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Meeting Jesus during a NDE



Clare, Bless you and Ezekiel for your prophetic posts ….I have NEVER feared any man or thing on this Earth. I have seen Demons and felt their presence and in Jesus’ mighty name cast them away. I’ve had a Near Death Experience, two days after back surgery. I saw my soul leave my body, look back at it, then up through the roof and into a tunnel I went. I was traveling at an incredibly fast speed, looking up at a small bright light that was slowly getting bigger.This whole time I felt the most INCREDIBLE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF ME; something I could NEVER FULLY DESCRIBE!!

Then suddenly I heard a voice, soft yet authoritative; I knew and understood it to be Jesus. He said to me, “NOT YET MY SON” !! Instantly I was back in my body. I felt my heart start beating again…..”

Shared by Joe McGovern In Video Comments

Spiritual Muscle



I had a dream a few months ago… i was surrounded by people, their faces were quite distorted, but they were spewing pure evil from their mouths, and I knew they were verbally attacking me even though i couldnt make out what they were saying. In between their “spewings”, I would jump up on a pull-up bar and start doing pull ups. I knew this was from the Lord, but didnt have the understanding, so for a few weeks i sought Him for clarity… then one day while driving to work, He spoke to me and told me what the meaning of the dream was…. “You’re building your spiritual muscle.”

~Shared by Scott Thompson in Video comments