Delayed…For a Few Seconds


Clare…I want to share a dream I had this morning with you, which I believe confirms what you have said in this message.

I dreamed I was about to see Jesus…I was told He was on His way and in a few moments I would be face-to-face with Him. I was watching very excitedly and intently in the direction I knew He would be arriving. I began to see people from Heaven preceding His arrival such as some of the apostles and prophets. They were arriving moments before Jesus’ coming and they were very excited for this event that was about to take place. I was so excited (and very nervous) because I KNEW He was about to appear in a matter of moments! But then there was a sudden change…a delay in His arrival. I knew He was still on His way, but something held Him up for just a little while.  I began to turn my attention to some other issues in my circumstances that drew my attention away….but I still had the urgency in my spirit to keep watch because He would still be arriving in a few moments. So as I went about my business, I still kept looking with great anticipation to see Him arrive, knowing it was very imminent. And those who arrived from Heaven also were intently looking and watching, looking up to where Jesus would be coming. It was apparent that they also were a little befuddled as they looked up expecting Him to join them in arrival.

I think this dream says basically the same thing you have said…He was about to make his appearance, was on His way, when something unknown to anyone but Him and the Father delayed His return a few seconds before He was about to arrive….but it is a very, very, very short delay!

Tell me what you think of that? I believe it is a confirmation of the message you received.

Love you – Paulette

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