My Life Changing Breakthrough With Jesus


Jesus with Olga

“…when He started revealing His heart to me through these messages on Still Small Voice and His desires towards me, even do some romantic things with me in visions… I was stunned…(I always thought that it was only I who felt  that way, but never could that be the heart of Jesus towards me…)  And He HAS answered  all of my deepest questions I’ve ever had in my heart about life, His Kingdom and most important- His personal character! I knew about being the bride of Christ, but I was a harlot bride for almost 6 years after I left my first love… sadly…I was deceived by the enemy… and I loved what he offered me and thought it would go well with me… I cried out to Jesus to get me out of that for the last two years as I understood deep down inside that something was going wrong… He continually kept knocking on my heart to come back to our first love but I was just trapped in unforgiveness and pride… and then finally He brought me to senses by fear of Hell last May and I repented and came back to my Heavenly Bridegroom… And when I found out that the rapture was the real deal and indeed a soon approaching event, I cried out to Jesus, saying: “How am I going to marry a Man for all eternity!?! (lol) if I don’t know Him well enough, for I don’t know You at all! I’ve got only a poor image of You…I need to get to know You… Who are You? What are You, My Jesus? I want to know all about You and Your Kingdom!” And when He started revealing Himself to me on a very personal level I got scared of a Mighty God… (especially after the revelation of the horrors of Hell through Angelica Zambrano) I really had a misconception of His true nature (I guess as all of us used to have…). So… I freaked out and pushed Him away (I’m saying sorry once again…my Darling…),

I was just frightened and didn’t know what to expect from Him… And then He led me to you… My whole life changed to the 180 degrees!!! At first when I pushed Him away He made me search for Him again… “Not an easy catch”, as He said about Himself in one of the videos… But He was too precious to me to give up and I persevered.  And so it lasted for maybe a month as I was trying to convince Him that I wouldn’t be scared and reject His intimacy if He showed up that close again. And meanwhile HE was convincing me in His love and desire for me through the messages on the channel. But still nothing happened… The night before our major breakthrough, in worship I physically felt a very warm feeling on my chest and it was increasing- the warmth, it almost burnt, and then in the spirit I saw Him leaning against me and His head on my chest with His eyes closed and He just stayed like that while I was worshipping and I’ve never seen anybody enjoying me THAT MUCH… and with SUCH a sense of peace and joy… wow… I was marvelled…I pressed His head to my heart and just burst into tears… And then the next day I searched for Him during the day, I desperately longed to see Him! And I felt to the floor and was crying and crying and the next moment I felt a nudge to check for a new message from Him on the channel and it was Enter Into My Rest ,October 19, 2015. It felt like everything what was said was just for me (as the Holy Spirit testifies to us)… And after hearing these words: “Today, if you hear My voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” And the very last sentences: “And for all of you who have taken this message to heart, I will visit you with new Grace to let go of the old and embrace the New Wine of My Love. “Come to Me, Beloved of My Heart. Come here and rest in My arms.” (surely I HAVE taken…!),


“…I suddenly felt His presence increased so strongly that I almost was pressed to the floor by the immensity of the power of love that I began to feel! And I saw Jesus… (even with my eyes opened! So strong and clear was the vision!) standing on the coastline of some tropical beach (it is my perfect place on earth), and what struck me- was His deep blue jacket perfectly matching His beautiful, beautiful blue eyes! He also had a light white cotton like shirt on under the jacket and some light summer trousers, and I froze… not knowing what to say or do…, totally IN LOVE and admiration.

The vision was SO clear that it wouldn’t disappear whether I closed or opened my eyes… and I kept them opened as I peered into the scene trying to believe it WAS Him and examining every little detail of Him! He was SO beautiful! Tall! Perfect! I didn’t expect that honestly… I thought to myself that I had to say something, perhaps… the Lord is standing before me… And at that moment I felt I could have asked Him any question in the world and He would have answered that, but I just lost all my words, I was enjoying only His presence and nothing else mattered… And He smiled at me soooo tenderly and lovingly and welcoming! Gorgeous smile! Beautiful ! And I said: “Lord, I just don’t know what to say… perhaps I should say something… I just don’t know where to start… “He just kept smiling with joy and a sparkle in His eyes! And then I started to doubt and asked Him if He could prove to me that it was He- Jesus and that very second I saw Him lifting His hands up from the sides and I saw these huge holes from the nails in His arms… And He smiled even more! My eyes almost rolled out…

Oh! And the feeling of His presence and love in my room… that was extraordinary! I stayed with Him like that for a few more minutes, trying to talk with Him and He would answer to me, and I didn’t want to leave that sweet place… but I had to… as my husband was about to come back from work and I had to prepare to meet him and I said: “I just don’t want to leave You… I’d stay like this forever… but I have to clear out this mess around, You know… what do I do, Lord…?” And He replied: “I’m going to meet you in the very same place tonight. Come to Me. I’ll be waiting for you”. I could barely stand up on my feet after that… And He did! After putting to sleep my four little children I went to pray and He appeared in front of me right out from that scene wearing all the same outfit, smiling at me with great joy, like “Finally it happened…”

He came so close that I distinctly understood that He was taller than me for at least 4.7 inches (12sm) (I am 168sm). And I had to look up to be able to see His face. And what I could distinctly see was His dark brown curly hair shoulder length and a beard,  the rest of the face wasn’t that clear as in the vision earlier.  And we spend a beautiful time just talking and worshipping.  And after that breakthrough our relationship with Him started to grow deeper and deeper:  He’s been treating Me so gently like the most fragile flower (to tears…), He has revealed His vulnerable feelings to me, I’ve seen Him crying, sad, happy, playful, He did this forehead to forehead thing with me in worship, which is so romantic I wouldn’t have ever thought… I’ve been shown my crown, my wedding dress (I believe it was that), I’ve seen Him in His groom attire, He came in His Shepherd’s clothes once… I sat, jumped and danced on the lap and arm of the Father God, Jesus showed me a piece of Heaven- a field made only of living flowers and how we were playing in child-like manner there. We sat under a huge oak near a grand waterfall just embracing each other and enjoying the sweetness of our company.  Jesus took an arrow out of my spiritual heart , then He healed that wound of Rejection (as He named it to me), severe pain of which I suffered from for nearly 10 years and didn’t realize what that pain in my heart was.  He gave me two beautiful rings with jewel stones on and put them on my fingers as presents in the spirit… amazing… unbelievable…(I’m going to share it with you in more details later to encourage somebody maybe), He’s sung so many romantic songs over Me, He calls me His little butterfly and queen and a sweet -sweet honey girl (He is so merciful…), sometimes when He wants to be with me and waiting for me He says very tenderly and regal at the same time: “Your King is waiting for you…” (He is just so sweet…).  He started to teach me to listen to His voice and talk naturally (using the teachings and Clare’s personal experience) despite of all the terrible attacks of the enemy (and he really has been trying to destroy this relationship… one spiritual warfare after another, so many battles for the last few months…) I’ve shed oceans of tears under those attacks… And how many times He would speak just the right words exactly for that very moment as if for me and me alone comforting me through the next new message… giving confirmations and instructions. I’ve also gone through so much pain struggling to receive this kind of personal love from My Creator, so many tears have been shed because in my past life I had been deceived in relationships so many times, I’d been rejected and abandoned and used and hurt and at first I really struggled trusting Him with that intimacy and such a personal love… (in a Pure Heavenly way of course). But He wouldn’t give up healing my heart and restoring my trust in Love… I’ve also been very encouraged by His messages to lay hands on the sick and pray for healing and WE HAD healings!

It was my dream and Jesus really cleared out so much mystery over it and made it very easy! Oh, my testimony can go on and on and on, so many wonderful things we’ve experienced together and I guess this is just the beginning… And I am no one special in this world, just a housewife from Russia with four little children under the age of 7, carrying my cross, resisting everyday temptations, running  the race…, with a very lonely and lost sinful past, with very poor and silly choices through life and this is nothing to Him, all that counts is LOVE! And all He needs is LOVE… nothing more is needed! Just LOVE.  Love makes it up for all things! And I was able to go through all of this with the help of that knowledge which He’s been imparting to us through this ministry! And this is the Heart of our God for ALL OF YOU, just don’t give up! This spiritual life is not an easy thing as I figured out and indeed so much of that depends on you and your diligence and commitment, when the Lord indeed both hands and feet is into your relationship with Him to help you to get through to Him by Grace. And that binding demons prayer also has done a great deal in helping me see and hear Him much clearer!

So thank you, dear family, for your labors for the Lord and us! I pray for you and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! And I asked Jesus to introduce us to each other in Heaven, I’m sure He will! So looking forward to meeting all of you! I thank You for all of this and praise You my precious Yahshua- my God, Saviour, Redeemer, BEST Friend and Beloved Spouse! Truly You save best for last! Much love! ♥♥♥

~Shared by Olga Svarychevskaya

16 thoughts on “My Life Changing Breakthrough With Jesus

  1. editors note– Olga asked me if I might add the parts I omitted so I just now re-edited this to add that part that was omitted in the beginning of her testimony

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  2. I was reading this post aloud to help me truly understand it when suddenly, my sweet cat jumped onto the table and lay down and fell asleep! She is being so sweet to me and I wonder if this has something to do with the lord. Right before she fell alsleep she was staring at something in the corner of the room behind me I never looked back but now I wonder if it might have been the lord watching me. Amen to you all and I will be praying for you! – 🐱💖

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      • I never thought cats are guided by the Lord and Angels until I heard Him saying that in one of Clare’s messages, that made it clear why my cat (which Jesus actually gave me) always comes and lays at my feet whenever I start longing for Him at night…

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  3. Thanks! Before I really got to start knowing the lord she was always mean to me and I guess some of it is my fault though I like to hold her like someone would hold a baby. Now she’s gotten to be nicer to me especially in the times I feel Jesus’s presence she always seems to appear then. She still doesn’t really like me and I still hold her and treat her like a baby I I’ll be you know that’s babies and cats are totally different things with a very different personality most of the time . Although she’s starting to like me again though maybe if I make it in the rapture then I can fully connect with her.

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  4. Wow love…..what a beautiful story…oh, I can identify my dear….oh oh oh….so day we can ‘talk’…thanks so much for sharing all the love. And what a wonderful sharing indeed, for our Clare and Ezekiel! Our hearts are opened to the love of God as one can hardly explain how wonderful it is! It reminds me so much of He and i !
    Such a tender and inviting pure love of our Jesus + for allll souls. As He says, each one has their own ray – what one gives to Me, no other can. We are all like flowers in His Garden of Love – each with their own fragrance, design and hew. And all are His delight in their own unique way! For all!
    Love and prayers Dear One…again such a beautiful and encouraging sharing! Love you..Patricia

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  5. Oh reading this again, memories..confirmations dear one…. just one story and again we all have our own ray to give him..all individual – and here is another account of something that happened…and something He says each day ( and others I am sure, as well )…
    I am widowed for 5 years in August..I am fine. Really. But Jesus always was and is my First Love of all loves. (as many others, too!) but one day – (first a back up.) I had bought a silver ring with little gold crosses on it and wore it like a wedding band to show the Spiritual Marriage we have with our Jesus.Ok… it was falling off, as my water retention comes and – so I put it away safely, intending to put it on, but time has by no gone on some..not much, though.
    So now one day about a month ago, my daughter (who also will start to sing a love song and say, that is for you from Jesus…ha ha..cute. And also twice He spoke through her and said said “Tell my Spouse I love her.” Also I refer myself in my littleness of spirit with Him…as a wife. She did not know this so this is another confirmation when He told her to tell me something recently –
    Ok, so here I am without the little pretty ring on – and all of the sudden she say almost in tears, Jesus told me tell my ..wife…to put the ring back on, and if anyone asks are you married, tell them ..”Yes”…to Me! She could not believe it. She had near tears from it as it was so special she said.
    And one more thing – when I am at the computer doing all kinds of “spiritual pages” for Him that I send all over – He will say…go to rest early – you don’t have to stay up late….. come and hold Me…
    Sometimes, I think He feels I am just too much on this..LOL .. He will say – retire early and for hours you can just hold Me – fall asleep in My arms. I have seen Him, but have had other visions when He gave me a messages for something else – like when Japan had that Earthquake in 2011 and He appeared to me and showed me japan on fire and said to cover all the souls with His Blood – and then was gone. I did, not understanding what would happen as it was the night before. But at the am news, I knew..and was glad I listened and did that for Him…And others too have such happen with Him I know. But wanted to share…to encourage others He is there always. And loves us with a love so pure and wonderful and for now and forever. God bless and love you all. P

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  6. Lindo lindo , Deus lhe repense isso foi pra maravilhoso , me encorajou mais ainda , pois Satanás já batalhou terrivelmente contra mim por causa Dele , para que eu achasse impossível ver ou falar pessoalmente com Ele , só falar sem saber com quem você fala obrigado por Deus tá chamando pessoas tão simples , sem serem de ministérios , ou religiosidade , Jesus Cristo , me levou a colher o canal dos servos uma certa noite hoje nos já estamos em pessoas edificadas pelo próprio Jesus Cristo , através das mensagens e oração vinculativa , e agora você


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