should so love You to be happy in my heart.”

Jesus–  “Your desire in itself is a call that pleases Me and gives Me great honor.  You make amends for yourself and you make amends for the ingratitude of so many others.  Do they think of Me with a little affection, even once a year?  Do they accept the thought of My love for each one of them?  When will they realize that time- the span of earthly life- is too short.  That I need all eternity to love them?   That this present life of theirs is not their goal, but only a means given to them to earn the other life?………Pray for them.  You can do a great deal without seeing the fruit.. but I see.,  I hear. I see that in helping others to arise, you rise yourself.  Do you believe Me?  Come to Me and bring others with you.  I know how to talk to them all- to the ashamed and the timid, as well as to the rebellious and the proud………………………………………………………………………………     Didn’t I say to Saul, “It’s hard for you kicking against the goad?” and immediately he surrendered his will and asked, “What must I do?”     Oh, My child, what power there is in my gentleness and in the tenderness of My voice!  You know a little about this, don’t you?  Imitate Me as much as you are able.   If you could only bring all the people around  you to Me!  Try to tell them that I love them and how much I love them.  My love is so vehement that I’ll forgive them everything from the moment they repent.  Bring them to Me and I’ll enfold you with them♥”

I Shall Fill Your Hunger


Word from the Lord….🙌

A great shift has occurred on the earth. The exalted of this earth…will be brought low…humbled…the trodden down..lowly are rising and will rise up..exalted… A great divide indeed. The wheat from the tares..the harvest is ripe. My sword is dividing..Almighty…powerful and consuming. In this last hour no one is spared from my sword. I cut to the heart..the soul..the core of a man. The gravity of what you have done… oh earth,  when the realization of the error of your ways come upon you!   In those who love and accept me  I find great love..comfort…relief and solace in you as you do me. I give fresh anointing and a greater outpouring of my Holy spirit in this hour.

Come..Come..all who are hungry..thirsty..and weary. I shall fill your hunger…quench your thirst…and in me you shall find your rest. The hour is ever so late…To my beloved Bride…I love you..I adore you…I cherish you ..I uphold you..I protect you…I draw you into me. I AM soon to come..My reward for you is GREAT… Look up your redemption draweth nigh.

To my lost children…come to me mercy yet still patience is weary..yet I extend my hands still in my love and mercy..To those who mock me…I warn you now…I God will NOT be mocked. I tell you now…repent. I shall anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see the error and graveness of your ways…Turn to me while I still may be found.

Get ready my Bride. The Wedding Banquet is about to commence. I love you. My peace I give you.
…Jesus Christ🌹

Shared by our Lord through Krystal Bealle

Word of the Lord: Stand Fast



“. I do go around the house praying when I work and always try to have music or scripture playing in the background. I also have a prayer time…. This is a great word-

– The Father says today “Stand fast. Stand fast in your confidence. No longer flailing away at circumstances that are beyond your control. I did not call you to be in control. I called you to a place of quiet trust in what I promised you in the midst of challenge. You can choose manipulation and fleshly dominion or you can accept the authority I give that only flows through humility and deference to My plan for your life. It is time to stop acting in the power of the flesh and begin walking in the power of My Spirit. The goals and purposes that have so long eluded you will suddenly become real probabilities when you come into that place of new and fresh yieldedness to Me. I am the God who is able. My ability is an extension of your faith and trust in Me. There is no disability in Me. I am not impotent therefore you are not impotent. I am not powerless or incapable. Draw upon who I am on the inside of you and see the change come that you have cried out for. Refuse to see yourself any other way for you are in Me and I am in you. What you have purposed to do in life cannot be founded upon your small estimation of your limited human strength. Set your sights and your expectations on what only I am capable of bringing about and you will have then some semblance of that wonderful thing that I have in store for you in your future. ”

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Good Friday Encouragement

This morning of Good Friday, I normally have off from my job, as our employer offers that day as a paid Holiday day off.     Due to the enormous amount of workload our department has been facing lately,  I realized that though I would much prefer to kick my shoes off and take it easy  instead of  having to drag myself to work on a paid Holiday, I knew that the Lord was extending to me this opportunity to think of others besides my own comfort level.     To pick up my cross for Him, even in my every day job..  Working this Friday as well as tomorrow to help get the extra work load out before Monday is not something my flesh enjoys doing.   It is very tiring and physically demanding,  and in my job, I am on my feet constantly with swollen ankles;   There are no chairs provided where I work so that the production work will get out faster.

This Friday I was planning on taking advantage of my “day off” and sleeping in, enjoying my “free day” off from work.,    until I saw how slammed we were with extra accounts that my company suddenly acquired, meaning a much more heavier workflow than we formerly had.     Many of my coworkers will not pick up the slack..   refusing to give up their long weekends… but the Lord was asking me to do my part.

I was reminded by Him that in our Easter feasting,  our Easter Egg hunts, and our shopping sprees for this years’ new Sunday outfit , that we lose sight of what and Who Easter truly represents. .       Easter was actually   never called “Easter” in the first place, but should be called ‘Ressurection Day”,  as the word “Easter” is derived from “Ishtar”… a Babylonian god of fertility.   That somehow got mixed in with the Christian aspects of this period  throughout the ages., and has contributed in causing us to lose sight of Jesus Christ.        Lent, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Ressurection Sunday were intended to commerate what our Lord, Jesus Christ endured for us..the Price He was willing to pay to purchase us with His blood..     to allow His body to be broken and to suffer unimaginable suffering so that we could be saved.. and to show us the way back to His.. and through Him , OUR Heavenly Father.       It is a “holiday” that should teach us the value of The Cross..  the value of picking up our cross daily to follow Him., to share in His sufferings.   And did our Lord ever suffer!    His cross was more than the cross He was nailed to ,  but His cross started the day He was born, and He carried it each time He toiled in the carpenter shop,  or  travelled hungry on the dry dusty roads from village to village..   His was a thankless solitary life on this Earth, but He willingly embraced His cross.. for love of the Father and love for us all to the end of time.

With this perspective in mind,  it is not possible for me to whine and complain that I am giving up a Good Friday to “pick up my cross”.. however tiny it is compared to our Lord’s greater Cup He drank from.    To share with our Lord this little cross of labor with Him, so that I can then share with Him in His resurrection.

Before heading off to work this Good Friday morning, I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to open Clare’s website,   for a message He wanted me to have this day.. before I head off to work with Him.      Opening that website, generated an automatic message for that day, and this is what I opened to !


Wow.. Enough said..   because the Lord said it all .   May Jesus be honored and glorified in all of our lives..

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Heart Dwellers, Be Ready


Heart dwellers will be ready, if called to sing,

Heart dwellers will be ready if called to speak,

Heart dwellers will absolutely be ready if called …to die for Jesus.

This love that Father put into our hearts

whispers in our Heart dwelling ears

that in all things we will never fear,

I am certain that should we be called to die for Jesus,

It will be His name that we shout as the blade falls……..Jesus, we trust in You!!!!
May our lamps be full on that last glorious day!!!

Please come Lord, we praise your holy name.♥

Blessings Heart dwellers

It’s Almost Time to Go Home



My angel speaks to me always saying: “it’s almost time to go Home”. I get excited every time my angel says that.  Lately I have been having an open vision of beautiful crystal blue water and glistening sand along with palms trees it is a beach setting.   You see, I have never been to a beach and have always longed to go.  I asked my angel , “what’s this?” my angel replied “your home it is what the lord has prepared for you” and then I asked “well where is my house?” and then my angel replied “it is not yet finished they are adding the finishing touches;  you will not be allowed to see it until you come home;  the scenery is enough.   The lord has wonderful rewards for you”. I’m telling all my brothers and sisters;  He knows your heart desires,  even the ones you have never spoke out loud letting no single soul know.

May God bless you in your journey.  Hold on.  .🙏🙌

Shared by Tru Williams in video comments