Archive | January 11, 2016

His Bride Will Be A Queen



“I’ve had similar encounters with Jesus. I was not going to share them, but it might be confiramation to you to. I must first say I do not see clearly, it is more a ‘knowing’ of what is happening rather than a ‘seeing’…this is so new to me….here is the similarities: (this is within this last week or so).The one time I saw Jesus placing my hand on His heart and saying to me, ‘I raised you for Myself’ There was another time a day or 2 later that He was standing infront of me and I placed my hand on His heart and He placed His on mine, lately I am saying to Him that I do not want to stay behind in Heaven when He goes off attending to His duties. I want to be next to Him, watching Him work, helping Him to bind up broken hearts, attending to bruises, to watch Him spend time with the little ones. I want to spend every waking moment at His side…..on the 7th I had a vision that overwhelmed me so much I could not write it down and I just could not except it… ( rejection issues I guess) What I can rember was this. the day before January 6.  Jesus and I went swimming in the ocean riding the waves (surfing 🙂 which He taught me as I can’t surf to save my life 🙂 we ended up exploring underwater caves. In one of the chambers He gave me a crown, which He took back with the words, ‘There will be a ceremony first ‘, before I can keep it. On 7 Jan we were dancing and then He took me to the Father, I started crying and confessing my sins and the Father picked me up and consoled me. He indicated for something to be brought to Him. (I can not recall exactly) I think it was Jesus who when the Father put me down placed the crown on my head a mantle on my shoulders and a ring on my finger. He said, ‘My Queen’. Well that was when I opened my eyes, completely shocked and overwhelmed and doubting what had happened. It seemed almost impossible, I never thought of myself as a queen…. but then later on I realized, He is the King and His bride will be a queen….Lots of love and hugs.

Shared by Estelle Strydom in video comments