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“My Bride Knows How Close I Am..”



“Any message that declares My coming is afar off is not from Me…For I tell you now…THIS IS THE SEASON OF MY COMING…I AM COMING FOR MY BRIDE NOW…she who has My heart…she who has My Spirit within her….she is led by Him in all things…ALL THINGS! She knows how close My return is, and she is looking for My appearing. She loves Me, she lives for Me, she denies herself every day in pursuit of Me–My perfect will. She yearns for Me, Me alone. She knows Me and I know her. She is Mine and I am hers. She lives for My Father’s will alone. She delights not in the things of this world, nor does she play the harlot with my enemy, the world. I tell you, THIS ONE IS MY BRIDE! She has eyes for Me alone…her heart is one with Mine. She hears Me (for my sheep hear My voice–John 10:27). She loves Me…she sanctifies herself every day with My blood…she washes herself clean with My Word…she eats of Me every day of her life…she knows that I, Jesus, am the Bread of Life…she hungers and thirsts for this Bread and therefore she is fed of Me and by Me every day…for “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:8) You know who you are, My bride…and I, your Bridegroom, know you…I love you. I search the hearts of men….not all are Mine, though many profess to know Me. Not all have completely denied themselves and have submitted to Me in full surrender…many still have their own desires outside of My will. I search the hearts…I see all. I AM THE ALL IN ALL. I am the Creator and Maker of all that exists, both visible and invisible. (Rev. 4:8-11). These are My words to you today…I AM COMING! Again, I say to you…My bride knows how close I am. Read My Word…see the signs! Matthew 24. THE SON OF MAN IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN. LOOK UP, MY BRIDE, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION IS AT HAND!” AND I LOVE YOU SO…. ~ Jesus

~Prophetic message given by our Lord to SweetPJ and shared with Carol

The End Is Near.. part II


I had reason to believe He hated me based on what I was raised to believe… I did not know that no man could come to our Father except through Christ Jesus… So needless to say I never worshiped or prayed to Him… So as you might imagine there was no answer.

I actually cried out one night about six months after I had another encounter…. After the vision and the encounter… I repented automatically not of fear but out of sorrow… a spirit filled sorrow from the depths of my soul, an uncontrollable bellowing of years and years of pain and self condemnation and fear and well rage anger… All gone in less than three seconds in his presence…. I was baptized shortly afterwards… Three hours after a was dipped in my pool uggggg in winter early spring LOL … I insisted… my dear Brother Chris… Smiled and said lets go… He was a trooper… uggggg that pool was freezing… and well so very cold yet I did not feel it I was to excited… Now the day of my water baptism… I found myself alone in the evening… I went into my room and lay down and I exclaimed to the Lord … I love you… Thank you… As I fell asleep I heard the Lord very clearly say to me: Do you love me enough to give up your life for me… I was stunned … Shocked even…… I was beside myself… LOL Lord I don’t want to Die… I have never wanted to Die… So for three days I walked around pondering the question… and trying to creep around and temporarily side step the question… (as if hahaha little did I know…) Needless to say I was not feeling right in my spirit… could not sleep… I have had a fear of death since I was a young boy… On the third afternoon of no sleep I went out on to my back patio and sat… I thought to myself Brian, you are ridiculous… YOU WERE ALREADY DEAD before you met the Lord… I all of a sudden started laughing looked up and said aloud … Yes Lord I would give it up for you.

At that moment peace set in and all of a sudden I could no longer keep my eyes open ( no real restful sleep for three days)…. I went to my room fell asleep in seconds… and this is where it gets umm well you be the judge: As soon as I fell into a deep sleep I began to dream or so I first thought… NO NO NO this was not a dream… I knew that there was someone (messenger / Angle ) standing at my feet in the spirit I was going to try and look at him but… Everything I do mean everything (I have no Human Words) turned to brilliant light I could feel it in me on me around me… Then I began hearing multiple voice singing … first two or three then 20 30 40 500 1000 voices singing glory and honor to holy one who sits upon the thrown… as this was happening simultaneously I could also here the voice of the messenger saying to me : For surly I tell you If you can hear the sound of my voice your are blessed and have found favor with you god… Get up and clean yourself and walk with me… Clean yourself clean your heart as if you were about to come to dinner with most high…  (KEEP IN MIND: I did not know about the wedding supper of the lamb no clue….Yet)

Shared by Brian Burgess in Video Comments