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“My True Bride Cries Out To Me Day and Night…”



Dear Clare and all Brides…I believe I just received a word from the Lord and would like to share:

As I was worshipping I heard this in my heart: “My true Bride cries out to me day and night…they are the ones looking, waiting, yearning for My coming. The rest are asleep and know not of my soon coming approach. My Bride is being drawn closer and closer to Me daily and departing from all ties to the world. They are losing all desire or interest in worldly activities …. they are losing sight of the world as they are being pulled upward in the Spirit. The physical realm is becoming less tangible and the spirit realm is becoming more real and perceptible. It is My Spirit’s work within separating them completely from the world, preparing them for my imminent call. Can you feel this, My Beloved? This is the final work of my Spirit in your flesh as you are being made ready for glorification and our fast approaching union. Rejoice!! Heaven awaits your arrival in a few moments time! ”


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Swept Away!



1/24/15. EARLY MORNING DREAM I was working with people, just like all of my dreams from Jesus start. I was in a boarding school, and I decided to clean out my room. I was finished and when I looked I had the sense that I had gotten rid of a lot of stuff. It was a little empty, in a good way less clutter. This included every drawer, closet, corner; this room had nothing that wasn’t good and useful. I found out that I got promoted and I was going to graduate right away. Someone was going to my room to pack it up, and I was so happy that it was all cleaned out and ready. I didn’t have a trashy mess to be ashamed of. Then I was told that I was to be married as well, on the same day. The boy chosen was not just any boy. He was a Jewish boy, the son of the head Rabbi of the school. I was “swept away” by all of my good fortune!! 💖

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Jesus Has a Heart of Pure Love


I was worshiping one night at my desk. I closed my eyes and saw Jesus smiling and bending into my view with a bundle of daffodils-my favorite! I jumped back a little because it startled me. I wish I had not. I looked again but He was gone.

It wasn’t the first time I had seen Him but it was most memorable because it was as if He was coming through the vision! Oh, how I wish. In my prayers His face is before me often times and sometimes He is talking. Once He was sitting on a rock and overlooking what looked like Los Angeles(I have only seen this setting on tv or older movies-not sure of location) and weeping. I came up behind Him and hugged Him. I could feel some of His pain and began to weep also. It was as pure a moment as I have ever experienced. Jesus has a heart of pure love and I can tell you He is Alive and moving with us as we journey. Be blessed in your waking and sleeping knowing He is with you always. Dreams coming true are yours for the seeking. love, julia

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An encouragement:

Last night I could picture Jesus and I walking through a wheat field, golden and ripe… we were not heading anywhere, just walking through all this wheat.. I said “I don’t know much about wheat ..”. I then went to sleep. I woke during the night and said”what was the wheat field all about?” the word “HARVEST” dropped into my mind..the fields are ripe for Harvest! of course!     WOW

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