Angelic Choirs on Christmas Day



Yesterday , coming from church my mother heard a mysterious ethereal choir singing “Angels We Have Heard On High” in her car..  She checked the was off.  Her windows were all shut and there wasn’t any groups of people out on the suburban streets where she drove through.   The singing was very faint.. like sounding as though coming from afar.    It was soft and beautiful, and when they came to the part where they sang, ‘In Excelsis Deo”  ,  she could really hear them.

She asked me if I had the same experience.. I had not., and I also drove home through the  same streets she was driving home through around the same time she was.    The singing lasted a few minutes.    Decades earlier, she had heard angelic choirs singing while she was in and out of consciousness during a very long illness she experienced but she couldn’t make out what they were singing.. just that they sounded so healing and beautiful.    She said she could never find anything on the radio stations that sounded so pure as what she heard.    They were utterly beautiful.

shared by God’s Work In Progress

3 thoughts on “Angelic Choirs on Christmas Day

  1. Stephanie, not once have I heard of anyone on Clare’s channel ever claim to have heard Jesus call them His Queen and want them to rule as One with Him.. nor has anyone ever claimed to have received any miraculous text messages, etc.. When He did ever say something to someone that He loves them, it wasn’t romantic or sexual love that He was referring to.


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