Archive | January 29, 2016

I Love Each Of You In A Very Special Way…”



here is another little piece of our time with the Lord, it happened on  5/12/15 (I’m still learning hearing from Him, so pls have your discernment with the Holy Spirit)

(It’s not our full conversation but what I could recollect afterwards when the Holy Spirit started  reminding me to put it down on paper…)
I came into prayer with the Lord and saw Him sitting very close in front of me, I reached out and took His hands, His presence felt so strong that the very air got dense (it usually gets this way when we are together so intimately, even time stands still)  we started talking  and I began pouring out my heart to Him over my ways of loving Him comparing to someone else as I felt I could do and sacrifice more but got slack in so many ways  and fervently repenting of my sins in tears and heard Him saying: “Don’t look at or think of your sin, look at ME and My love.  STOP looking at your sin. I see you as pure as a due drop.  See yourself through MY eyes. I created you to love Me in a special way.  Others have a different way of loving, but I don’t need you to love me their way. Your way is the best one for Me. Your love is the best. Everyone has their own special way. I don’t need you to be someone else. I need YOU to be YOU, my little butterfly… (smiling). I don’t want you to give Me what others do, I want you to give Me what you can, what you have, YOUR love. YOUR special love. You ARE special in every way. YOU ALL ARE special. Special to Me and to the Father. All are Our gems.”
I was saying something in between the lines and then He continued: “I love each one of you in a very special way. So there can’t be any jealousy among you. I love you to the extent of My fullness.”
You HAVE proved Your love for me, now it’s my turn to prove my love for YOU… Show me how to…
“You  don’t need to prove your love, just love Me. Love me the best that you can. And that will be your proof.”
~Shared by Olga Svarychevskaya