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Jesus, Our Elder Brother



“My own experience with the lord Jesus was when i was very ill with triple copd i felt my time was up and i was very close to dying, i cried copiously and took the bible, opened it in the middle, and wrapped it around my right lung, i then said my lord this is your holy book full of your teachings and commandments for right living, i therefore ask most humbly that you keep your word, i am asking, as you have said ” ask and it shall be given ” i ask lord for your power to banish this pain for 7 days so i may visit my family many miles away,
well the breathing attack stopped and i was able to sleep an exhausted sleep, when i awoke 12 hours later at 3.30 am i woke my wife to tell her that i have no pain, 2 days went by and still no pain
12 days and a very nice visit done, i was back at home and the pain very gradually returned .our lord kept his word. bless him a thousand times over, and our Holy father in heaven,
So why has he not healed me, well i think there is another plan in place for me, and i trust our sweet lord Jesus completely.
i was in prayer and what i can only describe as daydreaming, i was in warmish dusty place near to a tree, and a rock on the left opposite the tree, when i noticed the single lower limb covered in leaves slowly raise up by a hand it revealed our lord smiling he beckoned me to sit on the rock, and he sat with me, i think he put his arm around my shoulders, and i remember thinking, so this is what it is like to have a big brother {i am the eldest of 4 boys and 4 girls.} i said, “Lord , is it really you?  He said, ” Yes,david, it is I, and yes I have heard your prayers for forgiveness of sins. do not be so hard on yourself, the time is near david and my advice is prayers prayers and more prayers; they really do help,young man”.  I of course being me asked, “lord what should i look for”, just as he rose ducking his head under the tree, he half turned and smiled and tapping the tree he was gone, the
tree was a fig tree, WOW, and all you people who say you have seen him are right, he is wonderful
there were a few other things that were said between us which would not enhance the telling of this experience, but were meant for me only,!.
Have Faith Believe With All Your Heart,
things will be ultimately better,
alas to have ww3 start around christmas day is scary,
blessings to all,
david ”