Archive | January 10, 2016

Run the Race to the Finish!


I had a dream last night of a horse race. They all started out the same but then the last one became first and then the first became last. The Interpretation I felt I got from it was:  ” Don’t Give up! Run the race. Finish the faith!  I’m coming Quickly!” And I noticed “Before” I woke up from the dream. The horses had not finished the race but were only feet away from the finish line! 75% of the track they had already covered. The horses were running fast one of them from the back got excelled forward. “Things in the spirit world are moving forward quicker.

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The Oil of The Holy Spirit



I had a quick vision as I was going to sleep on Jan. 2, 2016. I saw a glass container containing golden glistening liquid. The liquid looked alive with movement. Up above the glass container I saw a vial with the same liquid being poured into the container adding to the existing content. I was led to believe in my spirit that this was my oil. Earlier that night I had been listening to praise music and reading my bible…”

~Shared by Kim Child of Yahushua