My Little Butterfly


writers note: 
“I was told by jesus about two days ago to share the poem that he wrote to me. When I was writing my daily literature in my notebook, I felt Jesus take over my hands and his words I started writing onto the pad effortlessly. I also saw a mans hand with a golden pen in it right next to mine as I wrote.Even tho the words came from my pen they were not from me, I cannot explain it. While I was writing the words I felt this holy powerful presence enter me, its hard to explain. But anyway here it goes. He even titled it its called “my little butterfly”. )

My Little Butterfly:

” My little butterfly-go be free;

Spread your wings.

Travel through the atmosphere My little butterfly.

You’re wings are huge now, so use them.

Many colors are My little butterfly:

Purple as Barney, pink as Pepto-Bismol, red as lipstick,white as snow, green as cash;

I have given many colors from My rainbow unto My little butterfly.

If only you could see all your spots, and speckles,

and the orange and gold polka dots that cover your wings.

You are truly a work of art My little butterfly.

No more are you that little caterpillar that sadly sleeps on the bottom of a leaf.

You have morphed, My son.

The sky is the limit.

Where do you wish to go My little butterfly?

Well fly and go there- I have given all things to you in My Garden of Love.

When you sense danger spread those wings and take flight.

Yes, My little butterfly fly away and come into the protection of My Heart.

All My little butterflies are different;

Some have a variety of colors like you, Some have not earned any colors at all.

Some are still in their caterpillar stages.

O how I love My caterpillars also!

On that Day you shall fly up into Heaven in a twinkle of an eye.

And there with Me you shall fly all over Heaven,

Exploring and learning, MY LITTLE BUTTERFLY!



~Shared by Walter Thompson

5 thoughts on “My Little Butterfly

  1. WOW truly beautiful and full of deep wisdom. I shared this with 2 people I was praying with on Friday as the Lord had shown me a caterpiller turning into a beautiful butterfly for one of them and the other person had seen the butterfly with me. Thank you so much for this blessing x

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