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Standing In the Gap for His Lost Ones

I just had an amazing prayer session…the Lord is leading me to tell you, cuz I think He wants it passed on…only because others may be “asked” or offered the opportunity to join such an “event.”
I admit to being quite lost these days as to what to pray for….do I try to get closer to the Lord, hoping that by doing so, I will be a more effective tool to help others? Or is it more selfish desires that motivate me? Or do I pray for “the rest of the world?” Well, I prayed the DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET this afternoon, at 3 pm,  but then, the Father told me that the gates of Mercy were already closed to many. ALREADY CLOSED! WOW! He said the same thing yesterday, too, and Yeshua confirmed it. I felt such grief, but Father then told me that there were still some that the door was “open a crack” for (I’m paraphrasing here, lol)…I told Him that as long as there was even one soul out there, I would continue to pray…until He told me that there were no more to save.
Well, as I often do, I asked Holy Spirit this evening to lead and to pray for whatever He felt most needed to be said…and that I would give utterance.
This time, I was praying in tongues, and I soon found myself at the Abyss, alone, at the edge. I began praying, and it was hot and ugly! But, strangely, I was startled but unafraid. I continued praying, and I noticed that there were uncountable numbers of people just going over the edge, on either side of me! OMG!
But, as I began praying, they slowed and stopped. I tried to lift them ALL up, but there were oceans of people! Masses of people! The best that I could do was lift them up a bit and hold them still. Then, I noticed that others began to join me, “on the line,” at the edge of the Abyss. As I prayed, I could hear THEM praying, too! Our numbers grew, until it looked like we formed one solid line of human fence, holding hands and praying, calmly, and unafraid. We blocked the entire edge of the Abyss! 🙂
We continued praying in tongues, and I heard Father ask, “Do you stand in the gap for these children?” We all answered, “We do!”  Demons came and slashed at us, but we never moved and never stopped praying. Any cut or wound was instantly healed! And, finally, they just — poof! — disappeared!
We kept praying for some time, and then I heard Father say something like, “I will take them now.” Or something like that. I admit, I was a bit “caught up” in all of this, and I might be paraphrasing that last sentence a bit. I’m just not certain, but you get the idea.
I asked Holy Spirit to pray for what He felt most needed to be said…and those children who still have a chance to return home have been on my heart….and the next thing I know, I am standing in the gap for them….at first, I was alone…but within minutes, there was a solid fence of true believers with me, holding hands, and calmly blocking them from going into the Abyss…until Father accepted them. I think that I saw Yeshua next to Him, but, I admit, I was focused on the others praying, and on those trying to go over the edge….so I am not quite certain who said that last line — Father or Yeshua.
But I think that we are being told that we still have the opportunity to “stand in the gap” for MANY! Not just our family members, friends, loved ones, etc….but all of those souls that we DON’T know! We can still do it! We can still pray for them and join this line! I KNOW in my spirit that those who joined me on that prayer line/fence were also truly praying, at that time!
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